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So, you met Madani, huh?


Happy 264th Birthday, Robert Townsend!

Oh my god I need want a Thiam Harry Potter!AU where Theo is a 7th year slytherin and death-eater and Liam is the mouthy Little Gryffindor that keeps foiling all of his plans and following him around because Theo is a suscpicious character. And like:

  • They end up fist fighting a lot
  • Even though they’re wizards
  • And no one believes Liam when he says Theos evil
  • Because Theo is a charming little shit to everyone but Liam
  • And Liam keeps following Theo into really bad situations
  • So Theos forced to hide/protect Liam from other death eaters.
  • Because the little Gryffindor has grown on him
  • To the point that Theo realizes he might be making a mistake in his quest to be powerful
  • And Liam’s forced to protect Theo from himself
  • Death eater Gabe and Nolan
  • ravenclaw Mason who makes them the marauders map
  • And Hufflepuff Corey

I just want to remind you all that Yuu is a suicidal kid with little care about his own well being and a clearly unhealthy obsession with the concept of family born through his past child trauma.

I know it’s easy to forget it when you look at his sweet smiles and carefree attitude but let’s not forget about that.

i’m legit still losing my shit right now with the glitch grinch merch stuff like ho l y s hit  just look at this bitch face

he can be a murderous sociopath bastard but i just can’t take him seriouslywith that frickin christmas hat and that fricking smile that just looks like he is just having the time of his life  because he is about to mac fricking stole this motherfucking christmas and just enjoy it like the little bitch he is because he is a bitch that just wants to ruin our lives being the bitch that he is bitch i fucking hate him and i- my lungs are about to explode from so much laughter



((OOC: I just did a Merope Gaunt makeup test. I hate it. Assume you’ll never see her again.))

The only thing I know is…..ABHUJHBBHJSBHJ I LOVE HIM SO MUCH SHJISAHJASNIA  because you can see I don’t know how to draw skeletons (?)
Sorry, I just…. I can’t. He’s beautiful, I love him ;w;

When Taylor says her castle crumbled, she brought a knife to a gun fight, they took her crown, all the liars are calling her one, and nobody’s heard from her for months, so you’re prepared for a heartbreaking song

And then you can almost hear the sigh of relief and smile in Taylor’s voice as she sings, “I’m doing better than I ever was,” and you realize Call It What You Want focuses on the love in her life

Black Emporium gifts for you AND me! *_*

The @black-emporium-exchange collection is live, though authors and artists remain anonymous for the time being. But if you take a look, you might be able to find a few things from yours truly… I will of course be posting those here when our secret identities are revealed, but until then why not see if anything catches your eye? Tons of great stuff in there if you’re into Dragon Age and rare pairings!

This year I got three totally amazing gifts from three totally wonderful creators and I’ve got to share them:

One Jump, Dalish/Skinner
An ENTIRE COMIC, like, three times as long as anything I’ve ever made, which is an absolutely incredible feat and I am in awe of the creator’s hard work. It’s an exciting action/adventure story that explores how Skinner ended up with the Chargers and fell in lesbians with Dalish, with bonus background Adoribull, also featuring Dalish and Dorian playing off each other hilariously. It’s so great and I am so blessed to have been the recipient.

[NSFW] Sweet Talk, Cassandra/F!Adaar
This artist heard my plea for Cassandra getting *** ***** ***, THANK YOU, KIND ARTIST, BRAVE HERO. And the result is so lovely and warm and pleasing to look at, just a super gorgeous drawing.

and the one that came in late this afternoon as a treat/birthday gift from a totally mysterious person I’m sure I don’t know, hm, who could it be,

Pathways, Nathaniel/Velanna
I don’t even know how to explain how much I just spent the last hour screaming into my own ass over how much everything about this was directed specifically at me with the intent of making me scream into my own ass. ADVENTURE FIC. AVVAR SPIRIT NONSENSE. CULTURE-ACCURATE POETRY. All of it a delightful backdrop to Nathaniel and Velanna being infuriatingly, stupidly in love. Seriah makes a cameo! MY VERY OWN DAUGHTER. My heart was hammering the whole way through and when I wasn’t smiling over how much I love the characters I was clutching my face and trying not to cry about it. My head caught fire and I died. That’s about as ringing an endorsement of a thing as I think a person can offer.


Bigger Than Love - Oh Wonder

“Bigger Than Love is a song that we wrote about when two people are overwhelmingly in love with each other but for some reason, can’t be together at the same time.”

Fitzsimmons Appreciation Week // Day Three: Song Day

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Not to be overdramatic but your hurt!steve and protective!tony fanfics are what keeps me alive


I had an insane dream last night and all I can remember is Meta Knight saying “My sword goes well with your face” before absolutely obliterating 02.

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Hey mod f can you plz talk more about your trans gf? I'm that trans lesbian from before and I need more positivity in my life.

Oh hell yeah I can! I literally force everyone to hear about her constantly anyways lol. She’s absolutely one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever had the good luck to meet. The thing I love about her above everything else is her sense of justice. She’s an incredibly compassionate person who tries to align herself with beliefs and causes based on what she truly feels helps liberate people. Not just parroting whatever politics she’s told are progressive. She’s very strong willed and speaks her mind even when she’s afraid. Which is something I admire deeply in her.

She challenges me intellectually. But I always feel like she’s open to my perspective. She’s willing to learn from me like I learn from her.

She has amazing curly hair that’s just inherently badass and big brown eyes that reflect deep red in the certain lights. She has an amazing voice that’s so sweet and one of the best laughs I’ve ever heard. Also her cheekbones are fucking impressive and she’s 100% more fashionable than me. I love when she talks to animals and her voice does that special pet voice thing. She also somehow always smells like coconut??? Idk if any of this is what you wanted to hear lmao but that’s my gf essay!

so I’m having a weirdly good week?

Played Stardew Valley yesterday and still managed a half a dozen things on the to-do list (including finding a dentist for the first time in over a decade, so that first appointment next week’s gonna be a doozy, whee! Not)

and the dishes are Not Backed Up, tho I’m a little behind on Step 3 (put it the fuck away) for the laundry




Went grocery shopping this morning. yes, the day before Thanksgiving! Because I R SMRT… it wasn’t actually that bad though? And I remembered butter which I’d forgotten the last three times I went shopping so we’d been COMPLETELY OUT FOR HALF A WEEK so that was good, at last.

am actually not so exhausted that having the kids home for four days sounds kinda painful, as happened for their last long weekend (new meds working? I think new meds are working!)

speaking of (long weekend not meds)


Like, honestly, in Thing 2’s school they were talking about thanksgiving traditions and he told me about it when he got home and I’m all… we don’t have any, what did you say?

He said we play board games.

I can get behind that as a tradition? 

saw Zevran’s Crow armor again…………

that sharp bird drinks his fancy stolen wine with a bright green twisty straw doesn’t he?