'cause damn that shit is gross as hell and it deserves to be called out

Shadows. (Cheater!Kuroo x Reader x Bokuto) Pt. 2

A/N: This fic is loosely based on the song Shadows by Childish Gambino. You can listen to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mpZ46krkSk. The third part is gonna be more heavily influenced by this song. I suggest you listen while reading this still tho, it’s a great song. Also, this has OOC Kuroo. It’s for the prompt tho of course. Imo none of our HQ babies would cheat on their s/o but it’d be quite boring if i just wrote everything nice ya feel. I LOVE KUROO V MUCH PLS DONT THINK I HATE HIM N ALSO PLS DONT HATE HIM BC OF THIS FIC

I tried to spell and grammar check to the best of my sleep-deprived ability. Pls forgive me n let me know if you catch any slips.

Also i was able to squeeze in a reference to one of my favorite TV series :^) lemme know if u catch it.

You determined your best bet was racing to the closet and hiding. If you stayed there, you’d be kicked out and possibly killed in a fit of rage. For now, it was best to hide instead of being skinned alive by Kuroo’s girlfriend.

The ice pulsing through you thawed out, you quietly gathered the rest of your garments and ducked into the closet, softly closing it shut behind you. Huddling in the corner, you held your breath as you heard her footsteps trail into the room.

“Ah, there you are!” She chirped happily, much to your relief.

Kuroo fake yawned and you heard a little movement coming from the bed, likely he was sitting up to speak with her.

“Hey, babe…” He said. God, his tired voice sounded so artificial. Couldn’t he try a bit harder? Both of your asses were on the line here!

“Oh, did I wake you? I’m sorry…” Her voice sounded so sweet and genuinely concerned. You sighed to yourself, feeling guilt grip your shoulder. She really didn’t deserve this.

You heard Kuroo shift again.

“I’m fine, what are you doing home so early?”

Kuroo’s girlfriend was silent for a couple of seconds.

“Are you…naked?”

Fuck. How was he gonna lie out of that? You mentally cursed yourself. You two were fucked.

“I…” Kuroo started, obviously attempting to come up with a believable lie. “was just planning on surprising you, baby~” You could practically hear the smirk in his voice. As much as you wanted to punch that sex addicted cat man, you had to admit he pulled a nice save.

“Oh really?” His girlfriend’s tone became just as sultry as his. “ Well I have to say, I am definitely excited to receive this ‘surprise’. How about you go ahead and give it to me now?” Holy shit. They were not going to fuck while you were here in the closet.


You opened the closet, careful not to make any noise, leaving a small slit for you to see through.


You saw Kuroo pull her into the bed, flipping the comforter off him and allowing her to straddle his bare lower body. She started taking off her shorts, while Kuroo made quick work of her blouse. Oh hell no. This was not happening. You rubbed your eyes, hoping, praying, you were just misinterpreting the sight.

Nope. You were seeing perfectly fine.

Kuroo and his girlfriend were making out pretty damn hard now, you wondered if he was trying to kiss her or eat her goddamn face. It was starting to become obvious he was making a show of this. What’s this man’s problem? Doesn’t he realize he’s at your mercy now? You can easily just walk out of the closet and fuck this whole relationship up in a heartbeat. Kuroo wrapped his arms around his girlfriend’s body, pulling her close and allowing him access to the clasp of her bra. He looked over to the closet, making eye contact with you. You froze again, feeling the ice creep up in your veins once more. He mouthed “Perv~” at you before flashing you a wink and unclasping her bra.

That’s fucking it.

He pinned her down to the bed, and you saw your opening. If he kept her busy for just a few more seconds, she wouldn’t be able to see you make your leave. You crouched down, your belongings gathered under one arm, and quickly made your way across the room, virtually soundless. As you passed the bed, their moans became more audible. The sounds of lips smacking and “Oh Kuroo~”s made you want to vomit. You never really realized how gross sex sounded until you became the poor bystander forced to listen to it. His girlfriend’s leg flung across the side of the bed, barely missing you, causing you to flinch and drop your underwear.


You tried to reach down and grab them, but the sound of them beginning to sit up again startled you, so you decided not to rescue Privates Ryan and made a quick crouch-dash out of the room and bolted down the stairs. Downstairs, you frantically pulled on your shorts and shirt, and beelined to the door and rushed out of that hellhole.

It’s been a couple of days since the incident, and it’s safe to say you haven’t fully recovered. You’ve been nursing the problem with a few shots of Southern Comfort every few hours, but it was severely lacking in the latter. If anything, you just felt more depressed, guilty, and used. Kuroo attempted to call you earlier, but you let him go to voicemail. You didn’t have the mental endurance to speak with him right now. While lying on your bed, you realized just trying to repress your feelings and steadily becoming a junior member to A.A. wasn’t the right thing to do. You needed to something to clear your mind. Going outside would be a nice start, right? You slapped on some sweats and a comfy hoodie and decided to go to the library. You had some studying to do and you could grab a refreshing coffee while you’re out. It would be a nice trip to de-stress and clear your mind healthily. So you grabbed your dorm keys and began your light walk to the library.

You sat down at one of the soft University library couches, sinking into it and sighing in comfort. This was a great idea. You took a sip of your drink as noticed how busy it seemed to be today. In the huge, homey library you watched as a few students chatted nicely with the librarians, asking them where things were located. The calico library cat napped on the main desk as students passed by, giving it little pets and ear scratches, much to Catticus Finch’s enjoyment. On the other side of the main desk, a fancy planted fishtank sat with a purple betta swimming lazily around it waiting for food. You heard a bit of commotion, and turned around to find its source. A study group was silently arguing in the corner, and you took note of how diverse they seemed. The blonde, hippy looking girl of the group appeared to be arguing with the snarky looking playboy one with a huge forehead. The others, a white brunette lady with blue doe eyes, an old pudgy white man, a plump, motherly middle-aged darkskinned woman with a medium length brown afro, and a pair of boys-black and middle eastern-who seemed to be around the same age, seemed to be a little invested in the argument themselves. While those two went back and forth, the others seemed to chime in with their own sassy digs, causing the arguing pair to give them a look while the others laughed. You attempted to eavesdrop into their potentially interesting conversation, but you were interrupted by the soft clearing of someone’s throat in front of you.

“Hey…you take Mr. Williams, right?”

You peered up at the person talking to you. Golden eyes. Monochrome hair. Ah, yeah, this is the kid that sits a few seats in front of you in your English class. What was his name again? Bob? Borat? Whatever, you knew it was Bo-something.

“Yeah, you’re in my class, right?….Bo…..” you dragged on the “o” sound, searching through the vastness of your mind for this dude’s name.

“It’s Bokuto, Bokuto Koutarou.” He flashed you a bright smile and plopped down beside you. He was a little too close for a first proper meeting, but he seemed friendly, so you allowed him to stay where he was. “What’s your name? I’ve see you around but we never talk!” He seemed a bit upset at that for some reason. He’s never made an attempt to speak with you before this, though.

You introduced yourself, and asked what he needed from you.

“Oh yeah…” He chuckled,  before answering. “I don’t really need any help…I just wanted an excuse to talk to you.” A pale blush appeared on his cheeks as he began rubbing his neck sheepishly.

You felt your cheeks heat up as well in response to his honest reply. You shyly laughed it off before he switched the conversation to something else.

This was the start of something new, and you were going to embrace it.

You began meeting up with Bokuto regularly at the library every other day. You guys would talk about life, new music, your favorite T.V. shows, and basically anything else that came to mind. Sometimes, you’d study Biology a bit, but you two would get off track easily and begin pointing to the random images in the book and comparing them to each other. The more you hung out with him, the more you began to realize how genuine and caring of a guy he was. He texted you every day, asking how you are, brought you leftovers when he had them, laughed at your jokes, listened to you rant…he became your best friend, and your only friend, in a short amount of weeks. You guys had the same relationship you and Kuroo had previously, yet without the lying and cheating. It was a foreign concept to you, such a positive relationship without repercussions, but you were really enjoying it. You began to think about him in a different , dare you say it, romantic way, over time. You thought fondly of when he’d put an arm around your shoulder and greet you before class, when he’d congratulate you on a good test score by pulling you into an excited hug, when he’d bring you a nice, hot drink whenever he’d meet you in the library and give you a soft, friendly smile. You…had a crush on the owlish man.

He even got your mind completely off Kuroo, who, now that you thought about it, attempted to contact you many times in the past few weeks. You didn’t respond, of course, and obviously he grew desperate. He even tried to email you…who under 40 unironically uses email for personal things?

You shook off your thoughts and put the finishing touches on your famous gourmet meal, “A Bag of Doritos in a Fancy Glass Bowl” and set them on the coffee table in front of the couch. You were hanging out with Bokuto today, and you were quite excited. You planned a funny movie marathon on your small couch. Strategically small couch. You were hoping the petiteness of the couch would allow you some quality cuddle time with Bokuto. You were ready to take this relationship to the next level, and you were hoping this would give him the push to make his move.

The sound of the doorbell ringing interrupted your thoughts, he’s here! You took a deep breath, put on your friendliest smile, and made your way to the door, hoping that the stars would align in your favor.

You were in the middle of the movie marathon, and nothing has happened. Bokuto sat on the opposite side of the couch, he looked uncharacteristically nervous. Wait…weren’t you in a scene just like this before? You dismissed the thought and focused back on the task at hand. In opposition to Bokuto, you were chill as fuck. Not even a cucumber could face you in a battle of coolness. You waited a few treacherous moments more, before deciding it was time to make your move. It was now or never, and you were choosing now.

You contemplated a lot of cheesy movie moves, the yawing arm over the shoulder, reaching for chips at the same time, accidentally putting your hand on top of his….no, those wouldn’t work. Bokuto doesn’t get when you beat around the bush. You need to be direct. You took a deep breath, and made your move. Sweeping a blanket off the back of the couch, you leaned over, letting your head hit his shoulder and your body lie against his side, and enveloped the blanket over the two of you. You felt Bokuto immediately stiffen up. You gotta fix this.

“Uh…I thought you may be cold…we can cuddle…if you want.” God, curse your awkwardness.

Thankfully, Bokuto relaxed, allowing an arm to slip around your shoulder.

“I’d…really like that…” YES. He sounded just as awkward as you.

You two cuddled on the couch for the rest of the evening, enjoying each other’s company.

Alas, it was getting close to midnight, and Bokuto was getting tired. You guys both agreed it was time to return to his dorm so he could get a good night’s sleep.

You walked him to the door, his hand linked in yours, and stopped in front of it. Bokuto really did look tired, poor baby. His eyes had small, grey bags under them, and he couldn’t stop himself from yawning and stretching a bit. You weren’t complaining, however, he exposed a little bit of his midriff, and you were silently praising God for that heavenly view of his faint V line.

“Well, I guess this is goodnight. See ya tomorrow.”

Bokuto muttered a sleepy “Night…” releasing your hand and staggering to the door. He placed his hand on the doorknob before stopping. You stood still for a few seconds, wondering what he was up to. Was it locked?

Bokuto abruptly turned around briskly walking towards you and cupping your cheeks. You stared at his golden orbs in awe. Despite the low lighting in the room, they shone like full moons.

Bokuto rubbed his thumb delicately across your cheeks.

“C-can I kiss you?”

You didn’t give an answer, swiftly closing the gap between the two of you. His lips were a little chapped, but mostly soft, and tasted like…Nacho Cheese? Eh, you just rolled with it, it was your idea to have Doritos anyway.

You two broke apart, both equally flustered. Bokuto reluctantly let go of your cheeks and spoke up.

“Goodnight…I-I’ll call you t-tomorrow!” Oh my god, he’s so adorable when he’s embarrassed. Bokuto quickly made his way out of your door and, before the door closed, you caught a glimpse of him…fist pumping? You rolled your eyes playfully, hearing the door shut securely.

Bokuto may be a dork, but he sure is a lovable one.

“BRO…YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED TO ME LAST NIGHT.” Bokuto burst into his friend’s house, almost scaring the shit out of him.

Kuroo sighed in relief when he realized it was Bokuto excitedly coming into his house and not a crazy psycho killer. He really needed to lay off the late night horror video marathons.

“BRO. What happened?”


Kuroo couldn’t help but get a little excited, Bokuto has been crushing on this mystery girl for a while. He was glad his best friend was able to find someone that made him so happy.



Kuroo shot up from his spot in the kitchen, and made his way towards Bokuto, who donned a smile that could practically blind the whole town.



They started jumping up and down together in excitement, eventually calming down and laughing their asses off.

“Dude, you gotta let me meet her.” Kuroo said in between giggles.

“Of course! You gotta! Maybe we can all go on a double date! It would be so lit!! And we can get icecream and I can totally annihilate you in DDR! And…wait..” Bokuto stopped his tangent, looking around a bit. “Where’s your girlfriend…?”

Kuroo felt an arrow strike his chest.

“She…broke up with me.”

“Aw…” Bokuto’s excited smile quickly turned upside down, his body language  responding to comfort his friend. “Do you…wanna talk about it…?”

Kuroo realized there was a ninety-nine point nine percent chance Bokuto would kick his ass if he told him the truth. Deciding he enjoyed his ass where it was, Kuroo just shook his head.

“Not yet…but anyways, the outing still sounds fun! I’d still love to meet this cute friend of yours.” Kuroo plastered on a fake smile and attempted to get his friend’s attention off the breakup.

“YEAH! I’ll text her right now!”

Bokuto dragged you behind him along the sidewalk, walking with way too much pep in his step. He said something earlier about you two meeting his best friend. You didn’t get very many details from the owlish male, as he was too focused on getting you out of the house. You did manage to hear he’s so cool, funny, and a…what was it…flip cup champ? You made a mental note that if you ever got invited to a party, you need him to tag along too. The glory of the win in flip cup was too much to put at any kind of risk. Whoever Bokuto was taking you to meet must be hella cool.

You guys approached a cafe and went inside. The cool air gently hit you when you went inside, and the smell of freshly made coffee wafted into your nose, making you feel refreshed. Bokuto looked around eagerly, as you gazed at the menu, entranced by the diverse amount of options the small business gave you. Bokuto made a cute little gasp and began waving his arms frantically, eyes focused on a seat near the back of the coffee shop. You reluctantly looked away from the menu and trailed his gazed only to see a mess of black hair. Holy fucking shit. Please don’t let it be him. Please let it be some sort of evil doppelganger. You hid behind a Bokuto and peeked out from behind his back, letting the being stand up and face the two of you.

But there he was.

Kuroo Fucking Tetsurou.

Bless Your Heart-Part 2

A/N: Welllll, looks like there will be more parts to this than I had originally planned. Yikes. Bear with me, because I’m trying. I just get so caught up in it that I don’t want to stop the story. This part doesn’t even include the prompt I chose for @deanjensengirlmaggie’s strange pairings challenge, and for that, I apologize. However, I hope that you enjoy this next piece and want to say thank you to anyone that has taken the time to read this little fanfic of mine.

Warnings: Language, mentions of vomiting and gore

Summary: Dean and Sam are finally on a case in paradise…otherwise known as San Pedro, Belize. Several tourists have gone missing from Ambergris Caye just as the town’s biggest festival of the year is ready to kick off, and it has the locals spooked. As the boys try to figure out what is snacking on the travelers, they run into a few members of the opposite sex that may or may not make this job a bit more difficult (but at least hotter) than most…bless their hearts <3

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Anyone Can Be A Dad

Originally posted by beallamy

daddy!luke makes me feel so many emotions like he’d be soooo adorable with kids so i just had to write this i hope you enjoy x

Though Luke would disagree, I swear I’m the lucky one. I’ve had my fair share of awful exes, including Jessie, the father of my daughter Ali. After the first few months, he never really treated me right, but when I told him I was pregnant he couldn’t handle it. He threw away the two years we shared, all because he “wasn’t ready to be a dad”. So I had to raise Ali on my own. But a year later, I went on a blind date with Luke because my friend Lindsay and her boyfriend Michael said Luke and I would hit it off as soon as we met. And going on a date with a complete stranger ended up being the best decision I’ve ever made. He was super sweet, we got along really well, and best of all he loved the fact that I had Ali, because he really wanted kids of his own.

Fast forward about four years, we were now as close as ever. Ali loves Luke and even though she still has visitation with her actual dad, she has called Luke Dad since she was two. And still to this day, every time she calls him that he gets the biggest grin on his face. And he can’t wait until our three-month-old Mason can talk so he can call him Dad too. Luke knows how to give Ali enough attention so that she’s not jealous of her brother, and when I’m breastfeeding or Mason and I need some rest, he’s quick to suggest Ali play dress up or tea party with him. He even wears a tiara and tutu because when they play, he’s Princess Luke and she’s Queen Ali. He tried to call her Princess Ali once and she sassily corrected him. They spend a lot of time together, so you could definitely say she’s a Daddy’s girl.

We were sat on the couch, Ali in between Luke and I and Mason starting to dose off on my chest as I patted his back. We were watching Bubble Guppies because Ali adores that show, and the episode that was on was one we had seen at least a hundred times. Luke and Ali would sing along to the songs when they came on, which was honestly too cute. Though he won’t ever admit it, I know he likes the show almost as much as she does. I looked down and Mason and saw that he had finally fallen asleep, so I gently got up from the couch, careful not to wake him.

“I’m going to go lay him down,” I told Luke. He nodded, too engrossed by the tv to give me a proper reply. I shook my head.

Shortly after laying Mason down and going back to the living room the show had ended.

“Ooh, Daddy can we go play on the swings? You said we could later and I think it’s later now.” Ali asked.

Luke pretended to check his watch. “Hmm, actually we have about ten more minutes until later.”

“But Daaaddy, I wanna go nowww.” Ali whined, holding Luke’s wrist and trying to pull him up off the couch.

“Now Ali, you know whining’s not allowed.” He lightly scolded.

Ali sighed, “Can we please go swing now?” She gave him puppy dog eyes, which always worked on him and she knew that well.

“Okay, we’ll go swing.” He smiled.

“Yay!” Ali said, running towards the back door and pulling Luke behind her.

I got up to get a drink, when my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen but didn’t recognize the number. Curious to know who it was, I answered.


“(Y/n), it’s Allen, Jessie’s friend.”

“Um, okay? What do you want?” I asked, confused as to why he was calling me. Jessie and I rarely spoke, and if we did it was strictly about Ali. Much less one of his friends I barely even knew.

“You need to tell your douche of a boyfriend to get his shit together.” Allen said.

“Excuse me?” I raised my voice. “First of all, he’s my fiancé and second why the hell would you say that?”

I heard the back door slide open and I turned to see Luke entering the house. He saw the pissed off look on my fave and knew something was up.

“He needs to stop acting like he’s Ali’s father when he isn’t. Why would you let her call him Dad? That’s not right, (Y/n) and you know it.” Allen spoke up.

I scoffed, “Please. Like I’m going to tell Ali to stop calling Luke Dad. She was the one that wanted to call him that, we didn’t force her to do it! Plus, she sees Luke everyday, and only sees Jessie a few days a month. So technically, Luke is her father.”

“Who is that?” Luke whispered.

“Jessie’s friend, Allen.” I rolled my eyes.

Luke held out his hand and I gave him the phone. He put it on speaker as I walked towards the back door to keep an eye on Ali.

“Hey, mate, mind telling me why you’re disrespecting my fiancé?” Luke said.

“Because I knew it would get back to you.” Allen laughed.

“Well listen here, I don’t know why you and Jessie have nothing better to do than sit around and talk shit about me, but you need to get a hobby because it needs to stop.” He demanded.

Allen laughed more. “Ooh, Mister Hollywood thinks he can treat people however he pleases just because he’s in some shitty band. You listen here, you don’t want to mess with me, pal.”

Luke rolled his eyes. “This isn’t about you or me, this is about Ali. I may not be her biological father, but I’m still a better father than Jessie will ever be. Anyone can be a dad, but not everyone can be a father. Hell, he proves that statement true everyday. I’ve sacrificed tons and do whatever it takes to be the best father I can be, things he’s never done for her. So I don’t deserve either of you guys’ shit. I might not have been there since the very beginning, but neither has he. But I’ll damn sure be the one to help raise her until she’s an adult. Now, go tell your mate that he needs to stop being a coward and fight his own battles, not make his punk ass friends do his bidding.”

The phone was quiet for a few seconds before Allen spoke again. “Whatever man, you have no idea who you’re dealing with. Jessie will be pissed when he hears about this.”

“I hope he is,” Luke chuckled. “That would mean he knows I’m right. Goodbye, Allen.”

He hung up my phone and gave it back to me. I looked at him in amazement, which caused a confused look to appear on his face.

“What’s up?” He asked me as I wrapped my arms around him.

“You’re the best,” I told him.

“Well, thanks. I was just doing my job.” He shrugged.

I smiled up at him. “And you do it well. I’m so lucky I have you. You’re an amazing father to our kids. I couldn’t ask any more of you. Thank you so much for everything you do for us.”

“Aw, you don’t have to thank me.” He cooed as he hugged me. “I love you guys more than anything. If anyone deserves thanks, it’s you. You gave me two beautiful children and I am so thankful for the three of you. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“You’re going to make me cry.” I admitted, pulling away enough to look at him.

“Don’t do that, then I’ll cry. And then Ali will be super confused and think we’re insane.” He joked.

I laughed at him. “She probably already does.”

Luke placed his hand on my cheek. “I love you so much, (Y/n).”

“I love you too, Luke.” I said and he leaned down and kissed me.

“Ew, gross!” We heard Ali say, turning towards her to see her sticking her tongue out at us in disgust.

“Ali, sweetie, it’s not gross.” Luke told her. “It means your Mum and I love each other a lot.”

Ali shook her head. “Nope, it means you’re both icky.”

We both started laughing, then heard a familiar cry coming from down the hall.

“I guess Mason’s up.” I announced.

“Let me get him,” Luke offered. “ I need some father-son time.”

I obliged and he headed down the hall. I sat on the couch, Ali sliding the back door shut and joining me.

“Mommy, why do you love Daddy enough to kiss him?” Ali asked curiously.

I smiled at her. “Because he loves us very much and would do anything for us.”

Her eyes got wide with excitement. “Like fight monsters?”

“Yep, he’d fight all the monsters in world for us. He actually just fought one while you were outside.” I explained.

Just then, Luke came back into the living room, carrying a very “talkative” Mason.

“Daddy, Mommy said you fought a monster when I was outside. Is that true?” Ali asked.

Luke looked at me, giving me a look as if to say he appreciated my joke.

“I did actually,” Luke played along, sitting on the couch. “He thought he could take me, but he was no match for King Luke.”

“Princess Luke!” Ali corrected, earning a loud laugh from me.

Luke looked at me sheepishly, then said, “Right, I meant Princess Luke.”

thanks for reading i hope you liked it! i might turn this into a series but i’m not sure, if you want me to then make sure to request it as well as any other ideas you might have requests are always open x

Spontaneous Human Combustion

This is my Secret Valentine fic. It’s essentially a College AU.

Thanks to Ilarual and rebornfromash for the eyes.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.  They had agreed, they would go to college together and get an apartment together because while they might not always get along, while in truth he was one of the most obnoxious human beings on the planet, she knew him and trusted him and knew he had her back.  Maybe they weren’t going away for school, but they could at least get out of their parent’s houses.

It worked out all of one semester before Blake (though he still went by Black Star, the nerd) declared he was moving in with Tsubaki, his girlfriend of three months. Yet, he had insisted he had the perfect replacement lined up to take his place, and Maka had reluctantly agreed to let him handle it because it was easier than having to listen to him bellow about how she should trust her god.

Worst mistake of her life, that.  

So now here she was at the dawn of a new semester facing Soul “Eater” Evans on her doorstep with a box in his hands and a blank look on his face.  She didn’t know why they called him the Eater and, quite frankly, she had no interest in knowing, just as she had no interest in having him, him of all people, as a roommate.

Stupid asshole Black Star.

Maybe if she played dumb…

“Can I–help you?” she asked.  

“Uh, yeah, this shit’s heavy,” he groused, muscling past her into the apartment to plop the box in the middle of the living room.

“Um why, exactly, are you putting a box in the middle of my living room?” She continued with the act because while she knew Star had procured a replacement, she’d never been told who–seemingly with good reason.

He frowned at her, his blank look disappearing.  "Because if I’m gonna live here, I’m gonna need my shit?“

“Riiiight,” she said then sighed.  "Star said he’d found a good guy to take his place–didn’t figure on it being you.“  The distaste in her voice was palpable.  She didn’t know Eater well, but what she did know made her stomach turn.  

Star had taken a shine to him when they met the first day of classes and they’d become fast friends–which meant he hung out at their apartment a lot, and he went out with their little group a lot, and Maka, quite frankly, couldn’t stand him.

For one, he was always–and by always she meant every time they saw each other–insulting her.  Pigtails, bookworm, and worst of all, tiny tits.  As if her–her breasts were any of his damned business!  He also constantly told her she read too much, she was a nerd, she should get out more–every time they met, it seemed, he would have something negative to say.  And she tried to ignore him, she really did, but she stupidly took the bait every time and would waste her night arguing with him when she wanted nothing to do with him!  Plus–plus– there was also that whole ridiculous following of his.  One semester in and he already had a reputation as a ladies man.  There were countless girls who drooled over him; it was like her gross papa all over again!

He hadn’t responded to her bit of rudeness, just shrugged and, rigging the door to stay open, left the apartment.  A few minutes later, he appeared with another box and Maka sighed again as he plopped it into the middle of the room.  Well, if Star had sublet his room to this asshole, then she supposed she was stuck with him for the rest of the semester before she could work something else out for next year.  She may as well help.  

As he made his way out of the apartment again, she followed and, on the threshold of the stairs he turned, eyebrows raised.  "Where are you off to?”

“To help you, dumbass.  The quicker you get your stuff in, the quicker you can go put it in your room and get the hell out of my hair.”

“Duly noted.”  He grinned at her sharply, and she hate hate hated how it made her stomach flip. She loathed him–her stomach was a bloody traitor.  

She was so going to nut punch Star for this mess.  

He had a small truck downstairs she’d seen before, though she couldn’t recall when or where, and there were several more boxes, a mini fridge, a mid sized flat screen, and a ridiculously oversized stereo.  They took a few trips to haul it all up, and then move it from the living room to Blake’s old room.  Apparently, her new roommate would be taking over Star’s bed seeing as he no longer needed it.  Since Maka was well aware of what her previous roommate had been doing in said bed of late–thin walls were a bitch–she helpfully advised that he flip the mattress since no one deserved to deal with that, not even Eater.  

He raised his eyebrows again and she shrugged.  "Before he moved in with Tsubaki last week, she and Black Star spent a lot of time in his room.“

Her look of distaste must have spoken volumes because his own face twisted in disgust.  "Right then.  Lysol, steam cleaner rental, and flip the mattress. Got it.”

“if it’s any consolation, Blake never flips it. He’s way too lazy.  And the mattress was new when we moved in.”  

“Blake?”  He looked confused.

“Black Star’s real name,” she offered flatly.

“Oh, yeah.  Forgot he had one.  Never heard anyone actually use it before.”  He scratched the back of his neck, his face unreadable.  "Anyway, thanks for the heads up–and uh, for helping with my shit.  I appreciate it.  And, well, I know I’m not your first choice as a roommate, but–“

"Look,” she cut him off.  "Just–make sure you pick up after yourself and don’t hog the bathroom and it should be fine, okay?  You do your thing, I’ll do mine, and that’s that.“

"Yeah, sure,” he said with a small nod, face still blank, unreadable.  

“Great.  Have fun unpacking.”  And with that, she turned on her heel to seal herself in her own room.  Hopefully, he could manage to follow her very scant rules and they’d survive each other until the end of the semester.

Of course, she should have known she’d been hoping for too much.  This was Eater she was talking about, after all.

The very next morning, his boxers were on the bathroom floor when she went to shower.  The very next morning. Maka definitely should have known.  Using the business end of the plunger to shuffle them onto, the offending item hanging haphazardly from the rubber, she marched to his room, kicked the door twice to a groan of “what the FUCK?” and then, opened it to march inside.  He was sprawled out on his newly disinfected bed, covers kicked off, shirtless, with a morning tent pitched prominently in his sleep pants, blinking up at her blearily with a decided scowl plastered to his face.

She quickly averted her gaze, feeling her face go hot, as she screeched, “Cover up you–you–perv!”

“’M not the one who came barging into someone else’s bedroom,” he grumbled sleepily, but she heard the rustle of covers and, risking a glance, noted a blanket was now over him and he was sitting up, glaring at her.  She chose to ignore the decided rise of the covers in his lap, meeting his glare with her own.

“What–is this?” she practically growled, waving the plunger and boxers like a makeshift flag.  

“Uh, my shorts.  And the plunger?” His face was maddeningly blank in an instant.  

“And what.”  She didn’t miss a beat.  "Were your underwear doing on the bathroom floor?“

"Uhhhhh.” He scratched the back of his neck.

“Next time.” She swung the plunger, heaving the boxers into his face.  He scowled as they fell into his lap.  "Use your damned hamper.“

"Whatever.” He shrugged, blank expression returning.  He looked her up and down and she suddenly remembered she was clad only in a thin tank top and boy shorts and couldn’t repress her flush.  "Anyway, tiny tits, you should be thanking me.  Probably the closest you’ve ever been to a guy’s shorts.“  He smirked at her then, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.  

"Ugh, you are so gross!” she shrieked and, grabbing up a book from his desk behind her, hurled it at his head, hard, before spinning on her heel to exit the room with a loud slam of his door.  His yelp of pain was satisfying as she settled back into her own room, though it couldn’t last.  If this was how things were going to be, it was going to be a long, long semester.  

The next day was Monday and classes started.

Their interactions continued very much like that first morning for several days as the semester actually began.  He would leave his crap on the floor or his dishes in the sink or drink from her milk carton, and she would yell and throw things at him and call him names, and he would shrug her off and make snide remarks and cause her to storm off and lock herself in her room.  

After three days of this, she grew tired–her classes this semester were tough–so on Wednesday, Maka started quietly picking up his little messes and avoiding him entirely. It just… wasn’t worth it, she finally decided.  On Thursday, the messes escalated: a sink full of dishes, clothes everywhere in the bathroom, his shit strewn in the living room.  She picked it up, said nothing, continued to avoid him.

On Friday, when she didn’t awaken to a bathroom strewn with dirty clothes and a sink full of disgusting dishes, she was shocked, puzzled, but not displeased.  She went to class, came home, and shut herself in her room, still wishing to avoid him.  Best to avoid him, to keep their interactions, and therefore, her stress, minimal.  

When she heard the knock on her door shortly after he got home she almost jumped out of her skin.  Her new roommate had never, not once in a week of living here, come to her room.

Decent enough in a tank top and pajama bottoms, her hair slung in pigtails, Maka called out, “Yes?”

“Can I, uh, come in?  Just for a sec?  I don’t like talking through the door.”  The last part was mumbled, but she still caught it.  

“If you must–just make it fast.  I’m reading.”  It was the truth–she had to finish Mansfield Park for Monday.  

The Eater opened the door slowly, carefully, before shuffling inside.  She noted he had changed into loose sweat pants and a tshirt, and tried not to notice how he managed to look hot even in loungewear; the man was stupidly good looking in spite of, or maybe even because of, his odd coloring and features.  

His red eyes looked past her as he cleared his throat.  "So, uh, I realize I’ve been sort of an ass about–um–everything.  So I sorta bought you dinner–hope pizza with pepperoni is okay.  And I thought, if you aren’t doing anything, maybe we could watch a movie.  Um, together.  I mean.“  He looked nervous.  Why did he look so nervous?  Hell, his fidgeting was so bad it was starting to make her nervous.  "If it’s cool with you.”  He ventured to meet her eyes for the first time, and though his expression itself was habitually blank, his eyes looked almost pleading.

She held his gaze for a moment, considering, then nodded slowly; if he was going to hold out an olive branch, well, far be it from her to torch it.  "Alright, but only if you make popcorn.“

"You got it, Tiny–” her small smile slipped into a glare.  "–er, sorry, Maka.“  It was the first time she could recall him actually using her name, and the way he said it was so–well, it was nice not to be called tiny tits or pigtails or bookworm, anyway.  

"Good.” She smiled sweetly at the small victory. “Let’s watch a movie.”

And so, they did.  And it was actually–not unpleasant. Pizza was good, he refrained from giving her shit so she did the same, and when he wasn’t being a dick, he had a caustic wit that, directed at the rom com he’d let her choose, was more entertaining than the silly film could ever be.

She found that she was actually enjoying herself and, when he suggested they make Friday nights movie night halfway through, she agreed before she even knew what she was saying.  

Maybe–maybe it would help them get along better, make the semester as roommates a little more bearable.  Maybe.

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Get out the damn tag with that shit. .


Huck and Quinn made out (Not kissing.Way too much tongue for that to be called kissing)  and it was very Huck and Quinn-ish.

It was weird, awkward, and uncomfortable because that’s what they are ( I mean, have we been watching the same show? They flirted over a dead body and you were worried about the kiss? They stalked people together. Come on, let’s stop playing). It made you cringe? You had to wash out your eyes? Good. Welcome to Huckleberryquinn where everyone and everything is uncomfortable (and highly problematic) all the time and yet you still want them to work shit out.

But this has been coming for a very long time.

You thought Shonda was gonna actually let Quinn ride off into the sunset with Charlie? Because I guarantee you Huck would have been at the end of the road with a red toolbox. Huck and Quinn had been playing this “Work first, friends second” game that backfired. They are two people   who probably don’t like each other, but love each other and know each other pretty well. And it’s obvious, or to me it is.

Now you’re thinking “but she spit on him, yuck.” Yeah. But Quinn is sick of being a damn chess piece (She finally gets some damn control.. even a little bit, and then bam. Nope, Huck swoops in but not to take her new found independence but to save her from the pain that B613 will eventually cause because I believe he sees a lot of himself in Quinn and Charlie might even see it too). He’s never treated her like that and I don’t think she wants to accept his apology (As half assed as it is) yet. Hence her saying “And now you’re here and I’m just supposed to…”

I’m just supposed to forgive you and fall in with the pack? Nah. No good. Not today boo.

Fuck you (Or Screw you), that’s what that meant. Fuck you because you can’t toss people aside like that and expect them to come running back to you so easily.

And the kiss was weird (but not really) and sudden (but not really). I think he misses Quinn and still feels responsible and still has the urge to look out for her (Even though he did come there to kill her until he realized he couldn’t). He loves her and he thought he ruined her, he thought that he turned her into a monster but he can see there is still some good inside her that B613 hadn’t tainted yet.

And Huck has a hard time controlling himself around Quinn which is pretty obvious in Season 3. His emotions are all over the place and even more so when dealing with Quinn Perkins.

I believe her innocence (Ok, she’s fucking naive sometimes and it’s gross) is definitely a turn on for Huck. In the hell that has become his life, Olivia Pope gave him something good and pure. She gave him someone to love and something to call his own. She’s good and has the ability to be very bad, He plays at being tamed but can be really really bad.

And most people hate Quinn which is just awful. She’s one of the strongest characters on the shows. I mean, yeah, she cries sometimes but hell I’d be a basket case after having her life.

So in conclusion, chill. Chill out. Because they finally crossed the line of no return. Quinn kicked him out on his ass even though it hurt, and now he’s back to where he was before… trying to help Quinn. So I take it Quinn is going to make it to Season 4(if that’s still a thing) and will be a big part of taking down B613 or working against it. (Along with Charlie.)

So. No Happy endings. Definitely not for these two who deserve it.

And it’s just getting started for these two… and you might be even more uncomfortable if you’re not already…

You’re definitely going to be.

Rom-Coms Are Not for the Weak (Jikook)

It’s been so long I’m so sorry! 1) Thank you to my bestest friends EVER for helping me come up with ideas for sarcastic comments. I was in such a slump and they helped so much. 2) This fic is dedicated to jiihopes (Jess I hope this cheers you up!) cause we both needed a little fluffy pick-me-up after that intense prologue video that came out earlier today. I hope this cheers up any ARMY that reads it. Please enjoy!

Jimin should have just left the theater when he found out Jurassic World had been accidentally switched with At First Sight, but he didn’t. Now he’s stuck watching this romantic comedy shit and he doesn’t even know why. Well, okay, so he knows why. He saw the three boys walk into the theater earlier and Jesus H. Christ, the brown haired one? Totally the hottest guy he’d seen…ever. If Namjoon hyung heard him say that, he’d roll his eyes. Jimin thinks a lot of people are hot. But this boy definitely tops…no pun int-yeah okay pun intended. And of course the boy and his friends sit right behind him.

A quarter of the way through is when Jimin starts to hear the snickers.

“Dude. Totally never saw this romance coming. Ever. Oh wait. I did. Like five minutes in.” Jimin snorts under his breath. He’s totally spot on.  

“Oh come on man! I know he spilt that coffee on her on purpose but like, she forgeve that shit? What the hell? I would have punched him in the face.” Jimin can hear the boy mumble from behind.

“Jeongguk? If you were just planning on complaining about the movie, why did you even come?” Jimin perks up at the name. Jeongguk. At least he has a name to match that gorgeous face now.

“Why did I come? Are you kidding me Hobi hyung? You and Taehyung hyung practically dragged me out of my bedroom in my boxers complaining that we ‘never do anything’.” Jimin bites his lip to stop from smiling at the mental image of Jeongguk in nothing but boxers. Damn.

Jeongguk quiets down for only a few minutes.

“Are you kidding me? He just called her Stephanie in bed and she still slept with him?” Jimin almost chokes on the drink he’s currently drinking but manages to save himself…hopefully quietly. One of Jeongguk’s friends heaves a sigh.

“Dude, what, pray tell, is wrong with the name Stephanie?”

“Her name is fucking Jennifer Taehyung!” Jimin leans over and buries his face in his hands, his shoulders shaking with barely contained laughter.

“…Oh. Yeah, that’s not good.” Jeongguk snorts. “You’re damn right.” he mutters under his breath. The God awful movie is almost over when Jeongguk speaks again.  

“Oh my God would you two get a room for Christ’s sake?” Jimin rolls his eyes, thinking Jeongguk was talking about the obvious on screen couple, but then…

“JESUS…I wasn’t talking to the film guys….I was talking to you two! Gross.” Jimin lets out a surprised laugh, the urge to turn around never having been stronger. He covers the laugh with a cough and tries his best to not let his curiosity get the best of him.

“Sorry Guk-ah. This movie’s…kind of boring.”  

“I hadn’t fucking noticed.” Jeongguk mutters. Jimin can almost imagine the scowl gracing his features.  

The credits, finally, finally roll, right after the last kiss, and Jimin stands up to leave when a hand taps his shoulder. Suddenly a mouth a pressed against his ear and Jimin shivers.

“I’m so glad you find my commentary amusing. It makes me finding you cute less awkward.”

“Oh my God.” Jimin chokes out. He spins around to see Jeongguk leaning down over his seat, smirking.

“What’s your name?” Jimin blinks and tries to remember.

“J-Jimin. Park Jimin.”  

“Well, Park Jimin,” Jeongguk reaches behind himself and pull out a pen like fucking magic. He uses his teeth to pull the cap off, and Jimin helplessly stares at his mouth as Jeongguk takes his hand and writes a line of numbers down his arm. “Call me next time you think about coming to the movies. I’m sure we can find a much better film to watch.” Jeongguk winks at him and bounds down the stairs to catch up with his friends.

Jimin watches him leave before dropping right back down in his chair, stunned. He stays there until At First Sight restarts.  

Imagine #5: Protective Luke

You were friends with the boys ever since you were younger, but no one pissed you off more than Luke. For six years, you’ve seen Luke be full of himself and you hated it. You always saw him as an arrogant prick. It was a complicated relationship between you two because although you two knew you hated each other, you had to be so-called friends because of the boys.

“We’ll be there in a few minutes, get ready and we’ll go out! All of us,” Calum said to you through a Facetime call. It was almost nine, but you agreed to spending your Friday night with your favourite boys.

Then you hear at the back, someone scoffing, “Gross, is that Y/N?”

“Ugh, is that Luke?” You gagged.

“Guys stop,” you heard Ashton said. “You guys will be seeing a lot of each other, might as well suck it up and be friends.”

“We are,” you said. “He’s so annoying.”

“I’m ignoring her,” you saw Luke say, scrolling through his phone, not paying attention to the conversation anymore.

“He pisses me off. I’ll see you boys in a few minutes,” you say before hanging up. They were coming home from the Europe tour and it’s been so long since you’ve seen them. The first thing on their to-do list was to see you and you were ecstatic.

The door rang and you were excited to see one of the boys again. You ran to it, and to your dismay, it was Luke.

You roll your eyes and sighed, “Why you?”

“Where’s the boys?”

“Aren’t they with you?”

He shook his head, trying to peak through the door to see if you were lying. “I needed to do something so they told me to meet up later and that they’ll be here.”

“Nope,” you bluntly say. 

He rolled his eyes, “They’re probably back at the hotel. Let’s go.”

“I’m not going with you.”

“Damn it, Y/N, can you stop being so stubborn?”

You decided to go with him, and you guys sat in the car, awkwardly, listening to rock music and feeling the breeze through the windows. At least there was music to fill in the silence. All of a sudden, you stopped at Panda Express.


“I’m hungry,” he said. He got out of the car, leaving you inside.

“Are you kidding me?” You said to yourself, and you hopped out of the car too. You didn’t want to wait in silence for his food inside, so you decided to wait outside. A few minutes later, an intimidating, older guy came up to you.

“Hey there, honey,” he said. “You want to join my friends and I at the club tonight?”

You shook your head, “No thanks.”

“Oh come on,” he said as he held on to your arm.

“Don’t touch me,” you tell him, and you try reaching for the door to the inside.“

"Don’t be such a prude,” he grabbed onto your arm harder and you could feel his fingers digging in.

“Stop,” you shout out. 

No one was around. It was late at night. And the lights were so dim you could hardly see anyone. 

This is it, you thought to yourself. As you were pulling and resisting, the guy was holding onto you longer, and you could hear the rest of the boys in the car cheering him on. 

“Let go of me,” you shouted louder.

He began to pull you towards the car, and you weren’t strong enough to resist. You were almost crying, eyes closed, trying to pull away, then all of a sudden, the tugging stopped.

You turned your head and you saw Luke outside with one hand holding a bag of Panda Express, and the other grabbing onto the guy’s arm, “Hey mate, what are you doing?”

“Just trying to get my friend here to come with us,” he lied. “She’s a little stubborn.”

“Yeah I know,” Luke chuckled a fake one. “Cause she’s my friend. Let her go.”

“What are you going to do about it, pretty boy?”

He let go of the man’s arms to brush through his hair once, then he punched him in his face, still holding the bag of food, still in tact. 

The man let go of his grip on you and you made your way out of the scene into the car, as Luke tossed you the keys.

The two of them were head on fighting and the man’s friends started coming out of the car, teaming up on Luke. You didn’t know what to do and you started freaking out. You turned the engine on and decided to drive towards them and you honked as loud as you could. The men were freaked out and Luke started to laugh.

“I will literally run you over, you dicks, get the hell out of my way right now.”

“Crazy bitch,” you hear them mumble. “You’re not even worth it.” They all made their way towards the car and skidded out of the scene.

Luke was still standing there, in the headlights, laughing. 

This was the only good moment you shared with him. He hopped into the passenger seat, and you could see bruises all over his face and a giant cut above his eyebrow.

“Holy shit, are you okay?”

“My food’s not,” he said with a frown, showing you the bag full of fried rice and chicken spread all over inside the bag. “Are you?” He looked at you with genuinely worried eyes. 

“You didn’t have to do that,” you said.

You rolled his eyes, scoffing, “No one deserves that." 

"Besides, I don’t know what came over me. Just the thought of someone hurting you pissed me off.”

You laughed, “Look who’s talking.”

“The thought of losing someone I hate, oh my God, how can I possibly handle that?” He said sarcastically.

You pushed him on the arm, laughing, “Let’s be honest, you’re secretly in love with me.”

He took a while to respond, and you felt sort of stupid making that remark. Damn it, Y/N, you knew you guys hated each other. You crossed the line. “I’m just kidding, I know where our whatever relationship st–”

“That could be a possibility,” he said, without looking at you. Eyes still straight at the dashboard. 

As you smiled in response, he turned to you and rolled his eyes, “You still piss me off though.”

“Good,” you say, trying to hold in the butterflies and smiles, “cause I still hate you.”

“Good,” he said, smiling too.