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I bought The Wild Wood Tarot deck about a year ago. It wasn’t until after it arrived that I felt strongly that I was not ready to use it yet. This week has been a lot for me, and I am currently on the cusp of a big decision. When I saw the “Am I Being a Dick” spread, I overwhelmingly felt that it was time to find my deck.

This spread could not have been more accurate. I felt incredibly in tune with my self, the cards, and the universe. I feel corny saying so, especially considering this is my first reading, but I believe that the cards I pulled are all hugely significant. And I found my answer: I’m not being a dick. My reaction is justified. I am sure of my decision.

I feel that it will be too personal to write out my interpretation of the cards here, but I think this will be the perfect opportunity to start a tarot journal. I’m excited to continue learning about this, and I am thrilled with this beautiful deck.

sonagi39  asked:

Maybe Nagito from Danganronpa and Unknown from Mystic Messenger, since they both have white-pink hair?

and i love them both stupidly too.. so many similarities (๏ᆺ๏υ) 

(also don’t worry bubs i have mysme stuff coming up)

Little post-transformation things:

Prince Adam 

  • So obviously Adam can do The Growl™ and he can probably grow hair much faster than most humans can 
  • Also though he becomes overly aware of his surroundings because of the resonating animal instinct and whenever Belle tries to sneak up on him while his half asleep in front of the the fire, he knows she’s there before she’s even entered the room


  • As was shown in the film, lumiere has the tendency to suddenly be alight whether it’s when he dances or as he clicks his fingers
  • Although he’s no longer a candelabra, as he enters a dark room, he emits a slight warm glow and rarely feels the cold


  • It had been suggested that Cogsworth has the ability to tell the time at any given moment due to his time living as a clock
  • But as well as that, he becomes skilled in working with cogs and mechanisms, often helping Maurice with his new inventions when he arrives. As he grows older and less able to complete manual work, he builds little contraptions to do it for him, loving each one dearly


  • Plumette becomes strangely light on her feet and once, as she skipped through the halls, Belle could swear she saw her hang in the air just a little longer that gravity normally allows and when she dances, she appears to float like the feather duster she once was

Mrs Potts

  • As well as being the best tea brewer in France, Mrs Potts finds herself increasingly aware of Chip’s location after worrying about him breaking for such a long time


  • Chip, on the other hand, without the worry of smashing, becomes even more reckless than before and, after being a cup for many years, he detests tea and won’t go near it

Madame Garderobe

  • Garderobe, despite retaining her main focus of singing, spends much more of her time making dresses and other outfits, especially now since there’s a “noble woman” for her to clothe
  • Every morning, before the couple awake, she sets out colour coded matching outfits for Belle and Adam and fusses over their appearances constantly

Monsieur Cadenza 

  • Even though he lost his teeth defending the castle, Cadenza, through living as an instrument for so long, seems to never stop making music. Either he’s playing or humming a tune wherever he may be and it’s always something different that he’s composed himself


  • Although froufrou has returned to his dog form, he’s often restless in the evening unless someone props their feet up on him by the fire. 

I’m sure there’s been days where Terra had to borrow a pair of Aqua’s tights because his weird tight/long john things got damaged or something. Also bonus Marilyn Monroe pose because yeah? yeah. Them parachute pants

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Finally did the day 4 prompt, “picnicking” 

I wanted to do something in canonverse, but I can’t imagine them ever being able to have a nice picnic ‘cause they don’t have any good food… plus neither of them seem the type to set up a romantic picnic date anyway, but Eren is sweet enough to Levi sit on his cloak so he doesn’t get his butt dirty :)

I’ve lived in this house for 6 years and still don’t know any of my neighbors names