Birds of a Feather: Part 2

Request:  Can you do a part two to birds of a feather? It was so good I need more 😭😍

~I am overjoyed to know you wanted a part two to one of my stories. I am over the moon right now. :D I hope you enjoy!~

This is part 2 of another story! If you want to read part 1, here is the link!

You and Newt had been taking care of your little bird for two months now. He had not told you what kind it was and you had not really thought of asking him. You were too busy spending time with Newt, having tea with Newt, telling jokes with Newt. Everything in your life had turned to Newt and your bird.

Hearing a knock on the door, you looked up from your book and smiled. He’s here.

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anonymous asked:

Hi 👋🏽 so my fav fic from you is Bit of a Flirt bc it was perfect in every way! I also enjoyed Cinq ;))

thank you so much!! i love BOAF bc i had so much fun writing it with @daveeddiggsit (we should be working on part 2 soon so fingers crossed we actually get it done lol)

what is your favorite fic i’ve written?