I was at the store, as always. I was in this room. On January 19, the tension in this room was unbearable. It was hard to breathe in here; it was as if the ceiling were pressing down on us. We were all feeling very bleak. I’d had this terrible headache, so we’d turned off the television. So anyway, one of the boys came in. He opened the door. I was on my feet at that moment; I was right next to the door.

Brother, have you heard the news?, he said.

Heard what?, I asked.

What they just said on television, he said.

Man, what are you talking about? Go and get this damn thing turned on.

There was a newsfeed running along the bottom of the screen. Something about an assassination attempt. I remember thinking something like, Damn it, someone’s shot him in the leg. That won’t be enough to bring him down, a giant of a man like him.

I ran downstairs and threw myself into a taxi. My head was spinning. I saw that the traffic wasn’t moving, so I jumped out of the taxi. I began to run. It gradually dawned on me that getting shot in the leg wouldn’t cause a traffic jam like this. When I got to the front of Agos, I saw him. There was this big man, lying on the ground…

Yervant (Levent) Dink in “Lying on the Pavement,” from Hrant Dink: An Armenian Voice of the Voiceless in Turkey by Tuba Çandar

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Wait I wanna know the story behind the "are Armenians aryan" thing

There was this girl here called clit-squiggle or something and she was Armenian and obsessed over whether she’s white and apparently it caused her to self harm and stuff, pretty wild

If anyone has the screencaps feel free to add them

I know people love to hate on the Kardashians and say they are stupid or useless, but I am actually proud of them. They make me proud to be an Armenian. A few days ago the Wall Street Journal published a full page advertisment which denied the killing of 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman Turks and this denial still continues. This kind of propaganda perpetuates hatred by denying my people’s national tragedy. And in response Kim Kardashian bought a full page ad in the New York Times to call them out.

So next time anyone ever says that the Kardashians are dumb bimbos or a waste of space I will point them to this article because she really is making a difference in the world. 

On January 19, I went to our bookstore at around eleven in the morning. During my lunch hour, I read “Fluttering like a Pigeon,” his last column. How hard his words hit me! My heart almost flew up through my throat. I’m going to Agos, I said to myself. Just when I was about to leave, someone came in to see me. All right, I said, we can speak for ten minutes or so, and then I’m going out.

The meeting lasted longer than I expected. At one or two minutes after three o’clock, a call came through. A voice was saying, “They’ve shot Baron Hrant!” I remember dropping the phone onto the floor at that moment. Nothing else…just darkness.

The screams brought me back to myself. I stood up. I didn’t ask anyone anything. I ran all the way down from the fifth floor. One sentence kept ringing in my ears: “They’ve shot him.” I was going straight to Agos to save him. I jumped into a taxi. I told the driver to take me to Osmanbey. He took the coastal road. On the way, I asked the driver to turn on the radio, and that was when…that was when I heard he was dead.

I must have punched the driver, punched the doors. The traffic was terrible. Nothing was moving on the roads. I must have gotten out at Kasımpaşa or somewhere near Bilgi University. From there, I ran all the way to Agos. All the way to that pavement…

Hosrof (Orhan) Dink in “Lying on the Pavement,” from Hrant Dink: An Armenian Voice of the Voiceless in Turkey by Tuba Çandar

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Are armenians aryans? :3c

Dude there was some messed up girl around these parts who ended up self harming over this question lmao


An Armenian woman sings a prayer-hymn called “Lord Have Mercy” in the remains of the Church of the Holy Cross on Akdamar Island, Turkey.


Nature of Armenia

If I am asked where is the place on the earth that one can come across many miracles, I would name Armenia. Involuntarily you are suprised in such a small place on the earth it is possible to meet such monuments and such people, who can be the ornaments and pride of the whole world - Rockwell Kent

Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem, Nourhan Manougian, leads the Vespers, evening prayers, in the Grotto, in the Church of Nativity, as the Armenian community of Jerusalem celebrates Christmas in Bethlehem, West Bank, on January 18, 2016. Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90