'arts 4 geeks'

Here’s Prince Peach in color. Don’t mind the lazy coloring! XD I just really wanted the idea out of my head and on to “paper”. A friend of mine had suggested that I should have made his face with less masculine features to resemble the Princess more but he looked to androgynous and I feel like Princes usually have this kind of strong, structured and symmetrical thing going on in the face, so I stuck with this. I may do a full body drawing of him later.  

Tattoo number 14. A game that’s not only my favorite of all time, but one of the best survival horrors of all time. Resident Evil 4! This game holds so much for me. Dr Salvadors and his chainsaw wielding madness still makes me shit my pants every time I hear the rin riiin of his chainsaw. Thisnleg is dedicated to my cherished memories with games, and wow what a fantastic tattoo right?