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You know, I would have loved to make a confession about how much I love Echoes and whatever… But I can’t. I’m currently being hounded by reviewers on my Fire Emblem fanfiction with reviews telling me to kill myself, saying my writing is trash or my story is trash… All because I like Faye and actually don’t call her the antichrist of the series. Look, people can like whatever they want, have whatever opinions they want, but don’t you dare tell me that opinions that differ from yours makes it okay for you to hound someone and tell them to kill themselves and insult their work!

I have been reading and writing fanfiction for 13 years, always had guest reviews on, never blocked anyone. But ever since this game came out, I cant have guest reviews on anymore and I actually had to block someone! This isn’t the Fire Emblem fandom I know and love.

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Jon and Sansa continue their discussion in her chambers. Sansa forgets to close the door, and creepy pimp finds himself spying on them. He is angry as fuck because the history repeats itself - Sansa is all about how Jon is brave, gentle and strong, and how she can't stand the idea of losing him. And then there's the angsty chamber kiss.

(Hey, I hope this is okay! I don’t usually like writing from LF’s perspective ‘cause he’s such a dick, but this was actually kind of interesting to write! Enjoy!)

Of course Baelish didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but the door was cracked open and he heard Sansa’s voice.

“Please listen to me, Jon, I’m trying to help you,” she says.

“I’ve already told you, our focus is on the White Walkers. Cersei Lannister can wait.” The bastard is as much of a fool as his father. Once Sansa realizes who she’s meant to be, she’ll leave him to die of his own mistakes. Baelish is sure of this.

“Cersei always has her way. I don’t want her to hurt you- I don’t want her to hurt us.”

He hates the way she says ‘us’. She has no need to tie herself to the bastard, but she does anyway.

“I’m going to protect you, Sansa, don’t you believe me?”

No, she shouldn’t.

“I do, but-”


Sansa sighs, then takes a deep breath.


He grits his teeth, and in his head all he can hear is Ned. It’s happening all over again, his precious, beloved Catelyn is falling into the arms of Eddard Stark and-

With a terrifying jolt in his chest, he realizes that the room has gone silent. He carefully peers inside, only to see Sansa in the bastard’s embrace, kissing him softly as the fire crackles in the hearth.

His blood freezes, as if winter itself has crawled into his flesh.

(And perhaps it has).

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I come across the word "love" between friends a lot in Shakespeare, and I always like how they can say they love each other in a platonic way. However, I've noticed that it's not uncommon among people I talk to to take this as a sign of romantic or sexual love. I don't want to be that guy and naively say that two men (it's usually men) aren't together, but I feel like I'd need more to go on. Am I wrong to think that these characters are more comfortable expressing platonic love more than we are?

The quick answer is yes. We know that in the early modern period (and before) men were more comfortable expressing their love for one another, because it was more socially acceptable to do so. It was completely normal for men to kiss, and hug each other in public, for instance. Shakespeare’s England was what is known as a ‘homosocial’ society, which is to say that (mostly non-sexual) same-sex relations between men were privileged socially, so for instance trade deals, and even marriages were often facilitated to improve the social relations between men.

This means, on some level, that there was a valorisation of same-sex relationships, and of perfect friendships, especially between men. The idea was that men, having a higher intellectual capacity than women(!), would be able to form a more perfect relationship with one another than a heterosocial relationship could ever achieve. In the language of the time (and before) these same-sex relationships were called ‘amity’, and you’ll find many examples of ‘perfect amity’ spoken of in contemporary literature if you look for it. 

The difficulty from a modern perspective is that these passionate relationships between men could be entirely non-sexual, but they could also include physical intimacy. For instance, in the case of Michel de Montaigne and Étienne de La Boétie, Montaigne explicitly denies ‘the license of the Greeks’ as ‘rightly abhorrent to our manner’, although he speaks ardently of his love for his friend. In Sir Thomas Elyot’s Boke named the Governour, on the other hand, there is the exemplary tale of amity which heavily implies that there is a sexual relationship between Titus and Gysippus, the two friends. There is the sense that friendship is treated as a spectrum up to and including physical intimacy; it simply isn’t as sharply distinguished as it is these days. But if we’re talking strictly Shakespeare, most depictions of male friendship tend to show the failures of amity because of relationships with women, because as a tradition it’s being displaced or because the nascent forces of capitalism are destroying the way generosity works. It’s not that Shakespeare doesn’t believe in same-sex relationships (far from it), it’s more that he doesn’t show much faith in the possibility of ‘perfect’ amity in a complex society (The Two Gentlemen of Verona and The Merchant of Venice are two of many examples).

What’s really remarkable about this period is the means by which these socially acceptable forms of homoerotic behaviour are distinguished from the illegal and morally problematised idea of ‘sodomy’. You see, most of the people engaging in same-sex intimacy would not have considered themselves sodomites, hence why James I could have eroticised relationships with his favourites while decrying sodomy and effeminacy. Sodomy was a narrow category that often treated the case of an older man forcing himself on a younger male of a similar social class (a master doing it to a servant was seldom legally challenged). Because of these various distinctions, and because of the blurry line separating friendship and sexual attraction there were remarkably few recorded legal cases of sodomy from the early modern period.

The basic contention in academia has been that sexual identity, like gender identity, is an ideological construct. It’s not that people don’t naturally experience sexual desire for someone who might be considered the same gender, it’s just the categorisation of such desires that is a social construct. So while it might not be correct to call an early modern person or character homosexual, by the same token, they can’t be called heterosexual either. 

I’m afraid that this won’t make things any easier for you if you’re trying to separate platonic relationships from sexual or romantic ones, because that enterprise is anachronistic by nature. But then it’s anachronistic on either side whether you’re trying to establish that two men are friends or lovers, since lovers can be friends (and to add to that the word ‘friend’ could mean lover). 

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your Voltron cosplays bring me so much joy 😩 can I ask about your bayard though?? like where did it come from?? it's the most accurate to the that I've seen, it's so great!!

Thank you and yeah, I definitely can write up a quick post! I built mine and a friend’s super fast in like 4 days and then just never wrote about how I did them, so I can do that now! They’re a bit messy because of how fast I had to built them - the edges are kinda rough and the paint is kinda janky - but what I do really, really like about them is the shape. 

I started by sketching out a paper template that fit my hand. I don’t have pictures of doing that, but I basically just measured my hand, pulled up 10 references pictures from the show, and then sketched out bayards on construction paper until I found a shape that I liked. 

I then transferred that template onto EVA foam and cut it out. EVA foam is the entire base of the bayard - basically the entirety of the black part on the final bayard. I used an inner core of 4mm foam sandwiched between two layers of 10mm foam and held together with contact cement. The bayard on the left in the picture is this stage: 

After I had that base shape, I dremeled the edges down to get the bayard’s proper shape - basically you spend a couple hours with a hand held dremel tool with a sanding bit and bevel the edges and round them off. That’s the bayard on the right in the pic. 

The next part is the white and colored details of the bayards. I sketched out templates for those on paper, cut them out of 2mm craft foam, fit them around the base bayard, and then attached them with contact cement. 

I then primed them with 2 layers of Mod Podge and a layer of Plasti Dip. Then I painted them with a 2 layers of black spray paint all over and hand painted the white and colored parts with acrylic paint. My bayard was specifically for a Sailor Scout version of Lance so it has blue glitter over top of the blue paint in this picture, but you’d just skip the glitter if you’re making a regular Paladin bayard. 

The paint is kinda janky close up, but it photographs really well at a normal distance so I really love it and it’s one of my favorite props! 

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You could write about a rock and I would still cry and demand you win a Nobel Prize .Like , your metaphors and similes are always outstanding(and the language in general ). I can't even explain how much your writing effects me .That's some good shit👌👌👌

<3<3<3 Thank you!! You’re so incredibly kind anon and you made me smile so much

Drunk Asks

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Guessssssss what we’re doin again kids!! It’s drunk asks time!

Alright so rules as per usual:

  • Ask me literally any question, any whatsoever, or tell me any fun fact or ask for advice or just SHOOT ME A MESSAGE and I will be my usual hilarious and charming self and it’s like those guys in Japan that you can just hire for a night to pretend go on a date with or w/e. That’s me.
  • If you do not wish to see these please block the tag ‘#drunk asks’.
  • If you do not wish to see the nsfw questions (it should only be text) or are under 18 please block the tag ‘#nsfw’. There might not even be any of these in fairness.

List of some ideas to get you started:

  • Easy/simple writing prompts (not in the mood to really go all-out tonight)
  • Advice
  • How your day’s going
  • Random funny stories
  • Questions about me as a person
  • Talk about your interests and hobbies
  • Send me links (I think tumblr blocks these so you gotta space em out weird)
  • Tell me how much you ardently love me
  • Tell me how much ardently love your crush/partner/celebrity crush/pet
  • What ever you want, kid, go wild
Hello there my sweet cinnamon buns ❤❤ I NEED YOUR HELP!!

Okay so….. I have to write a feature article about depression and I know some of you are going through it

If its alright please tell me your exprience from it, how you cope with it, how you got better from it etc.

It would help me (and you) alot cause this is a topic I wanna address seriously and I really wanna help you guys alot!!

Please message me if you wanna tell your story and be a part of my article :)

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Domo~! May I request Oikawa's girlfriend who has dislocated her shoulder (playing volleyball) so he basically pampers her all throughout the day feeding her lunch, carrying her bag, taking her notes and so on but other guys are also trying to worry over her ( bcuz she's also a little popular) when Tooru isn't looking?? Please and thanks

A refreshing change of pace for me after so much serious writing! I hope you find this funny, because I tried. :D Thanks for waiting!

“It should be fine,” you insist, “the orthopedist lady already set it back where it’s supposed to go. My arm isn’t about to fall off any second, I promise.”

“How can you promise something you can’t control?” That isn’t Tooru’s main argument- he’s got an arsenal of those- but it’s a sound counter that would be wasted if not used. “Now, we’re almost at school, so you’re going to take it easy. You’re not going to get me when you need help so I’m just going to have to lounge about your classroom in my spare time.”

“Oh for- Tooru, really?”

He looks at you sternly, brows furrowed without any consideration for his milky complexion and hopes that the message goes through, exactly how serious he is about it.

“Don’t take sports injuries lightly. The bell’s going to ring soon, you better hurry along.”

And although Tooru can feel the exasperated look you’re attempting to visually punch into him, he doesn’t allow himself to dawdle. There are tasks to be done, plans to be made, and he’s about to set into motion the biggest hustle the third years have ever known.

And at that thought, there’s no holding back the satisfied smile that creeps onto his face. Yes, it’s time that you softened and let yourself be pampered, and for Tooru to finally unleash his fearsome boyfriend powers so that you know exactly how amazing he really is.

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[ KBTBB Co-Writing Fic ] Hate At First Sight ❤ At Last Glance Part 2

Fandom: Kissed By The Baddest Bidder
Rated: Drama, mystery, thriller, romance
KBTBB OC: Ryoko Inui / Kyoko Nakama
Main Interest: Soryu Oh
Summary: A mysterious woman with impressive skills is hired under Soryu’s care, but is she all that she seems?
A/N: Leave Ryosuke alone! He’s just a puppy. Also I’m so glad @hotcocosharing​ was willing to write another fic with me~ always a honour and pleasure. You can find PART 1 <– here :)
Warnings: Soryu is cute
Word Count: 1354 words


Soryu Oh’s POV

“That’s impossible.”

Eisuke’s going off about how the security system in the hotel casino has malfunctioned but I find it hard to believe that the impregnable program, we’ve carefully installed, just ‘malfunctioned’.

“Fine, I’ll be there in 10 minutes,” I guess I can indulge in his little burst of frustration once in a while.

It’s not everyday you see Eisuke getting worked up like this so I wont be missing this. Heh, seeing 'The Great Eisuke Ichinomiya’ lose his composure is entertainment enough for me.

“Make it 5!” He spits with irritation. Impatient as ever.

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I just wanted to say that I've never had alot of confidence in my writing. I feel that the only writing I'm good at is poetry, but I have stories that go beyond that, and that I'd like to explore. I feel terrible about writing normally and I honestly adore as well as wish to gain your type of confidence in my writing. You honestly help me greatly, but idk how not to be terrified when it comes to writing an entire chapter. I hate this feeling so much.

What are you so scared of? It’s just writing. What’s the worst that could happen? It could suck. Okay. So what?

If it sucks, you can edit it. You can rewrite it. Fuck, you can delete it if you want to. So what exactly are you terrified about? Shitty writing isn’t going to launch zombies or demons into your home. Shitty writing isn’t going to eat your brains or tear you apart limb from limb.

I’m not saying this to be harsh. I’m saying this to give you perspective. You are wasting your fear over something inconsequential. If you want to write a chapter, write the goddamn chapter. If it sucks, big deal. But what if it’s great, or even just decent? That’s a huge fucking win. You can turn decent into amazing with proper editing. But you’ll never get there if you don’t write the damn chapter. 

Stop worrying and get to work. 

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How do you write interesting summaries? Can you give tips bc honestly, your summaries are top notch.

Honestly, summaries are the most difficult part of fic writing for me, even harder than titles which is saying something because I hate coming up with titles. I’d say just think about what people want to know. You have your tags so a lot of it is already there but make your summary clearly state what your fic is going to be about but leave enough mystery to intrigue a reader so that they click on your fic. If your summary is too vague or too long-winded it may put people off reading on. 

Sorry this advice isn’t very helpful anon! But really, every summary varies from fic to fic and author to author and I still struggle a lot with it too! So I don’t really have an easy answer 

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Hey, I want to try writing a dark poem, and I found trouble on how or where to begin. Can you give me some tips or advice like things that can inspire or influence me?

Of course! Here are some things I do:

1. Read dark writing. Consume dark media. Make a note of all the aspects that made those other works so good. This is tip numero uno because it’s Super Important.

2. If you’re writing about the Devil, respect His pronouns with capitalization.

3. If you’re writing about any other kind of monster, make them an It. “She” is also acceptable because then she has the potential to spawn little baby demons. Don’t make your monster a “he”.

4. If you make your monster a “he”, make him human. Human males are terrifying.

5. If you’re not writing about the supernatural, just mentally reduce yourself to a state of general hopelessness, and that’s a pretty good start.

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*hooks a line and throws it out the smangst seas and waits for you to come back to me @marshmallows-and-unicorns

Thank you for finding the time and endurance to read it. I really… I can’t explain how much this means to me. You’re never annoying, you’re nothing but amazing and I appreciate you taking a moment and sending me your thoughts. I am really grateful. Also don’t worry, I love and hate myself too- I loved my idea but i hated it taking so damn long to write up! Sorry about that again guys hahah! 

Okay… you can go… but make sure to come back for the choi boys and V’s smansgt! They’ll be in this boat with me- just waiting for you to take the proverbial bait ;) 

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^^me slapping everyone with feels and smut. Cos apparently that’s what I do now hahaha. 

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Hello Niu! I've been following you for only a short while but I'm just endlessly fascinated with how super cool you are °O°!!! You're absolutely sweet to everyone you talk to and you know so many things about astrology and you can even write and draw so super well. So just: You're a really cool person and I love following your blog! Thank you for all the amazing content <3


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Person: Dean


Word count: 474

requested by anon

note: request are still open, and I only have one more that I still need to write so please request on.

“Babe, do you think this would match me?” You held up a striped off-shoulder shirt to your boyfriend. Off shoulder shirts has been the latest trend to ladies, lowkey you were trying to get with the trend without your boyfriend knowing since you know how fashionable he can be.

You look good with anything but I’ve never seen you pick out such clothing before, are you making a change? How about this?” Dean held up a shirt that was more of your style, a t shirt. You somehow always made t shirts very fashionable even though it’s so plain.

I wouldn’t say a change, just trying something new you know,” you said as you grabbed more shirts that were off your “like to wear” list. The trendy shirts are really pretty and you liked them but they just weren’t your style. There were about five shirt you were hanging onto, that you were confident that you liked and was going to where at some point.

“Okay then…lets go give it a try….miss…hello my girlfriend would like to try on these clothes,” Dean had pointed at the shirts you were holding as you have a warm smile to the lady.

“Of course, follow me please,” you followed the lady to the fitting room and she unlocked one of the room that was not in use. You took of your original shirt and tried on the off shoulder on first. It’s not as bad as you thought it would be maybe—

"Y/n are you ever gonna come out and show me?” Dean had cut you out of thought and into reality. It’s not bad enough to not show him right? You had thought to yourself, okay let’s get out. As you walked out of the room, Dean began clapping while his face in awe.

"Wow you girlfriend really matches that shirt!” The worker had said, also giving a small clap.

"I think you made the shirt look good!” Dean commented, making you blush a pink shade to your cheeks, “I’d say it’s a keeper.

Going through the other four were great as well, Dean liked all of them on you, actually making you blush each time.

"Anything else you’d like?” Dean said as you both made your way to the front.

"Hmm nah I’m tired,” which was actually true, shopping is seriously tiring when you have nothing in mind of what to look for from the beginning.

"Okay, here give me it, I’ll pay for it.”

“No it’s fine I can pay myself” Dean stared at you with his soft eye making you want to give up the fight instantly,“okay fine you can pay this but I get to pay for the food.”

“Nah I’ll pay for that too.”

Note: I think he would be the nicest little shit while shopping, I wish I gotta man like that. It funny how I wrote his and am saying that.

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Can you guys write a poem about a person that is torn between two girls? One that likes the person and wants to be with that person. And the other girl that the person likes and wants to be with the second girl. To sum up, the first girl likes the person but the person doesn't like her, instead the person likes the second girl. Please please please, thank you.

Watching you fall for her
Is hard
Because it wont matter how much I fall for you
How beautiful I see you
How stunning you are too me
What matters is that she lights up your world like a supernova
While me?
I barely shine

(Let me know if its okay or if you want something else!)

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Hey beautiful ! Can I request a Kagami x Kagome x Kuroko headcanon pls ? Thank you<3

Hello there, hon! Gosh writing this made me miss my days of writing Love Hoop…


  • Kuroko loves to tease Kagami about how much of a tough time Kagami has when it comes to talking to their basketball manager.
    • He especially loves to do it when she is present.
  • Maji Burger ‘dates’ are a thing for the three of them.
    • But it soon ruined when either the other Seirin members tag along or another of their ‘friends’ finds them.
    • If anything, Kagome and Kagami agree Kuroko invites them to join them too much.
  • As their manager, Kagome helps with the stretches, but if Kagami or Kuroko have made her mad in some way, she will purposely push them further their flexibility limit.
  • During one of their training camps, Kagami, Kuroko, and Kagome were out for a run only for Kagami to come back with Kuroko and Kagome on his back.
    • Seirin was surprised to find Kagome exhausted, but Kagome told them she just wanted a free ride after seeing Kuroko being carried.
      • Kagami had no trouble dropping them both then and there.

skippinginclouds  asked:

hey it's been awhile!! but I was going through your fic tag again and couldn't help but come back to gush to you that your writing continues to overwhelm me with how Much you can say in so few words. I doubt I'll ever be able to consume as much as I want of it! as someone who's gotten away from writing, you remind me what it feels like to craft the perfect lines for a scene or character and I get a rush every single time I read your work and find those treasures. thank you so much for posting <3

I was honestly JUST thinking about you a couple of days ago, I missed your lovely familiar icon so much

I can never begin to explain how much you mean to me w comments like this and readership like this and a heart like yours

I feel like 80% of my life is walking between perfect lines and waiting for the way they make me feel so..

really. deeply. the fact that you think that I’ve written some? changes my life

When you can write it, it's easy, when you can't, it's impossible

I can’t write poems in recent weeks either. It’s not the first time it’s happened. And it’s not worth going on about either. There’s not much to tell. Karol Berger found something Victor Hugo said on the subject—he told me about it as we were walking in Paris, in the 16ème. When someone asked him how hard it was to write poetry, he answered, “When you can write it, it’s easy, when you can’t, it’s impossible.

~ Adam Zagajewski, Slight Exaggeration: An Essay (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, April 4, 2017)