so i just reached 1.9k followers!! that means that the awards are over, thanks to everyone who voted!

best dodie blog: 1st place - @askingwhen​ | 2nd place - @doddleaxolotl
best dan and phil blog: 1st place - @phanisthetearinmyheart | 2nd place - @guccinof
best music blog: 1st place - @futctz | 2nd place - @cameronhvrley
best aesthetic blog: 1st place - @retgekt | 2nd place - @yikejpg
best mixed blog: 1st place - @jilliancares | 2nd place - @vloggery
best GIF maker: 1st place - @markired | 2nd place - @phansterdam
best edit maker: 1st place - @phlanetary | 2nd place - @emo-bands-aesthetic-s
best artist: 1st place - @maddox-rider | 2nd place - @lightninginthenightsky
nicest blogger: 1st place - @australiaditl | 2nd place - @cuddlesphan
best overall: 1st place - @pseudophan | 2nd place - @starryhtml

reminder of the prizes: 

  • a follow from me 
  • 1st place can request shoutouts up to three times, 2nd place can request twice
  • you can request moodboards, name aesthetics, and things of the like
  • reblogs on ur selfies bc u cute
  • my eternal love 💛💛💛
  • a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs

if you did not win, do not send hate to those who did. this was just for fun!!

anonymous asked:

Headcanons for our precious boy Tamaki!! Maybe how he is a parent? Love your blog!! 💜

Parent Tamaki is a Tamaki we all need and deserve. Buckle up guys. This is gonna be long because what is Tamaki? Everything!

Amajiki Tamaki

  • Did somebody say over-protective parent? BECAUSE OVER-PROTECTIVE PARENT TAMA-DAD IS IN THE HOUSE!
  • When his child was a baby, every nook and and cranny of the house was baby-proofed. Baby gates, stoppers on every single corner and sharp edge, covering all plus sockets. You name it, he had it covered.
  • Reading “Parenting for Dummies” books because boy does he need a lot of help.
  • Guess who the Godfather is?!? Godfather Mirio has helped Tamaki with his child plenty of times and is pretty much the child’s wacky uncle. 
  • Seriously can you imagine Mirio helping out with his child?! Peek-a-boo just got so awesome since he can phase through walls. And giving the child piggy-back rides and throwing them in the air and catching them (while Tamaki freaks out).
  • When his child’s quirk manifests, he is there and ready to help. He doesn’t exactly know how he’s gonna do that but he’d sure as hell try!
  • Being a hero means that Tamaki doesn’t always have a lot of time. He’s always going to try and make time so that he can go to his child’s shows, games, activities and just generally support them. If he can’t make it though, he’ll always try and make it up to them.
  • Imagine his child being scared on the first day of school and Tamaki gently encouraging them by telling his child to be themself and good things would happen.
  • Awww imagine his child being accepted into UA and he’s so proud and happy. He’d probably get out his old yearbook and show them what it’s like and get all flustered when his child gets excited over the fact he was one of the big three.

I’ve been nominated - thank you so much💕

Hello guys!

I’m so happy to say that this year I’ve been nominated in the following categories:

best new drabble series - “Eternity Tastes Like Your Blood On My Tongue”

best smut drabble/oneshot - “Afternoon Between Your Thighs”

jack of all trades award - my writing / my edits (most recent)

I just want to say…thank you so much for this, to everyone who nominated me but also to everyone who ever liked, reblogged, commented on my work. It means a world to me.

As you’ve maybe noticed, this year has been much different for me, creatively, than last year. A lot has changed. My job turned much more demanding, taking up more of my time and energy, I’ve ventured into other fandoms, tvd has ended. And because of all of that, I haven’t been able to focus on some projects as much as I’d like to. But even with things changed, I’m still here. Still set on finishing all the things that I’ve started. Still passionate about klaroline.

And in huge part, I have all of you to thank for that 💗💙💚💛💜 

So, let’s do this guys 🙌 Here you can vote for all the amazing folks nominated in this year’s awards!


100DP Music Awards 

Cybird gave us wallpapers with the idol groups from the “Music Awards”, campaign for 100DP 3rd Anniversary “C♮” (Byron Wagner/Xeno Gerald, Claude Braque, Giles Christophe) , “Sweet2″ (Louis Howard, Nico Meier, Noah Leonhart), “GOTA” (Alyn Crawford, Sid Grandier, Robert Branche) and “Trident” (Cain Roches, Leo Crawford, Albert Burckhardt)

At that time there was a voting event, and the group that received most votes was “Sweet2″. I still have the stories, will try to translate them, they were funny. 

Byrooon… *forever in Byron’s arms*  (/^-^(^ ^*)/ ♡ love you with all my “sweetheart”  (≧◡≦) ♡