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What are some of your favorite cheap/drugstore makeup for cosplay(foundation, contouring, eyeliner, etc.)?

Oh boy lets see! These are my favs, and I use them on the daily too!

Rimmel Stay Matte. It’s really opaque, which I love for cosplay, because it gies my complexion a good blank canvas to work on and contour. This goes for their powder too!

Pixi Palatte. I bought this palette cause it has a variation of shades. For dark and blonder hairs. Great for cosplaying mutiples colors.

But if I need to change my brows for a odd hair color, blue, orange, green, I use prismacolors.

NYX Palatte. I use a contouring palette actually. It’s got more variations of shades for more complex looks. Rather than having one shade darker of bronzer.

As a highlighter I use either cheapy wite eyeshadow, or my highlight stick.

BH colors. I bought this cheap ass feild of colors, cause you never know what you need for cosplay. But I always buy BLACK and WHITE in larger, singular pots. The .99$ wet n wild ones.

Fabuliner. I favor FELT Tip eyeliners. But they dry out fast, no matter how fancy. So I always buy a bulk of 4-5 cheap ass ones. They’re all the same honestly, just nice to have a ton on hand. They dont last long so its a waste to buy some 24 dollar one.

Covergirl is my favorite cause they have every fucking shade under the sun. I really love the Katy Perry matte ones! The color is nice and vibrant without being too sticky or cheap. And If its too much, I lay it one and dab some off.



a lil ghs sketch dump! which i actually started way earlier in the summer and just never got around to coloring, but i finally finished em up today so i can finally get em posted! even if it is way later then originally intended,,

younger au

so @operamatic and I just could not get over @gottachasepigeons‘ adorable and precious younger au where ladybug and chat noir get their powers earlier and meet as kids, so we were going back and forth this morning and came up with a bunch of ideas!! 

  • Ladybug and Chat Noir meet as kids; they receive their Miraculouses from Master Fu at the age of 8 to receive training, and are told that when they get a little older, they’re going to be the heroes who save Paris
  • Their superhero suits give them heightened strength and physical abilities, but they do not yet have their powers/fully activated weapons
  • They start out doing after-school patrols (Ladybug contacts Chat Noir on his baton with her yo-yo, which does not yet have any lucky charm/purifying powers- it’s just a communication device. Same for the baton- it’s just for communication and travel; Chat Noir does not yet have Cataclysm as a power)
  • At the beginning, Hawk Moth is not yet a threat; the two kids mostly solve cases of petty crime and help find missing pets, and as the cute costumed superheroes, they are the darlings of the town, though not taken seriously by the authorities
  • They’re the adorable Parisian mascot-heroes who are often found at food stands in the early evening (Chat Noir is known to have a weakness for strawberry and nutella crepes) and on early evening patrols because neither of them is allowed to be out late
  • They know that eventually when they get older they will deal with real dangers, but in the moment, they’re just having fun
  • The first time they go on a late night patrol, they’re 12 years old, and Ladybug feels serious and important until Chat Noir spots his favorite crepe stand still open late and they both get sick gorging on crepes
  • Everyone in Paris indulges them because they think the young heroes are adorable and aren’t causing any real trouble or damage
  • Marinette is super excited to be a secret superhero and takes the advice about keeping her identity secret 1000x more seriously than Adrien does
  • Adrien, who has been homeschooled his entire life, considers Ladybug his best friend and keeps playing “Guess what” with her in an attempt to tell her more about himself without actually telling her who he is
  • “Guess what? My favorite color is blue.” “Guess what? I play the piano!”
  • Ladybug pretends to be annoyed at first, but she gets into it, and soon they really are best friends
  • The timeline is the same in this universe, and when Adrien’s mother disappears, Ladybug knows
  • She is worried when Chat Noir checks out for months, completely shutting down and not communicating, until one day he comes back and tells her that they have to find his mom. But of course they have no idea where she is, so it’s a frustrating dead end
  • It’s around this time that their original costumes transition into the ones they have now as teens, but Chat Noir is so consumed in trying to figure out what happened to his mom and Ladybug wants to support him that neither of them even notices at first
  • Eventually though, Adrien realizes that his mother isn’t coming back, and he tries to focus on other things, and he and Ladybug grow even closer as he confides in her about his dreams and goals and how to move forward and how he really wants to go to public school, and she is the only person who can make him laugh
  • Ladybug loves Chat Noir’s laugh, especially since ever since his mother disappeared, he’s been laughing a lot less, and it’s precious for her every time he does
  • Ladybug encourages him to go to the same school as her, even though she won’t know who he is, because she knows he wants freedom and friendship and she knows he can find it there
  • Of course when Adrien arrives at school and Chloe immediately clamps onto him and the whole gum incident happens, her goofy sweet best friend is the last person on Marinette’s mind
  • And then Shit gets REAL when Stone Heart appears for the first time, and Marinette and Adrien both finally get their powers of Lucky Charm and Cataclysm, and what with the adrenaline and new powers and the fact that there is actually a real magical threat
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir are still clumsy and a little scared and the cops are surprised/annoyed to see them there, because these kids aren’t actual crime fighters, they do things like solve puppy smuggling rings and rescue cats from rooftops
  • But Ladybug sets them straight real quick, and she goes in guns blazing, showing Paris that Ladybug and Chat Noir are here to save the day no matter what, and that’s when Chat Noir just falls for her
  • It’s a watershed moment where he’s like “wow my best friend is so strong and cool and brave and pretty and we’re gonna get married…wait, what?”
  • When the umbrella scene happens, it’s a coup de foudre when Marinette realizes that Adrien is actually a sweet and friendly boy but also that he is none other than her kitty, because of his laugh
  • Marinette feels terrible because she spent the entire day snubbing her best friend for something he didn’t even do, and even though she’s dying to reveal her identity to him now, she decides to keep it a secret so she can make a better impression on him before she reveals her true identity- because she wants him to know now
  • Her awkwardness around Adrien escalates 1000% because she has a big huge fluttery crush on her best friend now and it’s so disorienting to her because she’s been friends with her silly sweet kitten for so long and now she sees him every day at school
  • And he doesn’t know who she is
  • But she does
Barrio Slums and More ch. 4

Click Here for Chapter 1

Click Here for Chapter 3

Feedback appreciated– Please reblog!– Let me know if you need translations!

It was quiet. And it was awkward. Lance hated that he felt so awkward. Still, he felt that if he spoke, his voice would tremble as badly as his heart was beating. He cleared his throat nervously and leaned against the door, looking at the houses they passed by and listened to the gentle hum of the engine and the low melody of the radio.

“Why’d your brother sound so upset?” he heard suddenly.

Lance looked over at him and frowned. Keith was looking at the road. “I’m not sure. He’s a jerk sometimes, that’s why I like calling him Bobo.” The corner of his mouth twitched and his eyes flitted over to Lance for a few seconds. “So, what brought on the sudden car ride?” he asked.

He was quiet for a moment. Then, “You know how you talk about being more than just this? About being bigger than Houston slums and whatnot?” Lance nodded, then hummed in agreement when he realized Keith wouldn’t see him. “Are you like… ashamed of your past? Like…. Do you want to be more and go off to a big university to leave it behind? Erase it?”

The question had caught him off guard. He hadn’t expected it. He wasn’t sure what he expected to be asked, but erasing his past? “No,” he murmured. “No I don’t think so. I’m proud of who I am. Of who my family is. Despite the lack of education or resources, they each did something. You know, the restaurant, the shop, and whatnot. They’re still able to throw a kickass party when needed. We’ve worked hard and that’s what our past shows.”

“Then what is it that you want to prove by going away and being ‘more’ like you always say?” he asked. His voice was urgent, like he needed Lance to give him a foolproof answer.

“I-I don’t know. I guess I just don’t want to fit in the stereotype too. I mean, my aunts all work in salons or as waitresses besides Tia Carla who owns the restaurant. My older cousins are off who knows where. My mom has worked all her life cleaning houses, my buela used to work fields in Mexico before coming here and doing being a housemaid. Papo worked in the fields too, and he got here and has the shop. I want to show that the hard work means something. I didn’t have to work fields, so I want to keep improving where we come from. I mean, do you know how frustrating it is when you see television series or movies and any time you see a Hispanic person, they end up being a maid or a gardener or a drug dealer or a cholo or some shit?” He sighed and shook his head. “I’m sick of people thinking they know where my life is going just because I come from stereotypes. But I also don’t look down on my family for making an honest living.”

He was quiet for a while again. Like he was mulling over the response. Lance didn’t expect the ride to go that way. With Keith asking questions and Lance ranting, waiting in silence until Keith spoke again.

“At least you know who you are.”

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LadyNoir July: Prompt: Common Interests Likes


Rated: T

Prompt: Common Interests

LadyNoir July


Chat was watching the red clad heroine as they moved to take a break. The female grabbing a red and black cloth, opening it to reveal a container of cookies.

“Cookie?” She asked, they had reached their usual half way spot in patrol. It was dead quiet so far, and it was likely going to stay that way.

“Yeah, that sounds great. I love cookies.” He smiled, moving to sit on the edge of the building as she moved to join. The two quietly eating cookies.

Things between them had been solid since the incident with the press. It caused the male to go to her more for support, just as she did with him.

“Hey Chat?”

“Hm?” His hum came softly, he was finishing the piece of cookie that was in his mouth.

“What do you like to do?” She asked him, moving to hold the cookie in her hand as she looked at him. “We’ve been at this for over a year and I realize, we know so little about each other.” She said softly. “I don’t even know your favorite color.”

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Hi everyone or whoever is reading this, this is kind of important though ~

Ariadusts here!

As you might know from my main blog that is surely now on at least a good year of hiatus, I had (for a bunch of irl reasons) to almost stop drawing and nearly quit sharing to the internet.
But due to my egoism, stubborness and after talking to someone who gave me more motivation and reasons to do so and let’s not forget all the nice tumblr users who followed me on my main blog and gave me really sweet messages on that one post; here is a bunch of stuff I’ll allow myself to doodle and share (not as pretty as my main blog, friendly reminder it’s a quick doodle blog, not a colored doodle and serious fanart one) :

  • BNHA chapters and episodes “in a nutshell” or “sum up” : as you might know, only for comedy purpose!

  • BNHA crossover comics : just like I did wih nichijou and danshi koukousei no nichijou.
  • Small “behind the scene” BNHA ideas : for example I thought of doing my own version on “how did Deku get Shouto’s phone number”.
  • Other fun stuff and bonus : I’m sure I’ll get carried away from time to time, as usual. Like coloring more of my favs sketches of Horikoshi Kohei or eventually opening the ask box, BNHA smash!! inspired doodles and others. ; ^;

  • I’ll also add some songs I listen to when I draw at the end of some posts because I love almost all kind of music so much!

So yeah, point being, I hated the thought of quitting something I enjoy just because life is hard and I’m bad at it. Even if I lack of time I rather lack of sleep and draw a comic than do nothing at all!
But don’t worry, other than that I have a healthy life and thus I’ll be fine~

Don’t get it wrong though, when I decide to quit something, I usually take at least 1 or 2 weeks to think of it well. And up until now, when I thought I would, I did. Just this time I’m giving it a temporary second chance, until the hiatus on my main blog is over, for the reasons above.

I hope you’ll enjoy this blog as well!

If you wonder about the character I drew on the very first picture above then read this, if not, then ignore it :
She is a random OC I created after myself a while ago. At first she didn’t have this two toned hair, other the odd eyes. But you see, recently I’ve been starting shows like RWBY and BNHA because of characters with two toned hair + Sia is one of my favorite singer/song writer and I’ve been listening a lot of her songs lately. So! I ended up giving this OC the two different colors I use for my hair depending on the seasons. As for the haircut that’s mine as well, and for the eyes one is clear blue as I used to have them, the other is clear blue-grey as it now became.
This character is also my main’s blog avatar :

Special note to the ones who left a message on the post that “caused” this one : I truly appreciated your thoughts and you shouldn’t think it is “useless” or such. You don’t know how much it helps, even if it’s little by little, even if I might not reply, I read it and think of it to consider things on my blogs! Sincerely, thank you.

I also apologize for my bad english. >w>;b

True Colors (Part 2)

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(A/N: After a long and difficult few weeks, i’m FINALLY posting again.- thank you so much for all the reblogs and likes and lovely messages y’all send me- really it makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world, thank you so much! xx) 

Although you and Tina had grown fairly close, you were still sometimes doubtful about letting her go off on her own.

Not to say that Tina wasn’t capable of handling herself, because she certainly was, but it was her big heart that gotten her in trouble in the first place- and you didn’t want to give MACUSA any motive to get Tina in trouble whatsoever.

“I won’t go near the Second Salemers,” Tina sighed as you and her walked along Central Park on a Tuesday morning. “(y/n) I promise I won’t go.”

“Tina,” you sighed, “what if something bad happens?” you asked, eyebrows raised, “I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

“Kind of hard to get in trouble if I’m not doing anything, I’ll just- I don’t know, I’ll just walk around and get some fresh air.”

Moments passed before either of you said anything. You could feel Tina’s hopeful eyes peering at you within every step you took. “Fine!” you finally cried, “go! But Tina, please, please, don’t give MACUSA any reason to get you in trouble.”

Tina jumped slightly in joy and hugged you tightly, “I’ll see you at home, yeah?” she said, “Queenie’s making dinner, and you know she’d hate it if you left without eating!”

“I’ll be there!” you called back as Tina skipped away from you in a hurry. ‘Knowing Tina,’ you thought, ‘she’s going to do the exact opposite of what I asked her to not do.’

As you walked around Central Park slowly, your mind slowly began to wander off as you stared at the nature that pooled in front of your eyes. If there was one thing you loved about New York, it was this beautiful park.

Spring could easily be considered your favorite season- the sight of the flowers awakening from their frosty sleep was definitely a sight worth seeing. As memories of Spring flooded your mind, you felt your hair slowly change, sending shivers down your spine.

Although you were completely accepted by Queenie and Tina for who you were, the fact that you had to stop yourself for MACUSA’s sake really did affect your ability to change.

While before, changing felt like second nature to you, at times, it now felt foreign, almost awkward whenever you would change. ‘I really shouldn’t be feeling this way,’ you thought to yourself as you stuffed your hands in your pockets, eyes glued to the ground.

‘Changing should feel like second nature-’ you continued, but your thoughts were quickly broken by a chirping sound. You popped your head up and quickly scanned the area, but came up with nothing.

Before you could take another step though, you heard the noise again, except this time you furrowed your eyebrows curiously as you walked closer to the broken chirping noise, your hand on your wand, just in case. “Hello?” you called out curiously, crouching down.

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have a cleaned up but still ridiculous ‘brought together by a minor car accident’ au because jily. and llamas.

“Hello? Ma’am? Are you okay?”

Lily opened her eyes to find a boy staring at her through her car window with mild concern on his face. Two boys, actually. She blinked, trying to refocus her gaze. Didn’t work, but he was so pretty she almost didn’t mind seeing two of him.

“Are you okay?” he asked again.

Lily took stock—her knee hurt like hell, but the airbag had deployed and prevented serious injury. Her greatest danger seemed to be repeated sneezing from the bloody white powder still hanging in the air.

She rolled down her window. “I think so, yeah.”

“Thank fuck—I mean god. I mean shit.” He rested a hand on the roof of her car and leaned forward. “Sorry.”

“It’s alright,” Lily said, leaning her head back on her seat. “Did I hit the llama?”

The grin slipped of his face—faces. “You don’t remember what happened?”

“Er…I hit a llama?”

“No, you didn’t.”

“I didn’t?”

“Are you sure you’re alright?”

“There was a llama…right?” She swore there was a llama, and swearing, and swerving.

“A llama, or a mutant sheep,” he said, grinning slightly. Lily’s vision finally focused—there was only one of him now. He was far handsomer than her blurry vision had given him credit for. 

He had a very nice smile, didn’t he?

“You really don’t remember?” he asked. She shook her head. Or started to, but stopped, due to the pain. Good Teeth leaned forward. “Are you sure you’re okay? Were you unconscious just then?”

“No,” Lily said, because that was the appropriate reply when someone asked you if you were just unconscious.

“Right,” he said. She could tell he didn’t believe her. She didn’t believe her.

“Was I unconscious?”

“Maybe. And you didn’t hit the llama, you hit me.”

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deaf Klance? like both of them? do u have any headcanons bc ive got a tub of popcorn and Would Like to Know More

cracks my knuckles cause yes i do mean both

-lance was born hearing and he lost some of it when he got meningitis as a toddler. he wears hearing aids and they’re blue cause duh it’s his favorite color. he usually calls himself hoh (hard of hearing).

-meanwhile keith was born deaf and he has cochlear implants. he doesn’t use them cause they give him a headache if he wears them for too long. also the cochlear implants are black. and he calls himself deaf.

-they’re both fluent in ASL. ASL is keith’s mother tongue while for lance it’s more of a second/third language. nonetheless, they can Actually Communicate Without Barriers.

-back at the garrison they were pretty much the only deaf students there and they were bullied by Those Damn Hearing Students. it got so bad for keith that he dropped out (i know he was kicked out in canon but shh). lance was close to dropping out as well until, of course, he and 4 certain other people found the blue lion……

-all the other members of Voltron already knew about lance and keith being deaf aside from Allura and Coran. once they found out, they were cool with it.

-imagine Those Iconic Klance Lines…. but in ASL. ur welcome.

-these dorks are mutually pining i swear. imagine lance flirting with keith in ASL and keith attempts to flirt back but he gets flustered so he hides his face in his hands.

-they go on their first date but unfortunately the place they went to is too loud for either of them to hear anything. but thats okay because they can sign!!!!! so they do that. after that they get together and become Official.

-their first kiss was on a moon where one could see nebulas in the sky while laying down in a field. they said “i love you” to each other and the kisses were Soft. cue them grinning like dorks when they go back onto the castle-ship and everyone eyeing them with a smug look (”i told you they would kiss, you owe me money!”).

you have no idea how much i could yell about this so imma end it here


Pairing: Issac Lahey x Reader

Summary: The reader plans a birthday party for Isaac behind his back, and Aiden makes her doubt something as simple as his favorite color. Isaac, however, assures that she made a perfect choice.

(y/n) sighed in relief, wiping the sweat from her forehead and smiling happily. She looked around the kitchen in Derek’s loft, admiring all the food she’d made for Isaac’s birthday. She made a mental note to send Derek a message thanking him for letting her use his loft for Isaac’s birthday party while he was out of town, then thank him again in person when he got back. Lydia wandered into the kitchen and grabbed an apple, leaning on one of the few kitchen counters not covered in containers of food.

“So, what army are we feeding?”

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Hello. How are you? Let me tell you my name.

A lot of my newer followers have come in during a heavy process in my life and I want to let you know I’m not heavy all the time, I’m actually pretty fun, so, here’s some stuff about me:

1. I’m a momma to two beautiful girls.
2. My person is @beardfordays. He’s just it for me. I don’t know how to describe it any other way.
3. I have a 70 pound misbehaving dog named Scooby who we love and adore and is the most spoiled animal. I give no fucks tho.
4. I post my face a lot because @apricotica and @notmybesttry love it and their little comments make me giggle.
5. I would be so lesbian for @antarcticabysea
6. I love music. All different types. Music is one of the things that speak to my soul. My favorites are The National, Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks, a lot of old school punk and ska, Beastie Boys, Jack Johnson and weirdly, old school surfer music such as Dick Dale. That doesn’t even scratch the surface though. I’m eclectic that way. I’m always open to new suggestion, so bring it.
7. I love food. Tacos are my favorite and @causticgrip and I will routinely send each other messages trying to out taco each other and you will have to deal with it. My love for tacos is followed closely by cheeseburgers and pizza. I’ve been on a Middle Eastern foods kick so I’ve been cooking a lot of it, which much to my surprise the girls are diggin’.
8. My favorite color is green, but not light or lime green ‘cause ew. Emerald green and most any blue green color.
9. I work in local government under an elected official. If I told you more then I’d have to have the FBI disappear you. My job can be boring yet interesting all at the same time. Sometimes I vent about it but generally the venting concerns local residents.
10. I’m currently going through a divorce with a fellow Tumblr. Some of you follow us both and know it, some of you follow us both and don’t realize, and some of you only follow me. It’s an interesting situation that I rarely will speak about.
11. The beach is my favorite place in the world. It restores my soul in a way that I cannot describe. To me, the ocean is life and peace and strength. I grew up spending whole weekends there and much of high school was spent body boarding rather than in class. (I could never surf very well but body boarding I loved and still do.)
12. I’m really very funny. Also, genuine and kind. I like reaching out to people here to offer support or just to say “hello, you’re beautiful.”
13. I love Florida, I hate Florida too though. I’ve lived here pretty much my whole life. I realize we can be a little fucked up down here but don’t ever insult my state, only those of us who live here are allowed to do that. Plus, you can’t insult us and then come here for vacation. That’s just dumb.

I think that’s all for now. If you found me even remotely interesting enough to read all of that, I thank you.

My favorite color was red 
but I changed it to blue
to remind me of his eyes
because looking at them used to 
be my favorite past time. 
Your face your smile
The way you used to laugh
God how I’ve missed that
But you were the reason we 
Just couldn’t work out
All you ever did was fill my head with doubt
Doubt about trust, doubt about us, and now
That I think about doubt about
What our relationship ever was.
Anyone with eyes could 
see we were too different
We couldn’t relate
And that’s caused us to hesitate
Because I was red 
and you were blue
And with one look into your eyes
I changed into a lilac sky
But you hated purple and knew
That it just wasn’t for you 
And all too soon this became a dream
I once knew.
- From a book of stories I wish I could tell you
ML Fluff Month Day 25 - Favorite Things

Favorite Things

Rated: G

Pairing: Adrinette. Some DjWifi

For: @miraculousfluffmonth


Day 1 / Day 26

Marinette’s fingers were intertwined with Adrien’s as they approached their two friends who both sat on a bench in the school yard. Alya seemed to quip something before smacking Nino with a magazine, in which, he crumpled and tried to guard himself with his forearms.

“Jeez, Alya, you’re so violent,” Adrien teased as they reached the other couple.

Nino nodded, keeping his arms up in defense. “I know, dude!”

Whacking her boyfriend again, Alya turned to the pair. “He deserves it! He remembers nothing about me?”

Marinette glanced between the two of them, her brow furrowed. “What do you mean?”

“I mean,” Alya waggled the rolled up magazine at her. “Nino can’t even pass a stupid couple’s questionnaire. He can’t even remember my favorite color!”

What? That was an easy one. “It’s orange,” Marinette said, implying that it was the simplest question in the world.

Alya jutted a hand out to point at Marinette. “See! It’s not that hard!”

Flailing wildly, Nino shook his head. “It’s Marinette! She remembers everything about everybody!” He snatched the magazine from Alya. “I bet Adrien would do just as bad as I did!”

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bbc merlin + colors
arthur in four colours > inspired by [x]


Sun and Moon: Casual Striped Tee (blue and pink)

Of course, I was thoroughly disappointed in SuMo’s clothing selection for males, especially compared to females. But that won’t stop me from remaking some of the shirts in New Leaf!

Here’s the Casual Striped Tee, in both navy and pink! Navy cause it’s the default, pink because it’s my favorite. I’ll do other colors if people really want them.

I’v been tagged by @kafu

(the gif is not mine, credits to the creator)

Relationship status: Fiancé ♥
Favorite color: Still blue, green and red, three glorious color pokemon’s starters :D
Lipstick or chapstick: Both
Last song I listened to: Lucifer; SHINee
Last movie I watched: Despicable me 2, we watch it again with my fiancé cause we gonna seen Despicable 3 soon :D
Top three TV shows: From Dusk Till Dawn ; Teen Wolf ; Hwarang
Top three characters: Todoroki Shouto ; Jace Herondale ; Scott McCall
Top three ships: THREE ? ONLY THREE ?! I CAN’T ! Ok three, but in my way :D

Animé: Kagehina ; Todmido ; Karmagisa (and Victuuri and Otyuri and Midotaka and Aokise and Asanoya and Tsukkiyama and KagaKuro and ….)

Series: Sciles ; Clace ; Scalia

Kpop: Jihope ; Jongtae ; VKookmin

Only three it’s fuckin crual :(

Books I’m currently reading: Still try to find time to finish The martian >3<

I gonna tag: @queeryurio @jiminsthighsaregorgeous @awenstarkthe-warrior-in-me @tzaryoot and @anyone who want to do this ♥

merry christmas, @from-james-to-lily, who requested ‘met by a minor car accident’ au

“Hello? Ma’am? Are you okay?”

When she opened her eyes, a distraught, concerned looking boy was staring at her through her car window. Two of them, actually. Lily blinked, trying to refocus her gaze. Didn’t work.

He was so pretty she almost didn’t mind seeing two of him.

When she didn’t respond right away, he asked the question again.

Lily took stock—her knee hurt like hell, but the airbag had deployed, preventing serious injury. Her greatest danger? Sneezing from the bloody white powder hanging in the air.

She rolled down her window. “I’m okay. Did I hit the llama?”

His faces shifted from mildly concerned to gravely concerned.

“You—you don’t remember what happened?”

“Er…I hit a llama?”

“No. Are you sure you’re alright?”

Was there a llama?” she asked.

“That, or a mutant sheep,” he said, grinning. Lily’s vision finally focused. There was only one of him, but he was far handsomer than her blurry vision had given him credit for.

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A drawing that will unfortunately not be finished due to it being ruined a few days after this was uploaded everywhere else except Tumblr cause I forgetIMSORRY


Here’s arguably my favorite non-legendary shiny: Mega Gardevoir

This is probably my best blending so far actually :3