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Zombie Apocalypse AU Part 5

Alright here we go, the saga continues… 

 Read parts 1-4 here (follow the links!) 

 Warning: violence

•Simon can’t help the involuntary scream that starts in the back of his throat
•Ralph moves to cover Simon’s mouth with his hands but it’s too late; Roger and the hooded figures below look up to the hallway/balcony and see Simon, Ralph, Jack, and Maurice
•Four of the figures that were standing by take off towards a staircase that leads up to the second floor hallway
•Roger screams at his friends to run
•But the four of them don’t move a muscle; there’s no way they’re leaving Roger
•The four people in hoods get to the top of the stairs and face the four escapees down the hall, standing in between them and their only way to get to their friend
•And the two people holding Roger begin to move him toward the zombie herd again
•Roger struggles and yells for them to get Simon out alive, that’s all he cares about
•Jack and Maurice aren’t wasting any time though, and they launch themselves at the four hooded figures blocking the staircase
•Ralph, wanting to save Roger but also wanting to fulfill what might be his last wish, gestures for Simon to stay back and enters the fight for the stairs
•Simon isn’t having any of it though, and sticks his head out over the balcony to see if he can find a way to climb down
•There are little cavities and bumps all along the wall that he figures can support him
•While Jack, Ralph, and Maurice are distracted by the fight, Simon hoists himself over the balcony and begins his descent down the wall
•The two figures struggling to drag Roger don’t notice Simon, and he takes advantage of the element of surprise
•Simon runs over, latches himself onto the arms of one of the figures, and tries to rip his hold from Roger
•The figure is surprised by this sudden new pair of hands, and his grip on Roger slackens a little
•This is all Roger needs to break one of his arms free and punch him square in the jaw
•The second figure holding Roger is surprised by the sudden turn of events and Roger uses this to catch him off guard, sweeping his leg around and kicking him to the ground
•Roger runs to Simon and pulls him into a short but fierce hug, and then quickly grabs his hand and starts running back toward the staircase
•Jack, Ralph, and Maurice actually managed to fight their way through to the bottom, and are relieved to see Roger already free due to Simon’s help
•But now the four hooded figures that Jack, Ralph, and Maurice pushed through are back on their feet at the top of the stairs
•And they’re standing between them and the group’s only exit from the zombie herd at their backs
•Just as Jack moves to fight his way back up, an arrow comes whizzing through the air and strikes one of the figures in the chest
•From another balcony/hallway on the other side of the courtyard, running parallel to the one they came from, Eric stands holding Roger’s bow and Sam and Piggy wave their arms rapidly at them
•Three more arrows fly into the other hooded figures, and Jack, Ralph, Simon, Roger, and Maurice sprint up the stairs and down the hallway
•They meet Piggy and Sam ‘n Eric at a shorter third section of the hallway where the two main ones on either side above of the courtyard connect
•They all greet each other with relieved smiles and tight hugs, but it doesn’t last long as they know they need to get out of the fortress as fast as possible
•Jack knows his way around a little, after being dragged around by his captors for so long, that he leads the way to where he thinks they’ll have the most viable chance at escaping
•On the way, Eric gives Roger his bow back and Roger thanks him for grabbing it
•Sam, Eric, Roger, and Piggy had been in cells near each other on the opposite side of the courtyard, and the hooded figures left Roger’s now behind when they took him to feed him to the herd
•The three of them escaped after Eric used a pipe to retrieve the bow, and shot one of the guards to steal the keys from him
•The sky is beginning to darken now, and Jack stops at a blind spot in the fortress wall where he thinks they’ll have the best shot at escaping unnoticed
•Simon climbs down the wall with ease, just like he did with the wall in the courtyard, but the others aren’t as agile
•Instead they fashion a rope out of the sweatshirts and jackets they’re wearing
•Maurice holds the rope at the top while the others climb down
•Once everyone’s safely at the bottom Maurice jumps off the wall, tucking and rolling at the bottom
•Only he would be able to pull that off
•Piggy collects the chain of sweatshirts/jackets and holds onto them, saying the can take the time to unravel it once they’re in a safer location
•They stay low, stick to the trees, and make their way around the fortress and back toward the entrance
•From there they go back the way they came and find the minivan
•Sam gets in the driver’s seat (again), Eric rides shot gun (again) Jack and Ralph sit in the two seats in the middle, Roger and Simon sit in the back, Maurice sits in the aisle in the middle, and Piggy lays down in the trunk
•Sam steps on the gas and puts the fortress behind them

•Sam has been driving for hours, and it’s now nighttime
•Eric is asleep with his head against the window
•Maurice is passed out, face down in the middle of the aisle
•Piggy curls up comfortably against the back door of the truck
•Ralph has moved from his seat to sit in Jack’s lap, and sleeps with his head leaning on Jack’s
•Jack’s head is in the crook of Ralph’s neck, and they have their arms wrapped around each other
•Roger and Simon have gotten out of their seats all together and are slumped together on the floor in the back
•Simon rests his head on Roger’s chest and listens to his heart beat, and Roger gently strokes Simon’s hair until he falls asleep
•Everything is finally calm

anonymous asked:

Hello! X3 This is random but, why do people ship Mitsutada with Ookurikara? (I've only been a saniwa for 3 weeks so I don't know a lot of things XD)

This is a good question. Unfortunately, you have asked the wrong person! I don’t ship anyone in tkrb (or in general ;;;) and I don’t really understand most of the ships in the fandom or what prompts the preference for romance between these two. My educated guess is because they were owned by the same person and their personalities complement one another. Mitsu is the sort of caring goofy guy and Kara is the quiet angry dude haha I don’t know;;;; I think Mitsu gets shoehorned into the doting waifu personality though, and I don’t really like that. Otherwise, I sort of remember there being some kind of dialogue… thing that Ookurikara had but now it’s different so eh. 

This is, however, really funny

Originally posted by shunisnotamused

If one of my more ship-loving followers (or anyone) has some input, please help this new saniwa out! 

rucas-life  asked:

So what exactly is this story that you're writing about? (P.S. I loved Let it Go and Let it In so much. Like they literally brought me tears. I love your writing so much. Good luck with the story)

(Thank you so much! That’s lovely of you to say ❤)

The story that I’m currently working on is an AU of season two. Technically, it’s an AU of the entire show, but there’s only one major plot point from season one that would be changed, so I’m just starting at season two. The essential plot, without giving too much away, is looking at what would have changed if during Secret of Life, Riley was very understanding about Lucas keeping a secret from his friends because she has secrets that she keeps from her friends?

I’ve put a fair amount of work into retooling the episodes and shuffling them into an order that makes narrative sense for the story that I plan on telling (although I’ll warn you now that some episodes just didn’t make the cut either because they were fairly pointless episodes in general or because even though I loved them, their plots were so independent that it was impossible to weave a longer story line into them). 

That said, the chapter that I’m working on right now is the first chapter, and it’s a combination of GM New World and GM Gravity that’s meant to ease the readers into this alternate world and start introducing the characters as they exist in it. 

mmm okay so i got tagged by @unkingly (who doesn’t follow me on here BUT i assure you guys that we are friends. hey saul, we tight right??) (in reality we’ve had like, two conversations but my point stands)

a few people have told me that my handwriting’s good but it really isn’t anything special??? idk you guys can be the judge, because most people i know write a certain way and i just thank god i don’t write like them it’s too Generic. also that notepad is from one of my closest friends it’s really cute i love it too much oops

‘sobrang walang kwenta’ translates to ‘really worthless’ because we filos only have one alphabet lmao totally pointless part of the meme for me but i’m bilingual (in case anyone cares)

i don’t do these things soooooo uh okay i have to tag people!!! @aaronsmminyard @queenkevin @tzaritsa @jeansmoreau @jeremysknox @ronanlyncnh @reneewvlkers @allforthefoxes @elainslucien 

Oh my gosh, you guys! I am getting swamped with requests right now, and I can hardly keep up! But in all honesty, I’m not the least bit upset! Requests are still open, but I think after I get ten or so requests I’m gonna close them for a brief time so I can get some work done. There’s still some room if some of y’all wanna shoot me a prompt!

I am actually so overwhelmed with joy right now though, like I’m literally in tears because you guys actually trust me to write these stories and provide something promising. Like, that is such a huge boost to my self-esteem. I’ve always been insecure about my writing, I never thought it was good, even when all my friends told me so. I thought they were just trying to be nice. So you guys, total strangers, giving me positive feedback on my stories is just… AH! Y’all are so sweet, I can’t comprehend all of this. It’s just a wave of positivity and it’s really hard for me to take in because I’ve never had such an active audience. What did I do to deserve any of y’all? ;-;

On another note, I hope y’all are ready for some polyamorous Hamilsquad fluff, because that’s what I’m gonna be posting for the next couple of days! It’s kind of a breath of fresh air to be getting all of these prompts for all of these ships. It really expands my writing experience! Keep sending in prompts guys, I’ll try to keep up!