Okay lets talk as im sure you’ve all seen the videos of Keaton Jones, being bullied as they’ve went viral and are all over celebrites pages. But, what those celebrites and pages aren’t telling you that it is all a scam.

Keaton Jones, family are know racist and conferate flag supporters. They do not support black people but will support donations from black celebrities and families. Celebritys like Rhianna, Karruche and Cardi B have all posted videos of this lil boy crying to his mom about being bullied.I’m not saying they know the backstory but if you’re a famous person & are recieving loads of comments telling you the family is racist I believe as a celeb with a big voice you should spread awarness.

Keaton Jones, mother has manage to raise over $55k in a matter of hours over this video. She’s since then put her instagram @_Taylormadeq and facebook page Kimberly Jones on private since photos & comments of her racist family has went viral.

Kids are more than likely to repeat what their parents say. Right or wrong? The answer is right, shood I know when I was younger my parents would refrain from saying current things around me because I would bring it to school. Keaton, more than likely went to school & repeated what he is learning from home. Remember, no kid is born racist it is taught from home. Twitter has said that Keaton, went to school calling kids the N… word and got backlash. I’m not sure if it is true or not since these went viral & it could be someone just making stories up. But, im here to spread you guys the facts. Please do not support this family, get up on your instagram, facebook pages, tumblrs & repost this on all your accounts. If you’re too lazy to do that screenshot & post the link to this post.

Do not support. Do not support. It’s a scam stay woke. And to the people who are on tumblr saying a confederate flag doesn’t mean they’re racist well look at this. Explain facts.

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Could you recommend me some of those HD fan sites YouTube accounts that take those amazing focus videos? Account for each member and accounts that focus on bts all together if you know any.

for the hd fansites on youtube,, theres no specific account that i watch tbh if i wanted to watch a specific member i just search “*member name* focus @ *whatever event*” 

jin blogs: @jinsjade @jinsasleep @gamjin @taejincember @winterprincejin @seokjinteamo @seokjinandtonic @runrnv 

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okay so I found this list of head canons from @cigarettesmokeandexyracquets​ and with her permission I’ve written a short fic based off one of them cause honestly it was too good

warning for blood, swearing and homophobic slurs both said and implied.

It wasn’t that the music was louder than usual, or the lights any brighter but something was off. Andrew scanned the dark crowd for anything that might stand out, but damn it all he couldn’t see a thing.

Their game that night hadn’t gone without a few hitches, regardless of their win. The Florida Manatee’s proved to be a violent team and though they’d been handed their fair share of red cards they hadn’t seemed to back off Neil, throwing in a slew of colorful slurs enough that he’d warned Andrew he was getting drunk tonight.

At first, it hadn’t seemed like a problem and the sudden grasp of his own control intrigued the goalie.
He was beginning to regret that.

Kevin sat at his side waiting impatiently for Neil to return from the bar. Nicky and Aaron were a blurred mess on the dance floor and Andrew was thirty seconds away from fetching Neil himself.

It didn’t take him long to spot what had set him off in the first place; caused the uneasiness that had him kicking himself for taking the cracker dust at all. Across the floor and approaching  the bar at a grotesque six foot six, Jason McCartney stalked over to the bar and it didn’t take him long to find Neil chatting with Roland. An ugly grin spread across his uneven  jaw and he greeted Neil with a hard shove.

Andrew got up immediately only turning on Kevin long enough to give him a harsh “Stay here. Don’t fucking move.”

He’d already waited too long, his eyes frantic as they scanned through the swarm of people for the quickest way to Neil. A cluster of dancers moved into his way and seemed to find it funny that he couldn’t get through. He was all but ready to pull one of his blades when a shout rippled through the club.

“I’m not done talking to you fairy boy!”

Neil murmured something to the giant before turning his back on him, hands full with a tray of drinks. That appeared to be the wrong move. Jason reached across the bar for a bottle before winding back and smashing it hard across Neil’s shoulders. His legs gave out and he collapsed ontop of the tray with a yelp.

Andrew ripped a knife from his arm bands, the crowd scattering with panicked cries. To his absolute surprise  he wasn’t the first one to make it to Jason. He watched with grim amusement and curiosity as Aaron jumped up onto the bar before lunging at Jason, taking him down to the hard floor. Nicky rushed over to Neil who was slurring something in French.

“Get Kevin, let’s go!” Nicky shouted. attempting poorly to pick up a slumping Neil.

Andrew spared a glance at his twin who against all odds was holding his own against the monster.

“If you EVER come near him again I will actually fucking kill you do you hear me??” He demanded with a punch, his hands bloodied, from who exactly Andrew couldn’t tell.

“Aaron,” he called for his brother.

Like a trigger Aaron neatly stopped mid punch and neatly dismounted from on top of Jason before he took up Neil’s other side to help Nicky.
He didn’t have to go back for Kevin, the striker hovered behind Andrew in clear disregard for the previous warning.

“We’re leaving.” Andrew slipped his knife away quickly and turned to allow Aaron and Nicky to pass but not before watching with satisfaction as security peeled Jason off the club floor.

It took a few tries to get Neil into the backseat of the car, both Nicky and Aaron’s hands slick with blood. Andrew frowned but didn’t say anything on the drive back. Nicky prattled on, trying his hardest to keep Neil awake. Andrew didn’t miss how Aaron said nothing and how Neil’s shirt was now damp.

The drive to Abby’s was quick and he pulled into the driveway with such urgency he was surprised he didn’t bull down the mailbox. He pulled out his phone, flipped it open and dialed a single number before placing it to his ear.

“Come outside.” was all he said before snapping the phone closed.

That was apparently everyone else’s que to get out of the car. Kevin got out and waited uselessly on the side while Aaron and Nicky maneuvered awkwardly to get Neil out of the car. Andrew didn’t wait and marched up to the front door, expertly lighting a cigarette on his way. He wasn’t entirely surprised to find Wymack waiting at the door, Abby waiting tentatively behind him.

“Give me one good reason in five words or less not to send you ass–”

He couldn’t tell if it was the look on Andrew’s face that forced him to back down or Neil drooling behind him.

“He fell.” Andrew drawled, pushing past the gaping coach.

It took them longer than he would have liked to get Neil down on the couch and he shot both Aaron and Nicky warning glares when he yelped in pain.

“Get out.” he turned on the rest of his group.  

“But–” Nicky started, but Aaron just pulled him away through the kitchen and Abby got to work ripping open Neil’s shirt to expose his chest. He took a long haul from his cigarette, clenching his fist. Abby sighed but didn’t stop working on picking the bits of glass across his chest.

“David, I need you to get me a damp face cloth so I can clean up some of this blood.”

“There’s probably more in his back.” Andrew pointed out, keeping his voice level and bored.

“Andrew, I know you went to Columbia tonight. What happened?” Wymack asked carefully, handing the wet cloth to Abby who began patting at Neil’s chest carefully.

“McCartney followed us,” he started, his eyes on Neil the whole time he spoke, “Called him some…unfavorable words. Neil walked away and McCartney hit him with a bottle.” he took another haul from his cigarette  before dropping it in the small bowl of glass shards Abby placed on the table.

Wymack ran his hands through his thick hair with a heavy sigh, “I’ll go call his coach.”

Andrew didn’t stop him, and allowed himself another long stare at Neil. His breathing was ragged, his teeth red with blood. His chest was a mess, but Andrew had a sinking feeling this was far from the worst thing he’d been through. He didn’t say anything before turning away from him and made his way through the kitchen where Aaron, Nicky and Kevin sat around the kitchen table.

“Why did you do it?” Andrew asked bluntly, his focus entirely on Aaron.

If it were possible for the room to get even quieter it would have then. All Aaron did was stiffen and avert his gaze.

“What are you talking about?”

Andrew noticed an empty coffee mug on the counter beside him and knocked it over wordlessly. The ceramic mug hit the tile floor and both Kevin and Nicky jumped out of their seats dramatically to avoid injury.

“If someone had actually beat him to death right then and there it would have put the season at risk,” Aaron said unconvincingly, “Besides. He’s your family right? I’m not putting up with your bitching if he gets himself killed.” he finished in German.

Kevin’s eyes narrowed at the sudden language change and Nicky just gaped at the twins. Andrew nodded and walked back to the living room.

“I’m dreaming right?” he could hear Nicky babbling, “I’m just too drunk, yeah, that’s what it is.”

He threw himself onto the last cushion on the couch, and lifted Neil’s feet onto his lap.

“He’s going to be fine.” Abby assured him, sparing a second to look at the boy.

“I didn’t ask.”

But he didn’t have to ask. He knew he was going to be fine. He wouldn’t allow for anything else, and much to his discreet pleasure, neither would Aaron.


Júpiter en la carta natal   

Júpiter representa la sociabilidad y va más allá de lo estrictamente personal. Está relacionado con los viajes, la expansión, la comprensión holística, la filosofía, los ideales superiores y las creencias religiosas. La percepción visual, la fe, el maestro, la suerte, la inteligencia, el sentido de justicia, la canalización de la energía, la abundancia, la síntesis, la valoración, la intuición, y lo sensorial.

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Júpiter tarda aproximadamente un año en atravesar cada uno de los signos del zodiaco, lo que significa que todas las personas nacidas en ese tiempo tendrán a Júpiter en el mismo signo.

El signo en el que se encuentra Júpiter en la carta natal describe la forma en que la persona busca comprender la vida y cómo transmite sus creencias ya sean morales, espirituales o intelectuales.

La casa en la que se encuentra Júpiter en la carta natal representa el área de la vida en la que la persona intenta expandir sus horizontes. Los planetas que forman aspectos con Júpiter en la carta natal guardan relación con nuestras creencias, en cómo las manifestamos y en nuestro significado propio de la vida.

Júpiter en los signos

Júpiter en Aries

  • Mucha iniciativa personal y valor. Son personas fuertes que no se rinden fácilmente.
  • Entusiastas, optimistas, confiados y convencidos de sí mismos.
  • Firmes en sus creencias.

Júpiter en Tauro

  • Enfocan la vida de una manera práctica, aplicando sus creencias a lo cotidiano.
  • Su crecimiento personal está relacionado con el mundo material y van en busca de la estabilidad y la seguridad que éste les aporta.
  • Los placeres de la vida son para ellos algo fundamental.

Júpiter en Géminis

  • Son personas con poder de persuasión.
  • Necesitan adquirir información y conocimientos y comunicar lo que aprenden. La comunicación es imprescindible para ellos, es su forma de estar en conexión con la humanidad.
  • Mucha curiosidad intelectual.

Júpiter en Cáncer

  • Personas sensibles, cariñosas, protectoras y compasivas con los demás.
  • Muy ligados a la familia y a sus tradiciones, necesitan un ambiente familiar sereno donde reine la armonía.
  • El crecimiento personal está ligado con los valores y creencias tradicionales y el cuidado de las personas que ama.

Júpiter en Leo

  • Personas orgullosas y seguras de sí mismas.
  • De creencias muy profundas, pueden llegar a expresarlas de una forma algo dramática o teatral.
  • Su crecimiento personal depende de la admiración y el reconocimiento por parte de los demás, que les aporta confianza en sí mismos.

Júpiter en Virgo

  • Para estas personas el sentido de la vida radica en ser útiles a los demás.
  • Son serviciales, entregados, y su crecimiento personal va más allá de las propias necesidades.
  • Tienen un amplio y desarrollado sentido de la ética.
  • Perfeccionistas, analíticos y extremadamente detallistas.

Júpiter en Libra

  • Su sentido de la justicia está muy desarrollado.
  • Es importante para ellos que en sus relaciones reine la armonía y pueden llegar a descuidar sus propios intereses a favor de los de los demás.

Júpiter en Escorpio

  • Hay una expansión de la transformación y de la energía vital.
  • Son personas creativas, determinadas y pasionales que buscan la relación entre sus creencias y la realidad.
  • De sentimientos profundos y mente penetrante, les atrae lo misterioso y lo oculto. Las experiencias intensas dan sentido a la vida.

Júpiter en Sagitario

  • El crecimiento personal y el enfoque de la vida están relacionados con la comprensión de los temas espirituales, las cuestiones existenciales y la filosofía.
  • Júpiter en Sagitario expande la sabiduría.
  • La persona es optimista, confiada, independiente y entusiasta y siente la necesidad de viajar para ampliar sus horizontes.

Júpiter en Capricornio

  • Son personas perseverantes y trabajadoras que dedican gran cantidad de energía a perseguir sus objetivos.
  • Valoran mucho el estatus y las realizaciones concretas, con un sentido muy desarrollado de lo práctico y poco influenciables por los sentimientos.
  • Les gusta la autoridad y aspiran a puestos en los que poder ejercerla.

Júpiter en Acuario

  • Personas muy idealistas, humanistas, progresistas y abiertas a todo tipo de puntos de vista. Tolerantes con todas las religiones, razas, culturas y clases sociales.
  • Les gusta investigar todo tipo de creencias espirituales hasta formar su propia idea de quiénes son y del sentido de la vida en general.
  • Tienen una conciencia de grupo muy desarrollada, sintiéndose parte de un todo.

Júpiter en Piscis

  • Júpiter en Piscis expande la sensibilidad de la persona, la compasión y la empatía emocional, haciendo de ella un ser encantador, con facilidad para sintonizar con los demás, lo cual está muy relacionado con su crecimiento personal.
  • Son humanitarios y se entregan a causas sociales.
  • Hay una fuerte conciencia de la conexión entre todas las personas y seres en general.

Curiosidades de Júpiter

  • Es el quinto planeta del Sistema Solar.
  • Júpiter no retrograda todos los años.
  • Tiene 63 satélites naturales de los cuales 4 son satélites galileanos,   llamados Ío, Europa, Ganímedes y Calisto. Su ténue sistema de anillos consta de un anillo delgado formado por un disco difuso, un anillo brillante y un halo. 
  • Contiene más masa que el resto de los planetas juntos y es 318 veces más pesado que la Tierra, siendo su tamaño once veces mayor.
  • Es de polaridad masculina o negativa en la carta astral.
  • Su movimineto máximo diario es de 12.76 minutos, con una media de 5 minutos.
  • Es el planeta que más rápido gira. Lo que la tierra hace en 24 horas, Júpiter lo hace en 10 horas.

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Y’ALL! Jade Jolie is going to be at the Reputation World Tour in Louisville on June 30! She has been impersonating Taylor as a drag queen for over 6 years! She was on RuPaul’s Drag Race and even did an impersonation for Taylor on the show in 2013! Tay needs to finally meet this queen because imagine how perfect that picture would be. THE WORLD NEEDS THIS! @taylorswift @taylorswiftsdaily @taylornationonline @taylornation