First of all, they were playing sexy lounge-type music in the photo op room, and that was just… anyway. 

So there was a bit of miscommunication about the pose, because I wanted Jensen to be in the position I was in, with Misha in the back. So I hand them the hats and Misha’s kinda smirking, and Jensen’s frowning slightly and turning his over in his hands, and I turn to Misha and ask if we could do a Titanic pose. And he’s like, “Of course!” ..But then they’re still standing there and he’s like “Okay wait I’m not exactly sure what you want us to do.” So I hold my arms out to demonstrate, but he gets the wrong idea and does it with me instead (not that I’m complaining), and I’m panicking because I have no clue what Jensen’s doing but I know he’s not really a part of the pose, and I feel a little sick because I think I messed it up or something, and when they give the hats back I don’t even look at Jensen because I feel like I made him uncomfortable or something (I just got a weird kind of vibe) so I’m like “I am so sorry I made you do this.And Misha looks back at me and he’s doing that adorable crinkly eye laugh. Clif notices the look of vague panic on my face when I’m leaving (and asks me if I’m okay when we’re talking later that night) and he looks at me knowingly and chuckles. 

So I was stressing about how it turned out all night, and when I finally saw it, I was just… it’s perfect. Jensen’s face, oh my god. Let’s just ignore the insane gleam in my eye.

As my mom said, “Jensen looks like a jealous, rejected cabin boy whose Captain wouldn’t pay attention to him”. I think that’s a pretty apt description of what’s going on here.

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anonymous asked:

Oh, my god, what about Louis clubbing with girls again??


I want to start by saying that anything can happen and be twisted in multiple shapes but sure things about new party boy pictures:

- We are meant meant meant to see Louis out and being zonked-cool-surrounded by sexy girls;

- This will affect his future narrative;

- Their team is at least a little predictable, which, thank God, they’re human.

Likely things about new party boy pictures:

- Be it tonight or next time there will be paps taking photos that’ll end up in tabloids (this is not intended for fandom only);

- Louis will be out partying again for a while, but it won’t last as long as last time;

- It might be the starting process of babygate denial.

This is where I stand now with the (little) information we have. It could stir more quickly/slowly than I think, let’s wait for their very next moves.