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An advice at death about direction in Life

It is reported that when Al-Hasan Al-Basrî was on his deathbed, some of his companions came to him and said:

O Abû Sa’îd, offer us some words you can benefit us with. He replied, “I will equip you with three words, then you must leave me to face what I am facing. Be the farthest of people from those things you have been forbidden, and be the most involved of people in the good you have been commanded to do; and know that the steps you take are two steps: a step in your favor and a step against you, so be careful where you come and where you go.”

[Abû Nu’yam, Hilyah Al-Awliyâ` 2:154]

jfc guys it was just confirmed everything (EVERYTHING) we saw Even doing from the minute he saw Isak was in order to get to know him

I honestly thought he may have joined the kose group to maybe make more friends but no:

  • he literally joined to meet isak SO
  • when isak wandered out to avoid the love game, Even PURPOSELY FOLLOWED HIM
    • can u guys imagine him wandering around the school wondering where tf isak went to and being like YES when he found isak in the bathroom i can’t
  • once he found him in the bathoom, he went as far as to COME UP WITH A PLAN TO TALK TO ISAK BY TAKING ALL THE PAPER TOWELS
  • THEN this smooth ass mf just goes “come outside” (you know internally he was like !! cute!! boy!! please!! talk!! to!! me!!!!)
  • NOT ONLY THAT but when emma came out to talk to them and ask if isak was in a group, he fucking intervenes to actually steal isak away from her??
    • hey isak BTW WE’RE IN A GROUP TOGETHER I JUST CAME UP WITH THIS PLAN RIGHT NOW LOLOL SORRY i have just met you and i love u

and it wasn’t just that first episode, this confirms so many things Even has done because of wanting to be with Isak

  • that smooth af walk across the courtyard KNOWING isak was watching him (he planned that entire gd moment)
  • ‘forgetting’ his ID (no doubt whatsoever in my mind this nerd came up with his idea in the store as he was looking @ beer)
    • you know he made a beeline across the room like NOOOOOOOOO MIIINNE

and so much more. SO MUCH MORE. guys Even fell in love with Isak at first sight and after that point became the most Extra person I have ever seen

I’m really emotional

Falling for you was something I didn’t see coming. You see, you came into my life at a time where I wanted nothing more than meaningless sex with random girls but you, you were something different. I wanted nothing more than to be the one who knew your ins and outs. I wanted to be the one you called in the middle of the day solely because you wanted to hear my voice. I wanted you to want me the same way. Honestly I knew I wanted you to be mine from the moment we started talking. Your beauty is indescribable. I can never take my eyes off of you and I know you hate when I stare but fuck I can’t help it when there’s a goddamn angel sitting right in front of me. Your eyes, your smile, your laugh, your touch all send chills down my spine and calm me deep in my soul at the same time. Nothing compares to the feeling I get when I’m with you. It’s scary to feel this way because when I kiss you I taste a future with you. I love you.
—  May 21st, 5:40am

I want to know, why did you come back? Look, I know you doubt me, I know you always have. And you’re right. I often think of Bag End. I miss my books. And my armchair. And my garden. See, that’s where I belong. That’s home. That’s why I came back, ‘cause you don’t have one. A home. It was taken from you. But I will help you take it back if I can. 


“Look, I know you doubt me, I know you always have. And you’re right. I often think of Bag End. I miss my books. And my armchair. And my garden. See, that’s where I belong. That’s home. That’s why I came back, ‘cause you don’t have one. A home. It was taken from you. But I will help you take it back if I can.”

on genji’s height

So I was going through the Overwatch Wiki page and I noticed that while Hanzo’s official height is listed as 5′8″ (173cm), there’s no stats for Genji. I don’t know where the 5′8″ height came from (examining in game models, perhaps?), but it got me thinking about Genji’s height and what it might be. So I’m going to hypothesize based on the info that can be gathered from the below picture.

This is taken from the picture Winston has hanging up in his base in ‘Recall’, and it works very nicely because Genji and McCree are standing right next to each other. The Overwatch Wiki lists McCree’s official height at 6′1″ (approx. 185cm). Again, I don’t know where that came from, but looking at McCree it seems about right. I’m guessing any height between 6′ and 6′3″ is a pretty accurate estimate for him; so between 71″ and 75″ (180cm to 190.5cm).

Now, assuming McCree follows the standard classical male proportions of 8 heads high (a common tool by artists for getting good proportions, and I’m guessing also a common standard for a lot of video game character designs), that means his head is about 9 inches. Since we can clearly see from the picture above that Genji comes up to somewhere between McCree’s shoulders and chin (I’m gonna say chin because McCree’s right shoulder is raised), that means Genji is about one full head shorter than McCree. So, subtract 9 inches from 71″ to 75″, and we can assume Genji’s height at anywhere between 62″ to 66″, or 5′3″ to 5′6″ (approx. 158cm to 165cm for metric users, you lucky dogs). Which brings me to my main point.


bubble oopsy
  • me: hiya daddy!!
  • Daddy: hi Princess, what can daddy hep you with today?
  • me: nothing really,I've been playing in bubbles!
  • Daddy: Babygirl, daddy told you to put your cloths in the washer.
  • me: uh huh! I did!
  • Daddy: you put them in and put soap in?
  • me: duh, where do you think all the bubbles I've been playing in came from?
  • Daddy: ....how many bubbles?
  • me: they're in the kitchen now sooo....lots!!
  • Daddy: i love you babygirl but i can't take my eyes off you for 5 minutes, can i?
  • me: nope!! i like your eyes. they're my favorite.
  • Daddy: .....come one cutie, time to clean up Bubble City.
  • me: oh!! i should have made a fort out of all the bubbles!!
She’s the One - Jack Maynard Imagine (Requested)

Requests: OPEN

Request:  Jack Maynard imagine where you fall asleep on him when all the boys are round and he’s just like awh and he takes you to bed x


Jack and myself were getting our shared apartment ready for a movie night with the guys when he came up behind me, hugging me tight into his body making me feel safe from all the bad that happens in the world.  

“I love being in your arms. It makes me feel like nothing bad can happen to me.” I tell him as I turn around in his arms to look into his blue eyes I could get lost in forever. 

“If I have any say in it, I am going to keep all the bad stuff away the best I can.” He tells me before he places a sweet kiss on my lips. “So, what else do we have to do to get ready for the guys?”

“Just the blankets from the cupboard.” I say, hinting for him to get them.

“Okay, I’ll grab them, love.” He says kissing me once again.  Once he was down the hallway getting the blankets, the doorbell rang, signaling that the guys are here.  As I open the door, I am suffocated in hugs from 5 guys.

“Guys, get off her, your going to suffocate her!” Jack jokes as he comes to give them all bro hugs.

—Skip to watching the movies—

As we are watching the second movie, my eyes started to get heavy with sleep, and the fact that I was in Jack’s arms as he is playing with my hair doesn’t help.  As my eyes close and I am starting to fall into dreamland, I heard Jack talk with the guys. 

“You love her, don’t you, mate.” Joe asked.

“Yeah, I do.” Jack breathed with admiration so clear strangers would know that you were Jack’s happiness. “I think she is the one. No, I know she’s the one.” 

“Wow, bro, I never thought I would hear you say that.” Conor responded. “But, I’m glad that it’s Y/N, you guys really are meant to be.”

“Yeah, well, since she is asleep, I’m going to take her to bed. I’ll be right back.” Jack said as he picked me up with such ease.  When we got to our bedroom he placed me down on the bed and before he started to walk away, he told me, “ I know you are awake, and I meant every word of what I said. I love you, babe.” 

I opened my eyes and told him, “I love you too, gorgeous, and you’re the one for me, too.” As he started walking away, I grabbed his hand, pulling him back to me so that I could kiss him. “Now finish the movie so we can cuddle more.” I said with a smile, getting more comfortable in bed as he walked away.  


How can I get your love
How can I make you smile
This heart-pounding fluttering feeling
Is coloring my heart

What can I do but dream
Living in a dream all day
I wanna have courage and invite you
Will you come to me? In my dream?

I don’t know where this feeling came from
Only I know about this small trembling
I’m trapped in a sandcastle that I made myself, like a little boy
I’m still lost, looking for that dream
Shall we dream together now
You and I

How can I win your heart
How can I make You mine
Very slowly, I will tell you
Will you come to me? To a dream we can share

I don’t know where this feeling came from
Only I know about this small trembling
I’m trapped in a sandcastle that I made myself, like a little boy
I’m still lost, looking for that dream
Shall we dream together now
You and I


You & I- King Jong Wan from Nell

Can we take a moment and appreciate that the main theme for this drama is about Joon Hyung’s feelings for Bok Joo?


- i want to know! why did you come back?

 - look, i know you doubt me, i know you always have. and you’re right, i often think of bag end. i miss my books. and my armchair. and my garden. see, that’s where i belong. that’s home. and that’s why i came back, cause you don’t have one. a home. it was taken from you. but i will help you take it back if i can.

Yoosung Official Voice Sample 1
  • Yoosung Official Voice Sample 1
  • Cheritz
  • Mystic Messenger OST


(He’s talking to the other LOLOL players)

“Ahhh! Where did the rare monster  go… go look behind the wall. Maybe it went that way… WHAT we’re going to get sent back to where we came from in three seconds…AHH this can’t be happening! I can’t teleport so it’s going to take me 20 seconds to get there… it just appeared, right? Just wait a little… we can fight it together!”

I just want to preface this post by saying if you don’t want to workout, you absolutely do not have to.

I was just thinking about the anon from last night wanting to workout out and I know there can be a lot of anxiety in going to the gym. But there’s also the “I don’t know where to start” that comes with working out at home. I came across this youtube channel PopSugar and they have a lot of videos that take you through a variety of different routines for different mobility levels. The instructors are also pretty chill, which is really nice. You also don’t need equipment for a lot of the videos. It’s just another option if anyone wants to workout at home, but doesn’t know where to start.

Please remember your safety and listen to your body

Flu Season Headcanons

iamanemotionaltimebomb asked: I’ve just gotten over a very bout of flu. Could I get some fussy Reyes, Genji and 76 trying to take care of me while sick?

Some fussy headcanons literally two weeks late….. 

Gabriel: He gets so motherly that even in the foglike trance that your fever puts you in, you can’t help but wonder where all the affection suddenly came from- especially if this is early on in the relationship. He sweeps you into a warm bubble bath with all these fancy essential oils in it (courtesy of Amelie, who is a total bath fiend) to clear your sinuses. After that, he boils up a week’s worth of slightly spiced-up chicken soup to “put the fire back in your soul” and runs to Ana’s for some good tea brews in between meals (cinnamon and peppermint are her recommendations, and he always listens to her when it comes to tea). If there’s one hidden talent he has (besides sewing and breakdancing), it’s pampering, honestly- he dotes over you day and night and cuddles whenever he can. He’s softest you’ll ever see him being (besides after he sexually wrecks you, of cours.e)

Genji: he’s honestly so distressed that all he can do FaceTime his angel doctor and beg her for help with you. Whenever you get fussy he releases puffs of steam and starts whispering hurriedly for you to just calm down and take your medicine, please? Pretty please? It’s honestly kind of awful because he’s been training so hard to be calm in these kinds of situations but he just can’t stand seeing you sick. Hanzo will probably come over at some point with armfuls pf herbs and some ‘ancient family recipe’ that he probably just Googled. The two brothers will proceed to make you a highly noxious soup that’ll just make you feel sicker than before- but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Soldier76: He’s kind of terrible at caring for sick people- he’s more of a “Go to the doctor or just tough it out” kind of guy. He’ll cook up some soft food, like macaroni and cheese or pastina and try to feed it to you while your throat is sore. In the end, he’ll probably just end up leaving it on the table and curling up beside you on the couch/in bed to keep you warm while you sleep it off. No matter how tough he tries to be, seeing you all puffy and red kind of makes him melt- he’ll place a soft kiss on your burning forehead while you dream in a fever pitch, hoping that somewhere in your fog you’ll remember that he cares about you. He and Reaper are the same in this regard. 

Bonus! Reaper: Let’s be honest- Reaper has no time for your shit, even when you’re sick. He’ll literally force chicken soup down your throat and throws ten layers of blankets over you, all while trying to get you to take your own temperature. He might even throw you into a hot bath with some fancy bath bomb thrown in for extra pampering (courtesy of Widowmaker, who still is a bath fiend), but he’ll leave you to drown in there if you slosh around too much while he attempts to scrub you clean. Summed up- yes, he’s doting, but in a tough love kind of way. Not as distant as Solider76, but definitely not as overtly motherly as Reyes was. If you get too fussy for his taste, he’ll threaten a hunter’s worth of sedatives out of some Talon medic and put your ass to sleep. Nine times out of ten, though, he’ll end up rocking you to sleep in his private quarters, leaving his mask on his bedstand so there’s no voice interference, and humming some memory-laden lullaby to you while you’re surrounded by his heat. It’ll be a rare occasion for him to strip down entirely to sweats (he usually wears a hoodie with Kevlar under it at all times, even to sleep) but he really wants to make sure you’re comfortable. He wants to make sure you know he cares about you. 

Imagine Jim trying to stop you from going on a mission.

No idea where this came from. 

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“You are beyond belief Kirk! I just told you that I will not allow you to pass me off! I can do this and you know it!”

You moved to leave the conference room, but your anger got the best of you so you turned around.

“And you know what? You are a selfish son of a bitch. This was my project that I researched and delegated for months. And now you decide you want to take the lead?”

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BTS Reaction To Their Foreign Girlfriend unconsciously Learning Dirty Korean Phrases and Repeating Them in Public


[Monsta X Version]
[iKON Version]
[B.A.P Version


Y/N: “You deserve a huge spanking when we get back home”
*He freaks out*
“Sorry hyung, this usually doesn’t come out outdoors”


Y/N: “Can’t wait to get back home and take you in”
*He becomes a blushy mess, automatically tries to close your mouth*
“I don’t know where that came from! I’m innocent! I never taught her that!”


Y/N: “I get so excited just thinking how you dominate me every night :3”
“I usually would stay quiet but… Y’ALL HEAR THIS? WHO’S LOOKING DOWN ON WHO NOW?”
Y/N: “Seokjin? What?”


Y/N: “I’ll give you the best orgasm you’ve ever had when we go back ♡”
“I… M-mom… She just…”

Rap Monster

Y/N: “What do you think, should I learn how to deep throat or bake?”
“I’m not sure what you’re on about, but I choose deep throating”
Y/N: “Did I say deep throat? Oh God, I’m sorry I meant ‘cook’…”
“Well, the whole bus now thinks you asked me something else, frankly, I don’t mind”


Y/N: “Yoongi, what does; ‘Your thighs look tasty today, I’d like to rest my face between them’ mean? My friend told me that today so I was wondering”
“First of all; Can I slap that friend of yours?”


Y/N: “I want your cum all over me ^-^ ”
“Uh, ah, ehh, I’m so sorry for her, I don’t know where she heard that. I’ll introduce her to the Bible tonight”

I hope you liked it~
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anonymous asked:

Okay but tell me what do you think of arranged marriage Marco/Ace?

Oh, oh man. Anon, anon why would you say this to me?

It really depends on the setting? I mean there’s so many possible settings for this? Like you could probably pull it off in a canon au. You could do this almost anywhere and I can’t believe you came into my inbox to do this to me?

But imagine a canon au? Like where Roger and Rouge lived and it starts off with baby Ace and a younger Marco playing together and it’s said as a joke? 

“Gurara, our sons get along well, Roger,” Whitebeard says as Ace tries to take a bite out Marco’s finger, it’s not like it’s dangerous, he doesn’t have teeth yet anyway.

“If they get along so well then why don’t they get married!” Jozu snipes from where he has been banished from playing with Ace because he’s still in trouble for getting Marco involved in a battle. Still trying to convince Vista to let him go and failing.

“Don’t you dare,” Rouge states glancing up from keeping an eye on Ace and Marco. “I see that look, Roger.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Roger says still thinking. “I’m not doing anything.” Rouge raises an eyebrow and Roger’s shoulders slump a little. “But Rouge.”

“You are not arranging a marriage for our son,” Rouge insists. “He’s not even a year old. What if he doesn’t like Marco when he’s older? What if he doesn’t like anyone?”

“But Rouge!”

“Roger. And don’t think I’m not looking at you either, Edward.”

She fails to stop them, but only because she does have to sleep and they claim that Rayleigh was going to be in the next meeting they had. (Rayleigh was passed out in his cabin.)

I’m sorry, this is probably not what you expected, I’m so sorry it got away from me.

I know that elves are the canon shoe-less race, but you know what idea I love?

Barefoot dwarves.

Dwarves walking barefoot in Orzammar because they want to be as connected to the Stone as possible, who take off their shoes so they can actually feel it beneath their feet.

Casteless dwarves that continue this practice so they can be close to the Stone even though the Shaperate tells them they’ve been rejected.

Surface dwarves that have special celebrations where they walk barefoot to remember where they came from and to reconnect with old traditions.

Maybe even some surface dwarves walk barefoot all the time, in an effort to feel some sort of connection to the Stone even when their stone sense is long gone or never existed.

Give me more dwarves that actually care about the Stone and have practices that show it.

angrymintleaf  asked:

Ayyy, from what you can remember, what was the first oc you created?

I can actually tell you exactly who she is! Her name was Sabishiita and she’s where my URL came from. She was originally a Naruto OC, but over the years I pulled her away from that and now I use her as a stand alone character. 

She’s grown along with me and she’ll always have a special place in my heart.