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Coming Home

Leonard McCoy x Reader

Finally seeing Leonard after a year long mission. 

You waited impatiently at the Starfleet docking station, along with the families of the other crew members of the Enterprise. This was it. After a year long mission, you were going to see Leonard McCoy again. Sure, the two of you had communicated over the year, but it was nothing like being in the arms of the doctor. You knew this was not the last time he would go off to space, he was far too loyal to Captain Kirk, which you admired greatly. But he did promise he would take a few months off this time around. Stay on the ground.

The Enterprise had been docked for a good 20 minutes before people finally started to shuffle out. You grew nervous, tugging at your jacket waiting for Leonard to come off the ship. You groaned as most of the crew descended off the ship, but no sight of your man. Then you start to see people you recognized, Sulu, Uhura, and Scotty. This had to be it. Had to be.

And then like that, after a year without seeing the cankerous doctor you had fallen in love with so long ago, he was there. Grinning at something Jim was saying and smacking him on the back. Spock walked behind the two, hand behind his back but clearly engaged in their conversation. He looked the same, possibly his hair was a tad bit longer.

You started to move closer to the three men, maneuvering through the crowd, when Leonard’s eyes suddenly met yours. He halted in his steps, leaving Jim and Spock to keep walking without him. His lips pulled into a wide grin and he rushed toward you.

“Lee!” You cried out, tears falling down your face as he scooped you up into his arms. His head tucked into the nook of your neck, immediately he inhaled your scent. How he missed every molecule of your body. Your warm laugh. You.

“Darlin’, no words could describe how much I missed you.”

His voice fought to stay strong as you pulled from him, your hand holding his face. Leonard kissed you on the forehead, slipping his hand around your shoulder and leading the two of you toward Jim, who stood by watching with a smile.

Your heart was full again, your doctor was home.

Imagine Kirk Throwing A Homecoming Dance On The Ship For You, One of the Younger Crew Members

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“But Keptin,” Chekov walked alongside Kirk down the corridor, “what do you mean ‘homecoming’ celebration? We will not return to refuel on Earth for another three months.”

“It’s a rite of passage, Chekov,” Kirk said, “and I know Y/N went to Starfleet kind of young, you two were in the same class, right?”

“Yes, Keptin.”

“I know she doesn’t really act like it, but I know she kind of regrets not doing some of the normal teenager things, I think she’ll have fun. Besides, you deserve a homecoming, too.”

“But Keptin, we did not-”

“And you two better win homecoming king and queen, if Spock and Uhura pick that up, I won’t hear the end of it from Bones until we actually do get home. Good thing you two will make a cute date pair.”

Chekov didn’t know whether to pale or blush; he’d had a crush on you since the Academy, and he had no idea how he’d hide it during Kirk’s little homecoming affair, but if it would make you happy, he’d be glad to spend an evening with you.

(A self-indulgent imagine because today is homecoming for my school and I felt like if I never got the chance to write anything about it this week then I’d explode)

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would you be willing to write a little something about Bones losing someone on the operating table and he's really beating himself up about it and Jim comforts him or something of the sorts?

  • Bones is a mess that night. Jim’s received the medical report from M'Benga, and he knows he’s gotta call the living family members of cadet Stewards to let them know their son suffered a fatal illness after coming in contact with unidentified alien flora. That kind of a call is rough, but Jim much prefers to do it himself over some admiral at Starfleet doing it for him. It just feels more personal; like someone actually cares about it. Jim actually cares. Though calling is rough, and Jim’s gonna feel pretty shitty for a while. But it’s not nearly as bad as Bones. Bones, who has spent three days trying to save Steward’s life. Three days without sleep; trying to find this man a cure, and then watching the sickness progress through the man’s body until it’s too late. Bones hasn’t said a word to Jim yet, but Jim knows he must be miserable.
  • Bones isn’t in sick bay. He’s not in his office, or the bar. He’s not working out his frustrations at the gym (– though, let’s be real, that’s not super surprising). He’s not in his room, or Jim’s, or in the rec room, and when Bones isn’t in the library either, Jim starts getting a little worried. There’s only so many places on a space ship one can be. Especially that someone being Bones. Who works long hours and exhausts himself so that he has no time to be bored and wander off. But on a whim, Jim finds himself down to the lower decks, and then he finds Bones just walking out of Cadet Steward’s quarters. “Bones,” Jim says, throwing him a sympathetic smile, “are you okay?” “Fine,” Bones says, “I need to go to work.” “No, Bones, hey,” Jim reaches out, grabbing Bones’ arm, “You’ve been working nonstop for the last three days. You need to catch some sleep.“ But rather than complying, Bones shakes his head. “I can’t sleep, there might be more people infected.” “Then we’ll see them show up in med bay.” “I’m working on-” “No, Bones,” Jim interrupts him. He sounds a lot more stern now, and he throws the other man a warning glare when he can just sense Bones is about to roll his eyes. “You are going to bed or I’m scheduling you offline for the next week.”
  • He expects Bones to be asleep by the time Jim comes and checks up on him, a few hours later. Instead, he finds Bones sitting on his couch, surrounded by actual paperwork and old college books. “What are you doing?” Jim asks, walking over to him, “I told you to go to bed.” “I couldn’t sleep,” Bones replies, and Jim sighs. “Did you even try?” he asks, ignoring the look Bones gives him afterwards. Jim sits down on the couch next to him. “Bones, I will hypo you in the neck with some sort of sleeping aid if you don’t lie down and rest. You’re going to collapse,” he says. “You wouldn’t,” Leonard says, “you’re not authorized. Thank God, too. Some sort of sleeping aid, glad you’re not a doctor.” “Okay, you’re tired, so I’m going to let that insult slide,” Jim says, “if I can’t do it, I’ll get Chapel to do it for me.” “You wouldn’t,” Leonard says, and Jim smiles only briefly. “Oh, but I would. C'mon, Bones, let’s just go to bed. I’m tired, too, let’s just go to your bed.“ 
  • Jim isn’t that tired at all. After all, he’s slept properly in the last three days or so. But he lies in bed next to Bones, just to make sure the other actually sleeps. But he isn’t sleeping. He finds Bones tossing and turning and Jim’s patience is pretty much nil. So he shifts closer, wrapping both his arms around the other man to keep him still. Bones does freeze, but maybe not the way Jim had hoped. “What… what are you doing?” Bones asks. “I’m holding you ‘til you fall asleep.” “Don’t.” “You told me that works on Joanna.” “Joanna is a child,” Bones counters, and Jim wisely keeps his mouth shut.
  • “I found an antidote,” Bones says eventually. Jim’s still holding on to him, and he looks at him curiously. “That’s good, Bones.” “I got it minutes too late,” Bones explains, “if only I hadn’t taken a coffee break, he would have lived.” “Stop,” Jim says, his arm tightening around Bones’ waist, “you and I both know it doesn’t work that way. You didn’t sleep for three days trying to save a man’s life. You did all you could, alright? Maybe you never would’ve gotten the breakthrough idea had it not been for that coffee. Don’t beat yourself up over this.” Bones just sighs, and Jim honestly doesn’t know what to do. He shares the same feeling as Bones when crew members die on violent away missions. Jim would feel guilty over those for months, and it still makes him uncomfortable.
  • Bones does fall asleep eventually, and when he does, he’s out for at least ten hours. Jim uses that time to have that antidote analyzed in med by Chapel and M'Benga. After they’ve given the all-clear, they use it on pretty much anyone who’s been in contact with Stewards and the planet in general, and anyone who shows even the slightest symptoms, just in case.
  • When he encounters Bones again, he still looks miserable -  but at least he looks rested. Jim throws him a sympathetic smile. “Morning, sunshine.” “Don’t,” Bones says. “We used your antidote,” Jim says, “it’ll save a lot of lives. Hey, you did good, Bones.” Bones throws Jim a small smile, though Jim’s fairly sure it’s not entirely genuine and it’s just to get Jim off his back. But Jim’s never given up easily. 
  • He sticks around Bones closely. He checks up on him in med bay, he sleeps in the same bed and they just talk about anything they want until they both fall asleep. He makes sure he appreciates Bones just slightly more than he usually already does. And he does notice that slowly but surely, Bones is growing into his old self again. Like he’s starting to realize that he can’t save everyone.
  • But he’s still saving as many people as he can. And Jim grows so accustomed to sleeping over in Bones’ quarters, he hasn’t seen his own quarters in weeks. He wakes up next to Bones, one arm lazily around Bones’ stomach. “How are you doing?” Jim asks Bones when the other wakes up, too. “Like I’ve been stared at,” Bones says, and Jim laughs. “You look cute when you sleep. Not angry.” “Shut your mouth.” “Oh, less cute now,” Jim says, and Bones snorts. “Seriously,” Jim says, “are you okay?” Bones glances in his direction, and Jim shivers when he feels Bones’ fingers run over his back. “I’m okay,” Bones says, “I’ve been okay for a while.” “Are you saying I’ve been sleeping in your bed while I didn’t have to?” Jim huffs, and Bones laughs softly. Jim reaches out, fingers brushing over Bones’ slightly unshaven cheeks. He leans in, lips brushing against the other man’s in a soft kiss. He doesn’t even really realize he’s kissing him until Bones is definitely kissing him back; Bones’ fingers running down his spine slowly. “You sure you mind sleeping in the same room as me?” He asks, and Jim grins, fingers still gently running over Bones’ cheeks, and he throws Bones a soft smile. “Not one bit.”
I may or may not have a headcanon that the Enterprise crew have nerf gun fights when Spock and Jim are off the ship.

The crew had planned and waited for the day that the Captain and First Officer were due at a Starbase for an annual Starfleet meeting. As soon as they had transported off the ship, the off-duty crew members dug under their beds and in their closets for the nerf guns they had replicated in secret. The game was wild. Every officer had known about it for months, all except the Captain and Mr Spock, who everyone feared would think it unprofessional for experienced Starfleet officers to engage in such childish games. You had just come off a double shift in the medbay and heard the game from outside your quarters.

I’m so tired, I’ll play tomorrow, you thought as you got into bed.

Then you could have sworn you heard your door beep. You rolled over and frowned, waiting for it to come again. It didn’t. You put your head down again when…


You bolted upright.

“Jesus Christ, come in!” you shouted.

The last person you expected to enter your quarters with a bloody nose and nerf gun was the chief engineer, Montgomery Scott.

“Scotty? What in the-”

He groaned and collapsed against the wall next to your door.

“What the hell happened?”

“Everyone got a little… enthusiastic,” he grinned.

“I’ll say.”

Being a medical officer, you had a first aid kit in your quarters and immediately tended to Scotty’s injuries. With one hand on the back of his neck, you held a cloth to his face with the other.

“Sorry for the haste, I needed a place to hide. Mr. Sulu was coming round the corner and he’s a damn good shot.”

“That’s OK, it looks like I got the better end of the deal anyways,” you said, looking him over.

“I wouldn’t say that,” he said, eyes following your hands.

“Oh! Sorry,” you dropped your hands, embarrassed.

“No, it’s alright. I kinda liked it.”

You tenderly placed your hand on his neck again.

“I think a ceasefire might be a good idea,” you said in an attempt to break the silence.

He laughed, then regretted it, bringing a hand up to his ribs.

“Let me take a look at that. Take off your shirt.”

“Usually I like to get to know a girl a little more…”

“Take it off. Doctor’s orders.”

He did as he was told and you checked for broken ribs.

“Scotty! Come out come out wherever you are!” Sulu’s voice sounded from around the corner.

Scotty lunged for his nerf gun, then doubled over in pain.

“Let me,” you said, grabbing it instead, slinking outside your room and down the corridor.

You saw only a shadow approaching your position and saw a glint of yellow in the reflective surface of the computer panel above you. Assuming it was Sulu, you unleashed a full clip of nerf bullets into the figure approaching you. With a jolt of horror, you realised it was not Sulu, but the Captain! You stood there in the middle of the hall, in your pajamas, holding a nerf gun, having emptied it onto him. You both stared open-mouthed at each other, lost for words. Someone behind you snickered, then you couldn’t hold in your laughter anymore, then Jim was laughing, then everyone was.

The Captain always insisted on joining in the battles after that. Mr Spock was a different story. 

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Prompt:  Hello! I have a tiny request!! reader is kirk’s wife. best friends with all of the boys (bones, spock, scotty) new to the enterprise/crew member was assigned to teach her self defense. He’s very hard on her bc of her relationship with kirk. she comes back to the boys every night with bruises/hurt ribs, etc. hides it from them because of their protectiveness and her pride. They find out though of course and kick some ass. ;) need to see some protective/angry boys! thanks love!
Word Count: 1338
Author’s Note: Ok, so this kind of went more into mushy gushy but there is definitely protectiveness in there!

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Ensign Sariel Rager was a 24th century Starfleet command division officer and helmsman.

In 2367, Ensign Rager was at the conn of the USS Enterprise-D when the ship encountered a swarm of a spaceborne species, of which Junior was a member. (TNG: “Galaxy’s Child”)

She was at the conn when the ship became trapped in a Tyken’s Rift. Lack of dreams caused her to forget how to operate the conn, so she was ordered to sickbay by Commander Riker and replaced by Kenny Lin. (TNG: “Night Terrors”)

In 2369, Rager was serving aboard the Galaxy-class starship Enterprise-D when the ship discovered a Dyson sphere. She piloted the ship out of the sphere by executing a 90-degree roll to slip out of the quickly closing bay doors. (TNG: “Relics”)

Following disturbing behavior at the conn, Rager was abducted by Solanogen-based lifeforms and was experimented on in their laboratory. Fortunately, she was saved by Commander Riker. (TNG: “Schisms”)

-Memory Alpha

Being a young member of Voyager would involve:

  • Learning things. Lots of things. Quantum physics and warp theory and Starfleet history and biology and stuff like that. Challenging stuff
  • The Doctor will be the one to teach biology and he’ll get so into it. Making graphs and charts and probably singing some kind of educational song that gets annoying really quick
  • Flight lessons with Tom Paris in the Delta Flyer. Dodging asteroids and learning every little trick that Tom knows
  • You might not learn a lot of stuff from B’Elanna because she’s really busy most of the time, but if you ever have a question for your homework or something, she’ll definitely help out
  • Having fun with Tom and Harry in the holodeck when you all have time off
  • You probably won’t be taken too seriously, but Janeway does listen to what you have to say

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Star Trek Advent Calander

hi guys, you know how around Christmas people have those calendars where you countdown the 25 days til Christmas? well i thought it would be fun to have something similar that is trek/spirk related. so everyday you post a picture from your favorite star trek fandom to answer one of these questions. if you don’t celebrate christmas thats fine too, i just thought it might be fun! there are no rules or restrictions on what you post/reblog and all trek fandoms are welcome :)

Day 1 - Favorite episode (or scene from film)
Day 2 – favorite film
Day 3 - Favorite Character
Day 4 - Favorite side character
Day 5 - Favorite Villain
Day 6 - Favorite crewmember
Day 7 – favorite character who isn’t a member of starfleet
Day 8 - Favorite starfleet track
Day 9 – favorite uniform
Day 10 - Favorite location/planet
Day 11 - Most Beautiful Character  
Day 12 - Most Missed Character who dies or disappears in movie/episode
Day 13 - Saddest Moment
Day 14 - Favorite star trek fanfiction
Day 15 – Favorite behind the scenes moment
Day 16 - Favorite promotional photo
Day 17 – favorite quote from star trek
Day 18 – favorite issue/concept discussed by characters
Day 19 – favorite spock (aos spock, tos spock, spock prime, kid spock)
Day 20 - Funniest Moment
Day 21 - Most romantic Moment
Day 22 - Favorite star trek technology
Day 23 - Favorite star trek novel/comic
Day 24 – Favorite species
Day 25 - Favorite star trek pairing


You know Sulu’s under a lot of pressure, and so is Uhura. There’s a lot of uncertainty, but we have to sorta like never lose that regard, that flare of confidence. Because we have so many crew members that are depending on us. You know morally and spiritually. And it’s also this conviction that we’re gonna be okay. That if we stick together, continue to do the right thing, we’re gonna be okay. So the one thing that I realized on this journey is that Uhura and Sulu have a lot in common. When it comes to just doing their duty. And really just their faith, they are very faithful to their crew, to Starfleet, to what they do. And I don’t know I guess it was really nice to see these two characters work together to… to get freedom for the crew. It’s pretty awesome. - Zoe Saldana

Imagine your first day on the Enterprise.

There you were, somewhere you never thought you would end up: The Enterprise, on the eve of a new mission. As you wandered along the hallway, passing other bustling crew members, you gazed in awe at its structure, its beauty, and sighed. Your parents would be proud if they could see you now.

You approached the turbolift, trying to remember which of the buttons lead to what deck, when who should walk in but Pavel Chekov, who you had known at the Academy. You had both caught the Enterprise bug years ago, when the two of you had been partnered on a project together. On your way to the Academy library, you could see the shipyards in the distance, where the great ship was being built. You both watched it for hours, longing for the day you would set foot on that floor, feel the hum of its engine. Chekov had been assigned to the ship long before you, on its maiden voyage, in fact, but you were finally here.

“Hey!” you said loudly, when he did not look up from his PADD. You jutted out your neck to make the extra pin on your collar more visible.

“Oh, Y/N! I didn’t know it was you.”

You put on a falsely affronted expression.

“Is that any way to address your superior officer?”

His eyebrows furrowed in confusion before he glanced down at your collar, eyes widening.

“You got promoted!” he shouted, jubilant. “Congratulations!”

You both got a little carried away, jumping into each other’s arms, you being lifted off your feet in a giant bear hug. When you broke apart, he suddenly stepped back and cleared his throat.

“I mean, uh… Congratulations, Lieutenant.”

“Thank you, Ensign,” you said professionally, though you winked at him as you exited the turbolift and walked down the winding hallway to engineering, ready to face your first day with the most qualified officer in the universe.


Star Trek Advent Calendar

Day 12 | Most Missed Character who dies or disappears in movie/episode 

Sito Jaxa

To all Starfleet personnel: this is the captain. It is my sad duty to inform you that a member of the crew, Ensign Sito Jaxa has been lost in the line of duty. She was the finest example of a Starfleet officer and a young woman of remarkable courage and strength of character. Her loss will be deeply felt by all who knew her. Picard out.

Someone elsewhere in my social media universe made a derisive but non-specific post about Paramount’s newly published policy for fan films. Now, there’s a whole discussion to be had about that, but what struck me is that the first response to that post was a worried statement that Paramount had done something to cave into pressure from “SJWs.” And I’m thinking…this is a show which:

  • In the 1960s, put a black woman on screen as a member of the crew rather than a maid or nanny, portrayed a Russian in a positive light, and made heavy-handed allegories about racism (yes, Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, I’m looking at you)
  • Created a position for a bridge officer whose job was to talk to people about their feelings.
  • Posited that humanity had progressed to a point where things like money are useless and old-fashioned, and the galaxy’s biggest capitalists were portrayed as something between villains and comic relief.

If you’re worried about Star Trek being taken over by liberals, Lt. Uhura has a communique from Starfleet for you.

  • picard: frankly, i expected more dignity out of you.
  • riker: eh.
  • picard: a party, that long - three days, nonstop... you had even forgotten what the date was.
  • picard: there was powdered cheese dust everywhere.
  • riker: these things happen, captain.
  • picard: they shouldn't be. you should be showing the pose and posture expected of a starfleet member.
  • picard: [ambles around the hallways eating beef jerky straight from the bag, throwing it to the floor, laying down, taking a nap]
Blackwall AU Week

Let’s talk about your Blackwall AUs here on Blackwallsbeard!


Blackwall in biker gear? A disgraced ex-cop in our world?  In Starfleet (or an alien in the Star Trek Universe?)  Member of the Stargate program for off world exploration? Friend of Aurthur Weasley at the Ministry of Magic helping fight Voldemort?  Super powered mutant in the Marvel/DC Universe?  Ran into the Doctor and Tardis?  Show us what you’ve got.

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Drabbles - Little thoughts, ideas and stories are great, too!

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Actually, I want the new Star Trek to be about the red squad. 

It will appeal to younger people who have never seen star trek because it would be a cast of young academy students, and it’s essentially an obscure reference anyway so could appeal to the existing fan base too.  As it is a show about a bunch of people learning and training to enter starfleet, they can have information and history for new audiences, without it looking out of place in the show, which would limit the exclusion of new fans, which can be a big problem in sci fi, especially star trek. 

The red squad historically were given access to vessels (under supervision) for training, so there can be scenes or even whole episodes on the ship if required, and if the show gets it’s seven years, you could follow either select crew members, or the entire crew in their first years of service, which if they desperately need drama and space battles could include some kind of war depending on the time period. If they set it to run along side an existing show, they would have more options with that, as well as the possibility of cameos. 

The knowledge given to the audience about the red squad isn’t massive, so there is lots of room to explore and create new things, without stepping on existing canon too much (if at all), like they may have to with a graduated crew based show, plus they would have more freedom on time periods, because hypothetically there could have been a red squad as long as there was a starfleet academy. 

Starfleet academy has holodecks, so you can still have holodeck episodes if things get too bleak or sad. Plus, there is no need for a person training at the academy (or serving for starfleet) to be human, or even from a planet that is a member of the federation, so diverse casting would (or at least should) come naturally, and gives the opportunity for new planets and their histories to be explored.