'below the waves and above all the rest of you'

The Best Surprise

A/N: Happy birthday @animoozies! Hope you have a great day full of smiles, cake and most importantly…MOUNTAIN DEW. Love you, Connie! Hope you like this little Gruvia drabble!

Words: 600

When she feels his arms circle around her shoulders before reaching up to cover her eyes gently, she already knows who it is.


Gray leans down with a smile, his voice tickling the shell of her ear as he tells her, “No peeking, got it?”

Resting her hands over his, she nods excitedly. “Could this be a surprise for Juvia?”

“Yeah,” he says, helping her get to her feet before steadying her against his own body. “You could say that.”

Carefully, he guides her through their small home, along the hallway and up the stairs, the last one creaking just like always. Though she couldn’t see anything past the slits of light streaming in through his fingers, she knew exactly where he was taking her. Past the paintings and photographs, past the trinkets and ornaments they’d collected over the years to the room at the end which had always been labelled as the ‘spare room’ until just a few months ago when they decided it would belong to a very special person instead.

“Okay, stop right here…” With one hand, Gray reaches around Juvia to open the door, the other still covering her eyes.

“Can Juvia look now?” she asks, fingers clasped under her chin as she tries not to bounce on the spot with excitement.

“In a sec. First, take another step forward…”

Now, Gray-sama?”

Gray glanced around the room one last time before resting his chin on top of her head. “You ready, Juvia?”


And slowly, he lets his hands fall away.

Juvia finds herself standing in the middle of a room so blue, it resembles the sea. There are paintings everywhere—boats floating above soft waves with fishes swimming below, a rainbow stretching out across the far side wall and overlooking art of their guild, snowmen and igloos and penguins all dotted around as specks of glittery white fell down on them — every wall is different and is its own little story.

Tilting her head up to the ceiling, she sees clouds and a big yellow sun in the centre, its rays meeting the edges of the room and tumbling down the walls in bright patterns, like gold falling from the sky.

In the middle of the room, there is a white cot, and as she steps forward to get a closer look, she sees that hanging just above is an ice-made mobile, glinting in the light and crafted into shapes of different snowflakes by experienced and precise hands. She reaches to touch one, and when it jingles softly in her ears, she feels a lump rise in her throat.

For a moment, she stands in awe, glancing around the room once more, taking in every small detail of what was to be their child’s nursery — and then she hears his voice.

“Well, what d’ya think?”

Gray is still stood beside her, arms folded, a big smirk on his face. Only now does she see the splotches of paint on his clothes, and only now do her eyes fill with tears.

“Gray-sama!” Juvia flies into his side, wrapping her arms around him and pressing a kiss to his lips. “This is so beautiful!”

Smiling, he looks around the room at his work. Now that he had finished, the fact that they were having a child felt even more real. It was a strange feeling, knowing that there was going to be a little boy joining them soon, keeping them up at night, making them laugh, eventually calling the two of them ‘mom’ and ‘dad’.

“Juvia loves her little family so much,” she tells him, hugging the swell of her stomach. “And she cannot wait to be a parent.”

A strange feeling, but one he welcomed all the same.

“Me too,” he says, placing his hand over hers.

title: together we can (break the clouds)
pairing: spot/race, background blink/mush
words: 5,019
rating: T
notes: college au, modern setting, i do not speak italian please forgive me

ao3 | ff

au: “my roommate is really hot but they don’t speak english how the fuck am i supposed to deal with this”

Spot rolled his eyes. “Relax, Jack. He doesn’t speak much English; he has no idea what I’m saying.”
Sì, io sono solo un povero ragazzo italiano che non capisce niente che si sta dicendo,” added Tony. David snorted and dissolved into laughter again.
Jack continued to stare at Spot as if he was an idiot.

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Vision of a Blind Man

Jeongguk’s life is colorless,. Well, he actually can’t see anything, not even darkness or light. Jimin is determined to teach him the world through a way he’s never experienced before. Jeongguk likes the idea of blue. 


I wrote 4,500 of JiKook where Jeongguk is blind.

Warnings: Chronic illness, character death (mentioned, not really described), unsatisfying ending

The blue of the sky is very pretty, Jimin notes, his back and legs digging into the sand below him. He might have to rinse off in the water later, but the view above was worth it all. Humming, he reflexively squeezed the hand in his grasp while he stretched. Beside him, Jeongguk stirred, his right arm thrown over his eyes (because he absolutely hated the feeling of heat baking his entire face) while his left still rested peacefully between him and his boyfriend, fingers loosely tangled to keep them together with no one but the wind and crashing waves to bother them (he did find the wind bothersome, but he tried not to complain for Jimin’s sake). This was very nice. Refreshing.

“You said the sky was blue, right?” Then, a yawn. He must have fallen asleep earlier. Jimin hums. “And the water?”

Jimin wished he could share the view.


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