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Sarah! I remember you saying that you have access to the comics. It came out today, right? Can you share anything?

sure! it was v cute for fans of varchie, but ngl, i’m not so sure all bughead fans will treasure it in the same way, but still lots of good moments. 


to start, i’m really not sure how “canon” this is supposed to be, since there was a lot of talk about love between veronica and archie (he called her the love of his life at one point, overly earnestly, but that was in the charm)

we at least haven’t heard that on the show, so i think it might be vaguely future set, if it is supposed to be technically canon? but there was no mention of serpents. idk, i kinda think it’s meant to function as an individual entity 

but good reflective growth from veronica, realizing she dislikes the pretention of her old new york friends, ending on a very positive and romantic note for the two of them. it kind of detailed how out of place archie felt around a world of money, and initially veronica was embarrassed by it but by the end of the comic it was really sweet. 


there was some raw, hard, and honestly unresolved questions asked about the different directions betty and jug see themselves going in after high school, which did tug at my heartstrings, for sure. they’re not an uncomplicated relationship. 

they spent their day walking around the city; betty wanted to revisit some of the nostalgia she had about the city when she was younger, or things that were popular or from movies, whereas jughead wanted to see “grittiness” (lmao, this emo child, wait till i tell him the lower east side in 2017 is decidedly not gritty) and go to bookstores, places where patti smith dwelled, etc. 

but even though it presented these big different ideas about where they thought their futures were going as individuals, throughout the comic they were also compromising and bantering—jug always apologized when he was being too snarky—and both betty and jughead were caught up in their idea of things and places. 

jug, not being as self-aware as betty, didn’t exactly call out that his own opinions about places in NYC were just as much conceptions of the city (myself having lived there, i can absolutely confirm this, lmao). 

nor did the writing explicitly call it out, but i still think that it was clear. 

again, i’m not quite sure how much of this to analyze as part of the show’s canon, but i think that were these kids not plagued by gangs and mobsters and hoods and all that, this is what their lives might look like at this stage. 

these are a lot of understandable questions asked by teenagers, especially ones in relationships, and does fit into the absolutely star-crossed thing the writers love about bughead. and it’s kind of romantic, in a wrenching way, the way jughead wishes time could stand still for them. 

it also possibly implied jug has always had feelings for betty? 


and riverdale is 99.9% in upstate new york, pry this out of my fucking hands. although this geography makes no sense unless it’s actually like, westchester county.

but again. i don’t think this is strictly canon. but i’m still not letting this go because i can suspend my disbelief for anything except geography, maps must be fixed!!

also, i genuinely laughed at “brand bookstore”

Tomorrow is freaking JOE TOYE DAY!!! So it’s time to celebrate by brining our the brass knuckles and fighting some nazi’s! Thank you to Toye and all the brave men who fight for the freedom of our country so we can give thanks every year. ♠️🇱🇷🦃

More Necromantic Inks

Hades’ Gift- Made using pomegranate skins. Used for petitioning Persephone and for banishing and exorcism spells. For @chthonic-curiosities

Liliana’s Veil- Made using the ashes of graveyard mold/moss/lichen. Used for laying the dead to rest and keeping the dead from being raised. @orriculum

Blood of Canada- Made Using powdered blood-root (Sanguinaria canadensis). Used for blood and vampire magic. @hailares

Kohl of Nephthys- Made using the recipe for lamp blank ink but it is sealed inside a Bag of Night for a full lunar cycle. Used for shadow magic, protection of graves, spells of death and endings, and for petitioning  Nephthys and Anubis. @obsidianservant

Bull’s Blood Ink- Made using beet juice. Used to write out sacrificial scenarios instead of slaughtering animals. Or used to draw a sketch of the animals which would be butchered. Useful when requesting aid or giving offerings to chthonic entities. @death-witch-envy

Wine of the Phooka- Made using blackberry juice. Can be used to change the future outcomes of small events (especially to prevent premature death and local disasters), taint food, and cause confusion in enemies. @mad-monarch

Cliodhna’s Tears- Made using finely ground willow bark. Used in spells dealing with grief, recovery from loss, letting go, and final messages. @bodaciousbanshee

These inks are dedicated to the people who I immediately thought of upon finishing each recipe. I did my best to divine whether or not you would like them. Hope I was right!


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  • Internet person: I don't really like Lucas Sinclair tbh
  • Me: hmm... to each their own I guess
  • Internet Person: I don't like Caleb McLaughlin either
  • Me: from here on out, I declare your judgement CANCELLED