'and you never cried in the company of others.'


I legit cried today because Topp Dogg is so underrated

I cried listening to flower that is, like all the other songs in the album, a masterpiece.

Guys, i’m sure that if they are from a big company, they would be bursting South Korea right now.

All i ask for you is give Topp Dogg a chance.

Even if you didn’t like them before, their new album First Street is very different from they other stuff, and is pure gold. They have evolved greatly since then. Their dance is incredible as always.

You may not know, but they had their debut 3 years ago, and never won a single award on music shows. They didn’t enter the top 100 on charts this comeback yet. They had lost 4 members. And everytime someone big talks about them is to say bad things, and i’m not sure why??

I know you guys have your own favorites on kpop, that is hard to follow everything, but listen to them. If you don’t like it’s okay, but don’t let this chance pass. You can “lost” 5 minutes of your live giving them a chance, and it ends there. But you can also discover the best thing in your life. So why not?

If you are now curious about them, there is this post about the group and things to get into them.

Also, there is the comeback here. Rainy day is a beautiful song.

How to support them here.

Topp Klass, please help spread the word, our boys deverve attention. They deserve everything good. I’m trying so much… Thank you all that are doing your best, you are incredible. Love you guys.

You can share this on your social medias, you can share this everywhere.

Lets make Topp Dogg big!

Oumasai Headcanons

Oumasai headcanons cause I’m a weeb !!
When did they realize they were interested in each other?
The first day of class Ouma instantly became interested in Saihara and flirted constantly but Saihara being Saihara never noticed up until later on and began to develop feelings for Ouma as well
Who confessed, how?
Ouma confessed by just blurting out “I love you Saihara-chan!” And grabbing him into a hug and Saihara accepted his feelings and hugged back
Describe their first date.
Ouma and Saihara go to laser tag and eat pizza and just enjoy each other’s company, both of them loving every second of it (bonus. When Saihara gets shot in a game Ouma dramatically cries and hugs him while Saihara just stands there like “why am I going out with this dork”
Describe their first kiss.
Since Ouma is popular with women he and Saihara were walking down the hallway when a girl came up to them and began talking to Ouma about meeting her outside after school and Saihara being the pure bean he is got jealous and just kissed Ouma right in front of her and coldly left off with “we’re dating”
Describe their first time having sex
It all started as a movie date but Ouma unmindfully started palming Saihara through his pants and until Saihara started making noise Ouma hadn’t noticed. As soon as Saihara starts making noises Ouma stops and Saihara just gets kinda mad and starts giving Ouma hickeys and you can imagine what that led to
Who cooks? Describe their cooking.
Saihara👏🏾cooks👏🏾 he enjoys making Ouma sweet things (including American sweets as well) and they just sit together and eat and cuddle
What do they like most about each other?
Ouma loves Saihara’s voice he finds it calming like a melody and its hand down his favorite thing (he also loves his hands, his hair, his torso, his eyes, he loves everything about his detective bf) and Saihara loves Ouma’s positivity although he does joke a lot and it does get tiring Saihara loves the can do attitude of his short boyfriend
What do they like least about each other?
Ouma adores everything about Saihara except the fact that all his attention isn’t directed to him, Ouma loves attention from his lover so he despises it when Saihara doesn’t pay attention to him. Saihara dislikes Ouma’s lying the most of all, it confuses him and makes him frustrated.
What is the most common cause of conflict between them?
Probably Ouma’s attention problem, he constantly tries to keep his attention and Saihara could just look at a girl and Ouma would go into a jealous fit of rage (which he usually gets over in like 5 minutes but it’s still troublesome)
What is their sexual dynamic like?
It often starts out rough especially when Ouma initiates it but usually ends up in them softly riding out their orgasms and just lovingly taking every second of each other in
How do they express their love?
Ouma constantly compliments Saihara and takes his hat off claiming he looks cute without it and he always finds windows of opportunity to compliment Saihara. Saihara likes holding Ouma’s hand and when he feels like it laying down soft kisses before Ouma moves his hands away to do something else
What is each partner’s favorite kinda date?
Ouma loves group dates so he can show off he and Saihara’s relationship while Saihara prefers private simple dates like going to the park or having dinner at home
What do they do together on a day in?
Saihara likes to do cross word puzzles and play board games with Ouma seeing it cute the way he plays while Ouma likes playing video games and watching tv in his boyfriends arms
Who do they talk to when they want to complain about their partner, or when they have a relationship problem?
Ouma hands down goes to Yumeno to rant but Yumeno usually just leads the conversation to her and Tenko’s relationship which is usually going dandy. Saihara goes to Rantaro to just talk even though he usually gives bad advice (once he suggested Saihara doesn’t touch Ouma for two days which would send Ouma and Saihara actually insane)
How do they spend their weekends?
Going shopping is always at the top of their list, they like choosing clothing for each other and seeing who looks good in what
What kind of couples vacations do they prefer?
Ouma loves beach trips while Saihara likes going some where up north like a ski lodge
What is each person’s type? Does their partner meet this, or are they an atypical match for them?
Ouma’s type is certainly pretty boys who don’t say much which is exactly what Saihara meets. Saihara likes some one who is a bit more daring than him and willing to do more, Ouma meets this category
How do they compliment one another?
Saihara rolls with the usual “you look nice” while Ouma showers him in compliments and nice comments
What physical do they like most about each other?
Saihara loves Ouma’s skin, it’s really soft and nice when they cuddle. Ouma LOVES Saihara's👏🏾 hands👏🏾 he loves rubbing them against his face and intertwining them together
Assuming they moved in together whom asked whom?
Saihara asked Ouma and Ouma of course said yes in a heart beat afterwards hugging Saihara and giving off a fake cry that holds actual happiness
Should they marry, who proposes?
While Saihara isn’t completely sure Ouma would love to be married to Saihara so people could know he was officially his, Saihara would definitely propose and Ouma would just cry and yell yes over and over again (it’d be the cutest shit you’d ever seen)
Describe the wedding
Theme is traditional white and they invite all their class mates to the special day, Tenko walks Ouma down the isle and their kiss is gorgeous
Where do they live? Describe their home.
They live in western Japan in a quiet part of the country where they live in a house with a pretty lake in the backyard
Do they have pets?
No, neither of them see the appeal while they have each other (maybe they have a fish or an amphibian)
Assuming they have children what’s their parenting like?
Ouma is totally the parent that gives the kid everything they want while Saihara tries to put his foot down but usually has to have Rantaro (the fun uncle) do it
I hope these weren’t too ooc and I hope you all enjoyed!! If possible leave other dr ships to make headcanons for^^

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Kili (The Hobbit) prompt? "I never knew how much my heart could ache from almost losing you, Y/N." (If you can that is) Thanks a ton, internet-sister!! 😘

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You looked up, a hand holding your now tended to side as you sat closest to the fire, the other members of the company were mostly absent…all accept for Kili. You felt him move to sit besides you and though nothing of it, until sniffling caught your attention…Kili’s sniffling.

He was crying, not big sobbing cries, but the silent ‘don’t notice me’ cries. You’d never seen any of the Dwarves cry in all your years, not once…no matter what happened, but there he was crying at you. “Why are you crying? I’m fine…” You had to have been oblivious to miss the way his eyes lingered on your wounds…they weren’t even especially bad…a bad amount of bruising and a few cuts from being thrown into a rather hefty tree by a troll…it wasn’t the nicest of experiences, but you were fine if a tad sore. 

You weren’t really sure what you were expecting as a response…silence may be? Not for Kili too look at you as his heart had been broken into two pieces, “I never knew how much my heart could ache from almost losing you, Y/N.”

BadBoy!Luke || part 4

“Something about the bad boys is just so intriguing”

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Luke’s breathing was heavy, loud and long, far from normal. He’s knuckles were clenched around the steering wheel of his car, basically white from the tight grip he had. His were narrowed in a deep scowl, not daring to take his eyes off the road. He managed to stop tears from falling, he didn’t know if he was crying from you or because he was so angry with himself that his anger turned into tears. All he knew was he never cried.

He wasn’t completely focused on where he was going, he just let himself drive anywhere. He screwed up, and he knew that. Normally Luke wouldn’t give a shit if something like this happened, but he truly liked you, he liked talking to you, he enjoyed your company. He was looking forward to spending time with you before the party, he was looking forward to being with you at the party and not having girls climb all over him. He was excited to tell other guys to back off as their eyes racked your body. But he screwed up, everything was ruined.

Before he knew it he was pulling up towards Ashton’s. He put his car in park and pulled the keys from the ignition, but made no attempt to climb out of the car. His body felt numb, he’s talked to you for such a little amount of time but knows so much about you. He knew your favorite color, your favorite tv shows and movies, hell he knew your favorite season of the year. While talking to you he asked as many questions as he could being so intrigued by you. Luke felt as if something so great was stripped from him over something he caused.

After sitting in his car for God knows how long just staring at his phone or his legs, he finally got out slamming the door shut behind him the anger still coursing through his body. He didn’t bother knocking, knowing Ashton wouldn’t really mind. Ashton was the most stable out of the 4. He didn’t do any type of drugs wether it be week or even a pill every now and then. He drank but didn’t go over his limit to the point where he was puking all over the bathroom floor the next morning. He was actually going somewhere, where as Luke calum and Michael didn’t really care about a single thing. That was all changing for Luke, and part of that scared him.

“Ashton” he growled not even bothering to keep his anger in. All he could see was red, he was livid with himself. “Fuck, Ashton!” he screamed his voice booming through the small room. His long legs took him up the stairs, his eyes set straight in front of him. As he reached Ashton’s bed room door he didn’t bother to knock once again.

“Woah Luke, thanks for knocking” Ashton laughed sarcastically as he pulled the headphones out of his ears and sat up straight on the bed.

“I’m not in the mood to fuck around Irwin” he growled intensely. Ashton put his hands up in a matter of playful surrender.

“Okay, okay. What’s got you in a funk?” he patted the seat next to him and raised his eye brow in curiosity. Luke hesitantly walked over and placed himself in the spot beside Ashton. Once he sat down reality hit him, and he knew this would take much more than apologies even if what he said wasn’t true at all.

He placed his head into his hands and closed his eyes sighing in frustration. “She heard what I said In the hallway” he breathed out. Silence fell over the two boys causing Luke to assume Ashton didn’t remember what he had said. “Oh you know, just some bitch I saw in the halls the other day. It’s going to be great, nothing but a nice fuck”

“Ashton sucked in a huge breath and fixed his eyes on Luke completely. “You didn’t mean it, did you tell her that”

“Don’t you think I fucking tried that Ashton? She’s too stubborn and hurt to listen to a word that comes out of my damn mouth!” he screamed his hands flying in all different directions to show emphasis. Luke was never good at expressing his emotions to other people, but he’s honestly got nothing to loose at this point, and he’s falling so hard.

“Her nose was all red, and her eyes were puffy. She had tears streaming down her face and she was shaking ever so slightly. She couldn’t even look at me Ash, she couldn’t look at me.” Luke’s voice finally broke and a small sob escaped his lips. Ashton was surprised by the way his Bestfriend was crying In front of him, for one thing Lukes never felt this way about someone, and second of all Luke doesn’t cry.

“I know I haven’t known her for that long Ash, but I know so much about her. In the small amount of time I’ve learned so much about her. It shouldn’t hurt this much but it does. It hurts so much” his voice cracked as he re-buried his face into his hands and let the tears freely stream down his face.

“Luke” he breathed out. “Luke, hey, look at me” he said when he realized that Lukes head was still in his hands. Luke lifted his head and his blurry vision met Ashton’s. “We will fix this, I’m going to help you. I know Calum and Michael may not be super supportive or whatever with they fact that you actually like a girl, and adding onto that the girl being (y/n)” he sighed. “but I know what it feels like to really like someone, and I don’t want you falling down a path with drugs and violence. I think she’ll be good for you and keep you grounded”

“How are you going to fix this Ashton? You’ve never talked to her, she won’t listen to me, she’s stubborn.” he breathed out. It was obvious Lukes motivation and hope was plummeting by the second but he didn’t know all you wanted was for him to run over and explain everything to ease the pain the was coursing through your body.

“Where does she live?” Ashton asked while standing up and grabbing his car keys from the side of his bed. Luke looked up at him with his puffy eyes and cocked his eye brow at him.


“Give me her address”


You didn’t know how long you’ve been laying on the couch, or how long you stood under the hot water as the warm beads rolled down your smooth skin. You didn’t know how long you were just mopping around, your entire self esteem dropped to the pits of hell.

You didn’t even want to think about going out tonight, or having the effort to go back upstairs and attempt to look nice even though on the Inside you felt awful. You were 100 percent sure that your cheeks were red and tear stained, eyes were puffy and bloodshot, and mascara was streamed all down your face. At this point you didn’t care, you didn’t care about your appearance in the slightest.

As you were laying on your couch staring at the tv screen that was filled with materialistic scenarios, there was a loud knocking on the door. You groaned and pulled the blanket that was keeping you warm over your head and stuffed your face further into the pillow. Hoping the knocking would stop or possibly at least die down you closed your eyes looking for some type of peace, but the knocking only got louder and more frequent. “for fucks sake” sighing once again you threw the fluffy blanket off of your legs and pulled the oversized teeshirt you managed to slip on down your legs further. You hobbled over to the front door, trying to whip away the tear stains evident on your face. Some part of you hoped that when you opened the door it would be Luke, but you knew that it wouldn’t be. You knew he was too stubborn to fight, and maybe you were to stubborn towards him in the first place.

As you opened the door your eyes widened in shock at the sight of an ashy blond boy standing In front of your house with his hands tucked into his jeans. “Ashton?” you questioned confusedly.

His eyes shot up to yours and he smiled slightly but it soon disappeared. “Oh, shit. Um hi” he awkwardly stuttered. You’ve only ever talked to Ashton once or twice but it was obvious you both knew of each other. You raised your eyebrow at him obviously sending the message of asking why he’s here.

He dismissed your action and walked towards you a little. “Have you been crying?” he questioned studying your face slightly, sorry crossing through his eyes.

Your hand quickly shot to your face whipping away any evidence of tears. “What? no” you said in defense your eyes narrowing a little.

He chucked softly but a sad smile played on his lips making you tilt your head in confusion. “That’s a lie” and with that he walked straight past you and into your house.

“Excuse me, can I ask what your doing here?” you croaked trying to sound confident but as your voice broke Ashton’s head turned to look at you and he smiled.

“We have a slight problem” he pursed his lips and slouched down onto the couch picking up the remote controls and fiddling with it. You’re heart slumped and you instantly knew it was about Luke, you were about to say something but Ashton beat you to it.

“He didn’t mean it” his eyes met yours and they were sincere. You quickly looked away and awkwardly tucked a loose piece of hair behind your ear. “Not at all, he was just saying it to get the boys off his back. I know this for a fact because before he even knew you heard he came to me to tell me about you” he paused and looked at you to make sure you were listening. Once he knew he had your attention he continued. “ He told
me about how you were different, how he was done with playing girls and having a different one in his bed every night” you slightly cringed at the thought of Lukes hands on another girl.

“Now I’m not saying you have to believe me, even though you should… But hear Luke out. I’ve never seen him cry before, well
maybe once or twice but that’s rare. But boy, was he crying. And that means something”

You eyes moved from his gaze to the ground. Was Luke actually crying over you? Your mind was filled with confusion and questions that you were begging to ask. But you knew you couldn’t ask Ashton.

You had to ask Luke.

I’m so sorry this took like 2 weeks and it’s short as hell but I haven’t been in the best place and I just needed time.

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name of your muse(s): Park Chanyeol
one picture you like with your muse’s fc:

two headcanons for your muse that you never told anyone:
When Chanyeol is having a bad night, he often confides in his Rilakkuma dolls. Faint murmuring can be heard from his side of the room, as the giant holds the little toys to his chest, perhaps wishing it was someone else in his arms.
A year ago, Chanyeol almost bought another ferret, but didn’t, realizing that it was never going to be the same, that it wasn’t going to be Ddori. He cried that day.

three things your muse loves doing in their free time:
Creating music.
Being in the company of others.

four people whom your muse loves/likes/respects:
— Do Kyungsoo. His closest, most trusted friend, whom he’s known for a long time. He is the one that Chanyeol will go to first, always.
— Byun Baekhyun. His partner-in crime, the man he goes to when he wants to have a good time. Baekhyun is one of his best friends. They just click.
— Oh Sehun. He’s gotten closer to the maknae over the years, and has happily realized just how much fun he can be. They bond over bubble tea.
— Kim Jongin. Chanyeol bugs the man too much, but truly admires him for his dedication to dancing. He inspires him to put 1000% more effort into his own work.

three fond childhood memories:
Hitting puberty. He’s a real hunk now, huh?
Getting Ddori. He never loved anything so much before.
Winning his first talent competition. It brought him to where he is now.

two things your muse regrets:
Not telling them.
Forgetting his favorite snapback in Japan.

one thing they’d go through heaven or hell to save/change:

tag ten people to do the same thing:

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