Puddle Jumping

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Kate laughs as she watches her little boy jump along the sidewalk in front of her, water splashing up and staining the knees of his jeans.

“Evan, baby,” Kate calls. “Slow down a bit please.”

Evan jumps into the puddle in front of him but goes no further, instead turning to smile at Kate as she comes up behind him.

“Mama! Jump puddles!” He exclaims with a happy wiggle. “Splash splash, Mama!”

Kate laughs again as she bends down and fixes the top button on his yellow raincoat and kisses his nose.

“I see you jumping, baby. Is splashing fun?”

Evan nods again and bounces in place and kicking up small amounts of water in the process. “Is so fun, Mama! Do more splashes?”

Kate glances down the sidewalk and sees that they’re pretty close to Black Pawn. With a smile she focuses back on Evan and nods. “Yeah, Ev. We’re a little early to meet Daddy so we have lots of time to splash.”

“You splash too?”

Kate nods as she stands again and takes Evan’s hand–what’s the point of wearing rainboots if you don’t jump in at least one puddle? Together they make their way down the sidewalk, jumping into every puddle they come across. Normally, Kate would be hyper conscious of being in people’s way and the looks some of the other pedestrians are giving them for bouncing all over the sidewalk, but Evan’s giggling laughter with each splash ensures that Kate doesn’t give a damn that they might be inconveniencing people. Instead, she allows herself to become fully immersed in Evan’s game, jumping from island to island to avoid the oceans of lava.

“Oh noes, Mama!” Evan cries out, and Kate comes to a halt, bending down to her son’s level.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

“We too far!” He cries as he points to the next puddle, definitely a little far for his little legs to jump. “The lava gonn’ gets me!”

Kate smiles as she ruffles her son’s hair before hoisting him up and settling him on her hip with a squeeze. “I’ll help you, Ev. I won’t let the lava get you.”

Evan clutches at Kate’s coat tightly even as his legs band around her waist, and as Kate prepares to jump to the next puddle she can feel the water from the bottoms of Evan’s boots seeping through her coat, but she tightens her grip on Evan and makes the leap to the next puddle. Just as she’s about to land, Evan lets out a squeal and Kate gets distracted, causing her foot to hit the pavement and begin slipping. For a heart stopping moment she’s certain both she and Evan will hit the ground, but then in the next second a strong arm wraps around her and steadies her.

“Thank you,” Kate says hurriedly as she casts a glance to Evan to make sure he’s ok. “I appreciate your help.”

“Enough to give me a kiss?” A deep voice asks and Kate looks up in surprise, only to smile and kiss her husband’s cheek in response.

“Of course.”

“Not the kiss I meant,” Castle says as he leans in and kisses her lips slowly.

“Daddy!” Evan cries as he pushes between them to wrap his arms around Castle’s neck.

“You’re killin’ my game, Ev,” Castle grumbles playfully as he takes his son and blows a raspberry into his stomach.

“Can’t be that dead,” Kate says softly over Evan’s giggles, her eyebrow raised as her hand lands on the bump her shirt barely manages to hide.

“Kate Beckett.” Castle scolds playfully. “I never.”

“Oh, hush,” Kate says as she shoves him gently, giving him an eyeroll for his exaggerated stumble.

“Daddy, no!” Evan cries. “No go in the lava!”

“There’s lava, buddy?” Castle asks as he turns to his son.

Evan nods seriously and points to where he and Kate had come from. “There’s lava and we gots ta jump from puddle ta puddle.”

“You know, Ev,” Castle starts as he sets Evan on the ground. “Mama and I have our lava protection shoes on. But you can still jump from puddle to puddle to stay safe alright?”

Evan looks between his parents with a smile before nodding and holding out both of his hands. Kate takes one hand with a smile while Castle takes the other, and together they lift Evan over the gaps between the puddles as they make their way down the street toward their favorite cafe.

And if Castle notices that Kate occasionally jumps from puddle to puddle or makes a bigger splash than is strictly necessary, well he certainly isn’t going to say anything about it.

This ficlet is combined from two anon prompts. The first one is: Over protective Beckett and her children and the second one is: Over protective Castle and his youngest children

“Oh great,” Castle mutters as they approach the entrance of the zoo, “the papabozos are out in force today.”

Kate looks towards where Castle is pointing and sees a group of several paparazzi standing around the entrance to the Central Park Zoo.

“Should we come back another day?” she whispers, glancing at Castle.

Unfortunately she didn’t say it softly enough, because before he can answer, Lily turns around. “We’re not gonna see the animals?” she gasps.

“See monkeys?” Jake asks, not really understanding the situation.

“Ooh-ooh ahh-ahh,” Reece adds, giggling loudly, making his brother laugh too.

“Don’t worry, Lily,” Castle smiles down at her. “We’re going in to see every animal we can see. Just let me and Mommy talk for a second.”

“What do you want to do?” Kate asks him.

Castle looks back and forth between his family and the throng of people waiting to take pictures of anyone they can make a buck on. He and Kate have tried hard to keep the kids away form the paparazzi, especially since the night a few months ago at his book release party when all the camera flashes scared the twins. As he is trying to think of a way to get into the zoo without being noticed by the camera crowd, the sound of Jake and Reece imitating animal noises suddenly inspires him and he pulls out his phone.

“I have an idea,” he smiles at Kate before looking up an address on the map. “Perfect. There’s a party store less than fifteen minutes away.”

“What do you want with a party store?” her face scrunches in confusion.

“I’ll explain on the way. Come on. Kids? We have to make one more stop before we see the animals. It’s a special surprise stop. I promise it’ll be fun, and make the zoo more fun, okay?”

He and Kate start leading the kids towards the edge of the park to get a taxi.

About forty-five minutes later the paparazzi have no idea that the family of five walking by them in animal masks is the Castle family. But the lion and elephant leading the tiger and two monkeys into the zoo are happy that no one takes their picture as they make their way in to see all the animals.


Y/N: Hey Oliver, I know you’re a Gryffindor, but I wouldn’t mind if you’d Slytherin my Hufflepuff

Oliver: *Choking on his sandwich*

Y/N: If you show me your wand, I’ll show you my golden snitch

Oliver: So for how long are you going to be doing this Y/N?

Y/N: You don’t have to say lumos maxima to turn me on

Oliver: *sighing*

Y/N: Just the thought of your wand makes me spill my potion!

Oliver: Yep, that’s it, I’ve had enough, *GIF* and I’m taking you, back to the castle right now *get’s up and puts you over his shoulder, walking towards the castle*

Y/N: Baby, are you the Nimbus 2000 cause you’re sweeping me off my feet! *dies from laughter*

I’m so sorry lol

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       " i’m just lookin’, okay?  dirtied hands shoot up in defense, eyes narrowed at the man. STRANGE: a thirteen year old walking slow in and around a shop that sold weapons. “ just lookin’ he needed some new shells for shooting cans…and stuff

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Say Kate found out she was pregnant after being shot in 8x22. Do you think that the fact she could have lost Castle and/or her baby would make her re-think chasing dragons? Would she get help in learning to let certain things go, hand it over to someone else. For example, she could have let Rita deal with Locsat and find justice for her team but she chose to go after it.

Yes and no. 

Kate Beckett is never, ever going to be the sort of person that just stands by and does nothing. It’s just not who she is, and I think being passive when people are in trouble, or hurting, or in danger goes against her basic morals and sense of right and wrong. If someone she loves needs her help? She’s gonna move heaven and earth to help them, and that’s all there is to it. 

But I think having a family, being pregnant, becoming a mother; all of that is going to make her be a bit more strategic in what she does and how she approaches it. Beckett’s biggest fault isn’t her dragon chasing, it’s that she insists on chasing them alone because she doesn’t want to put others in danger over her own issues and demons. As with her initial hunt for Bracken and the whole LokSat thing, she could have covered a lot more ground and put herself at a far greater risk had she shared the burden; nevermind any of the personal ramifications that happened because of her loner nature. 

She’s gonna be the same defender that she always has been, but her priority will likely become about protecting her children. Some people would probably argue that she would never put herself in danger because she knows the pain of losing a parent, but if that were the case, I think Beckett would just change jobs. Being a cop means danger is inherent and there is always the possibility you won’t come back home, even as a police captain, and it’s my personal canon that she didn’t jump out of the NYPD the second the stick turned blue. 

But taking unnecessary risks as she routinely did throughout the show? Sure. I think she would start to second guess and step back from those instincts by knowing that she’s got a family waiting for her at home and children that need their mother. She and Castle allude to the fact that they’re both tired of chasing conspiracies and are ready for a normal life towards the end of season eight, which provides a nice set up for the two of them to ultimately take the next step in their life together and that’s really the first step to a shift for her. We don’t get to see it, which is a sad thing, but becoming a parent would require a certain level of selflessness that’s far different than sacrificing yourself to bring down the bad guy; it’d require putting your children first and thinking about them before going rogue, and that desire to distance herself from all the conspiracy and the imminent danger is really the first toe being dipped into those waters. 

Which is a good thing since I’m pretty sure at the time they had that conversation she either was already incubating their first born or pretty dang close to it. The epilogue is set seven years later, and Lily’s meant to be somewhere between six and seven. So, math and stuff. 

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okay so i don't really know what the deal is with the Morgans but i'm interested, can i get a quick and dirty over view? ;;

Yes!! This is long I’m sorry I’ll do my best to summarize

Basically a shade shifter entity attacked the castle where Sweet baby sister Princess Morgan lived with her retainer Scythe

Scythe went to attack the enemy, Sister Morgan thought it was her father and ran in front of the attack. Morgan took the blow and started dying. Scythe tried saving her by healing her. It didn’t work. She died.

Scythe ran away, going to my Morgan(who I will call Herogan for simplicity’s sake) and gave him the last letter and package from sister Morgan

Scythe, being himself, made it out like he’d done it. Herogan was angry and upset. Attacked scythe n cut off his arm. That’s when scythe gave up the truth. Herogan felt bad and got him help. After scythe healed he left and went back.

Much later, Herogan received a letter. Another Morgan sibling (seer Morgan) was contacted by Princess Morgan’s ghost. She wrote a letter through him and sent it to Herogan. In it, she apologized for her actions, for dying, and said scythe was imprisoned and she was concerned for him.

Herogan immediately goes to him, promptly interrupting his execution. Scythe was being sentenced to death for the murder of a noble, princess Morgan. Herogan felt this was wrong, but even after the truth came about, they decided to execute scythe.

So…Herogan broke him out of prison and they are currently in hiding. Herogan is an enemy of his family (as they believe Scythe should be punished/die) and will fight still to keep Scythe safe.

He’s in for quite the challenge.

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I really hope my precious baby Frank Castle will be in the Defenders event too. I know he's not a defender per se, but with all the rumours about Jon Bernthal being in the series I would love to see him in the game too. I'm Italian and since in the comics he was of Italian origins I would like to have some representation!

I’d love a Bby Punisher!! (And if it’s any consolation right now, Frank Grillo, the guy who plays Crossbones in Civil War, is 450% Italian)