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To all of you starting high school

High school sucks. If anyone tells you different, they’re lying. 

High school is not the best 4 years of your life.

High school isn’t everything.

Those kids that make fun of you? 4 years and you’re done. You will never have to communicate with them again. (also karma will get them get back)

Seriously, pay attention and do your homework. You will regret it if you don;t.

BEFRIEND YOUR TEACHERS. They are your friends. Yes, even the mean ones.

The friends you have now, probably won’t be your friends by your last year and that’s okay.

Eat something in morning. Bring a granola bar to school and eat it between classes if you can’t eat in the morning. You will feel better if you eat something.

Push yourself. Colleges want people who push themselves, not people who take all the easy classes.

No one will care about how you acted or what you did by the next day and at most a few weeks.

9 times out of 10, upperclassmen don’t want to just “chill”. They don’t care bout your feelings. If they’re sleeping with you and not an upperclassmen, there’s probably a reason.

Don’t let other people borrow your textbooks. Those things aren’t cheap and you probably won’t see it again.

BE NICE TO EVERYONE. You never know when you’ll need to copy someone’s homework. (I was nice so people let me copy ALL the time)

Copy smart. Copying does you no good if you get caught. High School teachers don’t let that shit slide.

If you choose not to do the reading, PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS AND TAKE LOTS OF NOTES. You can bet your ass there will be a quiz.

If you do Shakespeare or anything that’s hard to read, (A Tale Of Two Cities jfc), if there’s a film version, WATCH IT. It will help you understand it.

Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers for help.

If you can bring coffee, SPILLPROOF CUPS. No one wants spoiled milk. That shit will spill in your locker and you will forget and it will be gross.

KEEP YOUR LOCKER CLEAN. Last thing you want is a detention because you were late because you couldn’t find your textbook from your locker being too messy.

If you’re gonna be late, make that shit count.

For the love of god, don’t send nudes.

Bring your earphones and charger

You’ll be fine. High school sucks but it’s only 4 years and it’ll fly by.

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Hi Kate I'm having a mental breakdown since I found out the person I thought is my friend doesn't give a shit bout me. I'm hurt bc I gave my all in this friendship n many more. I just want a spell to make that person realize their mistake n not do it with others. I don't want no apologies from that person just self realization would be enough. I know you would say to just get over it but what that person did is terribly wrong n people need to realize how wrong they are.

oh my, that is terrible. you don’t need to simply get over it, that kind of betrayal hurts and it takes time to heal. i hope you have more people who care about you to help you through this, but if not my message box is always open. 

know what you have done spell

find a picture of the two of you, and roll it up with some rosemary inside, fresh or dried, whichever is easier to procure. tie it with string, and light a black or white candle. burn the rolled picture.

wasted friendship, wasted years,
know and feel these wasted tears. 
by broken bond and rosemary
know, and regret what you have done to me.

Okay, so, despite this not being an art blog, I still wanted to share this drawing of a Human automaton Penn I did because people seemed to like his og design as much as I did and I just wondered what he would look like as a human… so this happened.

all bundled up and happy

i saw a lot of people drawing @cinnamon-grump‘s persona and heK is it fun to draw. i drew this pretty quick so sorry if it came out trashy ‘:D

(also take this as a message of me not interacting with ye ash, sorry bout it!! i’m hekin busy and school for me starts back up in 4 days :”])

@shortandpsycho i couldnt reply the whole thing in the chat so here it is: no!! lauren did use female pronouns, but that was one time thing and people r not taking it to heart because lauren likes to play these games like, just before s3 she said allura wasnt lion material and boom, s3 and allura piloting blue, so you understand? its their job to do that, and dos santos didn’t use female pronouns nor male, just neutral. His exact words were: ‘whoever lance chooses, i think what he’s looking for is getting to a place that is maybe very different than where he started in the series’ and thats it~ the whole stream is probably up somewhere already, i just got the quotes from people who were there

@proklance if ur gonna drop by someone’s post please at least give accurate answers, will you? it’s rude :/

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7 and 9 with Murphy pretty please? Welcome btw, I'm excited to see what you got for us.

of course!! aah, thank you so much love; i really appreciate it. also, this is pretty shitty and short, sorry ‘bout that.

#7: I dare you, try to take me down.
#9: You tried to cut me down but in reality, it’s you who has further to fall.

John Murphy.

The devil himself, or at least in your eyes. Ever since the drop ship landed on earth he had been bossing around and thinking he was in charge, when in reality; he was not. So every time you would see him walking around camp, yelling at people who wasn’t helping the others to build the wall you would immediately snap. You just couldn’t stand him. And the fact that you two did not get along at all didn’t exactly help either.

This day was nothing different. You were leaning towards the drop ship while you studied the boy as he was walking around camp with his hand behind his back, carefully watching all the others doing the work they were assigned. You let out a deep, frustrerad sigh as you crossed your arms; not taking your eyes of the smug boy. “You got an eye for someone?” A voice suddenly spoke up beside you, causing you to immediately look beside you; spotting Finn beside you. “Let’s see, who could it be?” He said as he leaned back, his back hitting the drop ship as he scanned the group in front of you. “Is it Miller? Or maybe, him?” He asked as he pointed at a guy who was currently carrying two buckets of water. You let out a chuckle before you opened your mouth to speak. “Hello on you too, Finn,” You shook your head while laughing.

He looked over at you with a smile on his lips. “What’s up?” He asked while running a hand through his messy hair. Your smile slowly vanished as you looked over at John again, letting out a deep sigh. “Just look at him,” You muttered, causing Finn’s glance to follow yours; landing on the brunette boy across camp. A gasp was immediately heard from his side, causing you to look over at him with a confused look pasted on your face. “Do you have an eye for Murphy?” He asked in shock, making you choke on your own breath. “What? No, absolutely not!” You quickly said, looking over at him again. “He just thinks he’s in control, you know.” You bitterly said, clenching your jaw as you saw him yelling at someone who wasn’t doing their work. “Oh, well he kind of is.” Finn shrugged, looking down at his shoes.

“What? No, he’s not!” You quickly said, looking over at the boy beside you, making him look up at you once again. “Or at least he shouldn’t be,” You continued. “Yeah, but it is what it is Y/N. We’ve already tried everything we can,” He said, looking down at you. “Not hard enough.” You muttered as you looked up at the taller boy, making eye contact. “Let’s see, Who do we have over here?” A familiar voice was heard in front of you two, causing both of you to turn around.

And there he was, the devil himself. “Murphy,” You growled, crossing your arms once again. He let out a sarcastic laugh as he walked towards the two of you. “What’s up with the attitude, Mrs. Y/L/N?” He smirked as soon as he reached you. You mimicked his sarcastic laugh before opening your mouth to speak. “Was just about to ask you the exact same thing, John,” You said. He clenched his jaw before looking over at Finn. “Why aren’t you two doing your chores?” He asked, still looking at Finn. “Wow, John! You’re taking the words out of my mouth right now!” You sarcastically laughed, causing him to look over at you immediately. “What’s your god damn problem, Y/N?” He snapped at you, taking a step closer to you. “You’re my god damn problem,” You snapped back, looking at him. You could basically see the anger building up inside of him, causing you to smirk. “That’s it,” He hissed at you. Before you knew it, he swung his hand towards your face.

But Finn quickly caught it before it could touch your face, pushing the boy away from you. “That’s enough Murphy.” Finn said seriously as he stared at the brunette. Murphy looked at him before breaking away from his grip, his eyes meeting yours. “I’m gonna kill you someday Y/N, have that in the back of your mind,” He growled. A smile slowly started to form on your lips as a chuckle escaped them, you shaking your head; taking a step towards him. “Look, John,” She began.

The boy in front of her took a deep breath before opening his mouth to speak. “Murphy. You know it’s Murphy. Don’t get too big with that mouth of yours.” You snickered at the boy in front of you as your sly smile grew bigger. “You already know I’m not afraid of you and I’ve never been either. I’ll never be.” You murmured. He looked down at you with a mordant glance before speaking. “I’m going to fucking kill you.” He hissed, clenching his fists. “I dare you, try to take me down.” You said as you looked up at him with the same smug, sly smile.

“Anyways,” You said after a short silence, looking up at Finn. “He’s right, we should probably go and do our chores Finn,” You smiled, causing him to look at you confused. You looked over at the boy in front of you, flashing him a smile. “Let’s go.” You said as you passed him, Finn following you. “What the fuck was that?” He whispered as soon as you passed John. You suddenly stopped walking as you turned around. “Wait, Murphy!” You called out, causing him to turn around.

You know, you’re trying to cut me down but when in reality, it’s you who has further to fall.” You said high enough for him to hear you before turning around, walking away with a satisfied smile on your lips.

A little did both of you know that you two would soon evolve into something more.

Went Out Drinking With Thomas Paine

The Modern Thomas Hamilton Mix Part One ft Copious (Mostly English) Protest Songs (tracklist below the cut)

So if ever a man should ask you for your business or your name
Tell him to go and fuck himself, tell his friends to do the same
‘Cause a man who’d trade his liberty for a safe and dreamless sleep
Doesn’t deserve the both of them and neither shall he keep

[ L I S T E N ]  /  [ P A R T 2 ]

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2016 Fic Roundup

wowow 2016 is dead and gone. here’s all the narry shit i wrote:

something about the new year – 2.4k

“Have you gone home for the holidays?”

“No,” he jumped. “No. Well, yes. I’ve come back since, though. I’m… I’m in London, too.“

“That’s good,” Niall paused, briefly weighing his next words on his tongue, “Suppose I could stop by sometime?”

(It’s New Year’s Eve and they’ve only seen each other a handful of times throughout 2016, and really, that’s about 360 days together too little.)

songs we wrote when we were drunk – 4.8k

“That was…that was really good and all Haz, but is this gonna make shit weird?” Niall asked, lifting himself onto one elbow to peer down at Harry who, though technically larger than him, was curled up quite neatly into a ball like he was ready for a nap.

“Us? ‘Course not.” He closed his eyes while talking, leaving Niall to wonder if he’d only said it so that he could sleep or if he actually believed it.

“‘Course not,” Niall copied, lying back down. “Guess we’ll find out.”

(A quick piece exploring Narry getting drunk, getting off, getting ignored, and getting together.)

for years or for hours – 8.7k

“Do you really think people marry for love these days?” his father scoffed. Harry merely shrugged his shoulders, casting his gaze out the carriage window to a puddle that spanned the width of the street, reflective surface shattering as the wheels spun through it. “We can’t afford that! Besides, that’s a ridiculous notion. Where would you get such a nonsensical idea?”

“Nowhere, Father,” Harry sighed. He longed to be anywhere else but on his way to his wedding rehearsal, but short of throwing himself from the moving carriage and hoping he either died or was well enough to run away after landing, he had no choice but to stay.

(A Corpse Bride AU in which Harry wants to marry for love, and does, after The End.)

it starts like this, harmless and simple to fix – 12.1k

Harry wasn’t sure when he’d see Niall again–he knew of course that he would see Niall in the morning when he delivered breakfast, but he didn’t know if he’d have another chance to just sit and talk. He realized that Niall was the only person he’d had an actual conversation with since he’d gotten to Earth. He had too much to do in North America to stop and talk, moved around too often to meet people, but he realized now that he missed the interaction. He wasn’t made for people, but he liked people–at least he did now that he knew Niall.

(In other words, Niall and Harry easily become infatuated with each other when Harry starts staying at Niall’s family hotel, but their love is condemned to be…seasonal.)

we let our love ignite – 1.1k

“Do you think we’re in love?”

“The fuck are you talkin’ ‘bout, Haz?” he laughed again but this time it was strained. Harry took a step closer and Niall straightened his posture to try to stand at Harry’s height.

“I mean, we could be. Right? Like, why couldn’t we?”

all i ask – 1k

In which Niall and Harry have a night together but that’s it.

to get you off my mind – 1k

In which Harry tries to get over Niall.

secret love song – 1.3k

In an alternate universe, Niall is a solo singer-songwriter who keeps himself in the closet, and Harry hosts the breakfast show with Nick.

when we were young – 1.3k

In which Niall constantly runs charities and Harry shows up at one.

you will find me with a kiss – 2k

In a world where you find your soulmate by kissing them, Harry tries to only kiss people when he thinks that they could be the one. 

colors fade to gray ii – >1k

A sister-drabble to adopt-a-prompt with @basement-hero where you see in color while your soulmate loves you, but not any longer than that.

the cuddle jumper – >1k

Niall and Harry get into a two-headed jumper.

prompt fill – >1k

Harry worrying about Harry 2.0 (Conor) basically.

there were some things I didn’t include bc i don’t like them anymore, but they total about another 3k, then there’s 31k of a few WIPs that i hope to finish in 2017, so all in all i wrote like… 71.5k this year (even tho literally almost exactly half of it is thus far unpublished) daaaang, well here’s to a great fic-filled 2017

Michaela wasn’t always so ungrateful and abrasive toward Annalise. In the beginning she was just behind Bonnie on the list of people in the Annalise Keating fan club (1.01 – “I wanna be her.”). Michaela did say she hated Annalise in those early days, but that was because Annalise was monopolizing all of their time, some of which should’ve been dedicated to their other classes (1.04 – “How are we supposed to find time to study for torts?”).

Then after murder night 1.0 she went through a bout of paranoia fueled by Connor and the police interviewing them, and she and Connor were a step away from turning on everyone (1.10 – “The police. They’re acting like they don’t know, using reverse psychology to make us feel like we’re getting away with it, but ̶ “ and 1.12 – “And you both have your heads up your asses. She’s telling us to act normal when she’s the one who needs to act–”). That doubt and fear faded though after Annalise had Nate’s fingerprint transferred to Sam’s wedding ring, ending up in his arrest (1.12 – “Does it matter? She’s doing what she said she’d do. She’s taking care of us.”). 

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Sorry not sorry but..

Another reason why I like Michael Jackson is his love for black women. He never put them on his videos for props, degreded them, NEVER put white women on a pedestal. They were always the leading ladies. (Minus Lisa Marie but that was his wife so…duh) My favorite is In The Closet with Niomi Campbell. One, shes a beautiful fierce dark skinned goddess. 2. yes I know it was “acting” but he looked like he was just in love with her. All of her. So much movement and chemistry. She was beautiful, he was beautiful, they were just beautiful.

Second favorite is Remember The Time for obvious reasons. Iman is just.. so..beautiful. he was beautiful. Just how he interacts with black women is just so beautiful and you dont get that a lot nowa days. People get mad saying why did he cast that particular girl. Well you forget he is still a black male. Sorry bout it. Yea he had other WOC and a white girl sprinkled here and there but he loved us. And it makes my heart so happy.

Take it Slow

Daryl Dixon Imagine

this was supposed to be a request but somehow took a different turn so now… we have this.. :D’‘‘ I hope it’s still somewhat enjoyable.

You’re out recruting new people with Daryl. He starts to seperate himself as he things he’s responsible for the death of too many people.

word count: 1524
approximated reading time: 8 minutes

Walking through the woods from dawn until dusk had tired me a lot. We still had about an hour of daylight left and Daryl looked pretty determined to keep walking for as long as our legs would carry us. I didn’t. I was tired and convinced that no matter how long we kept on looking for people we wouldn’t find any. It had been days since we came across this group of people who vanished into thin air without leaving even the faintest footprint for Daryl to track.
“Don’t you think we should look for a place to stay for the night soon?”, I asked without sounding too desperate or whiny.
“Probably”, Daryl muttered but he wouldn’t stop or even slow down for a second.
I sighed deeply and walked on. After we couldn’t help that man with the yellow jacket a few weeks ago Daryl was more than focused, almost to a point where he kept forgetting about the world around him. He wanted to help as many people as possible and finding the yellow jacket torn apart with strains of blood all over it had really gotten into his head. Sometimes he would wake up in the middle of the night panting, covered in sweat with trembling hands. I knew that wasn’t just because of that man. He would murmur Beth’s name in his sleep every now and then. He thought himself responsible for so many bad things… things he wasn’t in any way responsible for. I had hoped to shift his attention away from all this bad stuff but it seemed there was no room for anything else in his mind right now.
“Daryl!”, I pleaded again.
“Fine”, he grunted dropping his backpack to the ground.
“Right here!?” I raised my eyebrows looking around.
“Yeah… It’s ‘bout what we’ll make of it.” Daryl had started to tie strings around the trees nearby hopefully warning us of approaching walkers and other intruders. A technique we used all the time. A lot of people did. It didn’t always turn out to be that safe though.

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1. To go without coffee. You suck, you know. Seriously. I don’t know how you managed to get a job at the ONE coffee shop in our tiny town but you did. Congrats on adulting but fuck you for taking away my only other crutch besides you.
2. You aren’t the only person who cared. For a long time, it felt like you were the only person who actually gave a damn. I think that’s part of the reason I thought I was in love with you. However, since your departure, I’ve discovered I have a whole support system behind me. I mean, yeah, it may have taken a shattering break up, hard bout of depression, some heavy drinking, and a huge ass wake up call but I have finally noticed all the people here for me and I’m so sorry I didn’t notice them sooner.
3. You weren’t who I needed. For the longest time, it felt like I needed you just to survive. It felt- Wow, it felt like you were just… Everything. Like the stars, the moon, the sun- Really, the whole shebang. But, you know what? You aren’t what I needed. You aren’t superman and I’m not Lois Lane. You aren’t the charming to my Cinderella. You just aren’t the person I needed to save me. I am.
4. I depended on you too much. I see that now. You came to me during a time where I didn’t want to live. Didn’t want to go on. A time where I lost myself. And instead of living for me and re-learning to love myself, I started living for and loving you. And for that, I’m sorry. It wasn’t fair. You just… can’t depend on someone like that because, in the end, it’ll either break them or you. I guess it really just broke us both, huh?
5. I’m gonna be alright. I don’t need you to survive, never really did. I know that now. And, yeah, I’m still going to have feelings for you but I’m not living for you anymore. I’m living for me and I’m finally starting to find myself again. It’s an absolute work in progress but you got to start somewhere. You broke my heart, but, oh god, I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m gonna be alright, all in spite of you. There’s truly no greater satisfaction than that.
—  Five things I’ve learned since you left me // here’s to goodbye

anonymous asked:

Yo flizzy I fucked up I mean FUCKED the fuckity fuck up I have a girlfriend and she's mad hot and shit but she's a fucking flirt and I told her to stop but she wouldn't and I found out a couple days ago that she's been fucking my ex boyfriend (I'm a girl btw) and my best friend and like 13 other people for a year and I got so pissed that i drugged her and shaved her but like ugly patches kind of shave. Did I take it too far? I know I shouldn't have drugged her but idk I feel fucking broken

What the……
You gotta just accept the jail time U bout to get that’s crazyyyyy

okay but like, asexual kylux

so hear me out okay:
- hux who’s never really had great freedom for relationships or one night stands bc the academy

-but god knows he’s had some wild nights

-and yet, it never really did anything for him???? like yeah, sure, that was nice but like??????

-“i dont understand the appeal of doing this with other people????”

-and sometimes he’ll overhear his peers talking about waiting for a bout of free time bc god dammit they just wanna fuck their partner [or whoever tbh]

-hux just being “wha-why ???”

-hux kinda just shrugging it all off bc to be quite frank, he honestly just doesn’t care and he gets more work done anyway

-hux never really understanding the appeal of sex and never really being sexually attracted to anyone

-[[[relationships are tricker bc he would actually v much appreciate one but he’s suppressed it so much he thinks he doesn’t want one - until he meets someone]]]

-and he’s just going on w/ his life becoming general n shit and never having to worry about sexual partners

-(((he can take care of himself)))

-but then, ren happens

-and even after they’re in a relationship, hux never has the desire to sleep w/ ren

-and ren is a lil confused by this bc he didn’t really realise there was another option to a relationship w/ sex

-[kylos upbringing left him a lil stunted in this field - snoke isn’t a great sex ed teacher lets be honest]

-so ren kinda breeches the subject w/ hux

-and hux mentions he wouldn’t be hugely adverse to enjoying the physicality of sex if ren so desired but its not something he would ever actively attempt to attain

-and kylo kinda just sits there for a minute contemplating

-bc he feels like he should be intrigued and involved in intimate sexual relations bc ‘isn’t everyone?’

-and like, he’s had a few flings here and there but he doesn’t really understand and he doesn’t really think about it bc it scares him

-bc kylo doesn’t need another aspect of himself to be broken and differing from the norm

-but then, hux starts explaining how he feels regarding sex

-completely nonchalantly, just occasionally breaking his ridiculously composed flow to smoke, bc this is just fact to him now

-and kylo’s like
-“i know what you mean”
-“i doubt that you do”
-“no, im serious”
-“oh? do indulge me, kylo”

-and kylo just kinda starts rambling about everything from how he feels obliged to be interested to actually being kinda scared and how he’s only ever had flings bc ‘i dont understand? whats the point?’

-hux kinda just sits forward and is like “wait, what”

-bc, he’s not the only one?????

-and they both kinda agree that, hey, the parts of their relationship w/o sex are vastly more pleasing

-[[[aka the soppy cuddling n shit]]]

-and its like

-they found a balance they never thought they would

-both being adverse to sex for different, but eerily similar reasons, they actually have a functioning and happy relationship???

-[[[for the most part]]]

-who’dve guessed it????

Knight With No Armor (Jackson) Part 1/?

PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4

Genre: Fluff (I guess, man I just write.)

Length: 2404

Warnings: None

Princes! Reader Peasant! Jackson

You sit in front of your mirror while one of the castle servants combed your hair. 

“It’s fine Miss Lacey I can do my hair myself” You insisted. 

“No, I must do as ordered, your grace.”

Miss Lacey was about a year or two older than you are, you guys had no choice but to be close. You guys never talked as friends only as polite acquaintances, well you to her it was. For her it was sadly her job to take orders from you and your family and some of the special workers of your family.

“Well I am ordering you let me do my own hair.” You said unconvincingly, you didn’t really like ordering any one around. It wasn’t in your nature, surprisingly. Since you are the princess.

“No can do, your grace. I was ordered by the queen.”

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IDK if any of you are watching S10 at all??? Probably not.

But like if you are and you saw tonight’s episode, did anyone else see/hear Dean’s confession and just scream “CAS!” the whole time?

Cause like… “PEOPLE” “FEELINGS” “A NEW AND DIFFERENT WAY”. Like IDK ‘bout y’all but to me that said “I want to experience Cas in a new and different way,” if you know what I mean.