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I’ve decided to draw some Overwatch fluff, and while I plan to draw more for now you all can just have this doodle of Lucio serenading D.VA after a night of gaming sleepover fun!

Mainly cause I saw this video, and I just was like, gasp my heart, and the ship feels rolled IN:


I have about twenty questions here in this one screen shot.

This is the NAT files on Ian’s screen from ‘A’ is for Answers’.

Wtf is the ’ efbdrm’ file?

I have gone back to this scene time and again, and no matter what the big ending is, I still need to know what these files would’ve been.

I’m trying so hard to focus on big picture stuff, but I legitimately want to know if the ‘sh04uc’ file is Sara Harvey.

How is there something so damning on each of those girls that it would shut down 'A’, and we never found out? Was it the Jenna thing? Cause Ali was in on that video too?


So, people have started theorising that the baby at the end the outlast 2 isn’t real and that’s why lynn says “there’s nothing there” and that Blake is just hallucinating things because he’s gone crazy, just like all the other people that you come across in the game. That part of the theory is probably true as there is a note somewhere in the game referencing that the big flashes of light are the cause of people in the area going crazy. However people have been wondering why lynn still looked heavily pregnant in such a small amount of time and why (if the baby actually isn’t real) she looked pregnant at all. Well if you look at one of the documents from the whistleblower Dlc it says about how women were having “nonexistent” babies. The document also says how they would look heavily pregnant in a small space of time and that some of the women even died after “giving birth” these are all things that happen to lynn. So maybe murkoff from outlast 1 is connected to outlast 2 in more ways than just the flashes of light??

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Would you recommend toon boom studio for someone whos just starting out at animation? Like. Was it your first animation software or did you start out using something else? (cause its really expensive and i dont wanna get it if ill end up not being able to use it)

so before i even Begin. Toon Boom discontinued all the products im about to list. i have no knowledge on their availability. 

i started with flipboom classic when i was 13 which was the most basic program. it had like 3 speed settings turtle, normal, and rabbit. f;kdjfalskd you couldnt even import sound you had to directly record it onto the video like flipnote. 

actually yeah just start with flipnote. its just the same thing. haha. 

then i moved onto flipboom all star which was slightly more complex but still easy enough for a child to understand. there was a color pallete, one layer you could work with.

then i got toonboom studio which was this behemoth i couldnt even begin to understand, but luckily i was taking an animation class in highschool that taught the ins and outs of the same program so i learned nice tricks. haha. im sure you can learn all the same things on video tutorials. but it stuck better with me learning it in class. 

thassabou it. i like toonboom but i have literally no experience out side of the company on software so i have nothing to recommend other than flipnote. 


Had an amazing day meeting @littlethingwithfeathers @kaminaduck @lawlessdragon @arydishope @laura3c273 @neoladyapollonia @drasticbarbie @shudder-dove @neverbeglamour

 Started the day with the SouthE Fannibals at the Bodies Exhibit at Atlantic Station. Many new head-canons were lit (and I expect y'all to tag me in any that get written) 😂 

Then we played Wendigo Bingo created by @laura3c273 who very generously brought prizes too! Hannibal Mads Libs were played (video to come) before sitting down to dinner at Rosa Mexicano where there was this wall of naked men diving into the ocean that ain’t none of us were gonna complain about.

Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Saturday! Definitely planning another one of these when I’m back in December. If you live in the South and want to be added to the email alerts, please message me cause we’d love to have you along!

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i have been going way back through your blog and found a video about mortality and injury of race horses and drugs being blamed as a main cause, through a while back i watched a documentary (i believe it was inside natures giants) and it suggested that they are being bread to be far too fragile since they are so focused on what presumably gives them speed and not long term durability making them more prone to injuries and to me that sounds far more likely (drugs still being a factor) thoughts?

i think that has a large part in it, yes. You see far too many pencil legged fragile looking race horses these days. The drugs are considered a main cause for breakdowns due to the fact that they hide stuff like injuries, lameness, ect.. For example, a horse who is suffering from a leg/hoof injury may be given bute to relieve the pain to race and then end up breaking down due to the initial injury that was covered up by the drugs. Or a horse may be given performance enhancing drug which could result in aortic ruptures. In theory you could say the horses are bred to the point they can’t hold up on their own anymore so people rely on drugs to boost them. So yes, I support that statement completely. 

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I just watched TFA but I had to watched it on Spanish cause I'm with my family. And I just found that the voice actor who plays Kylo in the dub version is the same guy who plays Seldon Cooper in the big bang theory. So this is the last time I watch TFA in Spanish and now I'm going to watch a lot of videos of Adam in English so I can have his beautiful voice on my mind instead of Sheldon's. I mean Sheldon is cool. But come on😒😒😒😒

oh my god no that’s so weird all u think of is sheldon sPEAKING INSTEAD OF KYLO

someone, a fool: video games cause adhd

me, an intellectual: video games provide tactile and visual stimulation and are designed to have a balance between reward (for completing your goals) and challenge (in difficulty of the game) with music designed to motivate the player without being distracting. all of these components work together to create a positive feedback loop that adhd people are more likely to be engaged by and enjoy compared to longer tasks with relatively smaller payoff like chores or even something like maintaining the focus to complete long books and projects 


This is what my YouTube channel looks like with YouTube’s new restricted mode, which has unfairly targeted some LGBTQ content for being “sensitive material.”

21 of my 43 videos disappear. 

In case you missed it: YouTube says it “wrongly” filtered out a ton of LGBTQ-related videos in a recent update to its Restricted Mode feature. This has affected virtually every queer YouTube creator from @tyleroakley to @everyoneisgay to little ole’ me. So, if you watch my YouTube videos in Restricted Mode, the videos above with an X through them aren’t available. 

Oh, and YouTube’s statement about the whole thing just sucks:

“We are so proud to represent LGBTQ+ voices on our platform – they’re a key part of what YouTube is all about. The intention of Restricted Mode is to filter out mature content for the tiny subset of users who want a more limited experience. LGBTQ+ videos are available in Restricted Mode, but videos that discuss more sensitive issues may not be. We regret any confusion this has caused and are looking into your concerns. We appreciate your feedback and passion for making YouTube such an inclusive, diverse, and vibrant community.”

So under that logic, the “more sensitive issues” that aren’t suitable for a “tiny subset of users” (like, say, a teenager with unsupportive parents who’s trying to get online from a school library where PORN IS ALREADY BLOCKED) include:

  • A discussion with my 90-year-old grandmother about how she eventually accepted having a gay grandkid
  • A conversation with my mom about This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids and why I didn’t have a proper coming-out
  • A crowd-sourced glossary of the differences between bisexuality and pansexuality 
  • A silly video with my fiancée where we write down things we love about each other
  • A collaboration focusing on the experiences of queer people of faith

And a lot more. I’m livid. Queer YouTube means so much to so many people. For millions of LGBTQ people (especially youth) whose rights are under attack, YouTube creators and viewers have built a community of resources that you just cannot find elsewhere. This is a mean and senseless kick when we’re already down. And we’re not going to shut up about it. 

Send LGBTQ YouTube folks good vibes & subscribes today. (If you’re not already subscribed, find your friendly neighborhood bisexual YouTuber [it’s me] here or on Twitter.)

hey look at this lance

thats all, i just found this lance and i had to share him cause hes beautiful 

What’s Going on Over There!?

In response to questions about my earlier post from a C-EXOL in regards to Yixing (Lay) not being able to attend the upcoming Exordium in (insert country name) 2017 tour, I’m going to attempt to give a run down of what’s going on as I understand it. Any citizens of either country please correct me if there are any inaccuracies.

As of Today (yesterday for Korea) the South Korean court officially removed Park Geun-Hye as president…she gone. However, while she was in office (around summer time 2016), S. Korea and the U.S. of A came up with, agreed to creating and executed a THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) defense system to protect them against the missile threats that were coming from N. Korea. China was not a fan of the system for they believe “it will enable deep military surveillance that undermines Chinese and Russian security.”

Once S. Korea gave the thumbs up to execute the system, China began restricting all things Hallyu:

Some of the restrictions reportedly outlined in the prohibition are:

  • A ban on Korean organizations filming in Korea
  • A ban on investing in new Korean agencies
  • A ban on Korean idol concerts with over 10,000 audience members
  • A ban on Korean-Chinese collaborative projects
  • A ban on broadcasting dramas with Korean actors

These bans include satellite broadcasts and online video sites. 

Remember when Uncontrollably Fond came out and Suzy and Kim Woo Bin were supposed to go over to China to promote the drama and do a fan meeting but it mysteriously got cancelled like the day before? yeah, this is why. Remember when EXO was supposed to do an Exordium in Shanghai and that abruptly got cancelled too? Yeah, this is why. Remember when Chou Tzu-yu from Twice waived a Taiwan flag on national television and some of y’all ripped her to shreds publicly causing the girl to have a mini nervous breakdown and Twice was banned from Chinese TV as a result!? yeah, China also opposes Taiwan’s independence. Remember when Yixing posted the Chinese flag on IG and dang near all of y’all ripped him to shreds too!?!? yeah….i’m gonna save that rant for another post.

So why are C-EXOLs asking for support for Yixing from international & K-EXOLs? because he is literally banned from any Korean activity!! our dear unicorn can’t be with EXO at this time because of political differences and this applies to any kpop group that has a Chinese member: F(X), Miss A, Super Junior, EXO, etc. etc. Yixing was the face for Lotte Duty free in Korea with EXO but all the Chinese uproar has cancelled that and he has been removed. 

So there you have it folks. It’s always unfortunate and discouraging to read about these things not just in your own country but around the world. Politics is a beast and it feeds on greed, fear and corruption. It’s like Biff Tannen from Back to the Future, like Scar from The Lion King, like Sid from Toy Story. Hopefully you will keep the other innocent citizens of said countries who are now caught in this mess in your thoughts as well.




what she says: 

what she means:

Though we recognize that the LBGTQ+ community makes up a lot of the Youtube community and content, we will be limiting the vocality this community has. We appreciate all of the work you’ve done to make Youtube an inclusive, diverse and vibrant community, but the gay agenda has become too powerful and we believe that we’re the sole cause of it, which is why we have decided to implement Restricted Mode on LGBTQ+ content. Please, though, let it be known that we are not silencing the community, we are only placing age restrictions because being a member of the LGBTQ+ is inappropriate, gives false information, and may be damaging to younger viewers, who benefit the most from the videos put out from this community. This is being done with the intention of protecting a select few, but god forbid anyone gets worked up over trans people asking to be able to use the bathroom that they identify as without being persecuted or harmed. After all, why should we grant such special rights to such a miniscule group in the vast majority?


Sehun in EXO’s 2015 music videos


T: Have you ever been escorted out by security?

J: Uh, from a show? I don’t know…

T: Your own show?

J: I guess just in general, no. I wish that I could say yes.

T: I feel like you should say yes.

J: Yeah. I get into a lot of trouble, I cause scenes and major trouble. 

T: It’s better for our band if you do.


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Can birds do drugs?

If you mean “can birds knowingly go out and acquire illegal psychologically modifying chemicals for recreational use” I would say definitely not. However, birds can and have been observed getting totally sauced on various delicious fermented fruits.

Waxwings and robins will gorge on thawed berries until some of them are so inebriated that Environment Yukon has taken to keeping the worst off in tiny bird drunk tanks until they’re sober enough to leave. Inebriated zebra finches sing like they’re at terrible karaoke nightDrunk parrots periodically fill animal hospitals in AustraliaA flock of intoxicated starlings stopped traffic in Austria after running into numerous cars. THE LIST GOES ON.

As mentioned in the video, hilarious to hear about but in reality it is causing a major problem; these “drunk” birds have a hard time avoiding head-on collisions with buildings and other man-made paraphernalia. Moral of the story: don’t drink and fly, kids. Unless you’re a bat. Because it turns out you don’t need to pass a breathalyzer test to fly with sonar.

cause of death: just friends

so here, have a kinda starco-ish amv thing. this song was literally perfect and had to be used. after all, they’re just friends right now *cries*

i tried

okay here’s what me and @isaksqueaks have discovered so far:

the video isak watched of even and mikael’s interview in s3 last year, was released on 9th september 2014 (if you zoom in, you’ll be able to see that date):

9th september 2014 - start of 2nd year at bakka, even and mikael seem fine here. happy. completely. “best buddies, i only say this because i care about you.”

fast forward to this:

1st june 2015 - so even’s still in his 2nd year of bakka here, but at the near end of it. we still don’t know what the battle is about, or exactly how close yousef and even were here, but … they must be pretty close? for this all to start off as, what looks like banter, from the design of the poster or whatever it is? because all the boys in the balloon squad reacted to even’s name being mentioned in the latest hei briskeby video, as if they knew stuff personally. (note the use of fire here in this pic, and then elias’ instant reaction of “fire emoji”)

but i feel that from all the boys, mikael and yousef were somewhat pretty close to even, the most, perhaps, hence mikael’s composed reaction, and him STILL having even’s number on his phone, and yousef’s somber, sad reaction. noticeable change from how happy he was prior to it. 

even’s episode happened, i’m presuming, sometime after this battle, causing him to feel so … much … shame? guilt? bad feeling? that he couldn’t go back to bakka to complete his final year - he had to transfer. but looking at yousef’s reaction in the hei briskeby video, it seems like there’s a lot more to the story.

as sonja said, in that year, even educated himself a bit in islam, and learnt the qur’aan in arabic.

through vilde, we learnt last season that even “went completely off the rails and wrote a lot of crazy stuff on the (facebook) wall of the revue group and stuff.” - we now know from skam’s profile page, that NONE of the boys have a facebook account apart from yousef, and neither does even. 

but the boys have a youtube channel. and now the girl squad know about this too. 

the only missing link now, is sana, figuratively, visually, telling us (the casual viewer) that she (and by extension, us) has made this last link between even and the balloon squad.