What’s under the bag?

this drawing got so out of hand… oh well it was still fun

I just realized that if something happens to tony in infinity war peter would lose not one- not two- but THREE father figures. his dad from when he was young, uncle ben just six months prior, and then a high chance that tony will. when will marvel give this boy a break?

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Hi Mimi! I was just wondering if you knew where I could find the most absolute beautiful clip of Tae singing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"? Cause I know that Jimin like copies him, sounding absolutely beautiful as well, right after. Ik it's nowhere near Christmas, and he doesn't even sing the whole song. But that little clip always brightens up my day. It used to be saved on my phone, but now I have no idea where it is. Could you help?

  • Find the original tweet HERE ^^
  • Download the mp3 HERE

I hope this will brighten up your day because it sure did to mine ^^