'are you one of the good guys' 'no but i'm friends with them'


I lost a childhood friend today, his name was Jason, his father and mother abused him no matter what. I fucking found out this morning Jason was found dead with a gun in his hands.. he fucking killed himself, and his parents didn’t even care.

This is what is wrong with people. Jason was such a sweet person, had a good personality and all he wanted was for people to be happy. But his parents verbally harassed him, hit him, they starved him for weeks at a time, but spoiled him with gifts and all of that so they can get some respect from him. The police did not help one bit no matter how many times he has called them for help. When he did his chores they called him a lazy ass to “motivate him”. He did everything in the house, while the parents criticized him and laughed at his suffering. I was his only friend in the end. Everybody else bullied him in school and went for the more popular group. He told me all of this stuff, and I always helped him stay happy, and keep a smile on his face. I was the only one to stay. I was the only real friend to him…

I was the only one to show up at his birthday parties and everything when we were growing up. 

This is a sick fucking world. A sick sick fucking world. I hope his parents are fucking happy…

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could you please come up with more assassin!verse BoB? the 5 you came up with are so, so good and I need approximately 1,000,000 more

Absolutely friend, I’ll try for you!!

-george luz is totally the guy who says awful one liners like he’ll blind the dude before executing the hit and say “hah I bet you didn’t see that one coming”

-joe liebgott and david webster are the unlikely pair and web handles all the transactions while liebgott carries out The Deed and on the way to the site they’ll argue with each other on how it’s supposed to be done

-small unassuming skinny sisk who (very foolishly) tagged along with liebgott and webster in his early days and was like “no okay I can’t get anything done when my dads are fighting all the time” so he branched out and did his own thing but he still calls them sometimes

-babe heffron as the kid who got his start bc his friend julian was killed but it was all swept under the rug bc the dude responsible was rich so babe decided to take care of things his own way

-the unbelievable power trio of skip muck, alex penkala, and don malarkey: they don’t work in quite the same was as dick, nix, and welsh do, bc they all have their own ways of doing things and it’s more like a rotation than a delegation of tasks but they always help each other out when it’s necessary

-ron speirs is a legend within the community, in a different way than shifty, and there’s a story about him floating around that he once took out an entirely building of people bc he didn’t want any witnesses but really all he did was drop a smoke bomb in the living room and take all their jewelry

-assassin poker nights eight pm every saturday at roe’s, as organized by carwood lipton?

And… I’m done!!! Okay, I cheated, because I threw in the towel and didn’t even go in for today’s final, I was too exhausted… But the semester is finally over, and I can’t believe I’m free to do whatever I want with my time until I fly home next week. It hasn’t sunk in yet. That, and I’m so tired…

The good news : Another one of my grades came out today, and I got an A in Polymer Science! I’m expecting B or C+ in the couple of classes I did badly in, but still, this exam period was thankfully far from total failure. Oh, and I’ve finalised which professor I’m going to do my senior thesis with! We do them in twos, so it’s going to be one of my best friends and I. This prof is really, really cool. And the topic is awesome (development of anti-cancer drugs based on transition metal complexes with eclectic ligands. We might even get to do some work with cell lines, so even though it won’t be biochemistry, it’s still pretty close :)

The not so good news : I have no idea what’s going to happen here in the next few weeks, no matter what the referendum result is.  But I’m okay. For some reason I haven’t really panicked, I keep thinking things are going to work out somehow. The media (here and in Europe) are very good at polarizing things and working out worst case scenarios (and we’re definitely in a worst case scenario). But I’m still hopeful.

In any case, I’m going home to my cats and my mum (and dad) in a week, no matter what happens, so it’s going to be okay :)

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FROM YMP: Hey I have been checking out more SU latley epically with this new week and it is good. Like the only thing I have an issue with is the the way Greg and Steven dress, I don't know why. I like RG better, but I am coming around, AT> everything else. However one I ask you know with SU being added to Cartoon network, what are 10 favorite your favorite Cartoon Network SHOWS(originals)? Example boondocks is a CN orginal, American Dad is not, AT is, Family guy is not.

I’m not good with the top lists, but I will try to make it work. I can at least place the first three without any second thoughts:

  1. Adventure Time
  2. Steven Universe
  3. Over the Garden Wall (not exactly a tv show per se, but I couldn’t not include it)
  4. The Amazing World of Gumball
  5. Clarence
  6. Powerpuff Girls
  7. Dexter’s Laboratory
  8. Samurai Jack
  9. Regular Show
  10. Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

I was tagged by my lovely “YOU-ARE-SO-GREAT-WHY-DIDN’T-WE-TALK-IN-HIGH-SCHOOL” friend empirestrikesnat to post my top 10 albums, although I pretty much did them in no particular order. These are some of my absolute favorites (yes one is a soundtrack, but it introduced me to my favorite song of all time and gave me a love for oldies!)! I’m usually more the type that buys a few songs here and there but these are all great and half of them I’ve loved for more than a decade. And I tried to be a good child and not include musicals hahaha

If you guys wanna, I tag irhazmatt, irrumatrix, theseductionhour, bashinglyscots, summersmilewinterskin , aplusbabe, babealmighty, fivegallonheart, minuets and whoever else feels like sharing!

Look at me actually tagging people for once!

Japan Expo 2015

Today I was at the Japan Expo *v*

I had a good time and saw many good cosplays. And not just related with Japan! Comic and videogames too *v*. The stuff I really enjoyed and were really happy to see included… (in the order I remember seeing them during the day) :

- Deadpool & a female deadpool *v* (though her face skin was like deadpool x’D), Loki (YES TARKA! I didn’t take photos but trust me I was fangirling because of you xD), lot of awesome japanese cosplay that I have no ideas who they were xD, some really awesome zombies like in the walking dead, Captain America, some monster hunter stuff my friend Nubias really liked, Zero from Borderlands 2…!, Dallas - Hoxton - Wolf from Payday :D, Hiruma from Eyeshield 21 (my favorite manga ever I was so happy x’D).

Sadly I didn’t took many photos (between 5-10). But I’ll upload at least 2/3 from my favorites in future posts (so only good stuff!)

Oh and I took some goodies ;w;

First one was a gift from nuubias (who draws very cute Lucario =3=, but also got kicked during Smash bros tournament ha)

Clappy special limited edition \o/

And I also purchased something I really wanted for a long time but the transport cost were always too high :


Now I can die in peace -w-

I’m so fucking pissed off right now you have no idea.

So you guys remember I went to Comicon last month right? 

You know how when I was showing off how much money I wasted I mentioned that there was one more item and that it was with a friend? 

Well I finally got it back, and I am furious beyond belief right now. 

I am literally going to bash someone’s teeth in right now. 

I bought this 

As you know i’m a huge fan of swords, and especially of Bleach, so after three years you can imagine how giddy I was to jump on buying Ichigo’s new bankai with the hole in the middle and serrated edges, seeing it at a vendor booth for the first time ever. 

Well I bought it, happy as can be, it really made the event for me, because while it was good as far as Comicon goes(not terribly fond of it, but it’s serviceable) it’s definitely no Taiyou Con(best con in Arizona) after I bought it I lined up for a Team Four Star event, while I was waiting in line my friend passed me and I wanted to stop him and show him it, I did, and security said I needed to get it peace bonded, I asked if he could do it for me since I was waiting in line for an event, and he said sure. 

He ended up leaving early that night and left it in the car of his friend who was giving him rides to and from, for a day or two that was fine, I figured I’d get it back Sunday, or the next time we hung out, nope he forgot it in that car, and I didn’t get it back until just know. In horrid condition. 

Honestly I should’ve seen this coming, I’ve known his friend for 2 years already, and I know that he is one of the most racist, sexist, homophobic people in the red state of Arizona. 

So it should’ve come as no surprise to me when it finally came back to me last night in this condition. 

bent by force(I know that’s not heat warping because if it was it would be either minorly bent, or bent clearly in half) and of course, etched into it were the words “KIKE” on one side and “FAG” on the other, and across the rest of both sides “WEABOO” 

At this point I am fucking furious because this was a treat for myself that I was very happy and very excited for, and it’s in this disgusting condition, I don’t even want the fucking thing anymore. I’m honestly just going to snap it and throw it away because right now it’s worthless. It’s better off like that than someone finding it and assuming i’m one of the people that calls anyone, much less actual gays and lesbians these disgusting terms. 

I don’t know why I was foolish enough to leave it with X, knowing he was with Z at the time. I’ve been in group camera calls with him before where on arrival he’s looked at the other people in the call before and first words out of his mouth “Who’s the nigger” when referring to the first black person in the call he sees. 

I am absolutely fucking livid right now and if/when I ever see him again i’m going to knock some of his teeth out and make him eat them. 

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To my old followers and my mutuals “Thanks for putting up with me!!”
As for the new one’s 

“Welcome aboard”


so benji spaceboy96 tagged me to post my 9 favourite films which is v scary because all my friends are film hoes have refined and exquisite taste in both classic & contemporary filmography & my taste mostly runs to lavish musicals and low-budget swashbucklers. but anyway here are my picks!!! don’t judge me too hard 

I tag sickbismarck and beware-yourself and whoever else is into it 

I found a crack fic on my laptop.

jaegertee and officialjostar, I forgot about this. I don’t regret. 

Don’t go bacon my heart.

‘Every single god damn day I have to sit and listen to those crazy bacon preachers.’ Thought Malcolm ‘Well not today.’ Malcolm was your average 20 something year old student. Being this, he had a lot of work to do, things that would be important to his grade. It’s not like Malcolm was a mean guy, but he did have his limits, and boy, didn’t you guys like to push them. He’d sit doing his work everyday like good students would, when, at the same time every day, he would here someone’s fist rapping on his door. As a result of Malcolm’s civility, he would always let you and your friend in, maybe offering you a cup of tea or refreshment of some sort. Today he thought that he would spice his daily routine up a bit. Your religion always pressurized him into your ways, so he thought that today he would stand up for his own views and not yours, not the ones that pushed him to the edge of insanity.  This time Malcolm was expecting your visit, and for once, couldn’t wait to hear the sound of your fist hitting the glass on his door. He plopped himself down on his recliner, playing a bit of Assassins Creed, his most treasured game. Looking to his clock mounted on the wall, he witnessed the both hands meeting the twelve mark, and just on time he heard the infernal tap, tap, tapping on his door. Raising from his spot on the chair, he hastily made his way to the front of his house. He steadied his shaking palm, reaching out for the handle. Taking the cold metal in his hands, he began to push down, releasing the locks on the doors. With a final gulp, he opened the door. Two faces were staring back at him intently. “Hello there, I’m Alma and this is my religious counterpart, Jade.” Both of the girls smiled at him, intensity showing on their features. “We only want a minute of your time. We woul-” “No.” Malcolm said, keeping his icy, emotionless expression. Their smiles only widened at his gesture, sending vigorous shivers down his spine. “Please sir.” The girl named Jade uttered “All we need is a few minutes to talk about our bacon bible.” Malcolm shook his head in a rapid movement. The girl’s grins simmered into something more sinister, forcing Malcolm to shut the door in their faces rather rudely. Jade and Alma looked darkly at each other, plotting the death of this traitor. “How should we dispose of this filth?” Jade whispered. Alma’s frown turned quickly into a devious smirk “I have just the man to do it…”  The girls headed towards the hideout of their cult, one which helped dispose of traitorous bastards like Malcolm. As they reached the bottom of the dark spiral staircase that led to the base, they caught sight of one of their old friends, one of the first people to join their religion. Jade did not know her name, but she liked to be called jaegertee. She stood in the darkest corner of the room, a lit bacon cigarette hung loosely out of the corner of her mouth. Alma slowly walked up to her, making sure not to alarm her with her presence. “What’s with the cigarette?” She questioned. Jaegertee looked at her and mumbled “It’s a metaphor.” Nodding in understanding Alma got to the point. “Okay, we need a favour. We need you to get rid of a guy called Malcolm. All of these years he’s accepted us, but suddenly he’s changed.” Jaegertee nodded. “You owe me” She stated loudly. Jade began to speak “The lord always pays his debts.” Agility was shown as Jaegertee jumped from building to building and running swiftly on the rooftops of the city. Eggtropolis was a place of worship, the worship of the bacon god and his many breakfast related disciples. The streets were always empty at this time of night, it was a rule of the religion, no one could go out because this was their internet browsing time. Internet browsing was when the followers of the religion would open their laptops and start up their computers, after they search for fanfiction and tumblr posts about their gods. Jaegertee was closing in on the building she had been told to go to. Pulling her hood over her head she began to get faster, her footing never faltering. She jumped from the tall building onto the street and all without breaking a sweat. Heading down the street she stopped in front of a small residence, looking at what surroundings she would have to deal with. She nodded to herself, realising that this would be easier than she first thought. Climbing onto the front of the building, she brought out a thin steel rod, which would help her shimmy the widow open to give her easy access. She crawled through the small gap in the window and landed without a sound into what looked like the guys living space. ‘He must be sleeping…’ she thought to herself. She tiptoed around the house, searching for the bedroom, which wasn’t really that hard to find. Silently, she pushed the door open, looking at the figure in the bed sleeping soundly. She walked up to the bed, her face showing no emotion. In one swift movement she kicked the young man onto the wooden floor. He let out a small grunt from feeling the cold, hard material under his cheek. Quickly he stood up, looking around his room for intruders, and finding the hooded culprit in the corner. “Who are you? What are you doing here?” He asked in a shaky voice. Jaegertee lowered her voice “A little birdy told me you’re not a supporter..is that true Malcolm?” Malcolm shook his head to signal no. Jaegertee smirked “Don’t lie to me Malcolm!” She hissed. Malcolm saw his only chance and lunged for the intruder, but Jaegertee moved to the side and grabbed his arm, so that his back was now facing her. “Malcolm, any last words?” The boy shook like the defenceless little lamb he was. “Don’t hurt me!” He pleaded. Jaegertee smiled at the man’s choice. “The lord sends his regards..” She whispered to him, before slitting his throat, causing a pool of blood to gather on the floor. Malcolm’s lifeless corpse fell to the floor with a thud and continued to bleed out of the floor whilst the assassin left through the window, leaving him to rot in his house.  The bacon lord looked down on the city “Yes my lovelies.” “Some day we will run the eggtire planet!”       

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18. My muse will buy your muse flowers

“You lost the bet, remember? Now you should go woo him.”

A stupid, stupid bet that she should not have agreed to. The guy was literally already sick to begin with, she was being tricked to begin with too. But upon her friend’ words, she turned towards the back of the room, where her friend’ eyes were looking towards to find herself glancing upon a blonde male. Tall, talk about good taste in clothes but wasn’t exactly her type and then again, her friend’ taste in guys wasn’t the best. 

“Him? You want me to give flowers, to him?” Sure the male wasn’t all bad but she couldn’t pick a better one? Oh well. There were already flowers that were set on the table next to the two of them; she preferred tulips but cherry blossom flowers were okay. Usually, she never approaches guys upon request of others, she’d do it on her own time but giving him flowers was the only thing on the agenda, nothing more. 

Confidently and yet rather lazily, she got off her seat and grabbed the flowers from the table and proceeded to walk towards the blonde male. Seulgi could tell by his expression that he was caught off guard, they all would be if a woman came up to you with flowers. “Here. Hope you like cherry blossom flowers.” She spoke, smiling sweetly. “Think of it as a random act of kindness, you looked grumpy from back there.” She winked afterwards before going back to her seat; that was absolutely terrible, was she that bad?

Twenty one pilots if you're reading this

I see you’re going to be in LA today and by coincidence so am I. I am seeing the griswolds at the troubadour and I’ll be in line by 7 so come by if you want. Maybe dance a bit or bring us Taco Bell or chipotle. We could probably sneak you guys into the venue since it’s sold out. Please consider this offer. Thank you.

so, the idea of my good friends hooking up with guys that i’ve already hooked up with can be kind of uncomfortable. like i’m all about do what you have to do, but the girls already know that i’ve hooked up with them and how i feel about it. and it’s just that i’m annoyed at my roommate because i knew that one of the guys i hooked up with started talking to her, which is SO TOTALLY FINE! like not a big deal. i told her that if she likes him, she completely has the right to act on it. but she always insisted that she wouldn’t or couldn’t because we were friends. then i find out through this guy that they had hooked up? and the only reason she confronted the issue was because she got caught. like i really wouldn’t have cared, she could and should have told me that it happened since it happened two years ago! but she kept it a secret for two years until someone told me about it, and idk. i’m not mad about them hooking up, but i’m for sure a little frustrated that it took her 2 years to tell me because now i look like an idiot in front of the guy i hooked up with since they all knew it happened. but me. 

So the other day..

Me and 5 of my friends (3 girls and 2 boys) went to one of the guy’s house and we went swimming. None of us brought bathing suits and so after we climbed on the roof to lay there and dry and it was so fucking hot that it burned to touch it. So we sat there and the 2 guys took their shirts off and laid them down underneath their backs so they could lay down and tan. I was starting to get really really hot and the shirt I was wearing was given me a stupid looking tan so I said
“Alright I’m talking off my shirt to.” And the guys looked at me with a ‘wtf but you’re a girl’ look and so In response to their looks I said
“Well a bra and a bikini top are the exact same thing except one is socially accepted” and then I took my shirt off. The girls were talking about how I made a really good point and how they wish they had my confidence and the guys agreed with my statement and the whole time we laid on the roof they just acted as if my bra was a bikini top and they didn’t bring it up again. I’m still proud of myself for this to be honest.

I’m on the lower end of average weight, but I’m ridiculously out of shape.

All of my friends constantly make fun of me for poor diet and the fact that I’m weak and tiny and have trouble lifting things.

So I’ve been trying really hard to work out and eat better and I’m not doing perfect yet but I’m making an effort. And I like to think I’m doing pretty good.

The other day I mentioned this to my friends, about eating better and exercising more and all I got in return were sarcastic comments and people saying that they didn’t believe me.

Guys, if one of your friends is trying their hardest at something, and they’re really proud about how they’re doing. Don’t shoot them down. It’s not that hard to offer support and encouragement, even if you don’t mean it.

Because when the people closest to you doubt you, it’s really hard to keep trying.

Some of my guy friends are mad because of the new Magic Mike movie. They complained about how it was wrong to make a movie all about hot guys dancing and how no one actually looks like that. I just casually say, “Oh no. It must be so awful to have a movie that defines how a man should look and makes you feel insecure about your own body image. Good thing they don’t do that with women.” They stopped complaining after that.

Ok guys I wanna say some meaningful shit so listen up. 

So what you see here seems like something basic. A nemo plushie and card, donning my nickname Adrey. But tumblr user tihpsy got this for me because I recently moved from one town to the next. It said “nemo always finds his way home”.

 And it got me thinking. I’ve known my friends for a good amount of time, and a few are somewhat newer. And we’re basically a huge ass family. When I moved, I was excited to get out of my old home and move on to a new one. I was ready to leave everything behind and forget it all. But the one thing I could never let go of are my friends. Yeah, I’ll probably forget about all of them by college, we all do. But right now, they are the people I love most. With them, I have a home. And like Nemo, I can always find my way home. So I wanna say thank you to all of my friends back in my old town, I know I’ll probably see most of you soon but still, thank you. I love you all and don’t you dare forget about me. 

And to everyone else out there, don’t dwell in the past. Don’t panic about the future. You’ll lose people, you’ll make friends. But whoever you have right now, cherish them. They are there for you whether you know it or not. I love you all. And love yourself.