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seeing that pic of him and D makes me realise how not long ago that was and also the fact that I'm supposed to believe he went from one chick to another just like that? The more I think abt it the more I think it's less meant to look real and more meant to look like he wants to be closeted

“The more I think abt it the more I think it’s less meant to look real and more meant to look like he wants to be closeted”

i’m convinced ot is trying to pre-emptively pin the blame for the stunts on louis by deliberately encouraging the wild houis uprising

it’s not meant to be believable it’s just meant to trap louis even deeper in the bullshit ‘he’s choosing this and wants to be closeted’ nonsense so when the stunts end ot can wash their hands of it all and leave louis to deal with the fall out.

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omfg everybody's always coming for that poor jacket!!! it's a good jacket, just get rid of the plastic buckles!! fuck! but more importantly, thanks for alec beating people upside the head with a crossbow, alec/using weapons in wrong but incredibly brutal ways is my real otp.

i love that jacket don’t get me wrong but just imagine magnus tugging at the extraneous buckles and clips and being like “what’s this for.” and alec raises his arm, squinting at it and just shrugs, with that ‘i dunno’ look on his face. magnus breaks into laughter, his eyes shining.

alec using weapons in a brutal way is my shit

alec fighting rough and ready and just not every elegantly, bludgeoning and with this kind of brutality, fighting in a way that gets the job done but definitely breaks a lot of bones. the idea of him using weapons “incorrectly” not because he doesn’t know how to use them but because it works. also alec taking advantage of his environment, grabbing something and hitting people with it, shoving people down flights of stairs, etc. when it comes to close quarters combat. long range he’s calculated, he focuses and he can be very controlled.

but when someone gets up close especially in a hurry, suddenly he’s slamming people in the face with crossbows, bludgeoning people with pommels, stabbing hard and heavy with knives, breaking arms and crushing bodies.

and of course the close quarters arrow stab someone mentioned to me before. someone gets up in his business and suddenly he’s fisting an arrow and shoving into someone’s chest

I just need to get this of my chest...

ok so, not too long ago I accepted an anonymous ask about them using one of my reaper76 art on a couple shirts for themselves (hopefully). I’ve later come to really really regret that decision because I was too hyped and happy for someone to really like my art so much that they would put it on a shirt, that I completely ignored the fact that they asked it anonymously and that there might be horrible consequences. You really can’t know for sure that the person is sincere when they ask such things anonymously because you don’t know if they’re going to make more shirts (or other products) and sell them for their own gain, and I see my mistake in that…

This has kept me up in the middle of the night because I’m panicking over the fact that I was way to ignorant of the consequences, but since I now have had time to think I am aware of what might happen. So in the future I won’t accept any ask about using my art for anything personal (then I’m talking about cards or prints to hang on the wall or even shirts or other products.)And I will especially not allow it if asked anonymously. When it comes to icons or whatever for tumblr then I might let you, but only if not asked anonymously.

I love my art very very much. I put on a watermark or signature or whatever you want to call it for a reason because I’m afraid that someone might steal it… And I will never sell my art, so if you find my art on any products around on the internet, that is differently not me selling them.

PS: I have deleted the post where I accepted the anonymous ask about using my art because I’m afraid that someone else might misunderstand it and think that I do allow people using my art for anything, even when it is asked anonymously, when in reality I don’t accept it.

I just really needed to get this of my chest because I’ve been struggling with this for a while and hopefully I can sleep easier now, and I really want you guys to know where I stand on the subject. And sorry for this kind of a lengthy post, I just needed to put my thoughts into words.

Still have a great day and thank you for listening! ♥        

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Hello! I was diagnosed with ADHD many years ago, but my doctor didn't make me take any tests or anything. He just talked about things I struggled with in school. I was wondering if this is a thing doctors do a lot? I've never heard of someone who was diagnosed without a test...

Yeah, GP’s do this kind of thing a lot. Especially a long time ago, it was more common to diagnose ADHD like this.


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what are some things you'd want to see in a fanfic? or what would you love to write? (i know you answered some fanfic questions not too long ago, but i wondered if you had something more to share about this)

omg this is actually weirdly difficult to answer, i’ve been thinking on it for like an hour lmao

i definitely wish there was more bottom john fics out there lmao. like i totally think they switched off and i don’t mind bottom paul fics at all, but bottom john is just such a rare treat. 

i like fics that explore the darker, ugly sides of their personalities, but most of those focus on john. i’d like to see more that focus on paul’s selfishness, his cold/heartless moments. he’s often portrayed as the faultless angel while john is a monster, when in reality paul himself has admitted to being just as vicious as john. so it would be nice to see more of that. 

on the flip side of that, i would like to see fics that explore john’s soft, sensitive side. he can be so loving and sweet (and a little dorky, if his love letters to cyn are anything to go by), but most fics focus on the tough, quick-witted aspect of his personality. not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it would be fun to change it up. 

i have such a craving for like, a 300k monster of a fic that’s like dark and angsty and probably au? i’m not sure. i love the vibe of like those old school harry potter fics that came out before the seventh book was published, when there were these theories about how the war would go down and countless wildly creative darkfics stemmed from it. that vibe. i don’t know how someone would even begin to do that with mclennon, but that would be amazing.  

that’s also what i would like to write, in a way. i’m actually in the process of brainstorming a darkfic idea with kenzie, and i’m about ready to start writing it. i would just like to try to capture a certain feeling that i haven’t yet found in this fandom, where it’s like disturbing but you can’t quite look away lmao. i want to write something that leaves people feeling like they’ve been hit by a train, something that they can hate and love at the same time. does that make sense? it’s such a vague feeling i don’t know if i’m explaining it well lol. but that’s my ideal at the moment. 

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(i was the anon asking about what I would look like) I think ur right in that way, I'm not transphobic. I just want to be looked at as if I was always a girl and I was never a boy. A lot of people where I like wouldn't go out with a trans person because they think it's different. If I going, to be honest, i only heard about being trans not that long ago. So it's more me being new to the whole thing than me being transphobic.

That is something that all trans people want, and if you are willing and have enough money you can achieve that. I know what I wanted for a long time was to pass enough, and that is one thing that kept me from transitioning for a long time. I felt that if I weren’t to pass I would be even more unhappy, but that isn’t the case now. What I wanted you to know is that it is okay if you don’t, so long as you’re happy with who you are. 

And I think what I mentioned to you was internalized transphobia, which it something that many of us have to over come. Here are a few links to help you better understand the topic. 

  [HERE][HERE]  and [HERE]  

I hope this helps


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When do you plan to release another chapter? I can't wait to read more! ~

i literally just posted a 5.2k word long chapter mere hours ago? it takes a lot of time and effort to write chapters and then edit them before posting, especially because i guess that length is considered long for chapters. i post my chapters as i finish writing them so i’ve barely started the next one. i’m like a sentence into chapter 20. i’m pretty sure most online writers don’t complete their entire manuscripts and then start posting. it’s not like i have a bank vault of chapters to just pull out and post arbitrarily. like….. i can’t just sit at the computer and write 24 hours a day seven days a week? i have to sleep and do other things. and like? i do this for free? you don’t even have to pay to read my work (which is over 100k words, btw)? so maybe chill a lil and be patient?

just fyi: even if this wasn’t meant to be rude, it’s still incredibly rude. this is one of the huge no-no’s of original content/fan fic online reading etiquette. idk if this is a hard concept for non-writers to understand but yeah. this happens to basically every writer who posts their content online and people start thinking the writers “owe” them new chapters immediately (like, come on. no one can write 5,000 words of original content in like 4 hours. it’s impossible) even if the readers are not even paying.

i mean i am really glad you enjoy the story and i think (hope) you meant well but this isn’t the way to go about it at all????? just really seems like it’s taking my hard free work for granted tbh.

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hey mun! im curious, what blog that inspired yours liked your stuff the other day?

( first of all, happy munday! you’re free to send asks to the inbox directed at me if you want! L(ovo

second of all, the blog that inspired my own blog was @/askcp9kaku ! if you wanna read why, i’ll add a little read more thing below, but otherwise that’s the short answer for you!

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My doc asked how I feel since I just started not long ago (50 days) and what's a normal feeling? Should you feel effects of t? What are you supposed to feel?

Your doctor honestly just wants to hear you’re okay and happy. You don’t have to go into detail about how you feel. If they asks for more detail, then just say how you feel! There’s no wrong answer. If you feel like something is off, then talk to your doctor about it.

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In your post about Jeremy a few weeks ago you talked about Gavin being something like the leader of the Lads, do you possibly have any more thoughts on that?

The Lads joke about being their own crew within the crew; they have the reputation already, wild and chaotic, devastating when they want to be, and often when they don’t. The city shivers when the Lads grow bored; no one is safe when they want to play.

They’re not a separate crew, never will be, but if they were, well then they’d need a leader. A leader who wasn’t Gavin, because dear god Gavin isn’t their leader, he’s not, except for the ways he kind of is. 

Its not because he created the Lads in the first place, not that he’s been around the longest, or because of his relationship with Geoff. Its not because he’s the bravest or the toughest or even the smartest, just that he’s the motivator. The others can say what they will but its Gavin who gets them going, his amusement, his boredom, his anger and his vendettas. Its not that they follow his every whim; they are mostly too attached to life and sanity to fall down that rabbit-hole of frustration, but when it matters, when his voice is flat and sharp and the crew is on the line, they follow him without question.

Michael and Ray are as in sync as two people can be, Michael and Jeremy a force to be reckoned with, Jeremy and Ray deadly phantoms in the night. The three are magnificently dangerous, both together and apart, could operate completely independently if they chose - they don’t need Gavin. But theres something about Gavin that makes them forget that. Something that draws them in, those few people he deigns to truly care about, enamours them even when they see behind the glitz and shine. Its like he has his own gravitational pull, keeping his boys close, repelling threats with unrestrained ferocity.

He puts up a good front, plays the vapid ditz, the chaotic wildcard, drags them all into crazy situations and laughs wildly as they barely make it out alive. It would be all too easy to dismiss him as a liability, to forget the way his clever mind is always ticking over, always taking into account their various strengths and weaknesses, but the lads know better than anyone that for all Gavin’s chaos more often than not his reckless plans actually work, and when push comes to shove, he would set the whole world on fire just to bring them all home.

If you squint a little, hold your breath and tilt your head, some might call those leadership qualities.

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Do you have any craving alternatives for chapstick/lipstick? Preferably something that I can make or something easily bought in the US. Thank you <3

I’m not too sure about chapstick, but someone else asked about lipstick not too long ago! The makeup brand Bite has a (TECHNICALLY) edible lipstick, plus it wouldn’t be too hard to make your own lipstick shaped chocolate! Plus they sell empty lipstick tubes and molds on amazon, so it would feel even more authentic!

As for chapstick, the first thing I think of is waxy candy like those wax lips! Idk how they taste bc I’ve never had them before, but they’re waxy like chapstick, at least!