'because now he's locked in my closet'

Phone Calls

*phone ringing*

Bill: *answers the phone* H-hey Rich-ie, what’s up?

Richie: Billiam, my good man. How’s your day goin’?

Bill: I’m-I’m actually on-n a date.

Richie: ooh, you finally get the balls to ask Stan The Man to be your arm candy? I always knew his nerdy ass was gay.

Stan: Bill, I will make out with you right here, and right now if you hang up on him.

Bill: … S-sorry Richie

Richie: Wait, Bill no! I’m lonely! Eddie locked me in a closet!

Bill: Why did he do that?

Richie: … Because I told him he kissed better than his mom.

Stan: *to Bill* Guess you’d rather hear about kissing than feel it for yourself, whatever.

Bill: Sorry Richie, gotta-gotta blast!

confident || stiles stilinski (!!)

author: @sincerelystiles
pairing: stiles x reader
word count: 841

warning: public sex, fingering, teasing.

authors note: this is a repost of one of my first smuts so i do apologise for the poor quality lmao. 

request/summary: “hi, can you do one where stiles overhears you talking to lydia about how good he is and he gets really confident and takes control? thanks.”

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locked out / danisnotonfire

words: 563
sorry idk what this is pls love me

Knock knock. Knock knock. Kno-

“Coming, I’m coming!” You hear a familiar voice yell, followed by the sound of footsteps padding across the floor. Seconds later the front door of the flat opened, revealing a tired, curly-haired Dan, wearing his pyjamas.

A smile spread across his face when he saw it was you, and then a puzzled look replaced it. “Y/N, it’s eleven thirty, what are you doing here?!

You smiled sheepishly. "I may have went on a late night cookie run but then I forgot I left my keys in my apartment so now I’m locked out,” you shrugged. “Can I sleep here tonight?”

Dan let out a chuckle, moving out of the doorway. "You know you can, love.”

You walk into the flat behind Dan, your phone in your hand. “I also need to borrow your charger because my phone is about to die… and where’s that stash of clothes I left here last time?”

“I washed them and they’re somewhere in my closet, I’ll find them for y-”

“Wait, hang on,“ you stopped Dan by grabbing his hand as he turned around to see why you interrupted him, "you, Dan Howell, one of the laziest people on the planet, did laundry? I gotta say, I’m impressed.”

Dan laughed, dragging you towards his room. “Whatever, you should be thanking me. At least you have clean clothes to wear.”

You walk into Dan’s room behind him, landing on Dan’s comfy bed with a small thud, letting out a short sigh. Looking over the the clock on the wall, you saw it was quarter to twelve.

“Since you’re here, do you wanna watch a movie?” Dan asked, grabbing his laptop and falling onto the bed next to you. “We could watch Moonlight again…”

He stops once he notices you jokingly rolling your eyes.

“Totally haven’t seen that movie twelve million times,” you deadpanned, sarcasm clearly evident in your tone.

“Well, what do you want to watch, then?”

You pause, thinking of what movie you wanted to watch.

“Or we could just watch Fifty Shades Darker,” Dan smirked, although you could sense he was only kidding.

“Shut up,” you laughed. “We’re not watching that.”

Dan sighed, shaking his head in defeat. “Why don’t you get changed or something while I choose a movie that’s not Moonlight or Fifty Shades Darker. Even though Moonlight was a good movie-”

“Yes, okay,” you laughed, getting up from the bed. “Where’s my stash of clothes again?”

“In my cupboard somewhere,” Dan said, not bothering to look up from his laptop.

“That helps,” you huffed under your breath. Walking over to his cupboard and sliding open the door, you looked for the clothes you had left here a few weeks ago.

After looking for a few seconds, you saw them. But you also saw one of Dan’s comfy jumpers. Smiling to yourself, you grab one of Dan’s black sweaters and a pair of sweatpants and hurry into the bathroom of the flat.

Once you had changed, you made your way back to Dan’s room, where you could hear the quiet sounds of a movie starting. You walked in and sat down in your spot on the bed, next to Dan.

Dan wolf-whistles jokingly. You hit him lightly on the shoulder, failing to keep a smile off of your face.

“Shut up, you idiot,” you say, snuggling into his side.

Reticent - Ch.4

Do Kyungsoo/Reader
Word Count: 2,109

Previous Chapter

After your emergency movie night you seemed to keep finding yourself in more and more comfortable situations with your flatmate.

You would lean into his warmth when watching TV, or he would pull you into his side while you were having regular movie night. Sometimes he would lie down on the couch and rest his head on your lap as he held your hand and played with your fingers - those were the times when you really felt the need to clutch your heart to make sure the little organ doesn’t jump out of your chest. Other times you would fall asleep with your head on his lap, after he made you admit that he’s better than the pillows you had there, and that’s when you’d wake up an hour later with a blanket on you and his fingers in your hair.

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characters: 777
pairing: sam holland x reader
summary: sam gets stuck in the window and you’re there to save him.
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“How did you get stuck in a window?” You questioned as you paced around your bedroom, trying to decide if you should go to the bathroom and change from the black spandex shorts around your legs and the white t-shirt that had some logo on it. Sam had called you not too long ago as he laughed loudly about something. When he had calmed down the loud laughter, he explained that he was stuck in the window at his place. You were, of course, confused onto how. And now you were just getting down to the why.

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Hate You (Wonho)

Originally posted by the-xclan

Chapter 2

Previously: |Chapter 1|


Wonho x Reader

Genre: Romance

“Well, you’re no ray of sunshine to be with either,” Wonho grumbled. Instantly, rage flowed through me. Maybe I wasn't a ‘ray of sunshine’ to him because he was constantly rude to me. Constantly irritating me. Who does he think he is?

I stomped past the shelving unit on my way to him. He’d decided to stretch out on the love seat. Selfish bastard. “Excuse me?” I waited for his reply while he leaned his head back against the wall, but all he did was close his eyes and laugh. Nothing angered me more. ”Why are you ignoring me,” I demanded.

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Assassin: Chapt 3

It’s up finally. I’m sorry ! I had some technical difficulties. Thank you to EVERYONE the gave me inspo for this chapter. And thank you to @completedylantrash for editing this for me. I stg I annoy her constantly about this fic. Workspace: Epilogue is next…Love ya, babez.

Word Count: 3097

Chapters: [1] [2]

Originally posted by voidhelena

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Smut with Slash

Pairing: Slash x reader
Words: 1430
Warnings: Smut smut smut

Could you please do a slash smut, something slow and passionate maybe, your a great writer btw!! Xoxo ❤❤

A/N: Ok so give me some mercy this is my first time writing smut omg lmao. But i hope you like this haha!

Originally posted by gunsnrosesappetite

We were at the recording studio – me, Axl, Izzy, Steven, Duff and my boyfriend Slash. They were practicing their new songs and let me come to watch how it’d go.

Slash smirked and winked at me when he saw me. They started with Welcome to the Jungle and then moved on to Nightrain.

I scrutinised Slash the whole time, watched him play the guitar. I always became quite turned on when i saw him play guitar and couldn’t help but feel aroused already. Okay most of the reason now was that we hadn’t had sex in three fuckin’ days because he had been too busy and we were always interrupted before we could even get our clothes off. And three days was too god damn much.

When they had finished couple of their songs and took a quick break, Slash came to talk to me but he couldn’t say anything since i already pressed my lips on his and pulled him to the nearest closet and locked the door.

”What on earth, woman –” Slash laughed but i interrupted him.

”It’s now or never. I ain’t waiting anymore, i will even fuck you in front of the boys if i have to and we don’t get our own space but i’ve been waiting for too long, hun,” i stated seriously and could already see lust in Slash’s eyes.

He didn’t wait anymore at all and pressed his lips on mine again and lifted my other leg a bit, sliding his hand under my skirt, squeezing my ass. He put his tongue in my mouth, sliding his hand under my underwear, massaging my clit with his finger. I helped to take my panties off of me and drop them on the floor but then i started to hear Axl practicing singing near the closet.

We waited if he would stop but suddenly i decided to break the kiss and look straight into Slash’s eyes, hands still cupping his face. ”You know that having to listen to Axl singing Rocket Queen in the other room while we’re having sex doesn’t really give me the vibes right now,” i laughed and Slash just snorted.

”Yeah, you’re right about that, let’s go somewhere else,” he said chuckling and smirked, taking me by my hand and starting to walk outside of the door.

”Wait, i forgot my panties,” i said, already turning back but Slash grabbed me by my waist closer against him.

”You don’t need them anymore, babe,” he murmured in my ear, kissed me on my temple and i got even more turned on by his low voice. We ended up on the street and soon got into the back seat of a taxi. It was already late and really dark, probably about midnight or more, it was about 10-15 minutes way back to my apartment from here.

I was sitting behind the driver, Slash next to me. We didn’t really talk during the way to my place, but suddenly Slash laid his hand on my thigh. I raised my right eyebrow and looked at him when he started moving his hand towards my womanhood under my skirt.

”What are you doing?” i whispered quietly so the driver wouldn’t hear. Slash just smirked and kissed my cheek, continuing until he reached my vagina. ”No we can’t, he might notice –” i started but couldn’t finish my sentence when he already put one of his fingers slowly inside me. I moaned a bit but then put a hand on my mouth when he kept moving his finger in me.

He chuckled at my reaction and came closer to my face. ”I can’t wait anymore, baby,” he murmured to my ear and put now his second finger inside me as well, slowly massaging my clit with his thumb again. ”God, you’re so fuckin wet.”

”Fuuck,” i panted and rested my head on the back seat, closing my eyes. But sooner than i expected he pulled himself out of me and licked his fingers. I looked at him offended. ”What the fuck do you think you’re doing, put them fuckin back!”

Slash just chuckled and started searching my keys from my pockets until he found them. ”Sorry, babe, but we’re here now,” he said and threw money for the taxi driver and after that stormed out of the car, pulling me with him. ”You can keep the rest!”

We ran inside as fast as we could and slammed the door behind us. He immediately attacked his lips on mine and started taking my clothes off at the same time when we were walking to the bedroom. When we were there, i was already fully naked and my clothes were all around the house.

I started pulling Slash’s shirt off of him and then went to lay on the bed, waiting him to get ready. He was taking his belt off and i could already see through his pants the huge bulge under them. He took the rest of his clothes off and came to lay on top of me. Fuck, he was fucking huge, i never knew how i could take that monster inside me.

Slash looked straight into my eyes. ”Are you ready, baby?” he whispered and i nodded smiling. I put my legs around Slash’s waist when he slowly entered to me and i winced a bit. When all his length was inside of me, he looked at me and waited for my sign when i had adjusted to him well enough.

When i soon nodded my head, he started moving and i put my arms around his neck. He started sucking my neck hard, making sure to leave marks. I fluttered my eyes closed and let a deep moan come out of my mouth. Slash put his hand on my breast and started massaging it, rolling his thumb on my nipple.

He kept going, slowly, and took me in a passionate kiss, burying my face in his dark curls.

”Shit, Y/N, you’re so fucking tight, babe,” he moaned to my ear.

”O-oh fuck, Slash, yes that feels so good. Faster, babe, f-faster,” i tried to say desperately.

”Are you coming?” he asked quietly, getting just a nod for an answer, and then started to slam into me harder, hitting exactly the right spot every time he entered me again and again. And it didn’t take too long until i came and a huge wave of pleasure went through my body.

”Oh, Slash!” i screamed and soon Slash came as well and cum his sperm inside me. We were both panting when he came to lay next to me.

”That was fucking amazing, baby,” Slash whispered to me and took me closer to him, his arm around me and i rested my head on his chest. I was about to say something but suddenly a phone rang on the table next to us. He looked at me quickly, sighed and answered it.

”Hello?” he answered.

Hey, where the fuck did you go? We weren’t done yet.” It was Axl’s voice, i could hear pretty clearly what Axl was saying to Slash.

”I just forgot some things at home, i’ll come right back okay,” Slash chuckled. I grabbed Slash’s penis and started moving my hand slowly up and down, with a tight grip. Slash looked at me, straight into my eyes, and raised his left eyebrow.

Round two?” i mouthed at him without making any noice, smirking. A wide grin spread on his face as well which was a sign for me to continue. I put my hair on a pony tail, put my mouth around his cock and started sucking it as deeply as i could take him. Slash tried his best to stop his deep moans coming.

You’re fucking Y/N, aren’t you?” Axl laughed on the phone. ”Take your time, man. I found her panties from the closet. Damn, they’re even my favorite color, i’m keeping these.”

”No, what the fuck man, you’re not keeping my girlfriend’s underwear!” Slash yelled on the phone but i took the phone from him.

Too late,” Axl got to say, before i ended the call and threw the phone away.

”Now, no distractions anymore, baby,” i whispered seductively and kissed him on the lips. He made the kiss more passionate, put his hand on my neck and the other one on my waist when i moved myself to sit on him. I placed him on my entrance and slowly took him in and started riding myself on him, faster and faster.

Murderous; P.3

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader 

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Angst, Murderer!AU

Summary: People can be deceiving; majority of people are deceiving if you really think about it. People lie every day. Whether it’s about watching the new season of game of thrones or ignoring someone’s text and saying you fell asleep. But when murder is the new talk of the town and everyone seems like a suspect; the truth seems to slip further and further away every second. Everyones on edge, as they should be. Wrong things happen when you trust the wrong people.

Word Count: 3,142

Originally posted by taekookismine

P1 P2 P3

Your ear was pressed to the door of your dad’s bedroom as he spoke to his colleagues about what happened yesterday.

“His throat was cut so precisely, we’re definitely dealing with someone who knows what they’re doing” you heard him say.

Someone with experience? Like a doctor or a biology major?

“Do you think it’s the same killer?” He asked the other person.

You listened to him hum in agreement before he sighed deeply.

“Alright, I’ll call you later” you heard him say before you heard the clicking of the call ending.

You quickly ran back into your room as you flicked your books open as if you were studying.

“Hey kiddo, I’m heading down to the station real quick ok?” He stated as he leaned against the door frame.

His eyes were droopy and the purple bags under his eyes were evident. This case was probably killing him and the police force, the town is slowly gaining interest and the negative coverage wouldn’t reflect well on the police force.

“Y/N” he said as his eyes narrowed in your direction.


“Be careful, okay, i don’t think that taehyung kid did it either…but just be cautious?” he said causing you to nod along.

As he left the house you sighed deeply.

So the first victim was daehyun…the killer would have had to be someone she knew.

And with this second killing, it would have to be someone who knew what they were doing.

So lower high school students are out, maybe just graduated and older.. 

You decided your brain needed some fresh air.

As you zipped up your hoodie you weren’t really paying attention to the cold that was nipping at your nose.

More the eerie silence that coated the neighborhood.

You could literally hear yourself breathing and the small noises of crickets.

Before you could decide to turn around you heard screams of horror and the sound of sirens.

Turn around Y/N…go home….

AH fuck it.

You started running towards the sudden sounds of distress.

Your heart pounded loudly as you cut through an alley way to enter a short cut.

The back entrance was narrow and dark but you could see well enough to know where you were going.

You could hear your footsteps hitting the ground hard as you run.

As you heart pounded against your chest you took a brief break so you could catch your breath. However, you could still hear the sound of running footsteps….you werent alone.

You freaked out for a moment as you realised the sound of footsteps was coming towards the front of you. The person was running away from the commotion.

You were about to turn around but hearing how close they were you knew it was to late.

You pressed your back against the wall waiting for the person to run around the corner. 

Your heart beat sped up as you covered your mouth to cover your heavy breathing.

As you saw a foot enter from behind the wall you closed your eyes and threw a hard punch in the direction of the stranger.

“Y/N!” The stranger yelled as he caught the flying fist.

As you opened your eyes you saw jeon jungkook.

His eyes were wide his breathing was staggered and all colour had been drained from his face. As your first swiveled in his hands you realised they were wet.

As your eyes scanned down his body you realised he was covered in blood.

You pulled your fist back quickly as you stepped back from the boy.

“W-what happened?” You asked softly as you fully took in his state. He was a shaking mess, he kept looking behind him and big blots of purple were forming on his face.

“You need to help me, please” he begged as he pushed you backward lightly.

He shuffled his feet getting ready to run again as he looked at you for approval. 

You hesitated but eventually nodded your head. He grabbed you arm before sprinting back the way you came.

“Why are we running?!” You asked as the both of you were full on sprinting down the street.

As the two of you approached your house you chucked him the keys and you both ran inside.

“You have 5 minutes to explain what the fuck is happening before i call my dad” you said as you tried to catch your breath.

You flicked on the light and locked the door as jungkook paced back and forth.

“My whole family….M-my whole family…he killed them all” he stated as he paced.

“What?! Jungkook why did you run! You realise you can be cast as a suspect now!” You told the freaked boy.

“I was the one who called the police! I had to run because he found me hiding in the closet! I only had enough time to get him off me and run!” He yelled at you as tears were making their way down his face.

“Okay, that’s okay, im calling my dad” you said as you brought out your phone.


“Explain what happened” your dad said as the three of you were sitting in the lounge; you and jungkook were sitting on the couch and your dad was in front of you on the table.

“I had just come back from Yugeoms house, the door was open which was weird for that time of the night…when….when i opened the door i had found my two sisters on the floor…the-they were dead…i heard screaming from upstairs so that’s when i hid in the closet and started calling the police but he found me…i swear…it was like looking in the eyes of the devil…we got in a physical fight, he was taller and stronger than me… i had crashed something over his head and it worked enough for me to get him off me and run” he explained as tears rolled down his cheeks.

“We’re going to need you to evaluate the crime scene to see if anything is out of place, we’re going to need to call yugyeom and confirm your alibi, the door shows signs of forced entry so were also just going to need a list of people that may have hated your folks ” your dad said emotionless as he scribbled in his notebook.

“Dad” you said softly as you watched jungkook stare at the floor in shock.

We personally knew jungkook. The boy has been home schooled all his life so he would walk around the neighborhood looking for friends.

“Im sorry son, i was in cop mode” you dad sighed as he put his notepad to the side.

“You don’t have to go back if you don’t want to” he added as he patted jungkooks shoulder.

“I’ll go…but…whats going to happen to me?” Jungkook asked as he looked upwards to meet his gaze with your dads.

“You can stay with Y/N and I for now alright?” Your dad asked as jungkook continued to shake.

“Thank you” he whispered as you placed your hand over his.


As we walked towards jungkooks house the amount of cops in the area was insane.

You could feel the aurora of the house radiating through the streets.

Jungkook clutched you hand tightly, the blood was still present but you ignored it as the three of you approached the house.

“Are you sure you want to do this” you whispered to him as you stopped following your dad up the stairs for a second.

“Postive” he nodded before motioning for you to keep moving as you were in front of him.

The feeling of vomit climbed your throat, as soon as you enter the house you saw his older sisters.

The first one was face down on the ground, multiple stab wounds were dug into her back, her blood was splattered all over the walls in the same manner in was splattered all over jungkook.

Some of her hair had been pulled out, it lay beside her body, half dipped in the pool of blood oozing out of her.

The second sister was ten times worse. Her left arm had been removed from its socket, the only thing connecting it was a string of skin.

Shivers spilled down your spine as you saw the gaping hole in the middle of her head.

“This requires crazy force…the murderer must have been extremely angry” your dad noted quietly.

“Do you see anything?” I asked him as he tried not to cry again.

He looked around the room getting ready to shake his head, but something had caught his eye.

“It’s gone” he whispered

“Whats gone?” You asked as your dad tuned into your conversation.

“My sisters boyfrie- well not even really a boyfriend more like a constant stalker, he bought her a painting that mum liked so she hung it up…but its gone” he explained as he stared at the space on the wall.

“Your sister was 18 right?” Your dad asked as he ferociously wrote things down.

Before you could ask why jungkook pointed outside. “Why is he here”.

You looked outside to see a man in his early 20s staring into the house.

His hood was zipped up and placed over his head. His hands found their way into his pocket before eventually, he walked away.

“Who was that?” Your dad asked quietly before jungkook turned back around.

“The boyfriend i was talking about”


For the rest of the night, you tossed and turned around in your bed trying to think of why the whole family was killed.

The boyfriend would make sense.

Either he was annoying the girl too much, she told him to go away and he killed her and her family out of vengeance.

Maybe the family didn’t approve of the relationship so he killed all them out of vengeance.

Could have been she was in love with someone else he didn’t like that and the rest of the family just happened to be there.

You sighed before staring at your ceiling, maybe it was the same guy who killed daehyun, at least you’d finally have a suspect to get the town of taehyungs back…

But no…the way of killing was too different. Daehyuns was clean, planned precisely…this one seems like a passionate killing, the murderer truly had something against his victims.

Jungkook didn’t want to see his parents, understandable so…especially seeing how the killer killed his sisters…

There was a quiet knock on your door before jungkook poked his head through the door.

“Hey, can i come in?” He asked sheepishly.

“Sure” you said as you shimmed over, giving him room to lie down.

“Im sorry, i tried going to your dad’s room, but he snores” he said as he wrapped the cover around himself.

You let out a chuckle as you nodded your head.

You had been friends with jungkook for approximately 12 years, you weren’t close friends but you knew him well enough.

“I still dont know whats going to happen to me…i usually go to my sister for stuff like this…she always knew what to do” he whispered

“Don’t think about it, we’ll figure something out” you said as your eyes drifted shut.

Thank god it’s a Saturday tomorrow… 
“I didn’t know you were allowed boys in your bed”

You groaned as your body told you to go back to sleep but the talking voices kept your brain active.

You turned around to see Taehyung and Hana staring into your soul as a sleepy jungkook started waking up.

“Hush ok, it’s a long story” you said as you sat up in your bed, stretching your arms.

“Yer well ya know what else is long” Hana said as she wiped out her destroyer.

(A/n:…..yall are nasty)

“This fucking essay, so wake up and let’s get going” she said before storming out of your room.

Taehyung eyed jungkook suspiciously before walking out to join hana downstairs.

“Your friends?” Jungkook asked as you got out of bed.

“Is that what they’re called?” You asked as you slipped on a jumper.

“I’m going back to bed” he said smashing his face into your pillow. You laughed before heading out, closing the door behind you.

As you strolled downstairs you watched as the two of them were whispering intensely on the couch.

“What the fuck are you guys doing” you said as you joined them on the couch.

“Were figuring out how to connect daehyuns murder on this new murder suspect” Hana stated as she turned on the T.V

“The murder of the jeon family has a prime suspect known as kim namjoon, the man had been stalking the youngest female in the family; sending her threatening texts and explicit images. The man was known to be in contact with various teens and is a suspected drug dealer. There are no further updates”

Damn this town moves quick.

“He was in contact with various teens…one of which could be daehyun?” Hana suggested. You nodded along with them, it was a good plan…there was just one problem.

“As far as we know, as far as anyone knows daehyun was an extremely clean cut girl. She only did things with people that she trusted and even that was a stretch…but if they had been in contact for a while…” you trailed off as the both of them nodded along.

“If we just had her phone, ya know to figure out what kind of conversations she was having with people. This would be so much easier” Taehyung said.

“…i think we can get it…” you said as a really bad idea popped into your mind.

“Dont ask…Hana ask her friend for some more information. Taehyung im going to need your help” you stated as you scooted closer.

Before you could reveal your plan, you heard the door of your bedroom open and close.

As jungkook trotted downstairs Hana flipped open her books and Taehyung place a pencil in his mouth as if he was thinking.

“Hey guys" jungkook said scratching the back of his head nervously.

You knew jungkook was shy around people he didn’t know, the boy was home schooled after all.

"Hey jungkook! This is Hana and taehyung” you said introducing the as the three of you made space between you and Hana.

“Hi!…sorry for your loss” Hana said hesitantly as he sat down.

He nodded his head unsure of what to say. A silence set itself over the four of you.

You leaned back and locked eyes with taehyung on the other end of the couch, motioning for him to turn the T.v on.

He quickly understood your hints and turned it on. Of course, we forgot that we had previously been watching the news channel.

“The suspect for the jeon murdering has gone on the run-”

Taehyung quickly changed the channel but the awkward tension was hard to avoid.

“I…think im just going to go back to bed" jungkook said slowly as he rose from the couch.

Your heart sank to the pit of your stomach.

"I’ll come up with some food later” you said softly but he just shook his head and dragged himself back upstairs.

The three of you gave each other guilty glances before returning your attention to the T.V
It had been a good 2 hours and Hana had left. She said she was invited to a frat party and was going to use the invite to find out some more information.

“Hey can you show me some of your brother’s shoes, you said they might fit?” Taehyung asked randomly.

You nodded your head before the two of you skipped upstairs.

You stopped in your tracks as you heard a rustling of paper coming from you dads office.

You and taehyung connected confused gazes before the two of you slowly approached the office.

As you quietly pushed open the door you were met with jungkooks back, his hands were deep inside your dad’s case cabinet.

“Aye” Taehyung said in a low voice.

The boy jumped in a fright before turning around to face us.

There was a brief moment of silence as he tried to find the words to say.

“I…im sorry…it’s just, the news said he had run away and I know there are other cases on him…so i just thought i could find something” he said sadly as he played with his hands.

Your hardened expression softened as you nodded your head.

Taehyungs eyes narrowed before he spoke. “Don’t you think you should leave that to the police”.

Like we can talk.

Jungkook nodded before he cleared his throat nervously.

“I think ill just go for a walk” he said as he moved past the pair of you. 

taehyung stopped you from walking jungkook out; you looked at him confused but you knew he would explain once the boy left. 

“I’ll see you tonight!” you shouted downstairs to jungkook. 

“okay! I’ll bring you some food!” he shouted back, you heard the door close and looked towards taehyung. 

“I don’t like him” he stated suddenly “something about him…ugh it just seems like he’s faking it" taehyung stated as you leaned against the door frame. 

"well, of course, he’s faking it. his whole family just got murdered, he probably doesn’t want to be breaking down crying every 2 seconds” you explained as you rolled your eyes. 

“no Y/N, i mean…i dont know what i mean, there’s just something off with that kid and i dont like him” hesitated again. 

“taehyung, I’ve known him for 12 years, he’s a little off putting at times yes ill admit and i know he genuinely has some type of mental illness but i also know he’s on medication” you stated. 

“illness?" taehyung asked intrigued. 

"yer when he was 10ish he was diagnosed with a mental illness..i can’t remember which one but i know he’s on medication and its fine” you shrugged.

taehyung was quiet for a moment before nodding his head “alright, fair enough, if you don’t think anythings wrong…” he trailed off before sighing. 

“anyway stop focusing on him and focus on yourself. Lisas having a mini party at her house tonight and i think you should go, even if its just for an hour” you stated as he started to whine at the mention of Lisa. 

“she’s so happy, so happy! like all the time, Y/N don’t make me do it” he pleaded as he took your hand into his. 

“to bad, you’re going. And try and initiate some physical contact, like a hug or something” you said as you thought more about how to up taehyungs image as a genuinely good person. 

“her parents might be there! even better” you said as you nodded your head at the prime opportunity in front of you. 

Taehyung groaned and continued to beg but you both knew it would be good for him, especially compared to a run away suspect.


A/N: Heyo! this book is also on my wattpad account ( Cupcakemaina12, you should follow me if you wanna…please) so if you see this on there and you’re like the fuck? its me dw :)

‘The Chemistry of Love’ Chapter 1: Trapped in the Closet

Sherlock navigates his newfound romanticsim with his relationship with Molly. Of course angst and hilarity will ensue. Plus, a whole lotta fluff! Post-TFP.

  • Author’s Note: hello lovely readers! this story is unique in the way that I am basing chapters off of one liner dialogue prompts from y’all off of this list. The story will connect; it is NOT a collection of one shots, so I hope this goes well lol!   
  • Prompted by @dmollyc: #47, “Why are you whispering?”

Molly thought she would still feel angry or upset in the morning after that phone call, but a vague text from John before going to sleep put her more at ease.

Please, Molly, just go easy on him. It wasn’t his fault. –JW

She had honestly expected for Sherlock to stop by last night but he hadn’t. Molly couldn’t help but feel disappointed. As she worked in the lab at the microscope the consulting detective himself claimed as his own, someone grabbed her arm and urged her off of the stool.

“What the—"she stopped when it dawned on her that Sherlock was tugging her along to the supply closet. When the door shut behind them, the cramped space already began to feel smaller than it was. "Sherlock Holmes, are you out of your damn—mmm!” His hand covered her mouth.

“Molly, I just need you to please listen to me before you start spouting off how much you hate me,” Sherlock spoke quickly in a whisper. His palm suddenly felt wet and he quickly pulled it away from her mouth. “Did you just lick my hand?”

“Yes, to keep you from accidentally suffocating me,” she countered, amused by his shock. “I could never hate you.”

“Good…that’s, uh, good,” he replied quietly, wiping his hand on his Belstaff.

“Why are you whispering?” Molly bit back a laugh.

“I just am, now listen, you need to know how I—mmph!” Sherlock felt his brain short-circuit; at least he thought it was. Molly Hooper was snogging him. His Molly. When he finally allowed himself to relax into her embrace, his tongue slipped through the seam of her lips. Sherlock could no longer scoff at the term ‘sparks fly’ because the electricity between them was intoxicating.

“I know,” Molly breathed out when they parted. “How you feel, I mean.” He blinked at her in surprise. “I have known for a while now; well, since you returned from your two years away. That conversation in the stairwell and the way you were looking at me; the way you kissed my cheek, so close to my lips. I just—I’ve always known. You don’t have to say the words; it’s fine.”

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VFA - Vampire Fundraising Association...? - Chapter 4

[Vampire AU masterlist]

You pressed a button on the television, and slowly sat down on a sofa before sighing. Nothing of interest was on for you to watch, you just thought that perhaps creating some background noise would help you in relaxing.

You were turning into a vampire. And there was nothing that you could do about it.

As tears began to form in your eyes, a sudden warmth wrapped around you, and something took hold of your arms. With a sigh, you turned to your side and noticed that Saeyoung had decided to sit down beside you. “Hey there. You’re looking down! Let’s do something fun to cheer you up!” He threw his arms around you now, and gave you a goofy grin. “Oh, I know! Elly is perfect for cheering people up, because she’s so fluffy and warm and huggable! You can help me pick out a disguise so that I can get in to see her with you!”

Saeyoung looked so excited then, and he grabbed hold of your wrist before pulling you towards a locked room in the bunker. He quickly put in a code to open the door, and gave you a wider grin than previously. When inside the room… Your jaw dropped. There were so many items of clothing in there!

“Ta dah! My costume closet! Impressive, huh?” He then went over to some shelves, and pulled a large sun hat off it and placed it on your head. “Looks good on you! That might help with the whole going out during the day thing too!” He then paused for a moment, and started looking over the rest of the clothes. “Help yourself to something which you wanna wear, it’s pretty hot outside today. I, meanwhile, will start getting ideas for disguises to slip into Jumin’s penthouse! After that, we can help each other out with our hair, and make-up, and all that!”

It was hard not to laugh at Saeyoung’s enthusiasm over his plot to break into Jumin’s penthouse for Elly-based reasons, and it also brought a new thought to your head. Maybe, with Saeyoung about, and maybe also Saeran… Things may not be so bad as a vampire after all…

After a few minutes, you ended up finding a nice red shirt dress, and also a pair of black cat stockings to wear. You actually quite liked what they looked like together, so you decided to relocate Saeyoung to ask if there was somewhere for you to get changed. Except… you approached him when he was sat on a large pile of clothes, without a shirt on. As your face went red, because you were not expecting that sort of body under Saeyoung’s large shirt and hoodie, he became aware of your presence and wiggled an eyebrow at you. “Like what you see?”

“S- Saeyoung Choi! D- Don’t do that! I- I was just wanting to ask if-!”

“Ohhh, is this a confession of love?!”

No! I- I just wanted to know if there was somewhere for me t- to get changed!” You had to turn away from Saeyoung then, before sighing and pouting your lips. That wasn’t fair! He was doing his best to make you blush!

Saeyoung laughed for a moment, before you felt his cold breath against your ear. Why was his breath cold? “The white door at the other side of the room, that leads to my bathroom. You can get changed in there! Just… don’t go through the other door in the bathroom, because that’s my bedroom~”

You sighed and shook your head, because you had a feeling that you wouldn’t even want to go into Saeyoung’s bedroom, before making your way over to the bathroom to get changed. Once you had got dressed, you went to look at your reflection in a mirror which was in there, but… Nothing but a blur showed up. You stared at what you could make out of your reflection, before placing the sun hat back on your head.

You then returned to the large room of clothes just to see Saeyoung moping about on the ground, unsure of what he had to wear. But then… You noticed a familiar sweater on the ground. You picked it up, and approached Saeyoung before holding it in front of him. “So, Saeran, how about we try to meet Elizabeth the 3rd?” Saeyoung gave you a confused look, before his eyes widened with realisation at your proposed idea.

It was a shock a few minutes later when Saeyoung returned to the room, because he honestly looked the exact same as Saeran aside from his glasses, a lack of contacts, and messy hair. That did, however, mean that Saeyoung’s plan to go and visit Jumin’s cat was a step closer to getting set into motion.

However… His face fell when he looked at you, before he pushed some of your hair aside and sighed. “You can see the bite on your neck… Whoever bit you was messy and violent, it looks like they went back a good few times after the first bite… No wonder your change started so quickly…” He fell silent for a moment, before he went off to dig around in a box. After a moment, he pulled something out and put it around your neck. “Your bite is still healing, so it needs some air getting to it… But this should cover it up. It’s a black lace choker.” He then smiled, and took hold of your hand. “But now, my lady, we need to sort out hair and make-up!”


After Saeyoung had spent a good while sorting out both your and his own appearances, he pulled you to one of his cars before saying that the two of you were going to Jumin’s penthouse. In the car, Saeyoung kept his hoodie on with his hood up, whilst you kept the sun hat over your head. It was still daylight outside after all, and you could still remember the way in which your skin burned when you tried escaping the party the other day.

Once the two of you had arrived outside of the building, Saeyoung took a deep breath before taking his hoodie off and quickly pulling on a hooded coat of Saeran’s which he had grabbed previously. He seemed to burn up very quickly as he did that change, so he had to take a few moments for a breather just to let the pain subside. After that, he took hold of your hand and pulled you out of the car and quickly made his way into the building where Jumin’s penthouse was.

Saeyoung then quickly explained that artificial light was safe for vampires, so he pulled the hood of the coat down. He then quickly removed his glasses, and approached a security guard which was by the elevator. “Excuse me… I want to see Jumin. Is he in?”

You looked at Saeyoung, shocked at how he changed his voice to sound like his twin, before you nodded. “Y- Yes… the two of us want to see Jumin. Something happened at the RFA party yesterday, and we want to discuss it…”

The security guards looked over the two of you, before scowling at Saeyoung. “And what are your names? We must ask Mr Han if the two of you are permitted, and you look like Saeyoung Choi, one of the people he has banned from visiting.”

“I’m Saeran Choi, this is MC. Saeyoung is my idiot brother, and we didn’t tell him that we’re coming because he’d want to put on a stupid disguise to mess with Jumin’s cat.”

The security guard then made a quick call, before stepping away from the elevator. “The top floor is Mr Han’s penthouse.”

The two of you then stepped into the elevator, and pressed the button to take you both to the instructed floor. And as soon as the doors closed, Saeyoung cheered.

“Step one of the ‘make our new vampire friend happy by taking her to Elly’ plan is complete! Step two, to obtain Elly, is next! So excited!”

Sam Winchester

A few reasons to love Sam Winchester:

  • Sam loves unconditionally.
  • He was destined to be the boy king of hell. That was his destiny, but instead he chose to do the right thing. No matter how much it hurt him he chose to do the right the simply because it was right.
  • He fought off Lucifer twice. 
  • He remained hopeful even though everyone around him lost hope in everything and most importantly lost hope in him. Even though his older brother, the man he looked up to, had lost all faith in him he stayed hopeful. 
  • His laugh is the best sound in the world. 
  • His smile 
  • He just wants to do what’s right and make Dean proud.
  • His empathy.
  • The way that we as fans can easily relate to him. We can understand some of what he’s going through.
  • His long ass hair
  • The ever so iconic bitchface
  •  He’s one of those character that you want to make pancakes for and just hold them and tell them how much they are loved because they wrongfully think so low of themselves.


   I love Sam Winchester so much. This is gonna sound like bullshit and if you don’t get it, then I’m sorry. But this character has made such a huge impact on my life. He inspired me to keep on living because even though everything may seem fucked up now, you will have days where you’re actually happy to be alive.

   In 4.04 Metamorphosis, he was sitting in front of a closet door talking to Jack (who was locked in the closet because he was turning into a Rugaru). I remember him saying:

“Listen to me, you’ve got this dark pit inside you. I know. Believe me, I know. But that doesn’t mean you have to fall into it. You don’t have to be a monster… It doesn’t matter what you are. It only matters what you do. It’s your choice.”

   I’d seen that episode before but I’d never paid attention to it. Last year I decided to watch supernatural to get my mind off of things and to distract me. I ended up choosing that episode and when I heard Sam say this I literally had to pause it and just think about what the hell I just heard. I know that it wasn’t designed to be a self help quote and it’s not. but it got me through one of the toughest moments of my life. That was only the first of many Sam Winchester quotes that made me not want to off myself.

    It’s really strange putting this into words, but I did the best I could. Sam Winchester really means a lot to me. He’s extremely important to the show, and I really don’t understand how some people can just NOT like Sam. I mean c’mon, for real? How?

(Sam related post that I made that might also be useful)


also I want to talk about Simon for a second and the fact that he can’t go back to his house, he’s been banished by the vampires, the Shadowhunters kicked him out of the Institute, and the werewolves locked him in a supply closet because they didn’t want him around. It’s exactly like he told Aldertree, he literally has ??? No where to go ???? There’s nowhere for him to belong except with the people he cares about, and right now that’s still limited mostly to Luke and Clary. But other than that he’s been unwanted everywhere he goes and that breaks my heart my boy is so good and strong and he deserves a place where he knows he’s truly wanted and not just tolerated and I love him so much and his arc is going to be so great and he deserves so much happiness

Okay this is not related to anything but I got a little drunk last night and I had the strangest dream in my life.

Basically, there was a freaking weasel who came to me and my siblings room and said he was going to battle one of us to death. When I say weasel I mean the small, pet kind of weasels.

I was the good big sister and said that I’d battle him. He attacked me and I ran to my closet room, because I had one. I locked the door and dressed in a bikini?

Now it gets weird. I jumped out of my window and smoothly landed and ran to the beach. I thought: I’ll just stay in the water until the morning, when he won’t attack me anymore. He can’t swim anyways.

I was right. He couldn’t. BUT HE HAD A FUCKING JETSKI!!!

A fucking weasel was chasing me on a jetski in the sea!!!

I think he got crocodile jaws and almost killed me, but that’s the part I don’t remember very well. But just… what does that even mean?

anonymous asked:

My headcanon for soudam is that Souda actually liked Gundam from the beginning, but wanted to fit in more so he pretended to be after Sonia. Gundam only likes Sonia as a close friend. Sonia secretly ships them and asked Hinata to help get them together so that Gundam is happy and Souda leave her alone. Nagito over hears and locks them in a closet together in the name of hope.

!! Oh this one is really good! It fits on of my headcanons, because I HC that Souda was bullied for being gay in highschool, and his father didn’t approve either. So now, he tries to hide it…see how it fits with yours? This is brilliant!

So, Detroit

Please read this entirely and process it without a knee jerk reaction.

I was front row B-Stage on the far left Louis side.

I had the rainbow American flag I posted about smashed into my purse and it was a big mess, so I was trying to organize my stuff and wrote a note on the flag and the venue security saw that I had it, and reported it to each other and their supervisor to watch me (lol they were literally right in front of me talking about me like I wasn’t there, a+ job.) My section and I also got our tickets checked twice while I was already seated down there - the supervisor said to me that ‘someone kept making complaints’ (don’t share your seat info on fucking harmless ass truly lighthearted and playful posts that get you dragged, don’t carry rainbows, and definitely don’t carry (separate and unrelated to RD) Larry signs if you aren’t up for a bunch of fucking salty ass stares and security all up in your grill.) [I’m oppferit.]

When they got word the boys were going on stage (like a 3 minute warning I think?) The supervisor came over and asked for “Jumper” (a girl more toward the center) and “Rainbow.”) (Me. She pointed right to me and the supervisor looked right at me to verify.)

I didn’t take a pic of what I wrote on the flag, but it was along the white grommeted part, something along the lines of “We all love you and support you and we’ll always be here. Hang in there. Thank you for everything and Indy” etc and signed it 💜 @lornasaurusrexx. I rolled it up into a burrito/football thing and wrapped it with a dollar store (hot pink with black leopard spots!) ribbon hair tie like Harry wears. I made sure the blue star part was peeking out, with all the other colors peeking out so that they could see that it was rainbow. (Hi this is where I’m obligated to say that I did this so it clearly gave them all the knowledge they needed to make an informed decision on whether or not to pick it up therefore did not ‘force them into’ anything.)

I threw it onto the stage before they even made it down to the B-stage since it was dark and because the biker looking security guy (1D’s) with the long black and grey beard guy was flirting with an adult fan and the venue security was focused elsewhere, and it wouldn’t hit or trip the boys.

Obv it was Louis’ side but I knew Harry would be there during DMD etc too. Louis ignored it, which I totally expected anyway. Until WDBHG.

Louis went to the side of the stage where Preston was standing on his right and got a water and took a quick drink. Then he carefully dropped the water bottle down by the flag to try to hit or cover it, he was probably trying to hide it or point it out, then he stepped toward it, very daintily covered it with his mic stand and got it under his foot, and with legit soccer skills, accurately kicked it backward and to his right where Preston was standing. He was not angry, but he was thoughtful and concentrating. It wasn’t a 'get the fuck away from me’ explosive kick. It was sneaky and pretty well hidden and very gracefully and well aimed. Most people wouldn’t even have known what it was except the few people who literally saw me fold it from full size then also saw me throw it. His sneakiness said to me that he didn’t want anyone to see him kick it away.

Preston picked it up and kept it as long as he stood there, he may have either pocketed it or put it aside. I didn’t see Preston much the rest of the night, except for quick buzzing around.

Here’s video. - it happens at the beginning (the round rainbow lump to the left of the white tshirt hanging there. He ignored the white tshirts and they were there all night.)

Obviously I didn’t expect them to do anything with it, because the closet is clearly on lock still with Babygate and now also Xalamander. I especially didn’t expect anything from Louis except for him to ignore it, because we all know his situation.

I needed to sleep on it and process it because my initial reaction was fear/anger (not at Louis, but at 1DHQ, and the entire fucking closet situation. I know he’s not a homophobe and I know he and Harry are together. I know their situation and limitations. Since my rainbow flag was gone, I held my Oops and Hi sign confidently, then out of spite for HQ, taped it to the inside of the damn barricade so it was there the ENTIRE night.

Louis made eye contact with me a few times through the night and his eyes were kind, and I smiled lovingly back, trying to convey my understanding over the flag, even though he only knew for sure that I was responsible for the Oops and Hi sign.

Anyway, don’t give Louis any shit. He did not do it with any malice.

Harry was rounding the corner and blowing kisses, while still facing that direction with his body, he looked toward me, (with my sign still taped below me) and also toward 2tiedships2 (right next to me) and he looked right into her camera (you can see better here than in the gif because it’s zoomed in.) 



(Follow her blog! She’s posting a bunch of gif’s from the show! - and she’ll be posting more and she will also be posting gifs of the video of Louis that I took where he kicked the flag to Preston and a separate video she took where you can see that Preston was standing there to Louis’ right at the time.)

Anyway I love Louis and I love Harry and I love LouisandHarry and Louis and Harry and I’m here to see this through to the end.

When Key leaves SHINee alone for the weekend...
  • Key: So I'll see you guys when I get back from the fashion show
  • Onew: Okay. I'm in charge, right? *raises hand in the air with a fake sword while sitting on a J-Horse*
  • Key: What the heck is J-Hope from BTS doing in our living room?
  • Jonghyun: what
  • Taemin: what
  • Minho: what
  • J-Horse: what
  • Onew: He agreed to be my pet horse
  • Minho: why J-Hope. why.
  • Key: ... let him go back to his own dorm, Onew hyung
  • Onew: b-but... my horse...
  • Minho: Hyung, let him go
  • Onew: ... fine... *rides J-Horse out of the dorm*
  • Taemin: anyway, so who's in charge?
  • Jonghyun: come on guys, we all know I should be in charge *rips off shirt sleeves and flexes biceps*
  • Minho: *Shakes head* obviously it won't be either of you
  • Taemin: I think we all know I should be in charge. *does aegyo and fangirls swarm* See?
  • Key: *Shoos fangirls away* maybe I should get a babysitter?
  • Jonghyun: Just leave. We're not kids and we're older than you
  • Key: ...fine. Don't make me regret this later *glares at all of them before heading out of the dorm*
  • ~ After Key leaves~
  • Taemin: Soo... Who's in charge...?
  • Onew: Key didn't really make that clear.
  • Jonghyun: Why don't we battle to see who's worthy?
  • Minho: *sighs* How about we all just do our own thing? We don't have to have anyone in charge...
  • Jonhyun: Minho lost already! *flexes biceps again in a suggestive way*
  • Taemin: I have a better chance than either of you! You'll be sorry you ever thought you could win!
  • Jonghyun: Yah, I'm your hyung! Do not talk to me like that.
  • Onew: Oh, let the kid be. We can drop honorifics for this. Rock-paper-sissors to decide what we do for battle.
  • Minho: I'm calling a babysitter...
  • ~ Two days later ~
  • Minho: *locked in the closet* when the heck is Hyung getting back...
  • Minho: No one's gonna do that
  • Onew: that's what YOU think, but when I have you all in animal suits eating chicken, you'll think differently
  • Taemin: ...what
  • Minho: Key Hyung is getting back today, you know
  • Onew: He can join in, too!
  • Taemin: ... wait, is Minho in the closet?
  • Onew: yes
  • Taemin: why??
  • Onew: because he called chicken stupid and threatened to stick it up my-
  • Taemin: OKAY, I got it, Hyung
  • Key: *Dramatically opens door* I'm ba-why is the dorm a mess?
  • Minho: *muffled from the closet* oh, well those three idiots had a battle to see who would be in charge. They just finished...
  • Key: Is Minho in the closet?
  • O & T: Yes
  • Key: Why?
  • Onew: Because he threatened to stick chicken up my-
  • Taemin: No, don't repeat it!
  • Key: ... I'm never leaving you guys alone again.
  • Jonghyun: *jumps out from under a sea of cushions* But you have to!
  • Key: AHHH! What was that?!?!?!
  • Jonghyun: the dinosaur. Rawwrrr
  • Key: ...
  • Taemin: I don't understand what we did wrong.
  • Onew: We just had a friendly battle.
  • Key: ...
  • Minho: *now out of the closet because magic* I'm the only normal one *pulls a pickle out of back pocket*
  • Key: ... wtf you guys
  • -Admins Jongie and Jinnie
  • (This is actually on the wrong account xD this was meant to go on my Kpop scenarios blog *lol-Kpop-scenarios*, but due to trouble with posting it, I'm leaving it on this account)

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seven minutes in heaven {{ BECAUSE THIS IS GONNA BE FUNNY }}

My muse and your muse have been chosen to be locked in a closet for 7 minutes in heaven. Send “SEVEN MINUTES” for my muse to generate a number 1-25 of what happens between our muses

Number generated 24 Trailing kisses from stomach to mouth

Lance had gone into the closet first, waiting for the second person to join him with a slight grimace. Pietro had convinced him to come to this stupid party, and now he’d been roped into this stupid game. he thought it only happened in those crappy movies Kitty made him watch, but apparently not. 

“Rogue? Oh, good.” he slumped against the back of the closet wall when she came in. At least it wasn’t some random person. He’d much rather have Rogue in there with him. Thought he scowl on her face obviously didn’t say the same. “Uh….how come you even joined in? I mean, what if you got put in here with a guy who didn’t know about your…um..” he trailed off, realizing how that sounded. “Shit - sorry. I didn’t mean to…y’know…”

And after a small comment from her about how she wouldn’t get to experience it like others silence fell between the two of them, a frown coming to Lance’s face as he tried to think of what to do. 

“I got an idea.” he said suddenly, a small smile curving at his lips. “Just trust me, ok?” He waited for a moment before his hands moved to grasp at her hips, completely at ease. He’d known Rogue for a while, and he knew she covered every inch of herself with fabric to stop any accidental touches from happening. Granted it was mesh but…he’d risk it. 

It was slow, and a little hesitant, but he’d moved to bend down close to Rogue, his head close to her stomach as he lent forwards, pressing a soft kiss to her mesh clad stomach, peppering slow, almost lazy kisses up the girls body - though he made sure to skip over her breasts…somehow he felt he’d get slapped for that. His kisses grew more hesitate the further up her got, pressing his lips slowly against  the covered part of her shoulder-blades before pulling back slowly. 

“Do you want me to kiss your lips?” Lance asked in a quiet murmur, an uncertainty in his voice. He’d try to if she wanted it, just a swift quick kiss to try and avoid being knocked out by her abilities.