'but if they were'

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@the other anon obviously if they reported it and people got fired it was a big deal? Like they didn't decide to fire those people, someone with authority obviously also recognized it as a big deal you dick

Everyone I presented the evidence to was horrified and grossed out. The camp director wasn’t even able to go through all of it because he was so disgusted. If y'all think I would report something without rock hard evidence to support me, you don’t know me at all.

i wanted to try comparing their heights… abubear is so small oh my god

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So I'm home for the summer visiting my mom and her husband. My mom and I went grocery shopping and I asked her if we could get bananas since I like to have them for breakfast and they usually don't buy any. I went to get banana this morning after only having had one yesterday only to find out that her husband and his friends had eaten them all!! And all I could think was "Banana was my idea! Banana banana banana!!!" I was so upset.