'but we talk all the time!'

i hope alluras vlog is her talking about altea and all the things she misses there, i hope she gets to talk about her mom and we can learn her name too, i hope she gets to talk about her dad, even if the memory of him might be bittersweet, and i hope we get to see her grieve, i hope we get to see her excited as well though, because now shes a paladin of voltron and its probably something shes wanted to be since she was little. i hope she gets to open up about her emotions and she realizes that she doesnt need to put on a brave face all the time, that shes allowed to display how she feels and realizes it doesnt make her weaker or unable to lead. i just really hope they actually use this whole vlog thing to its full potential

So! I’m continuing the tradition and this is my third Rosh Hashana follow forever! Year 5778 started yesterday night, and besides opening a new blank page, this change of a year is also a opportunity to be thankful for everything that happened last year. This might be my last year on Tumblr, so I just wanted to again say how thankful I am for everything here. Just seeing nice tags under my edits, and hearing compliments made my year so good. I got to know amazing people here who gave me advice that I will carry with me every day. I wish for all of us that he new year will be perfect, and will bring with it unforgettable moments. As we say here- Shana Tovah. Let this year be as sweet as apples and honey♥

Bolded- people who I feel like I need to say a big thank you. With some of them I got to talk and I am grateful for the opportunity to meet those amazing souls, and some of them I follow for a long time and just admire from afar, who inspired me to edit/write or just be here for so long in general♥♥ 

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Woke up to watch BTS Comeback Show and I have some comments on it:

Originally posted by ficjeonal

To be honest, this has to be one of my favorite comebacks from all K-Pop groups. The fact that BTS somehow grows up artistically and musically while staying the same (humble, passionate and hard working) blows my mind. One thing that actually drew me into liking them as much as I do now was the fact that every single performance they do is different (in terms of music, lyrics and dancing) but they are all filled with energy no matter what.

I would like to take some time to talk about them bringing back the “No More Dream” performance. We all know that the story behind this song involves Rap Monster (Namjoon) feeling uneasy about not having a dream or aspiration while being in High School (around the time he wrote the lyrics). I think this performance was a hint of encouragement and also a big “I found what I was looking for and look where it led me” kind of moment. This kind of things make me fully understand why BigHit had so much faith in this group and I bet they’re more than proud of them lately.

Originally posted by king-beluga

Though this album is pretty diffrent from what they’ve done before (the difference gap between this one and any of the others, I mean) I’m sure we will keep enjoying it as much as they do when doing live shows and promotions. And the proof to this was this comeback show…

you know what, this is supposed to be keith day, but I feel very compelled to post this ahead of time because I trust none of you

If Lance talks about his parents and refers to them as “Mami” and “Papi”, he’s not calling them mommy and daddy. That’s how we Cubans call our parents. We grow up calling them Mami and Papi. So please bear this in mind before y'all infantalize him or god so help me

EMO XINGMI INTERLUDE but can I just say that…we deserve this. having to watch all the other stans get excited over their bias’s teaser pics and waiting up all night, getting a whole new album with his voice, live stages, interviews, It Was Hard. Other stans can’t relate. But we made it through, and now it’s Yixing’s time. a whole new, Yixing-composed album. We get to eat and be fed. 3 months of xingmi depression, almost 10 without any musical content, and we got through it. Let’s make it count by supporting Yixing in any way we can. Buy the album if possible, stream his music, or just share his teaser pics if that’s all you can do. It matters! Yixing rise. Xingmi rise. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

what I want from Lance’s vlog: basically him addressing the vlog to his family and just talking about the fun stuff he’s doing in space with the others, but then he suddenly transitions to reminiscing about his childhood back home, something like ‘hey remember that time we all did this incredibly lame thing together and mom was so mad at us for it’ and then his face kinda falls and he sniffles but then he smiles again and just goes, ‘I can’t wait until I’m back on Earth so I can introduce you all to my friends out here in space. I love them, they’re so incredible and I know you’ll love them all. Yes, including Keith. He’s not as bad as I made him seem in all those phone calls, I guess. I’ll see you all soon. Hopefully.’ And then he’s about to sign off but then at the last moment he just whispers ‘I miss you all so much.’ And then he signs off.

I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you’ve got any of this. Not a word. *lowering his voice* Not a single word!

You know what I loooove about that stydia bickering?

That you can tell they’ve been talking every day. LIke, of all the times we talked on the phone, of all the text messages we sent each other, I cannot believe you didn’t ever mention this?!

And you can tell that Lydia hasn’t been directly and blatantly lying to him (for instance telling him that she made it to MIT, making stuff up and so on). Which also means that they’ve only been talking about random stuff every day.

“I love you”, “I miss you”, “What do you think of this?”, “What do you think of that?” and banter, banter, banter.

I love one (1) married couple. I love stydia, and I always will.

Originally posted by thatherohair

Best Case Scenario for Season 5: BoJack continues to work on himself and grow as a person. His progress isn’t linear and he backslides into typical BoJack behavior but ultimately he keeps trying and continues to do things that Season 1 BoJack would have seemed incapable of. He slowly repairs his relationships with his friends and gains a new relationship with Hollyhock as they continue to talk on the phone to one another.

Undesirable Scenario for Season 5: BoJack continues to work on himself. He makes an amazing amount of progress in a very short time and only ever occasionally says something jerky to indicate he’s the same person he was before.

Worst Cast Scenario for Season 5: BoJack tries to be a better person, but after backsliding a few times convinces himself that changing who you are is impossible, a sentiment the people around him reinforce. He returns to the sort of self-centered destructive behavior that we saw in seasons 1-3, all hope and goodness is dead.

Stop the ‘craft and take your pets to the vet.

I CANNOT express this enough. Maybe because I just lost my horse, but this…pisses me off beyond reason.

“Oh, my pet is sick - I’ll do a spell!”

“My pet isn’t acting right - I think someone cursed them.”

“My pet hasn’t eaten in 3 days, I’ll draw a sigil”.

Take your pet to the vet!!!!!

Do all the witchcraft you want - AFTER YOU TAKE YOUR PET TO THE VET. Animals dont react to pain and discomfort and illness like we humans do. They hide it until its bad. Put the witchcraft to the side, pull on your Logic Hat, and go to the vet. Your pet is looking to YOU to give them the care they need. If you can’t afford the vet, a lot of times if you talk to the vet they will take payment plans. Ask a family member for help, or a friend. But you need to put medical science first 👏👏👏for your pet 👏👏👏 and then do whatever witchy stuff you want.

Boyfriend Characteristics
  • Jonah: Cuddles all the time! He would want to stay in bed with you or go out late at night for a drive or something.
  • Zach: They way that he'd look at you would be priceless. He would poke you when your sad so that you would look at him.
  • Corbyn: He loves to listen to you talk. He always stares into your eyes when you talk with a smile on his face.
  • Daniel: He'd buy you flowers all the time. He'd sing you lullaby's so you could sleep. Cheesy jokes.
  • Jack: He would always be kissing your face. He'd let you borrow his hoodies all the time. Pick up lines.
  • (Might make this into a little series)
touch me


Park Jinyoung x Reader

Word Count: 5k

Genre: sub!Jinyoung smut (basically)

Summary: I’ll fucking digest you, one kiss at a time

Author’s Note: As a commemoration to our Peachy turning 23 I thought we can all indulge in a little filth! This actually almost drove me insane because Jaebum kept distracting me but it is finally done! Hope you have fun reading<3

Warning: Okay, so there is all sorts of filth in there including dirty talk, a little thigh riding, toys, denial, the works of it. You’ve been warned. 

Music Recommendation

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The writing is on the wall and you are
hanging pictures. I am watching you,
resigned and unsurprised. I still remember 
our third date, the forecast saying rain and you
packing us a picnic to take to the beach as though
the weather man didn’t know what he was 
talking about, like you couldn’t see the clouds
with your own two eyes.

The writing is on the wall and you are
telling me it is time to redecorate as you
push and shove at the shelf I filled up with
all the books I planned to read to you. 
We are so good at making plans
that will be impossible to execute. 
It is so easy to say we tried our best
when we set ourselves up to fail.

The writing is on the wall and you are
asking me if I think the landlord will mind if we
freshen up the living room with a lick of 
paint. I know damn well you don’t care what
he has to say and it is always me who
takes the fall when things get damaged anyway. 
Decisions only count around here
when you are the one who makes them.
Don’t think I haven’t noticed.

I guess what I am trying to say is that
when a tree falls over, it still ends up on the ground
whether you listen for the sound or block your ears.
The writing on the wall won’t go away just
because you are refusing to read it.
You can redecorate this house anyway you want to - 
that won’t change the fact that it is already a graveyard;
our future is set in stone.



anonymous asked:

Hey assalamualaikum. Since we are talking about evil and it's origins, do you feel that God had intended iblis to not bow to adam? And did evil exist before happening of that event? And if god did intend him to not bow, why did he let it happen?

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

That’s a deep philosophical question and it is bound with questions on the nature of God and time.

I believe that God set it all up knowing what was going to happen, as a way of bringing out Satan’s arrogance and showing His own greatness. 

Satan had free will and was not forced to act the way he did. But God knew of his latent arrogance and pride, and knew that setting up that scene would bring it out. God does this to humans as well, a person who sins in private, for example, will suffer situations in public life that disgrace them and make people dislike them, as Ibn al-Jawzi points out many times. Humans have free will, but God can always set up situations where their true nature shows through.

We do not know what existed before that event. It is possible that there are billions of other universes, each with its own story and history, and that our universe and its story may be nothing more than a drop in the ocean of all existence.

Adam, peace be upon him, also had free will, and was given some knowledge by God. But God placed him in a situation where he could be tricked by Satan and did not prevent this from happening. Why? Because God wanted a story in which His qualities would show, and in which He would gain millions of true friends, friends who are tested and tempted all their lives yet continue to be sincere and devout toward Him.

If you think about it, there is no other way for God to have true friends. A true friend is the one who is not forced to believe in Him or obey Him, but that despite this, of his own choice, he seeks Him, loves Him and obeys Him until he dies, and with this he earns eternal closeness to Him as a true and proven friend.

We can wonder whether the way God set up everything was fair and just. But the truth is that we do not have sufficient knowledge to make a judgment in this regard, God is infinitely wiser and more knowledgeable about us and about everything else than we are. What matters is that the end result of this universe is the creation of millions or billions of pious, kind and good people who love God and want to be with Him, and who prove their sincerity throughout their lifetimes. The creation of these humans, in my opinion, is more than sufficient justification for everything that happened at the beginning of the human story.

abracataako replied to your post: can we talk about how the BoB canonically has a…

that group chat is simultaneously a nightmare and a gift

i mean we all know its like. constantly a shitshow. all the time. you know how groupchats always become a shitshow? its like that

there’s probably subgroupchats that have spun off. thb definitely have one, where everyone has terrible names all the time. angus and taako probably have a dm line that’s mostly just taako being like “DROP WHAT YOURE DOING ANGO, TIME FOR A MAGIC LESSON” at arbitrary times. carey and magnus have one which is just memes getting sent back and forth. 

lucretia has one with thb and it feels like old times except completely not and she’s their boss. 

Can we talk about kentins super villain face?
“Oh so you think you can defeat me?!?”

All i can picture is him planning to steal all the cookies(or biscuits) in the world. And just as his master plans about to come together his mother comes in telling him its time for his bath time. When he refuses-she drags him away by the ear. I cant take him seriously
If that was me id mock the hell out of that face.

Kentins sprite belongs to chinomiko and beemove.

Doomcio Headcanon

If they eventually defeat Doomfist, he would probably end up caged in the headquarters. None of the heroes would trust a normal jail to keep him locked. So they would keep him there, where they can keep an eye on him at all times.

I feel like Lucio would go and see him (‘cause no one else does). And he would talk to him. He wouldn’t get an answer until something like this:

“Being dead honest with ya, man. I think you were right.”

“About what, exactly?”

“'Only through conflict do we evolve’, it’s true. No one can get better at anything without struggle. Diamonds are created under pressure” He laughs. “That sounds good for a song, I have to write it.”

And the conversation follows with “Oh, you’re a singer? Never heard your music.”

Akande probably shouldn’t have said that.

multifandom17  asked:

Bts live performance of go is so fucking lit🔥 . And they all looking like a mf meal😫😍 . Also can we just talk about Jin? My boi had a lot of screen time , like yes babbby you better get your shine 👏🏽 . I love Jin with his dark hair , even in dope era . I honestly think that's his best look . Big hit need to stop playing him though and give him more parts


… as if sony & co was gonna let him run around with rainbow flags on stage without a beard connected to him (did y'all not see how many media outlets talked about it … please) like yeah its fake and everyone can see right thru it but shes clearly there for a reason just like louis forcing everyone to believe most of his album is for a chic he literally only seen like 5 times so far this year, im over talking about things we cant change & giving it attention like nah im good, my baby loves his baby and is proud of who he is and you know what ? thats all that matters at this point, everything else is irrelevant, fuck them this is the last post about those losers im ever gonna make.

My “favorite”

when the pounding headache I woke up with at 7:15am and wouldn’t go away all day..decides it’s not enough to hurt by bringing throbbing pain to my head but starts making me throw up.

Good times, good times.

*go. away. stupid. headache! you’re not wanted! No one likes you and we all talk crap about you!*