okay but can you imagine the hoods spending the day at the beach and baby hood is super excited bc she likes the beach and just saw moana and the movie had the ocean and so many pretty colours and she’s just super happy to be near the water

so you and calum get to the beach and baby hood is struggling to go to the water and doesn’t like having to wait while mama hood puts on sunscreen and baby hood is just chillin in her pink bathing suit and her tush is big and fat bc of her swim diaper and calum puts on her bucket hat to keep the sun off her face but it hides all her curls that she got from him

but FINALLY she’s able to go to the water and she’s waddling her way down the sand (making pit stops to play in it bc the walk is far from where their towels are to the water) and calum is slowly following her and is playing in the sand trying to make a sand castle only for baby hood to get up and continue her walk to the water and when she gets there she just stands at the edge and giggles when the water reaches her toes because it’s cold

it takes her a little bit but when she starts to walk into the water calum scoops her up and walks in himself stopping when he’s knees deep and dipping baby hood in, her squeals of joy echoing down the beach, and he swings her around and plops her in the water only to spring her back up again but once baby hood seems to be okay with the cold water he puts half of her body in and it’s only okay bc daddy is holding onto her and nothing bad happens around daddy

soon you follow and baby hood is squealing to be in your arms so when she’s transferred over calum dips into the water, his curls dripping wet and glistening in the summer sun, and he’s making bubbles under water to try and make baby hood laugh and she’s trying to grab them

But the day eventually comes to an end and you, calum and baby hood walked up to the pier and had a quick dinner at the local fish and chips stop and by the end baby hoods eyes are fluttering closed but she’s trying to stay awake because if she does maybe daddy will take her back to the water but eventually she passes out on calums chest and he’s looking like he couldn’t be better even thought he has a one year old drooling on his chest and there’s sand in his hair and there is about a hour and a half ride home but he’s here with his two favourite girls and life can’t seem to get any better for him

he softly deposits baby hood into her stroller and stands up, throwing his arms in the air and stretching his muscles, a loud yawn escaping from him “maybe it’s time for you to take a nap too?” you mumble, softly pulling baby hoods blanket up to her chest as she snoozes away and a soft chuckle comes from calum as he leans down and places a sweet kiss on your lips “nah I still got a few more hours with my two favourite girls”


get to know me meme | favorite movies of all time:  

↳ Dirty Dancing (1987) 

“Me? I’m scared of everything. I’m scared of what I saw, I’m scared of what I did, of who I am, and most of all I’m scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I’m with you”.

Prompt: Lily Castle is born on January 9th.  From @castlefanficprompts.


“No, Castle!”  She’s told him at least five times already: She’s not going to the hospital.  She’s not going to the hospital because she doesn’t need to.  Because she’s not in labor.  She can’t be in labor.

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S06E03/S06E04 behind-the-scenes

“The cool thing about these two episodes is that they are very much thematically linked in that they deal with ‘rebirth’. Jon comes back into the world, naked as if a baby, at Castle Black, in the cold. And Dany, naked as if a child, but merging through fire… fire and ice.” ~ Dan Sackheim (dir. episodes 3&4)

book!hmc world headcanons:
  • Sophie and Lettie’s biological mom was a witch (which makes sense when you see that both of them turned out to be one too)
  • Morgan is so down with just about anything his dad comes up with and they’re this like incredible duo that support each other so much - both give Sophie a headache most of the time
  • When Morgan was just a baby, after Castle in the Air but before House of Many Ways, Sophie holds Morgan in her arms in front of the fireplace and reads to him to make him fall asleep - which he does almost instantly because Sophie’s voice coaxes him to - then when she begins to stand up, Calcifer asks her to finish the story for him (hence what he said in House of Many Ways: “Sophie reads to me quite often”)
  • Howl makes it his mission to develop his son’s fashion sense and teach him how to be “smooth” and “elegant”
  • Howl explains to Morgan that he was a famous ladies’ man - Sophie rolls her eyes - and tells him all about his romantic exploits
  • Morgan has two girl best friends in two different worlds, in Ingary it’s Lettie’s daughter and in Wales it’s Mari
  • Morgan is more adaptive to Howl’s world than Sophie is because he grew up having to visit there from time to time, plus he’s got gadgets his dad gives him on occasion 
  • Lettie and Wizard Suliman have another kid because why not?
  • It takes a few years before Martha and Michael marry and then they live happily and quietly, Martha often volunteers to babysit either Morgan or Lettie’s kids
  • Fanny enjoys spending lots of money on gifts for her grandchildren 
  • Neil surprisingly turns to Howl for advice on courting girls which Howl is all too willing to help him with (can u imagine him having a playbook and stuff?)
  • Peter and Charmain fall in love years later and become the King and Queen of High Norland, convenient because Charmain is the Elfgift guardian (power couple y’all)
  • It’s true, Howl and Sophie don’t do much PDA BUT after their first kiss Howl randomly pecks Sophie on the lips in any given time and he does this a lot, Sophie secretly enjoys it so she doesn’t stop him
  • Calcifer shares with Morgan his experiences roaming the world from time to time and Morgan has this amazed twinkle in his eye and he makes Calcifer promise they’ll go on an adventure together someday
  • When Sophie and Howl have a fight, Morgan is the mediator slash messenger between the two who don’t wanna talk to each other
  • Morgan loves his mom very much, he hugs her tightly sometimes and says “love you, mom”. He loves his dad just as much, Calcifer too. And he thinks his parents’ love story is the sweetest, hopes he’ll find love like that one day

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(T/N: “Castles” is the name that Xi Chen came up with for her fans; it’s a pun on her name. “Castle” in Mandarin is chéng bǎo, which sounds similar to chén bǎo, or “Chen Babies.”)

Lin Fan:

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Best Friends Forever.// Draco x Reader

Title: Best Friends Forever.

Propmt: Embarrassing parents forcing them to be friends which blossoms into more

Paring: Draco Malfoy x Reader?

Warning(s): Fluff??

8 Years before:

“But Mummy,” Seven year old Y/N said, “No buts, I promised the Malfoys we’d introduce you and Draco to each other.’ Y/N groaned and stomped up to the big mansion, “I can’t be friends with him mummy. He lives here, we don’t.” Y/N stated, pointing at the big black castle.

“Baby, it’s alright. I’ve known his mum and dad for years.” Her mum stated, Y/N groaned once again, when a tall lady dressed in all black opened the door, obviously hearing what Y/N and her mum were saying. “Hello, you must be the Johnsons.” The lady said, her hair was very messy and she had her wand by her side. “Hello, Bellatrix.” Y/N’s mum said, “Hello, Y/M/N.” The women, Bellatrix, said. They looked at each other, “So, this must be little Y/N, isn’t it? Here to play with my nephew correct?” Y/N nodded quickly, “Yes, ma’am.” Y/N whispered, “Mind letting them in?” Narcissa said looking at me. She had black hair; it was neat, up in a bun. She had a black dress on, making Y/N uncomfortable. Y/N’s yellow sundress blew in the wind, “How nice is it to see you,” Narcissa got down to Y/N’s level, allowing her to see Narcissas son, “This is Draco, Draco this is Y/N.”Narcissa smiled, Y/N smiled back.

“Hi,” she smiled, blushing slightly. “Hi, love.”Draco smiled.

Narcissa let them go up to Draco’s big room, “It’s so big.” She gasped as her nodded, “Want to play monster trucks?” he asked, “Um, we can do magic.” Y/N said, “Mummy has taught me some, its pretty cool.” Y/N smiled, “Okay!” he agreed.


“Draco Lucius Malfoy,” Y/N said smiling at the boy, “How dare you, not give me a brownie?” Y/N giggled, sitting in between his legs on the floor. “I was hungry,” he argued, smiling.

“So? I’m hungry now!” she whined, “I love you,” he said kissing her nose, “No you don’t!” she laughed,

“But I love you too!” she smiled. It was their fifth year, he’s sixteen, and she’ll be sixteen in a couple months.

“Death Eater or not, I’ll always love you.” She kissed him passionately.  He kissed back, before chuckling.

“I can’t believe its eight years today.” He said as he pulled away, she instantly nodded. “Thanks to our mums.” She said, he smiled. “Our mums are smart,” he stated, “They probably only want us to be together for grandkids.” He laughed falling back, “True, but I’m okay with that, as long as I’m with you.” She smiled as he kissed her nodding.

“I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you Draco.”

A/N: This kinda sucks, but im tired and I AM FINALLY A SOPHMORE OMG!! School is finally over omgg.

Imagine a different sterek Rapunzel (or Tangled) au, where Derek is a young prince taken away to a tall tower.

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

(Again) His hair doesn’t really grown out, but it is infused with magic. At most it grows to shoulder length maybe a bit longer, but he keeps it tied up in a manbun (because shhhh I need it). And when it comes to the whole “Let down your hair” thing, he just tosses a length of rope or chain of bed sheets down because the last thing he wants is someone pulling on his hair.

Imagine Peter takes Derek from the castle when he’s a baby and stows him away in a tower, keeping him close so he can thrive off of the magic in the boy’s body.

Originally posted by thealphaofmultifandoms

Imagine Derek looking out the window and watching as the lanterns drift across the sky, dreaming of the day he can escape and see them.

Imagine Stiles, a skilled thief, dashing rogue, and failed hero, stumbling upon the tower when running from the people he double-crossed after a robbery. 

Taken down by Stiles and left in a situation where he has to bargain his way out, he agrees to take Stiles to see the lanterns.

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

They go on a journey full of action, adventure and fear. They have quiet moments when they talk to each other and Stiles confesses that he ran away from home because his parents didn’t want him (because his mum kept attacking him) and he dreamed of being the kind of hero you read about in books, but that didn’t work out the way he wanted it to. 

Originally posted by all-things-disney-gifs

Derek tels him about how he has dreams of a family he never had, only ever living in the tower with the man who calls himself his uncle.

Stiles finds himself falling in love with Stiles and feels that it is now his duty to take him to see the lights. They row out onto the lake and watch as the lanterns are lit and released. Stiles brings out two lanterns for them to let fly.

Originally posted by sensualkisses

Derek finds himself trusting Stiles and gives him what he thinks the dashing rogue really wants: the crown. Stiles asks Derek to stay put, promising he’s return once everything is sorted. Stiles goes to give the crown to the two people he double-crossed earlier. They make it seem as if he were running away, leaving Stiles heart-broken and with nowhere to go but back to Peter and the tower.

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

Upon returning, Derek begins to notice the subliminal messaging that has crept into his life - the symbol of his family (a triskelion) and of the city found everywhere in the paintings on the wall and on the drawings in his notebooks.

Originally posted by teenwolfwild

He confronts Peter and everything goes bad. Peter chains him up, destroying his hope of escape and tells him that Stiles has been sent into town and handed over to the authorities, convicted of his crimes and is to be executed, hanged until he dies.

Originally posted by raejennalfaro

But Stiles breaks free and comes to save Derek, only to be stabbed in the back by Peter.

Derek begs Peter to let him save Stiles, promising to leave in peace if he can heal him. Peter agrees and Derek scrambles over to Stiles’ side, holding him close and crying over his bleeding body. Stiles makes Derek hesitate, buying enough time that he grabs the dagger from his belt (or a shard of glass) and cuts Derek’s hair. The magic is gone and Derek panics; he has no chance of saving Derek now.

Peter is vanquished or runs away.

Stiles cups Derek’s cheeks and whispers, “You were my new dream.”
Derek, struggling to hold back his tears, replies, “And you were mine.”

Even though he thinks all hope is gone, Derek begins to sing. His eyes glow, a single tear falls on Derek’s pale cheek, and the magic blossoms, healing and reviving Stiles.

Originally posted by loverxo1234

And you know how it ends, it’s a happy ending: Derek goes back to his parents, Stiles is excused of his crimes, and they spend the rest of their lives together because they deserve to be happy.

thevagabondboy  asked:

hey, is it just me or is the fact that IRIS ELISE JONES' (!!!!!!!!!!) birthday the day after Gavins just a recipe for disaster (aka awesomeness)? Iris and Uncle Gav sharing a cake with like a hundred candles and they blow it up in slowmo, a kids party in the backyard and moscow mules in the kitchen, one bouncy castle for the kids and one for the grown ups because who the fuck doesn't like bouncy castles????

That baby is going to steal Gavin’s spotlight for a little bit I’m sure but she’s so loved uncle Gavin is going to make sure she has the best birthday


This is one of the things I take from 2016, the fact that Castle and Beckett defied the odds, everything that was against them and survived, became parents and created a beautiful family of their own, with three adorable munchkins. It stopped being wishful thinking or babysitting other kids, that “wanna have a baby?” became real. And Beckett, who went from “not being a baby person”, from something that freaked her out, that she thought wouldn’t get, to a loving mommy, a role embraced happily, as we can see here. 

Happy New year! Hope 2017 to be a good one.

anonymous asked:

Anything Fenrys and Aelin (and some Rowan maybe) please!


-so Fenrys is the king of waking Aelin up with his face between her legs fight me on this he is an especially horny little wolf in the mornings
-Aelin does more of the dirty talking in their relationship and she is GOOD AT IT
-IN PUBLIC. Lorcan walks in on them doing it in the courtyard at some ridiculously late hour and SCREAMS
-When they’re really hot and heavy Aelin has to gag Fenrys because he moans her name so loudly and “we can’t wake the whole castle, baby…”