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JUICE: cmon cmon cmon

TEN: This is first contact with humanity we are talking about. Far too much responsibility to just throw away on a dumb joke. No. Absolutely not.

JUICE: itll be funny

Hey, check it out, it’s almost like a kind of finished thing! I mean, I said I was gonna do it.

I really just wanted to see Scout as a Jungle Cruise skipper?? I feel like a job where he gets to talk/tell bad jokes to people that are forced to listen to him for ten minutes would be the best possible job for him to have.

“Luigi and Daisy can’t be gay and lesbian because they’re dating each other”

Uh, wrong bitch. Yeah Luigi and Daisy are dating each other but here’s my theory. They’re both dating each other because they’re closeted.

Luigi knows lotta people see him as being gay and people make jokes bout it all the time, and he is. But he’s scared because of how people joke about it and he’s scared it’ll some how make him less than Mario if he does come out, or that maybe he’ll be an embarrassment to the family. He’s scared how Mario will react as well.

Daisy’s scared to come out because she thinks because she’s a princess and that needs to be more “feminine” and like men to be considered on the same level as other princesses like Peach. She looks up to her bff Peach so she thinks she’s gotta be like her, and she’s scared Peach will know of her crush on her, or stop hanging out with her.

So Luigi and Daisy date each other. They both know about each other’s sexualities, they’re only out to each other. Luigi and Daisy are actually best friends who pretend to be a couple to keep each other safe. They vent to each other about their struggles being in the closet, they talk about the men and women they like, they cope together, they go out together, play sports together, they’re gay best friends who make each other happy.

Luigi and Daisy are the ultimate solidarity between a gay man and a lesbian.


Day 1 - 6

I’m doing the OTP challenge with Hannigram as the main pair. I’ll do my best to not let them go too ooc xD 

Cramming quality, I’m sorry. I might re-do some of the pieces someday.


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