'are those...'

So in addition to my other duties at my new job, I’m a general errand runner.  I announced today that I would be heading out to get a few chores done.  Immediately I was bombarded by requests from all sides.  Most were reasonable.  Taking packages to the post office, purchasing various supplies, recycling used ink cartridges, etc.

But then I was tasked with buying several dozen pillows.

This is what my car looks like stuffed with about 30 pillows (not pictured is all the pillows in the trunk, which was full to near bursting).

There were lots of questions from curious onlookers.  Here, in no particular order, are the various reasons I gave for purchasing a plentiful plethora of pillows:

“Because my queen demands it!”

“Best. Pillow fort.  Ever.”

“I’m opening up the cheapest and comfiest bordello this side of the Mississippi.”

*shifty eyes* “For research.”

“I’m just supplying my emergency bunker so I’ll be ready for the apocalypse.”

“*incredulous look* “You don’t have this many pillows?”

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Thank you for remembering Kinoshita and Narita in your karasuno art!!!

thank you for noticing them!!!