'bout time i did other people


“Voguing is the same thing as like, taking two knives and cutting each other up but through a dance form. Voguing came from shade because it was a dance that two people did because they didn’t like each other. Instead of fighting, you would dance it out on the dance floor, and whoever did the better moves, was throwing the best shade… Vogue, because some of the movements of the dance are also the same as the poses inside the magazine, the name is a statement in itself. I mean you really wouldn’t go to a ball to do ‘the mademoiselle’… no way.” - Willi Ninja (1961 - 2006), The Godfather of Vogue

okay but like, asexual kylux

so hear me out okay:
- hux who’s never really had great freedom for relationships or one night stands bc the academy

-but god knows he’s had some wild nights

-and yet, it never really did anything for him???? like yeah, sure, that was nice but like??????

-“i dont understand the appeal of doing this with other people????”

-and sometimes he’ll overhear his peers talking about waiting for a bout of free time bc god dammit they just wanna fuck their partner [or whoever tbh]

-hux just being “wha-why ???”

-hux kinda just shrugging it all off bc to be quite frank, he honestly just doesn’t care and he gets more work done anyway

-hux never really understanding the appeal of sex and never really being sexually attracted to anyone

-[[[relationships are tricker bc he would actually v much appreciate one but he’s suppressed it so much he thinks he doesn’t want one - until he meets someone]]]

-and he’s just going on w/ his life becoming general n shit and never having to worry about sexual partners

-(((he can take care of himself)))

-but then, ren happens

-and even after they’re in a relationship, hux never has the desire to sleep w/ ren

-and ren is a lil confused by this bc he didn’t really realise there was another option to a relationship w/ sex

-[kylos upbringing left him a lil stunted in this field - snoke isn’t a great sex ed teacher lets be honest]

-so ren kinda breeches the subject w/ hux

-and hux mentions he wouldn’t be hugely adverse to enjoying the physicality of sex if ren so desired but its not something he would ever actively attempt to attain

-and kylo kinda just sits there for a minute contemplating

-bc he feels like he should be intrigued and involved in intimate sexual relations bc ‘isn’t everyone?’

-and like, he’s had a few flings here and there but he doesn’t really understand and he doesn’t really think about it bc it scares him

-bc kylo doesn’t need another aspect of himself to be broken and differing from the norm

-but then, hux starts explaining how he feels regarding sex

-completely nonchalantly, just occasionally breaking his ridiculously composed flow to smoke, bc this is just fact to him now

-and kylo’s like
-“i know what you mean”
-“i doubt that you do”
-“no, im serious”
-“oh? do indulge me, kylo”

-and kylo just kinda starts rambling about everything from how he feels obliged to be interested to actually being kinda scared and how he’s only ever had flings bc ‘i dont understand? whats the point?’

-hux kinda just sits forward and is like “wait, what”

-bc, he’s not the only one?????

-and they both kinda agree that, hey, the parts of their relationship w/o sex are vastly more pleasing

-[[[aka the soppy cuddling n shit]]]

-and its like

-they found a balance they never thought they would

-both being adverse to sex for different, but eerily similar reasons, they actually have a functioning and happy relationship???

-[[[for the most part]]]

-who’dve guessed it????