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I thought it was kinda strange that you made money off of drawing Dan and Phil's faces.. I mean, your art is cool, but doesn't it bother you that like half of your success comes from their fame?

if you are judging me online, then yes majority of you guys are D&P fans.
I don’t intentionally draw D&P for money. I draw them because I like it.
Its just so happens you guys want my phanart so I sell it
and I really appreciate it cause it does help me in a lot of ways

I don’t call my online life a success.
I just came here to have fun and stalk meet people.

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hey !! long story short today has not been my day so (if you're not too busy!!) could i ask for your thoughts on what would happen if/when les amis & marius were to put two&two together and realize the connection between eponine and cosette's childhood?? much love enjoy your day!!

Just imagine Marius casually dropping Eponine’s name in the conversation when he meets Cosette in her garden thanks to Ponine like:

“Yeah there is this charitable soul who knows Paris like the back of her hand, she’s been a great help! Her name is Eponine and-”


Let’s be real, there aren’t plenty of Eponines around, and Cosette is sure that this charitable soul is none other than the Thénardier girl who was so eager to emulate her mother as a child. She’s wary at first, but after all, she’s grown, hasn’t she? Surely she’s not the child she was!

Alas, Eponine didn’t grow up like Cosette did. When Cosette invites herr and tries to help her, she refuses her charity fiercely. But then, Azelma catches a nasty cold and Eponine resorts to accept a few scarves, if only to give to her little sister. Cosette truly wants to help her. Ponine may have been mean as a child, but she didn’t have any other example to follow than her parents’.

Before she knows it, Eponine falls in love with both Cosette in addition of Marius and it’s a big old mess

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Today I reached another follower milestone and I know I’m happy but I’m also kinda worried? I mean, there’s a lot of people here now and are only here for Voltron (which is good!) but I feel swamped. I’m not used to this actually, because I’ve never had this many people follow me (also it’s only been this year that I started heavily using tumblr which makes me feel guilty because so many others work so hard on their blogs(?) and I just popped in, reblogged some Voltron and bam)

Regardless of my anxiety about this, I’m very happy. I’m ecstatic because of everyone! Sure, not everyone talks to me but I am very grateful.

Actually another reason I’m anxious about this is because I’m not a very big contributor. All I can do is reblog a bunch of Voltron. I can’t even give my own headcanons, aus, drawings, fanfics or any other Voltron content. Sometimes I want to ask why people follow me when there are so many other Voltron blogs they should follow but then I’m like “oh yeah because I blog a shit ton of Voltron lol” which is actually depressing lmfao idk why

Anyways, sorry for the globs of sobs. I’m not sure what I can do to celebrate tho…

hiiii so i’ve been wanting to make one of these for ages n i finally did it so yeah okay ((fave faves in bold lmao))

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love u all  ♡

I love fankids. So meet Kazuki, the (fan)son of Makoto Naegi and Kyouko Kirigiri.

I was inspired by @mana-sputachu and her fankid designs . Almost immediately after, I was doodling designs of my own.

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Bruh okay so I've been going everywhere with this and no one is as excited as I am- Vampire!Lucio. Please, we got Werewolf!McCree and I love it but tell me how Lucio would be like a Vampire.

This is giving me life holy hell yes. Omg ok so 

  • Vampire!Lucio is most definitely one of those vampires that gets blood like, from the blood bank and everything. He doesn’t want to hurt anybody of course. But occasionally he gets sooo hungry for fresh blood that he asks the people closest to him for some
  • When he does feed from his friends/lovers its so gentle. Its an intimate experience, which is why he only ever asks the people he’s closest to for it. He’s afraid of causing any pain and he is super careful to never take too much.
  • He has to wear contacts because hey! Vampire eyes are reflective too! Who knew! But as a famous celebrity people always want photos so he had to get special contacts just so the photos people took of him would come out right.
  • Whenever Lucio gets hurt on a mission he stays far far away from his team, this is because the type of vampire that he his (that stems from Brazil itself) has extremely poisonous blood and if anyone touched it they would burn.
  • If in a relationship, Lucio would reveal the truth of his nature to his lover as soon as he saw the relationship was serious. He doesn’t like keeping secrets. Because of this, about a handful of people know his secret already.
  • When asked if this causes an issue in his everyday life Lucio just laughs cause half the myths about vampires are just that, myths. I mean, how could a vampire avoid sunlight, IN BRAZIL. How could they avoid running water, IN BRAZIL. Crosses? Please man seriously. And really, a man who looks as good as Lucio does and you tellin me he can’t look in a mirror. Youre crazy man.
  • Him and D.va (cause of course she knows who are you kidding) make so many puns. Like SOO MANY PUNS. It’s gotten to the point that people who don’t know Lucio’s secret are just really confused about what the inside joke is.
  • Animals seem to be attracted to him now? More than ever. He wakes up with small animals around him and it is prime picture material. D.va has an album full of these pictures.
  • Every morning his s/o would tell him ‘Smile for me!” because they love his big fangs and he gives them the brightest biggest smile he can muster and they devolve into laughter and kisses.

buttons and badges are so good for displaying your interests and stuff like pronouns AND HARRY POTTER HOUSE and i really wish more people embraced badges

Omg I’m 3 more away from 707 followers.. I wanna do a thing for Seven when I hit it, but I probably won’t get to it till Sunday cause I’ll be busy today and tomorrow OTL..

I hope I don’t miss the moment haha.


One more away.. Wtf I just edited this a second ago to 3 more followers lmao.


707 followers!!! STOP FOLLOWING ME NOW LOL. Well I screencapped it already and who that follower is so I guess that’s fine xD I’m gonna tag them in the 707 followers post so I hope they like the future doodle I’m doing of Seven later on lol.

Also I started the erotic face meme for Yoosung cause I just finished his route so look forward to that soon hahahaha


“The ball… I’ve never been to one before. I don’t even know how to dance,
                                                                                                     t e a c h   m e ;