'can i make a sexist comment

Reasons why you should see Power Rangers (NO SPOILERS)


•  Said autism is not treated as a weakness and really makes said character the stand out of the movie


 • It’s not a topic that is dealt with throughout the whole movie. They talk about it for like two minutes 

• No one treats said character any differently after the reveal


• Not a single sexist comment throughout the entire movie. Not. One.

• (At least I don’t remember any. I may be wrong but I’m 99% sure I’m right)

4. EVERYONE IS FLAWED OR HAS A ‘disability’ 


• I can tell you a lot of people need someone to tell them that





• I cried like three times


• Includes The Score, twenty one pilots, Fitz and The Tantrums, and Tove Lo




• It takes a lot of the movie for them to be able to be open with one another



Very professional revenge for unprofessional behavior.

As humans often do, I became tired one day at work. I decided to use one of my 15 minute paid breaks to take a nap at my desk. One of my coworkers, who I have not only never wronged but never really had a conversation with prior to this, posted incredibly unflattering photos of me sleeping on Facebook all captioned by him with insults to my character and appearance. So, I got to wake up to a bunch of comments from people I’ve never met about how I’m a lazy, special-snowflake, millennial who looks like she used to be a man. That was super fun. What was even more fun was the fact that he’s firmly planted in the Good Ol’ Boys Club, which makes him bulletproof. The manager agreed that it wasn’t professional, but the poor man was suddenly and inexplicably stripped of his ability to do anything about it by those jerks in corporate.

I decided to do my poor manager a favor and take the responsibility off his hands. I sent all the screenshots I took to HR. They can’t fire my jerk coworker, but there are fates worse than firing. He is now currently becoming more and more annoyed by the mandatory harassment training he has to do. I can see him watching it at his desk, making annoyed comments to anyone who walks by and generally looking like he wants to shoot himself. I’m having a very good day today.

The kicker to all of this? I’ve been keeping track of all the 2 and 3-hour paid lunches that Mister Champion of the Company takes. To loosely quote the same man in his hilarious Facebook tirades against me, “How dare someone steal company time like this. What’s wrong with people?” I’ll be sending all of that to HR, plus some recordings of his racist/sexist tirades, when I leave in a week or two. I have interviews lined up, all for better paying jobs with lesser commutes.

Sayonara, shitty company, you gave me the experience and the resume boost to ditch you like the sack of crap you are.


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"I don't know if I should kiss you or slap you." "...Wait, what?" NurseyDex <3

It’s not like Will actively goes looking for fights.


No matter what Bitty mumbles under his breath, and no matter how disappointed Chowder always looks in the aftermath, it’s not like it’s something Will hopes for.

Honestly, it’s not anything he wants.

Because sometimes it feels like he’s fighting all the time – like he’s had to fight for everything he’s got, and like he’ll always be fighting.

Sometimes it feels like that’s all he’ll ever be good for.

From the way that Nursey’s lips curl in a sneer (a pointed reminder that Will is forever screwing up), it’s pretty fuckin’ clear that Will’s not the only one thinking it. Not for the first time, Will finds himself wishing that he could just disappear – that the ground would swallow him up or that lightening would strike – literally anything that would save him from listening to Nursey tear him apart.

Because it’s not like Will actively goes looking for fights, but he’s not going to just stand aside and let people talk shit about his teammates, and he’s sure as fuck not about to let anyone get away with spewing that kind of homophobic bullshit… not here. Not in Samwell.

And if Nursey doesn’t get that-


It’s just another fuckin’ battle that Will doesn’t want to fight.

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i understand that josh can be annoying, but some people really hate him for no reason.
josh doesn’t joke about raping female houseguests.
josh doesn’t do blackface.
josh doesn’t make transphobic, sexist, racist comments.
is josh perfect? of course not.
but im sick and tired of people hating on him for banging pans together while ignoring the awful, inexcusable actions of other male houseguests.

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Comic movies & tv shows are still dealing with the comic book fallout of 80s & early 90s. Buffy ignored all this & why to so many late 90s early 00s Joss "seemed to no wrong". Look up Women in Refrigerators then Gail Simone (one of the terms creators) if you can read some of her Wonder Woman & Birds of Prey comics. She helped revolutionize females in DC comics.


I hope you are doing well.

I appreciate the comic perspective. I don’t know very much about comics, but find them very interesting. I’m still trying to get into them, and haven’t heard of that term before…

Originally posted by theavatar

“Women in Refrigerators: is a website that features a list of female comic book characters who have been injured, killed, or depowered as a plot device within various superhero comic books, and seeks to analyze why these plot devices are used disproportionately on female characters.” (From Wikipedia) 

I googled the term and was a bit shocked to learn so many females have been used purely as a plot device. I guess your could say Gwen Stacy’s death was a plot device too (not to mix Marvel with DC, but I never liked her death). 

I still respect BTVS for the most part. I’m not sure what happened with Joss. Perhaps, he was just reacting to the events that occurred with the comics and had enough foresight to not make similar mistakes with his show. Buffy is still revered as an icon and I’m grateful for her. 

This information provides a new perspective for me as to why Joss did well with Buffy, but would have ruined Diana. I think it was the timing. He dodged the comic book upheaval at the time with Buffy, but based of his WW script, he still adheres to the Women in Refrigerator trope along with other horrible tendencies. 

His Wonder Woman script was jarring compared to the character we saw in Jenkins’ film that has already become very beloved. I believe that Joss’ script seemed to contain the Women in Refrigerator syndrome, since Steve basically became the main character.

Joss’ script also contained:

–Abusive language (also rather excessive use of the word ‘whore’).

–Blatant sexualization of literally everything Diana did. (Her fighting style, her dance she performs, her mentioning her bisexuality so Steve could make a comment that equates to “that’s hot”, her changing into new clothes becomes a drawn out scene so Steve can tell her to turn around while undressed, etc.) 

–Steve was sexist, condescending, and didn’t respect Diana as a warrior or person. He only seemed interested in one thing.  

–His Diana was a mockery of Patty Jenkins’ Diana…From Joss’ script, we don’t even glean much about her as a character, which seems to imply she lacks depth. 

–From what I’ve read, most of the lines were delivered by Steve, while Diana received numerous physical directives (i.e. [the dance is sensual] or [she bites her lip because she finds him charming] etc.) Joss seemed to think her speaking wasn’t as important as her looking ‘sensual’. 

Diana Prince (and us) literally dodged a bullet by not having Joss Whedon direct   Wonder Woman. 

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"Not all men" vs. "Not all feminists"

A typical antifeminist/MRA/anti-SJ tactic is to suggest that feminists are being hypocritical when they say that men’s use of “not all men” is bullshit because we use the excuse “not all feminists” fairly often. Their mistake is that they think that because these two statements SOUND THE SAME, that they have THE SAME MEANING. But this is a false equivalence and I’m gonna tell you why. So strap in friends, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride ;)

The “not all men” excuse refers to RAPE and other aggressions and violence INDIVIDUAL men commit against women. When you say “not all men” you are saying, “yes some men are bad and may be dangerous, but some of us are good!” IOW, “Because I think I’m a ‘good man’, other men’s violence doesn’t exist and you shouldn’t bring it up anymore!”. Men who use this argument are trying to silence women and deny their experiences of violence and abuse at the hands of other men. This is a derailment tactic that serves no useful purpose but to reassert patriarchy and rape culture.

When we say “not all feminists are like …..” we are saying that you cannot define an ENTIRE MOVEMENT by the actions of an individual. FeminiSM is a # of THEORIES, PHILOSOPHIES, AND BODIES OF RESEARCH that advocates for equality and inclusiveness. Unlike a theory, which is developed over time through research, activism, and public/political/academic discourse, FeminisTS are PEOPLE with flaws and who cannot be asked to embody all that is feminism. Any logical person can see that this comparison is apples and oranges.

In fact, nearly every time a man has come at me with “yes, but not all men” has been when I was talking about my OWN experiences with men’s violence and abuse. And this is not just happening to me. Its prevalent use among men in this type of situation is the very reason there is such a strong push back by the feminist community. 

This is why when feminists talk about their individual experiences and a man chimes in with “not all men” it is absolutely a derailment tactic because it’s not even RELEVANT. Nobody even said “all men”!? We KNOW that not all men do this (e.g., rape, violence, make sexist/racist jokes) and that they are all individuals with autonomy and who make their own choices. In FACT, I will even ADMIT that there are a FEW moments when saying “not all men” can be appropriate. But that is only when a person has clearly blamed all men for something. And then, after briefly clarifying that not all men do this (or better yet, waiting until AFTER the story), you return BACK to the woman’s story and demonstrate human compassion and empathy. If you are just drawing conclusions about a woman’s meanings however, it’s better to skip this self-absorbed comment and start listening and caring again like a decent human being.

So, when feminists say “not all feminists” all that we are doing is trying to demonstrate to YOU that feminism is a very diverse movement and just because you met a few “nasty”, “b*tchy”, or even violent feminists, it doesn’t mean that FEMINISM itself is to blame and/or that it hasn’t/isn’t doing great things for humanity. What it DOES mean is that feminists too are individual people with their own unique lives and interpretations of feminism. Just like men!

THIS means that YOU, as an individual, are responsible for doing your research about feminism before you decide how you feel about it. You cannot judge feminism based on individual feminists or the cultural construction of feminism that paints it as no-longer necessary and as shrouded in ‘evil’ misandry (psssst, that’s something else!). 

Instead, you can kindly and privately call attention to this problem, as MANY of us feminists have done and continue to do, and suggest to these misguided feminists that they too take a break from their harmful “activism” and do more research and critical thinking about feminism and intersectionality. THAT would be a much more helpful and healthy approach than demonizing feminism and all feminists just because of a few “bad”/misguided apples.

Sexism in SMTM6 following

I was gonna drop smtm6 but after asol’s win over penomeco and seeing people in the comments claiming it’s because mnet is trying to prove they aren’t sexist or that because she’s a female she can have greater impact while being worse than a man has made me LIVID and i will support her and all the female MCs on that show (minus truedy she’s not an mc she’s a clown)!!!

I love fanxychild but seriously penomeco did not take her seriously and neither did the judges but she showed the fuck up and stuck it to them. Then all these “rap experts” in the comments start going off about how penomeco was way better but only making that off of flow, because they themselves said they didn’t read the lyrics or translations?!?!?!

Then there’s the idiots saying they should have eliminated Asol anyways even if she happened to be better this round because mnet can just “throw her on unpretty rapstar”. Bitch if she wanted to win UPR she would go on UPR all the female MCs this season were driven by the fact that female mcs never win SMTM.

It’s funny how we criticize how backwards alot of aspects of korean society is (which i don’t deny in any way) but at the same time the international fandom is acting problematic all the time…

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yesterday I saw this post on instagram which showed articles that talked about women getting killed because they said no to a man. I scroll dow the comments and see multiple people commenting things like not all men are like that and women do that to, so I got mad and decided to educate them on why that's just wrong and sexist. People started calling me the n word for whatever reason as they have no idea how I look like and telling me to kill myself because I'm apparently cancer. I'm disgusted

people think they can justify facts and experiences with cuss words and hate. not only is it disrespectful but it’s foolish. the wild cursing and attacking doesn’t make your point any less logical and just makes them lose credit–I’ve never gotten that approach.

you can only say so much, people will have their own opinions. either way, I’m proud of you.

You can hate Caitlin Jenner without making transphobic comments.

You can hate Taylor Swift without making sexist comments.

You can hate Chris Brown without making racist comments.

You can hate members of oppressed groups all you want, but the second you start saying prejudiced and offensive things about them, it doesn’t matter how many bad things they’ve done, you are exactly the same.

Just because you don’t like someone or they’re a bad person, that does NOT give you a free pass to say racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, etc. things about them. You are part of the problem.

if anyone is wondering why i’ve suddenly gone quiet - i’m making a compilation of all the sexist comments i can find on gallibase and basically laughing my ass off, can’t wait to share if with y’all when i’m finished

Displeased (Jaehyun)

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Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 1,219

Request: Do you do nct request can you do one for Jaehyun when he doesn’t like the fact that I’m a bodyguard cause of the danger I’m always in he doesn’t say anything until you get hurt badly that he wants me to quit and a big argument happens to the point of a breakup might occur make it very angst make me cry lololol but he only does it because he doesn’t want to lose me with a fluffy end

A/n: I feel like such a jerk for not posting everything sooner, I’m sorry for taking so long to finish this, I hope you enjoy reading it! Other requests will be finished before school starts for me!~Joy

You and the other body guards were standing by the airport exit getting ready to bring nct to their car, Taewon, one of the body guards smiled at you before speaking. “Y/n, you ready to see your boyfriend after a month?” He asked as you grinned.

“It’s only been a month? I thought it was four months.” You laughed as Taewon laughed back.

“Oh, young love at its best” Taewon joked as you gave him a playful hit on the shoulder, you heard the screams of girls before returning to your stiff posture. You saw as the boys headed your way, as the fans followed as closely behind as possible, you were supposed to be assigned to guard the boys when they entered the airport but Jaehyun opposed to the idea, forcing the company to put you in the safest position possible. You hated that Jaehyun was opposed to letting you do your job. Once Jaehyun passed over you started to move beside them, getting pushed by the fans, they seemed to push too far that one of them was pushed into you, clawing you in the face. You helped her up as she thanked and apologized for scratching your face, you smiled gently as you headed into the car with the boys. Jaehyun smiled at you, quickly giving you a hug before glancing at the blood trickling down your forehead.

“You got hurt” Jaehyun frowned as you laughed awkwardly, scratching the back of your head in a cartoony way. 

“You know, the fans were awfully pushy today and one of them accidentally fell into me and hit my face.” You explained as you laughed but Jaehyun didn’t show a single drop of laughter or happiness as you explained.

“That’s not funny y/n, you got hurt, even when I told them to put you in the safest position possible you still get hurt.” Jaehyung groans as you hold his hand.

“Jaehyun, it’s just a scratch, I’m fine, promise!” You grinned as Jaehyun still frowned, you stopped smiling.

“Maybe you should try something else as a career, I could set you up with a hair styling job, something less dangerous?” Jaehyun offered as you frowned.

“Jaehyun, I love my work, the people I work with and it’s one of the only things I’ve dreamt of doing.” You explained as Jaehyun nodded.

“I know, but I just want you to be safe, I don’t want my girlfriend hurt” Jaehyun starts “you’re too weak,” he jabs, although Jaehyun probably didn’t mean to make it an insult it just happened to sound like one.

“I’m too weak? Excuse me? I’ve been working as a bodyguard even before we were dating and I’ve never had a problem with my job, not until you started showing your complaints. I’m not just your girlfriend, I’m your body guard, deal with it.” You argued as you turned your head to the window ignoring Jaehyun for the rest of the ride.

The next morning you got a call from your boss, you picked up the phone “hello?” You asked into the phone, as you heard a cough from the other line.

“Ah y/n, I’m sorry to inform that you won’t be needed body guarding anymore, at least for our company… we’ve had a lot of complaints from Jaehyun and we’re sorry to have to let you go, you were one of the bests and we wish you the best.” You boss sadly announced on the phone, you felt like crying but you kept it in.

“Um…Okay, I’m sorry that I’ve done so poorly in my job position” You replied back before hearing him hum.

“Hmm…yes, we wish that we could keep you but the complaints would cause even the best on our team fired, even you” He sadly replied back “anyway, we will cherish all your years of hard work and will wish you the best.” He hung up. you took a deep breath before texting Jaehyun.

10:45 AM (You): ‘Hey.’

10:46 AM (Jaehyun): ‘Hey Sweetie! How did you sleep?’

10:46 AM (You): ‘Can I come over?’ 

10:47 AM (Jaehyun): ‘Of course!’

You drove to Jaehyun’s place, knocking on his door, you were in no mood for Jaehyun to act like he was doing you a favour. Before you entered the house you thought about why Jaehyun was acting like this, he never spoke about his concerns with you working as a body guard before you had rescued him from almost hitting a car and damaged your leg, you stayed in the hospital for a bit but you quickly got out of it. You took a deep breath and knocked on the door, Jaehyun quickly opened the door to smile at you. “y/n, you made it safely!” He grinned as you glared at him.

“I can’t believe you got me fired,” You hissed as Jaehyun’s grin fell and a pout replaced.

“Oh, is that why you came to see your boyfriend, I’m so upset! You only come here when you want to complain.” Jaehyun cries in a whiny voice, you only get more upset, now crossing your arms.

“Jaehyun, I’m not kidding around…What the hell am I suppose to do now? I don’t have a job!” You yell as he laughs, not even fazed from the question as if he had this all planned.

“You can be a hair dresser or make up artist for sm or something,” Jaehyun starts “you know, something a girl should do.”  You were now beyond pissed, how could he say something like that, he didn’t even care that you liked working as a body guard, it was what you loved doing most. 

“You have to be kidding me, that was such a sexist comment, I don’t think we should date anymore.” You finally say as Jaehyun’s eyes widen.

“W-what?” He asks as you nod your head and scoff.

“You heard me,” you glare “if you can’t respect what I do and say a comment like that I don’t think we can date anymore.” 

“I only want you to be safe,” Jaehyun explained, “I just don’t want another accident like last year, you made me so scared.” Your expression now softens as you realise that Jaehyun was just trying to protect you.

“Jaehyun, I know that you’re just looking out for me, but you have to trust that I know what I’m doing.” You softly remind him as his eyes water up a bit.

“I just don’t want to ever see you hurt, during the time you were at the hospital you kept on crying in pain whenever you had to walk, I just didn’t want to see you hurt again,” Jaehyun confesses as you hug him.

“Jaehyun, I’m glad that you care about me but you can just talk to me about it, rather than tell my boss to fire me or set me up to another station.” You answered.

“Okay, I’m sorry I overreacted and I’m sorry for that comment with girls should only work in feminine-like jobs. I was being such a jerk it just came out of my mouth without me realising it.” Jaehyun apologises as you smile softly.

“It’s okay” you grin, as Jaehyun hugs you tighter, “now can you get my job back, please?” Jaehyun laughs, as he picks up his phone.

“I’ll see if I can.”   

The Transient Generation

We are a generation of sore thumbs. We went to school to study things we love - creative writing, film, cultural studies, philosophy - things that don’t make us great candidates for corporate jobs, but things that make us much better people, things that we love, things we are passionate about.

We are a generation of explorers. We are constantly restless, always seeking out new thrills. We work for as long as we have to so we can save up money to go travel until we are broke again. Then we repeat. We sleep in tents, floors, stranger’s couches. We push ourselves past what we’re familiar with and seek out something new. We are not comfortable with the mundane.

We are a generation of people who won’t settle. We challenge the social norms. We speak out against student debt, racism, climate change, police brutality, mass incarceration. We organize and create communities. We gladly work for free doing what we feel is important and supplement with hourly wages instead of working a desk job that pays a big salary but leaves us feeling unfulfilled. We will stay in the cities to push for change or move out to the country to build organic farms but we will NOT move to the suburbs. We will rent properties and ride bicycles and never make more than a year long commitment to anything. 

We are a generation of transients. We float around from one place to the next, finding freedom in the knowledge that we are unlimited. We move from city to city, from apartment to apartment, pushing our limits and testing ourselves in a new environment. We are open to the ebbs and flows of life.

We are a generation of DIY. We build gardens, houses, resistance. We create music, opportunities, organizations. We write new narratives, truths, without fear. We mend, repurpose, compost, recycle, salvage.

We are a generation that has nothing to lose. Those before us already changed our planet, our atmosphere our oceans. They have compromised our future and given us weights they never had to bear. They have put restrictions on women’s bodies and put targets on POC bodies. They have invested more money in war than in our education or health. 

We are a generation who struggles against silence. The older, richer people in charge dismiss us and our actions. They scoff at protestors and tell us to get jobs, ignoring the fact that many of us are saddled down with loans, not to mention the fact that there aren’t enough jobs for us. We have done what was  expected - went to school, graduated college - what do you want us to do now?

We are a generation witnessing the death of the American dream. We’ve seen past the lies written in history books. We label Westward Expansion as the genocide it was. We know slavery is, not was. We know that our parents worked hard to give us an opportunity to go to college and succeed. And we know that we may never be as successful as they hoped we would.

We are a generation of a new Earth. An Earth that has been chemically altered. An Earth with a rapidly acidifying, rising ocean. An Earth wrecked with wars that are run by flying robots. An Earth with laboratory food and factory farms. An Earth that is unpredictable and dangerous.

We are the generation of hope. We hope because we have to. We hope because it’s the only way we’ll get out of bed in the morning. We hope and we fight because if we don’t then we’ll sink. 

(While I tried to be inclusive to as many people in my generation as I can, there are some who I purposely left out. All of you frat boys can go back to shot-gunning beers and making sexist/racist comments. Kay, bye.)

A brief history of Mirai’s figure skating career

(Reminded that Mirai is the oldest daughter of Viktor and Yuuri) 

  • After feeling a little like they may have pressured Misha into skating, Viktor and Yuuri decide that they won’t make Mirai take any lessons unless she asks for them 
  • They do take her to ballet when she’s pretty young, however 
  • After seeing Yurio skate in one of his final competitions, Mirai can’t stop talking about learning to skate 
  • She takes to the ice pretty naturally, more so than her older brother did 
  • Eventually she’s allowed to compete in novice competitions 
  • If anything, Yuuri and Viktor are more nervous for her than Mirai is herself, if anything she feels a thrill from being the centre of attention 

“Papa! Onosan! Did you see them?” Mirai pulled an arabesque, gold medal clinking against her neck. “They clapped for hours and hours!” 

  • When she reaches the age of thirteen, and is allowed to compete in the junior division, it’s actually Mirai herself who asks (uncharacteristically shyly) if Viktor will coach her officially 
  • Around this time, Mirai starts to become pretty accustomed to media attention 
  • At fourteen, she manages to place first at Junior Worlds by the skin of her teeth, largely because she has the most technical skill compared to others in her division 
  • After begging until blue in the face, she manages to convince Viktor to let her debut in the senior division the following season, largely because it happens to be the Winter Olympics year, and because Yurio, her favourite person, also debuted at that age 
  • She manages to get a bronze in the Grand Prix Final that year, which is a definite accomplishment, but she’s unsatisfied 
  • Though she wouldn’t admit it to many people, she works herself to skin and bone after that, eventually leading to her Winter Olympics gold 
  • By age 18, Mirai is largely considered to be on top of the world
  • She becomes a little restless, feeling like she’s ‘done’ everything any figure skater would ever want to 
  • Around this time, someone makes a comment about female figure skaters being flouncy things more than legitimate athletes 

‘I can do anything a man can do’ Mirai thinks to herself. 

  • After that, Mirai starts chronically over-rotating her triple toe loops, definitely feeling like it’s a possibility 
  • When Viktor’s not looking she tries it and lands with a hand on the ice. She calls it a victory
  • Where her father liked to surprise his audience, Mirai decides that she’d prefer to shock them 
  • At the next major competition, she shows up in black skates 
  • Figure skating context: this is not allowed. It’s a very sexist sport. Women actually have to wear skirts as far as I’m aware. 
  • Even the commentators are speechless, as is Viktor, who knew nothing about this 
  • Mirai goes through the routine as planned, but then, as she approaches the final jump, she decides to go for it, and lands a somewhat shaky, but still legitimate quad toe loop
  • Her technical score is the highest by far, but she’s knocked down for artistry quite a lot. It’s not enough to push her to silver medal position, because the bias of that would be a little bit too explicit, but it’s enough to keep her from a world record 
  • Mirai doesn’t even mind this, satisfied with what she’s just achieved

“I’ll land a quad flip next,” she says to the group of reporters, winking. 

♥♥ The INTP in love... ♥♥
  • reads articles on the Internet to understand how hormones work
  • stares… at a wall contemplating the significance of romance and traditional customs of making out (I´m kidding. Let´s face it, INTPs glance at their crush like a scared hamster whenever possible)
  • will subtly use eccentricity (Ne-Fe) to attract attention either via smart comments or clothing, that being the most proactive thing you can get
  • will approach a Si-user they are close to for the sake of gathering information… possibly their tough ISTJ grandma/grandpa, who has seen and done it all
  • certainly won´t work out unless they already have a routine, which is unlikely… diets are an issue of sexist culture so no progress in that regard, too (not that progress was needed. The INTP body is a mere vessel for the sexiest brain out there - it has to be groomed though, that´s true)
  • might watch Titanic because they are so frustrated. oh yes
  • Titanic temporarily deactivates inferior Fe so it won´t bother the INTP for days
  • so much about shipping
  • discovers their appreciation for candles - they save electricity! 
  • sleeps two hours less… which makes one in total
  • goes through the “romance” tag on tumblr, confused yet euphoric, but doesn´t dare to reblog all these cheesy things
  • dances!! (perhaps)
  • might get ultra kinky- in their brain! (INTPs can be huge closet freaks, too)
  • writes - once communication is established - the most hilarious texts with a lot of puns and scientific facts
  • considers love private business so besides the ISTJ grandparent, nobody knows (an INTP will never drop the name of their crush anyway so even the grandma/ grandpa confidant doesn´t know what´s up)
  • suddenly starts to analyze their crush regarding the parameters of moral code, habits, memory, style of speaking, sense of humour, sense of fashion, hair care rituals, nutrition routine, knowledge on quantum physics or any other “advanced” subject and their MBTI type
  • s-stutters like a Shōjo Manga protagonist… rude but true
  • is in a relationship with their crush when their crush is absent - they create an entire novel in their fantasy (While their crush is present, the INTP´s mind is blank and a feeling of awkwardness sets in)
  • jumps to the question of commitment very quickly in their thoughts - loyalty is an important factor
  • …but still has no idea what to do! ;)

♥♥ - Admin Ti, who wishes everyone good luck with their crush(es) ♥♥

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Hey there, NPH, could I please get some advice from you? I'm running a group and someone asked about whether or not problematic faces will be allowed. I don't want to say yes because then the community will come to the illogical conclusion that because I allow those faces, I endorse their ideology. However, I don't want to say no, because then I have to go down the rabbit hole of every single problematic FC that comes up. What would you do?

(anon about problematic faces) Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Yeah, that’s definitely a dilemma that a lot of people have to muddle through. I mean, heck, my own FC blog has over 4,000 FCs - if I were to keep track of the behavior of over 4,000 people in their interviews and social media and such, I would lose my mind (and probably wear out the battery on my time machine, because that’s the only way I could possibly keep up). 

This is one that’s going to be tough for me to address because I know how intense the RPC can get about these things; I’m going to turn off my anon option for a while after answering this question. But the thing is, you’re right about the rabbit hole thing. I see celebs on my dashboard constantly having PSAs and “your fav is problematic” posts made about them, and they seem to feel that all problematic behavior is created equal.

Now, let me make this perfectly clear: I do not ever think that the problematic things that these celebs do are okay. They’re not. When someone, say, makes a racist tweet or sexist comment, they are in the wrong. That’s not up for debate, and I’m not saying it should be excused.

However, I think a lot of people in the RPC forget what the outside world is like. And not in the sense of “oh, you’re being overly sensitive, you need to grow thicker skin, and so on and so forth”.

I mean in the sense that pretty much everyone has grown up completely surrounded by problematic behavior that everyone just accepted as the norm. People everywhere are out there making racist jokes and ableist remarks and using homophobic slurs and enforcing gender roles and just being toxic. And that influences you.

Hell, even I had some pretty backwards views for a lot of my life that are embarrassing and revolting to me now. For example, and this is something I regret, but up until I was in college, I was very against same-sex marriage. Looking back I can realize what an idiotic and close-minded standpoint it was, but the thing is, I had spent my whole life growing up in a rural small town in Indiana where 90% of the town is related to each other and people are so set in their ways that a couple of the Lutheran churches in town still hold their services in German. And until I left for college, I had never heard any other viewpoint in person.

Not being problematic isn’t a matter of just being a good person - it’s about having to un-learn all of the problematic views that have been drilled into you practically since birth.

Which isn’t impossible, certainly. If you put the time in to actually learn about these matters that you were ignorant about before, you can get turned back the right direction. But it’s not an easy undertaking, especially when you’re constantly being bombarded by these sorts of things. I mean, I’m still un-learning, and more likely than not, I’m still going to screw up; it’s a question of whether or not I’m willing to learn from my mistakes, acknowledge that I was wrong, and grow.

So, a lot of times, the problematic behavior I see from celebrities aren’t them being intentionally malicious, but just ignorant. And no, ignorance isn’t okay - at times ignorance is more dangerous than malice - but it’s often less a reflection of their morality, and more that of the surrounding environment.

Now, this isn’t the case for ongoing or extreme problematic behavior. No one has been bombarded since childhood with varying opinions about whether abuse or sexual assault are okay (spoiler alert: they’re not, and everyone knows it), so if they do something like that, that’s all on them, and they are bad people. And if someone has made constant and repeated offensive statements, then they would have had ample opportunity to see the backlash and learn what they did wrong, so if they’re willingly choosing to ignore that, that makes them bad people too.

So those are the ones who I would be more careful about. For so many of the others, well, although of course the problematic behavior is, well, problematic, that doesn’t automatically mean that they’re bad people, or that you should dislike and stop supporting them. It means they were wrong, they messed up, but they can still un-learn.

As for the others, from a couple paragraphs ago, because there are thousands upon thousands of celebrities and faceclaims out there, it would be incredibly unreasonable for the admins to be able to keep track of the real lives of all of them and have an exhaustive list of faceclaims to ban. Instead, ask your roleplayers to use their best judgment in selecting an FC the group will be comfortable roleplaying with, and if you do know that an FC someone has applied with has exhibited extreme or ongoing problematic behavior, address it with the applicant. But you don’t need to take it upon yourself to run a full background check on every FC - all that is, is a great way to eat up all of your time and make yourself miserable.


So I just finally had my family down for our late Christmas and my 3 yr old got some Chapstick as a gift. She was running around and offering some to everyone to try, she gets to my father and he says no. She looks up and says “please grandpa it’s so nummy! Just try a little bit” He says “no, boys don’t wear lipstick!” (Keep in mind it’s Chapstick not lipstick anyway..😒) So I say “some boys do, and that’s ok” Grandpa: “no, not REAL boys” sounding a bit angry that I would even suggest such a thing Me: “yes actually “real boys” can wear lipstick and anything else they want” Grandpa: “nope” Me: “excuse me but in this house we believe anyone can be and wear whatever makes them happy, including boys in lipstick” Which is when my mother stepped in and reminded my dad that these are my kids in my house and I will raise them how I like, which includes what nonsense I will not tolerate him saying to them. This is not the first time I had to tell my dad to shut it, he’s constantly making stupid sexist comments about how women are always whining or should be in the kitchen or whatever. I know he’s an old white conservative man, an he thinks what he’s saying is just a funny “joke” sometimes, but I have two impressionable young girls to raise and I’ll be damned if they grow up thinking their grandfather doesn’t respect women. Having to constantly remind him every time he makes a sexist comment is annoying but worth it if it stops him and makes him think about how it might actually affect these two little ladies in our lives. I’m rather glad I only have to see him a few times a year. Absolutely drives me crazy. . . . Tldr: my fathers masculinity is so fragile, he won’t even let his granddaughter put Chapstick on him. 😒😒

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It's a little disheartening that some fans want a nu'est without Aron. He is not perfect but he is an important member of the group like everyone else. Despite having some old fashioned views he still seemed close to Ren who clearly doesn't conform to gender norms, when Ren was asked 'if you were a girl which member would you date' he chose Aron and they both started squealing and joking about it. Continued...

(+) Aron actually reminds me of my brother, he has some misogynistic views and can be outspoken but at the same time he is trying to be more accepting of people’s differences and for that I love him. Also the USA and Korea are so different, ppl in the USA tend to be encouraged to share their opinions more whereas in Asia they tend to be more reserved. Aron still has much to learn and with the help of the other members I’m sure he will mature.

The thing about Aron is that he can learn from his mistakes. Even after his scandal with making a sexist remark; though his first apology was not one at all (and honestly upset me more than the initial comment did), his second apology showed some growth and understanding and genuine remorse for what he had said. 

He definitely does still hold some traditional views, and even being close friends with Ren doesn’t make him devoid of doing or saying hurtful things to those people who might not fit within those traditional views. Aron is a good person, though, he just has a lot of learning to do. I think Ren sees that, I think all of NU’EST sees that. He might act like a moron sometimes, but he’s their big brother figure and they’ll always be there to help him learn from his errors and become a better person. 

So on Overwatch I experience sexist comments for the first time. I saved it as a video that’ll upload eventually. It started out that they were making fun of me for picking Widow and I told them to shut up.
Then these asshats realized I was a girl. Here’s what I’ve heard…

“You can play widow if you show me your tits”

I told them they were hairy to troll them

Asriel was barking and they literally said “I’ll stab your dog”

“The hooker has a golden gun”

“She’s probably 800 pounds & hairy”

“I’m not going to treat her better because she’s a girl.”

And probably other things that I zoned out

So I have vids and names so hopefully once the reporting systems come up on console I can report them

I can’t reblog or comment on the original post but I just want to stand and applaud for @aymeric-the-blue and @illustrisxarma for saying all the things that needed saying.

People can dislike a character who is badly-handled by the developers and writers without it being sexist. It takes more than “but this one’s a girl!” to make a good character, and it takes more than informed traits to make a character enjoyable. I would have liked Minfilia a whole lot more if even once she’d been given half the agency the writers gave Aymeric - but even her one big Moment in 2.55 wasn’t even her decision, it was Hydaelyn’s.

My Criticism on Masashi Kishimoto's Portrayal of Female Characters in the Naruto Manga (an 8000 word rant)

(sadly, Sakura I won’t talk about your pairings because that would double the length of the essay)

This will be a very, very long analysis/critique on Kishimoto’s writing of women in the Naruto MANGA. Will include all spoilers possible and lots of anger. This is will be an essay about the range of female characters, examining them in their proper context and focusing on roles relative to male characters in 699 chapters and 15 years.

People will have varied thresholds on what is pleasing or displeasing to them so if you absolutely loved Naruto and found it to be excellent this essay do NOT intend to dispute your opinions, invalidate your praises of the series, devaluate female characters, or shame you for your preference. This essay is for the fans/ex-fans who were disenfranchised and can’t put to words their feelings

Everyone with an open mind is welcome to read this 8000 word essay and react, but warned that it is NOT positive. You are warned.


In Naruto, where society provides equal opportunities for genders, the village founders, clan leaders, ambitious world-changers, schemers, jutsu innovators, team leaders, tacticians, parents with careers, geniuses who show their arsenal, gray-area villains with sympathetic reasons, characters needing redemption from sinking so low, bloodthirsty killers and plot movers and plot twisters are men with only a footnote of one or two exemptions  in few categories. Male character arcs are closely intertwined with the outcome of the story arc and the theme of the series while female narratives are disproportionately insignificant to the main story arcs.

Male characters outnumber females by at least 3:1 yet most female characters can be put into mothers uninvolved in affairs outside their home and family, medical ninjas, love interests, combat support characters or those devoted to a male character out of romantic love.

The Naruto series not only severely lacks in quantity but barely meets the minimum of varied female roles-  even failing  to compensate by giving its few main female characters the treatment close to what important male characters get.

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