'and what size drink would you like with that

Some Things Kent Parson Has Said to the Rookies While Drunk:

1. “My cat is more beautiful than all of you ugly fuckers combined and if you don’t think so then everyone can suck it and get out of my house,” then proceeded to cry into a random rookie’s arms for no particular reason.

2. “I just want to eat cereal out of the Cup again. I ask for so little–” (”Parser, you said if your future spouse doesn’t buy you a ring with a diamond that’s bigger than your face, you’ll blow your brains out.”) “……Get out of my house.” 

3. “See that guy over there? I’m going to climb him like a tree. Hold my drink.” (“No, Parser–”) “If I don’t come out of the bathroom in ten minutes, assume that I’ve died by dick–” (“Jesus, I’m taking you home.”)

4. “Fuck, I have to dance. It’s Britney. This is my moment.” (”Kent, please don’t–” Kent slaps the rookie’s hands away.) “My loneliness is killing me–don’t fucking touch me, James–

5. (Post-bar hopping. A rookie is petting Kent’s hair, hoping that he’ll go to sleep soon, but Kent shoots right up for a brief moment.) “You guys are the best teammates a guy can ask for. Thanks for taking me home. Please don’t leave me alone. I love everyone. Except you, James. But only because you used all my Nutella and put the jar back. You think I wouldn’t notice? What the fuck, man.”

BONUS +1, at the Parson-Mashkov wedding:
“You know, the diamond he got wasn’t the size of my face. But that’s okay, because he’s got a huge–” ( “Okay, Parser, we know, your husband has a huge fucking dick. Congrats.”) “What? No. I was going to say, ‘huge heart.’ You fucking sickos. Stop thinking about my husband’s penis.” (”We weren’t.”) “It is pretty fucking big though.” (”God, Parser, why would you–” All rookies and Kent chug their drinks.)


This post is multifunctional: in fanfic with college aged characters, many of y’all are in highschool and have never been drunk, so you inadvertently make some choices that make anyone who has ever been drunk laugh.

BUT ALSO: i had never been drunk until summer after senior year. I didn’t know what to expect, but I got to test my limits around people I trusted, and that’s not always the case. It’s a new school year, and I don’t want you freshies accidentally drinking way more than you should and getting in trouble, getting alcohol poisoning, or even just puking on your dorm floor, because that shit is nasty. SO STAY SAFE AND RESPONSIBLE, BUT USE THIS INFO TO HELP.

(disclaimer: i am a 5′5 under 150lbs 19 year old girl with low to med alcohol tolerance. If you/your character is, say, a 6′2, male 200lb frat guy who drinks vodka like water, scale up accordingly)

this got long so it’s under the cut:


1-2 shots: feeling nothing

3 shots: maybe feeling something? maybe just a placebo

4 shots: I’m fi–oh wait, i just stood and the ground moved. ok, maybe i’m almost tipsy. Starting to feel loose.

5 shots: definitely in the tipsy zone. feeling good. stumbling but not falling. whatever Kind of Drunk you are, here is when it starts to appear

6+ shots: I have not definitively documented these, because I am good at knowing my limits. Some people are not. Basically just looser and looser, easier to laugh, more outgoing, etc. But from what I hear, tipsy is the feel-good zone, and then you want to feel even more good so you drink more and then you hit Too Drunk and it’s a downhill slide into FeelingLikeShitville


jungle juice/tub juice: this varies based on recipe, but i would say it is USUALLY one shot per drink. Sometimes they amp it up to two, but guys. Alcohol tastes like shit. If you want it to taste okay, you’ll need way more parts kool-aid/hawaiian punch/orange juice than alcohol. So please, for the love of god, do not have your adult male college student take one sip of a “mysterious concoction” and start making poor choices immediately. He’ll need, like, 3 cups min before the bad choices start rolling in.

wine/beer: what you see as the usual serving size is typically equivalent to one shot, but it’s more liquid, so takes longer to drink and therefore longer to get drunk.


CHASERS: when you’re taking a shot of vodka, tequila, fireball, whatever, it can be hard going down. So you’ll have people using “chasers” like lemonade, sweet tea, sprite, etc. You’ll either drink it right after the shot or right before and then after the shot.

DIFF ALCOHOL TYPES: different types of alc affect you differently. For example, tequila and beer make me nauseous, so I avoid those. My friend says when she’s “wine drunk” it’s different from being regular drunk. Mixing alcohol types as well (like beer and liquor, etc) can make some people sick. Quick list of some types/brands of alc: tequila*, vodka*, wine*, beer*, champagne, cocktails(margharitas, mimosas, etc), whiskey* (usually, especially for college students, this means fireball, which tastes like those shitty cinnamon candies your grandma always had out and feels like an actual warmth in your chest). There are more but I’m a gross college student and * are most common for me

HANGOVERS: i have never had a hangover bc even while drunk im an overthinker, and after every drink i have a drink of water, and this has staved off every hangover. Also, it makes you pee a lot, and peeing at a house party is An Experience


there are “types” of drunk, and they often mix together including but not limited to: Chatty Drunk, (me. i cant shut the fuck up. every thought i have exits my mouth. this is less embarrassing and more tedious, since most of my thoughts are inane and boring) Sleepy Drunk (my best friend. It is important to know if your friend is sleeping or passed out: one is an effect of alcohol, one means they are literally dying and should be taken to a hospital) Annoying/Loud Drunk (this is obvious) and Horny Drunk (my other friend is notorious for pointing to a guy and being like “I am going to fuck him” and then I have to physically drag her away and call an uber, despite also being drunk)

Another friend will, without fail, Every Single Time put on “Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz, and proceed to play her 2010 playlist. Drunk people have reliable quirks and do weird shit. idk man, but usually people will know exactly what kind of drunk their friends are, and prepare.

I’m sure I’m missing stuff and I don’t actually drink a whole lot so if anyone has anything to add, PLEASE DO. Also, if y’all want a part two I can talk about house parties or other college shit

if you’ve been bothered by this kind of stuff or made these mistakes in fic or if you just wish you’d had this knowledge PLEASE REBLOG: i never really saw accessible info like this because the only info about alc i ever saw was like “ONLY EVER DRINK TEENY SIPS ONCE YOU ARE 21 BC ALCOHOL IS BAD” and that’s just not helpful


Characters: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 10,118

Genre: Fluff/Angst

You weren’t exactly sure when Min Yoongi had come into town.

To be quite honest, you didn’t even know when it was that he had first stepped into the coffee shop you worked at. It was hopeless attempting to remember each person who passed through the establishment, especially not when the interactions generally lasted less than a minute. The faces of the customers you encountered every single day just blended together, much like their orders of caramel macchiatos and green tea lattes. It was difficult to keep track of the cursory café connoisseurs, but you knew one thing was for certain.

He hadn’t been here before.

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First of all... Yes

Originally posted by alinok

A/N: This was actually requested by @allipotterhead1 (my first request, may I add) and I got a bit carried away but I didn’t want to miss anything out, I hope you like it, I tried my best!

Request: “Jughead x plus size reader, where their relationship is a secret. In which the reader is Kevin’s sister and one time they have a heavy make out session and Kevin, Veronica, Betty and Archie just walk in on them and Betty and Veronica are losing their shit because they ship it so hard, Kevin is totally sweet but excited and already plans their future but Archie asks him why he would date someone like her? I know it’s really specific but I can’t get this idea out of my head and I’m an awful writer… (And I don’t mean to hate on Archie, I really love him, but I love me some good angst)”

Word Count: 2,761 (jeez, this is long)

Warnings: Angst, Archie’s a bit of a dick, there is a swear word, and some makin’ out.

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Accidentally submitted that early—

Anyway I’m order taking, they get a coffee and a vanilla frapp. I read back their order and total, the little girl goes “I want a vanilla frappe too!” So I say okay that’s 2 then total right? She’s super annoyed and goes “no! Just one!” I’m like okay I just said that…I just reread the order in Spanish+English and total it. So I make the drinks and hand them off. The girl, annoyed af, “where’s my frappuccino!!!!!????” I look at her like “I asked you how many you wanted, you said 1, and I gave it to the little boy. That’s why I was confirming your order to make sure you got the right drinks. It’s okay, I’ll make another one no problem, just gimme one second” she’s like 12 and annoying so I was like ‘here it’s free’ I don’t want to spend another minute ringing you up. Mistakes happen but damn she was so rude. Like it’s not my fault your dad refuses to acknowledge me talking to him and you’re so rude and snobby you won’t listen to me reading you your order you just say yes hurry up now. So like two minutes later she comes in but with her mom. Her mom comes up and orders a water and I can hear the anger in her throat. She says “my daughter said you were very rude to my family” and I’m like only this bitch would fuck up her own order after I read it twice, blame it on me, then come into complain after getting a $5 drink for free. This heifer. I just said straight up “no I wasn’t rude, she didn’t know what she ordered and the gentleman wouldn’t acknowledge me talking to him. Your daughter made a mistake, it happens, but it was resolved and the drink was given to you for free” and she goes OFF like “how dare you assume my daughter could ever make a mistake don’t you know preteens are never rude and always listen you should have given us everything for free that was your fault she’s a kid blah blah” and I’m like I’m not bout to argue with this bitch about her dumbass family not knowing how to listen. I read your order 3 times in English and Spanish and y'all were like “yes yes it’s fine now make me my drink” y'all impatient and rude that is not my fault. So I see two people walk up to order and I’m done with this bish. I just point and say “okay well customer service is over there” and walked away without another word to take a new order. She was LIVID, came up behind the customers yelling WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME, I’m like bish I said customer service is –> over there—would you like whipped cream sir?

BONUS: The lady came in the next week with a friend, they’re talking having fun which is fine. It’s hard to take an order tho when you’re asking questions and they’re too into their conversation. I ask what size drink like 5 times, I take an exasperated inhale and ask again, what size? I guess they only heard that, and got mad for being rude and were mocking my tone for how I asked. Trentaaaa!! Treeeentuhhhhhh!! I was writing on the cup and their rudeness shocked me, i cocked my head to the side when I wrote on the cup, didn’t look at them sideways cause I was like you’re gonna be a bitch you’re gonna be a bitch nothing I can do. So I just go into my nice voice get them out fast. I tell them their order will be ready in the pick up side at the other end, but they won’t move. I wouldn’t mind but there’s a line behind them so I ask them to move to the end again. She’s yelling “No! I want to order my mom a drink but I have to see if you can make mine right first!! Then lll order one!!!!” I’m like can you trust us to do our job?? Whatever. I just can’t have her standing there holding up a line, she’s supposed to grab her drink and if she wants to make a new order get back in line. My coworker is making her order, all I can do is wait till she finishes. The people behind her look at me, I know I can’t get her to move a step. So I open a new register and take the next customer. I’ve never been given such a dirty look. She was mad I didn’t have everyone else wait for her to try her drink and maybe reorder. Like you are not special bitch were busy you wanna stand there fine but you’re not holding up my line. I make the next drink for the new customer, my coworker hands me the new drink for Bitch lady, muttering how rude she’s being. After all of that they went to customer service to complain. My coworker went over with them to sort the bullshit she knew they’d try to pull. She ran back to reprint their receipt cause they lied and said we were trying to charge them for things they didn’t order. She had the receipt ready like try me Bitch. The official complaint was against me that I asked her what siE drink she wanted. A manager talked to me about two complaints from the same woman a week apart, but when I told him what happened, especially as someone who worked in a coffee shop, he laughed at her with me and said I wasn’t in trouble.

Drunken Domination [Matthew Kim]

word count- 3.8k

warnings- M, very rated M

kinks- rough daddy!matthew, degradation, mild orgasm denial

description- You are at a club enjoying yourself when two men won’t let you go. A mysterious man helps you out of the situation, and you end up leaving together, but before you can leave, those two men take your shirt, leaving you shirtless in a man’s car. It just so happens he loves to blast the AC…

You let your body take over, rolling to the music that blasted in the club, the strobing lights slowing a little with the sexy beat. You could feel someone approach you from behind and started grinding on you, which you accepted. You loved knowing that you were drawing the attention of multiple men. You let your hips move sinfully, rolling with the bass, your hands moving slowly all over your body.

The man’s lips came to place a kiss on the crook of your neck, and you let him linger for a second longer than he should have. Another man came up to you, grinding on the front of you, holding your wrists above your head as if you two were alone in a bedroom. You found yourself enjoying being sandwiched between two men, letting their hands roam you sinfully, letting them sneak in kisses here and there.

“Do you want to find a private spot with us, baby?” The man behind you leaned in a whispered into your ear.

You froze up, stopped dancing immediately. “No, I don’t. I’m gonna go sit down now, thanks for the offer though,” You turned to walk away when they both grabbed at your wrist, pulling you back you them.

“C’mon, you can’t leave a guy hanging like that, I know you felt our cocks getting hard for you.”


Across the room Matthew had noticed your dancing, mesmerized by it. He noticed you were doing more than just grinding aimlessly, you really felt the beat, one of the tell-tale signs of a dancer. You were exactly what he was looking for when he noticed you about to walk away. It was his chance to talk to you a little and ask you to dance with him for a performance, the guys you had been dancing with pulled you back and wouldn’t let you go. He couldn’t just sit there and let this happen, he really needed to talk to you asap.

Matthew stood from his seat by the bar, grabbing his drink and the second untouched one he had just ordered. His long legs carried him through the room of grinding bodies, brushing shoulders with what seemed like every person in his path. He finally found himself approaching you and he had a quick fix to the solution, dance.

“Hey baby girl, I got you your drink,” He smiled softly then pretended to notice the men constraining you. Matthew towered over them, his built body twice the size of theirs. He leaned into your ear and whispered, “Play along.”

“Who the fuck are you?” The man with silver hair asked.

“C’mon baby, I told you to behave. I knew you would dance, but don’t you have better standards than this?” He eyed the men and sneered a little.

“I asked who the fuck are you?!” Silver-hair guy piped up again. Matthew got pissed all of a sudden, getting up in the man’s face.

“I’m her fucking boyfriend, and if you both don’t take your filthy hands off her now you’re going to regret meeting the both of us.”

The man with black hair let your waist go and shoved Matthew a little, trying to budge him. He failed, and only managed to make him more mad.

Matthew growled, “Let. Her. Go.” A deadly look passed over his features, prompting the silver-haired man to release your hands. Matthew noticed you scurry behind him, but he handed you the untouched drink and put an arm around your waist. “If you want to start a fight, you can follow us to the bar, but I don’t recommend it.”


The mystery man lead you over to the bar and sat you on a stool before sitting next to you.

“Are you okay? That wasn’t cool of them to do,” He sipped on his drink.

“I’m fine, I would’ve gotten out of there eventually, but thank you,” You swirled the drink in your hand, afraid it was drugged.

“Afraid it’s drugged? You don’t have to drink it, give it to me,” He held his hand out for the glass, so you handed it to him and he gulped it down, like he needed some kind of liquid courage.

“Well, thanks again, I’ll take my leave now,” You stood and tried give him a sultry wink, but fumbled and blinked in a fashion that was probably awkward.

“Ha ha ha! Oh god, wow,” The man chuckled then settled himself enough to talk, “Actually I wanted to talk. I have an offer for you.”

“Uhm? Okay, why?” You sat back down, blushing intensely.

“I actually came here to look for good dancers, and from the way you were dancing I assumed you had some history in it,” He sighed lightly, “I need a main female dance partner. I want to dance to a certain song, and she needs to know how to move to sexy music.”

“Oh, okay. Well, I mean sure but what is this for? Will I get paid?” You didn’t mind dancing for free, you did it all the time in your troupe, it was just out of curiousity that you asked.

“Wait really? That was a lot easier than I thought. No, you won’t get paid, but you’ll get lessons from the legend himself, Matthew Kim,” He pasted a huge grin on his face and pointed to himself with his thumb.

“So your name is Matthew, nice to meet you.” You smiled, trying to redeem yourself from your awkward wink, “I’m ____.”

“Well then, ____, can you give me your number so I can text you the details?” He pulled his phone from the front pocket of his tattered jeans and you noticed how thick- ahem, muscular- his legs were.

Your eyes wandered up his body, noticing how his white dress shirt was unbuttoned halfway down his chest. The way the shirt just barely fit his shoulders, how the sleeves were rolled up to show his muscular forearms. Even the way his hair looked he had just had a girl tugging on it. He looked damn near delicious, and he knew it judging from the way he smirked at you next.

“____, I asked you for your number,” His eyes darkened by just one shade to accompany his smirk.

“O-Oh, it’s 555-0120,” Your voice faltered a little. You watched at his large hands worked the number into his phone swiftly, letting your mind wander to a dirtier place.

“Okay, I’ll send you a text when I get home,” His smile turned more genuine. “I’m going to leave now, do you want a ride home?”

From how heavy your body felt and the way the pounding music was starting to bother you, you nodded and stood up beside him. He was so much taller than you, even in your five inch heels.

As you two walked out the door, you felt someone tap on your shoulder so you turned to see who, but found the black haired man from earlier, grinning like a mad man as he gripped your shoulders so you couldn’t move. The white haired man ran up and ripped your shirt over your head quickly as the black haired man quickly lifted your arms up so he could take the shirt off completely.

“That’s what you ge-,” He didn’t get to finish his sentence, because Matthew knocked him backwards with a single punch to the nose. He didn’t have time to find the other man before wrapping you in his arms, shielding your body from the glaring stares of the people in the club.

“Let’s go,” Matthew lifted you like you were a feather and ran you out of the club to his car, not even getting your shirt back. You were left sitting in the passenger seat of his car in your lacy bralette that really didn’t hide anything from view.

“U-uhm, thanks again,” You said, head hung low in embarrassment. You let down your hair and used it to cover your chest, accompanied by your arms.

Matthew was fuming as he started driving. He appeared to have come to an instant sober after what happened. “It’s no problem, what they did was utterly wrong,” He sighed. He hated it, and he knew you were embarrassed, but his mind floated to the memory of seeing you in that little piece of lace you called a bra. It was harder driving like this than it was driving drunk. “Where do I go?” He asked, clearing his throat a little.

“Turn right at the next light, then take another right after two blocks. I’ll tell you the rest when we get closer.” Your voice was barely a whisper, hard to hear over the air conditioning that Matthew had turned on.

“Okay,” He responded as he neared the light. Unluckily, it turned red and he came to a gentle stop. He looked over at you and saw your head was still hung in shame. He didn’t know what the fuck possessed him to ask this, but he did it. “Can I spend the night at your place?”

Your head snapped up immediately, unable to believe he had just asked you that. “Uhm, what?”

“I’m not going to pretend I don’t have intentions, I want to fuck you. Seeing the way you dance, and now here. I feel bad for what happened, but I’m still a man.” You saw how much darker how his expression had become, and you couldn’t handle it. You turned your head to look out the window as he started to drive again, attempting to hide your blush. You had no objections to him staying the night, you had wanted to take him home in the first place, you were simply shocked about how he was so straightforward about what he wanted from you.

You didn’t say anything else besides the directions for the rest of the ride, but you let your arms fall to your sides leaving only your hair to cover your hardened peaks. It was just too damn cold in that car, at least that’s what you blamed it on.

When he pulled into your driveway, you quickly hopped out of the car. You were about to close the door when you noticed he wasn’t getting out.

“Are you gonna come in?” You leaned back over slightly, giving him a better view of your already apparent cleavage.

“Well you didn’t answer me so I took that as a no. If I’m allowed inside, then fuck yeah I’m coming in.” His face darkened even more from the sight of you standing in front of him shirtless. He pulled the keys from his car and climbed out faster than you had ever seen anyone climb out of a damn car.

You swayed your hips as you walked the sidewalk to your house, waltzing into the house, leaving the door open behind you. You bent at the waist to remove your shoes, but Matthew’s hands grasped your hips, hands sinking into the flesh blissfully. His hips collided with your ass, grinding just momentarily before he stepped back to sip off his shoes. You lifted your torso, slowly adding just the smallest hint of a body roll.

“Fuck baby girl, you know exactly what you’re doing,” His chest was rising and falling noticeably now, and he backed you up against the wall, caging you in his arms while he kicked the door shut with a slam. “But I’m gonna teach you even more, just like I will when we dance.”

With that you threaded your fingers through his hair and pulled him to you, craving those lips you hadn’t been able to take your eyes off of. He grabbed your waist and lifted you up, prompting you to wrap your legs around his waist. You felt his member rub against your core just a little as he walked, making you tremble with anticipation. He never broke the kiss, that was until he asked you where your room was.

“First room on the left,” You wanted to chuckle at his little blush, but he took your mouth for his own. He gave you not one ounce of control, even smacking your ass while he was walking.

He seemed good at this, he opened the door expertly and threw you on the bed, only taking a moment to rip his shirt off before he caged you with his body. You had absolutely no control over situation, and it was a huge change for you, but you welcomed it. You liked the fear that mingled with anticipation in your stomach. You didn’t know what was going to happen next, utterly helpless to his whims.

His lips met yours once more, biting at your bottom lip harshly as his hand came up to hold your throat lightly, just tight enough to give you a new sensation. The callouses on his palms scratched at your skin, heightening the sensations running through your veins. You felt a fire of animalistic desire building around your body, swallowing your mind slowly.

“Hm, what’s this princess? Have you never been dominated?” He smirked against your mouth as his hands started to roam your body, caressing you just to grab your hips roughly. Your back arched at all the new sensations, and your pride seemed to have disappeared in that very moment.

“Y-yes,” You whined as his teeth nipped at your earlobe, leaving fire in their wake.

“Don’t worry baby,” His voice hit your ear as a hot, breathy whisper, “I’ll show you how it’s done. You won’t want to ride another man after you know how this feels.”

Your mind was completely enveloped in desire, you couldn’t think of anything but your aching core, how you wanted to be blindfolded, and tied up and toyed with. As though Matthew had read your mind, he grabbed at his shirt on the edge of the bed, twisting it up roughly before putting it over your eyes and tying it behind your head. At that moment, he shoved his leg in between your thighs, offering some friction. You rolled your hips you try to give yourself some stimulation, but it didn’t go unnoticed.

“Fuck baby, you’re into thigh-riding? Come here…” His voice has turned into a deep growl as he repositioned your bodies, placing your arms around his neck and lowering you down onto his thigh. He held his iron grip on your hips and started guiding you back and forth, flexing his muscles to offer more pleasure.

As much as desire ripped at the both of you, Matthew was moving along painfully slow. He wanted to give you the best of the best, have his whole, unadulterated, way with you. He was going to enjoy every ounce of your body.

Your lips parted and your let your head lull just slightly as your pussy was roughly guided along a one way track of pleasure. Your wetness was starting to soak through your panties, skirt pushed up your body in a lewd fashion. Panting started to turn to moans and your body was getting more and more sensitive. Not being able to see heightened all your senses. You could feel the rips in Matthew’s jeans as your thighs ran over them, your lower lips appreciating the surprising bumps.

“Mmm, god please give me more?” Your head hung forward and you felt your forehead meet his, your breaths intermingling.

“You’re a greedy little slut, aren’t you?” Matthew’s head lowered to your breasts, taking one clothed peak into his mouth, still guiding your hips over his leg. The way his tongue swirled over your nipple before he teethed on it gently sent your head backwards, back arching into his mouth and hands lacing with his hair. Even just this much was enough to send you over the edge.

“Yes, I’m a greedy little slut,” You whimpered, “so please make me feel good Matthew.”

He stopped right that instant, pushing you off him leg and pulling you back to him so you were sat in between his legs, back pressed against his chest. His member poked at your lower back, a prominent bump in his otherwise flat body.

“What did you just call me?” His breath was hot against your neck as his hands spread your legs.

“M-Matthew,” You whispered, afraid of what he was going to do next. His hand snaked around your hips and placed itself on your soaked panties.

“Call me Daddy,” He teased you, lightly touching you.

“Daddy, please make me feel good.”

“Anything for my princess,” He chuckled darkly as he ripped your panties to the side and assaulted your clit, working it like an expert. His tongue ran laps up your neck and back down. His callouses felt so rough on you, sending you closer with each little flick he gave you. You couldn’t help but let out wanton moans, even clenching your jaw when it got to be too much.

“A-aah!” Your legs trembled with ecstasy.

“You’re not allowed to come yet baby, there’s so much more for me to do to you before you’re even allowed to think about coming.” His voice was aggressive, not hiding any of his intentions.

“But, i-it’s too mu-” You didn’t get to finish your sentence because he plunged a digit into your core, making colors explode all over your body. “Fuck!” You exclaimed.

“Hah, I don’t care, you are not allowed to come,” He teased you, moving his wrist languidly, eliciting lewd sounds from your lower lips. He continued until he saw your hands grip the bed sheets, something inside him breaking. “Want me to go faster baby girl?”

“Yes, yes, yes please Daddy go faster! I need more…” You were pleading with him, you wanted to feel your head spin as his fingers sent you over.

He wasted no time in adding two more digits, welcomed easily by your slick walls. You had no idea how his wrist moved so fast, causing your abs to tremble at the sensation.

“Fuck princess,” His chest was heaving, “I love the way your pussy sounds mixed with your moans.”

“Please Daddy, can I come?”

“Absolutely not, I’m not through with you baby,” He gave you a few more thrusts before pushing you away from him again. You felt his weight shift the bed as he moved around, only to lift your arms over your head to remove your bra, then push you down to strip you of your pesky skirt and panties. There were a few moments of suspense as his weight left the bed, you were sure he was stripping himself as well. Once he joined you again he used his tongue to lick a stripe up your folds before moving up your body. Your back arched off the bed, loving the surprise of all this. Even more surprise came when he teased you with the tip of his dick. You could only imagine its size, even as he dipped into your walls just a little only to pull back and tease you some more.

“God please Daddy, just fuck me!” You were so frustrated at all his teasing, you wanted to feel full of him, you wanted you hear him grunt at how good you felt. You wanted to hear the sound of his skin slapping yours, the sound of the bead creaking as he picked up pace.

All your wishes were granted when he stuffed himself in you with no hesitation, filling to the absolute limit. You had imagined he had a big cock, but not enough to make you feel this filled up.

“Ah fuck princess, you’re still so tight,” He leaned down and moaned into your ear before taking the lobe into his mouth. You felt like you were on cloud nine when he started rolling his hips at a steady pace. His hips were definitely those of a dancer, distinctive of the sinful way he flicked them at the end of each thrust.

He finally let his mouth suck blossoms of purple onto your neck, trailing down until he took your peak into his mouth. He let one of his hands roam down between your bodies to play with your sensitive bud, sending you to nirvana. Your entire body felt like it was tightening, such a serious orgasm was approaching and you couldn’t bear to let it go.

“Pretty please Daddy, I’m begging you,” You felt his hips rock into yours faster, “a-ah! Please let me come Daddy I’m so close!” Your words seemed to reach him , and he caught your mouth with his before responding.

“Alright, you can come now,” He removed his hand from your clit and focused on pounding you into oblivion, so he could follow you. Your walls clenched around him and he felt your entire body tense as you came around his cock.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, Daddy!” Your voice cracked as it rose to a scream, your face screwing up as he kept going, burying his head into your neck.

He knew he was close, and you were already in overdrive, body limp and twitching under him.

“Open your mouth princess,” Matthew grunted as he pulled out and scurried up your body to fuck your face. Just moments passed as he savored the way your pretty lips looked wrapped around his cock, hands weakly holding his hips and he rocked into your throat. You weren’t even gagging, just humming in pleasure which is what ultimately sent him over, spilling his seed straight down your throat. His body stood still for a moment as you swirled your tongue around him before pulling out and collapsing next you on the bed.

He pulled the makeshift blindfold off you and pulled you into his arm, always the part of his after-care routine he never skipped.

You caught a glimpse of an award winning smile as your eyes fluttered open. “Well, how was it?”

“I… I’ve never felt like that before. How do you… Wow… I never thought I was a sub.”

“Mm, you were a very good sub, princess.” He placed a kiss on your forehead. You knew none of this was going to last, but it felt nice to be held in someone’s arms. “Let’s sleep.”

You nodded in agreement, all too tired to answer. Your eyes fluttered shut, slipping into an amazing sleep wrapped in Matthew’s arms.

Getting drunk with EXO

Y’all don’t let this flop

I am writing this with @wooseook (aka the funniest person alive made me piss my pants a few times before) and we actually did research on this. Enjoy. (Not all the members had something said about their drinking behaviour)

Okay so warning: We will discuss alcohol and drunk behaviour in this. If you are not comfortable then do not read!

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Labor Pains

This took me like an entire week to finish

“Ugh” you groaned, voicing the pain that came with the dreaded contractions that racked your body “Rick what time is it?” You groaned, holding onto the bar of the hospital bed, lying on your side.

“Its 10:00 baby.” He answered before setting his phone down on the desk next to him and grasping your hand from the bar and into his own.

“I want this baby out of me.” You groaned again.

Rick sighed at your discomfort and squeezed your hand as if to tell you ‘its alright’. “I know baby, and if I-l could I would rip t-the baby right of you s-so you didn’t have to deal with this bullshit.” He kissed your forehead before sitting back down in the chair next to your bed. Never letting go of your hand.

The silence and the surprising loss of contractions for a few minutes made you rethink on everything that had brought you to this moment.

Rick smiled warmly as he watched you bounce the little toddler on your knee, coeing and making baby talk with the smaller individual.

The whole image was giving him baby fever. Of course, he already had Beth, but she was an adult now and he wanted another baby.

It was funny really, usually it was the woman who couldnt stop begging for their boyfriend or husband to put a baby in em, well maybe you did want a baby, he didn’t know.

He began to imagine watching you waddle around the house, hand on your protruding stomach. kissing your belly at night, telling the little shit how much they meant to him.


He needed a baby and you were gonna give it to him.


Once your friends had left you were cleaning up, washing dishes as Rick stood a couple feet away from you, leaning over the granite island that sat in the middle of the kitchen.

“You need something?” You asked, placing a dish into the cabinet after drying it.

“Yeah” he answered solemnly, as if you were supposed to know already.

You rolled your eyes and turned to look at him, an annoyed expression written over your features “I can’t read minds ya know” you said before turning back to cleaning.

“I wanna baby” he said, flinching when he heard a crash, hurring over to your side when he saw you had just dropped the plate you were cleaning in shock of his statement, luckily the plate had just slipped from your grasp and slid into the sink at his surprising words, causing the clattering noise.

“B-baby, you okay?” Rick placed his rough hands on your smaller shoulders, towering over you.

“Y-yeah, i-i guess” you stuttered, forgetting how to speak at the odd request he had given.

You chuckled lightly before adding “what brought this sudden urge for another kid on? I-i mean, dont you have Beth already?” You crossed your arms and leaned againsg the counter.

“Well, seeing you with that kid t-today awakened some hidden fantasy of k-knocking you up and watching you birth my kid.” Rick had begin to shift nervously in fear that you would say 'no’.

“W-well, i-i mean I’m fine with it as long as nothing goes wrong haha” you smiled warmly at your boyfriend before you were swept off your feet and pulled into a deep, loving kiss. Breaking apart, Rick smiled at you excitedly.

“T-thank you so much baby” he exclaimed before returning to his spot at the island, letting you finish cleaning as the he admired you.

Currently you were sitting on the lid of the toilet, holding a pregnancy test in your hand, shaking it as if to hurry the process. Rick stood a few feet from your position, arms crossed and a hopeful look on his features.

You were almost 90% sure you were pregnant, of course the two of you had been trying for over a month now, going at it like rabbits trying for a baby, but theres always the chance that you aren’t.

A small + sign marked the white stick causing you to look up at Rick and smile widley.

“W-what? Are you pregnant?” He showered you with Questions.

You waited for him to calm down before standing from your spot and running your hands up and down his thin arms

“Shh, baby, happy birthday daddy” you smiled warmly causing Rick’s eyes to go wide before he kissed you, crushing you against his frame making you chuckle.

Rick kneeled in front of you, pulling your shirt up and kissing your stomach.

“Oh baby, daddy already loves you so much” he placed his ear against your stomach making you laugh, vibrations humming through his body from your action.

Running your fingers through his blue locks you chuckled lightly, a stray tear rolling down your rosey cheeks at the affection. “What’s he saying baby?” You sniffled.

“He’s saying” he paused “I love you mommy and daddy” Rick stood and pulled you into a hug, swaying the both of you in a nonexistent rhythm

Over the course of the first month of your pregnancy wasnt bad. Your stomach was growing fast, it wasnt huge but it was definitely distended from its original form.

Rick would always shower you with kisses when the two of you woke up and then kissed your stomach, whispering nothing but praise to both you and his child.

When you slept, he had one arm wrappes protectively around your middle and his chest pressed up against his back, holding you as close to him as he could manage.

Rick hadn’t gotten too bad with worrying or protectiveness.


By the time your third month was rolling around, your stomach was about the size of a watermelon and Rick had to touch you almost every second, making it nearly impossible to get anything done.

Not that you were doing anything in particular since Rick would rarely even let you get off the couch to get a drink of water.

He followed you like a lost dog when you went out shopping, buying what you wanted not what you specifically needed. That was one of the great things about your pregnancy. Of course an overbearing boyfriend might get on your nerves plenty of the time but midnight runs seemed to not bother him and that bothered you. You began to think that he was just trying to be nice, doing everything for you because you’re an in mobile bowling ball that can’t even reach to grab something off the floor.

So there you were, crying at the kitchen table, eyes puffy from tears and cheeks rosey and raw from rubbing. Rick had con out to buy you ice cream from a local grocery store during the time which would give yourself time to clean up. Or so you thought.

The door to the garage opened suddenly, revealing a more than tired looking Rick, but some how he still wore a warm, comforting smile on his handsome features.

Seeing you distraught panicked him, he set the necessities on the counter before walking over to you, placing a comforting hand on your shaking shoulders. Kneeling down he asked “Baby, what’s wrong?”

You turned to look at him “you dont really love me do you? You just feel bad for me.” You sobbed and placed your head onto the wooden table, your hair hiding your expression from him.

“What?” Rick asked, shocked. “What makes you think I dont love you?” You continued to sob.

“Sweetie, hey, sweetie look at me” he calmly placed his fingers under your chin, bringing your eyes up to his. “Baby, if I didnt love you I wouldnt go buy you shit in the middle of the night or kiss you like I do.” He pulled your sob racking body into his warm collected one, resting his chin on your head, his arms wrapped around you safely.

“Baby if I didnt love you.” He continued “I wouldnt have gotten you pregnant.” He sighed and kissed your hair. “your my baby girl, its my job to take care of you when your pregnant.” You smiled into his lab coat, inhaling the lavander, leather, and night sky smell about him.

One day, around your seventh month of pregnancy, you had, had a particularly rough day. You were beyond tired and you needed something to calm your stressed nerves.

Looking around to make sure Rick was nowhere in sight you opened the cabinet to pull out the $400 dollar wine Rick had bought for what ever special occasion he planned on having.

Pouring a wine cup half full with the expensive liquid you took one more glance around before placing the bottle back in the cabinet.

This shit better taste like fucking gold. You said to yourself, lifting the glass to your lips before it was swiftly swept from your grasp.

“Hey!” You scolded, turning around to see Rick downing your drink. “Rick! I need some mom juice, mamas tired!” You exclaimed and headed off to your room but before you could walk up the stairs Rick beat you to it.

“You know you can’t drink when your pregnant you Idiot.” He grabbed your hand, steading you as you kept one hand on your back, groaning from the extra weight centered in your midsection.

In the final month of your pregnancy you were huge, you literally looked like you had a beach ball in your stomach and you hated it.

You could barely get out of bed in the morning and moving around was a hassle. Poor Rick always had to help you move when you were uncomfortable or wanted something, but he never voiced complaints.


One particular morning you were laying in bed next to rick, his hand resting on your stomach while the other rested beneath your neck, supporting your head.

You went to get up when a streak of pain ran up your bad making you yelp in pain which startled Rick.

“Baby I have the hospital bag already backed you okay?” He hurried out of bed and over to you where you sat on the side of the bed, legs hanging over the Side, hand resting on your stomach and the other on the cushioning of the bed.

“Yeah honey, I’m fine, just braxton hicks” you smiled and went to get up when another shoot of pain racked your body.

This continued for the entire month, always worrying Rick and sending false alarms all the time was getting annoying until one night you both were sitting on the couch watching a movie when you felt a sharp jab of pain which made you hiss.

Rick kissed your temple, not thinking anything of it until you groaned again a couple mintutes later. “Hey, you okay sweetie?” He looked down at you, his amr wrapped around your shoulders.

You looked up, uncomfortable, clearly.
“Yeah” you strained “I’m okay”.


The two of you went to bad around 7:00pm and were asleep for about thirty minutes, wrapped up together, when you felt the exact same pains coming back in your pelvic area which woke you up immediately.

Holding onto the top of the bed you breathed through what you could only explain as a contraction.

“Rick” you whispered in pain. “Rick!”

“Mmn, Yeah?” He groaned and rubbed his eyes before looking at your position “what are you doing?”

“You might wanna get the hospital bag ready haha” you voiced your nervousness and tried to get out bed before Rick helped you, getting dressed and helping you put on pajamas.

Once the two of you were settled into the car you had another contraction about 10 minutes down the road. “Ugh” you groaned, hand on you stomach, grasping for nothing.

Rick offered you his hand which you gladly took, squeezing hard. “Baby girl, I’m so sorry”.

You could only strain “its okay” through gritted teeth as another contraction seemed to rip through your body.

“Ughh theyre getting closer together, I’ve been counting.” He voiced and hit the gas petal of the car racing past people on the high way.

And thats how you got here, being told over and over, “its not time yet, dont push yet” by multiple doctors, even though your water had broken over a good hour or so ago.

Finally a doctor walked in and sat down next to you. “We’re going to have you start pushing soon” he told you before leaving the room only to have at least three other nurses walk in, following him.

So here you are, pushing a 9 pound baby out of your body and Rick is helping you through it of course but its different because he doesn’t feel like his vaginal cavity Is being ripped open so your pissed.

You actually screamed when they told you to push again, not out of pain but out of frustration. It had been over two hours and you felt like you had gotten no where.

Leaning your head back against the pillow you sniffled, eyes dry from crying. “I can’t” you sniffled again.

Rick was quick to action, pulling you forward, placing himself behind you, with help from nurses. He pressed his chest to your back and kissed the nape of your neck lovingly. “Baby, if there’s anyone in this W-whole goddamn world who can push out Rick Sanchez’s baby, its only you sweetheart. We tried so hard for this little shit and now you are gonna bring him to life and I promise you i will never make you go through this again.” He kissed your cheek.

You nodded before wiping sweat off your forehead “okay, okay” you grit down and pushed again, Rick there behind you the whole time.


Its was over 10 house of pushing and screaming when your little miracle was brought into the world by you, Rick cut the cord and helped bring him to your chest, to which you cradled your beautiful son. He had a fluff of blueish gray hair on the top of his head and his eyes opened to reveal a beautiful (y/e/C) “baby he looks like you” you commented to Rick as he smirked “of course he does.” He chuckled a stray tear running down his face, reminding him that he helped make this little shit and he would do anything for you and his baby boy.

anonymous asked:

Have you done one where Harry proposes? If you have can you like it please?

The sun is setting low over the Pacific Ocean as you clean the dishes from dinner, Coldplay’s music pulsing in the background.  Harry reaches around from behind you to put the last of the dishes into the soapy water where your hands are covered in suds.  He lowers the dishes into the water, allowing his hands to tangle briefly with yours before sliding his wet hands up your forearms. Pressing a small kiss just behind your ear, Harry whispers, “That dinner was amazing, my love.  You should marry me.”

Pausing with your back to him, you close your eyes, leaning back into him.  If only he were serious.  After dating for nearly 23 months and living together for the last four of those, you know that he is the love of your life.  He’s the one with whom you belong forever and ever.  If only he would ask for real, you would say yes.  

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BTS reaction

Fandom: bts/bangtan boys

Pairing: you and your bias

Request: BTS reaction to their girlfriend being super smart? Thanks 😁 - Anon

Warnings: none

Authors note: my ask box is open for bts text messages and reactions requests :) (you can also come talk to me anytime though lol) imagines will follow soon xx (ps. in case i should get their personalities a lil wrong forgive me! )

Seokjin / Jin

Jin would be your biggest fan and so proud to introduce you to his parents. Shutting up about how smart you are would be hard for him. You mostly would blush and roll your eyes at him in annoyance because you hated to brag about it. 

‘‘Y/N, stop rolling your eyes at me! You work so hard, you deserve to be proud.’‘

Originally posted by bwiseoks

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Forest Queen

My first real monster boyfriend story! I’ve been reading a lot of them and felt super inspired to write my own. Decided to use one of my favorite monsters a Wendigo! I also decided it would involve a plus size reader, since that’s why I am and I don’t see a whole lot out there! (Y/N obviously stands for your name haha!)

Word count: 2490

Warnings: Smut..yeah who doesn’t want a monster dick all up in them? A little bit of blood, mentions of death, some plus size girl doubts about body image and the such. (I hope I handled that well since I experience that myself)

Graduation celebration trips with a group of freshly graduated kids isn’t exactly your idea of fun but your parents didn’t give you much say in the matter. Sure you were a bit of an outcast, but that was because you were into different things and enjoyed actually studying. Most people snickered behind your back because of how you looked and the size you were, not because you were the smartest of the bunch and actually had a future planned out for yourself. Sure you were on the plump side, but your mom always tried to reassure you there would be the right guy who would love every square inch of you. Right after though she would recommend a juice cleanse or something of the sort which you just rolled your eyes at and went back to your room. This camping trip was supposed to be at some nice protected forest area up near the mountains. All of the other girls weren’t too thrilled it wasn’t a weekend at the beach but the comments behind you just made you want to curl up into a ball.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your writing! I also love Clarke and Murphy bromances. Can you do a bellarke fic with over protective Murphy? Thank you!

Thanks for the prompt, anon! I hope you like it :)


“Will it help at all if I ask you to be nice?”

Murphy gives her his best sardonic expression. “When am I ever not, Princess?”

“I’m never gonna live that nickname down,” she grumbles, drumming her fingers on the table anxiously. “I should have waited until Wells could be here. Then at least I’d have someone I knew I could count on to be personable.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea. Wells and I are a volatile combination on our own; why not add your new boyfriend to the mix? Trial by fire is a thing, right?”

Wells is Clarke’s best friend from childhood, and he’s never been Murphy’s biggest fan. Nor vice versa. Things might have been different if his dad wasn’t the guy who’d pressed charges and put Murphy in juvie. If Murphy didn’t see Jaha prime every time he looked at junior, if junior didn’t see a delinquent every time he looked at Murphy. But their personalities differ enough that Murphy isn’t convinced it’s only his past that dampens what Clarke wishes would be a budding friendship.

They do okay sometimes, but she usually ends up keeping them separate.

“Not my preferred tactic,” she shoots back, but her tension has deflated a bit. “Seriously, though. How worried should I be that you’ll start a bar fight tonight?”

“How worried should I be that your new boyfriend is a dick?“ She gives him a look and he rolls his eyes. “I promise I will at least attempt this thing you call good behavior.”

“That’s all I ask,” she says, cracking a smile. “There might even be a gold star in it for you.”

“Shut up, Princess.”

He wanders over to the bar, fixing himself another drink while Gina is busy with some patrons. By the time he gets back to the booth, there’s a guy with floppy brown hair with his arm around Clarke. She’s not pulling away or anything, so Murphy figures this must be the boyfriend. He looks exactly like someone Murphy would ignore on the street trying to get him to donate to whales or Greenpeace or some shit like that, but hey. Maybe that does it for her.

“Here you go,” he says to announce his presence, sliding her drink across the table.


“Yeah.” He eyes the boyfriend, who is clearly sizing him up. “Sorry, man. Didn’t know what you liked.”

“Nah, it’s cool. I don’t really drink.” He extends the hand not resting on Clarke’s shoulder. “I’m Finn.”

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anonymous asked:

GOM + Kagami + takao getting tackled to the ground by this massive bear sized dog that's just wagging its tail very excitedly and licking their face happily and it turns out the dog belongs to their crush, who ends up rescuing them from their dog.

Guys, guys I’m weak to dogs and scenarios as this and I hope you don’t mind me combining these two requests asdfghjkl -T-chan

It was like every other day. He was walking home from a store, buying some snacks or a drink - what he felt the need to have - when out of nowhere he was, almost, tackled down by a bear. Well that would be a bit over exaggerating, but what else should he call it other than a bear? It didn’t click him until he felt wetness all over his face and … was that a droll!?

His eyes shot open and came face to face with a massive dog. He heard familiar voice somewhere behind and god help the owner, because he didn’t like this, not one bit.


If his face would show any emotion, it would be annoyance. Sure he liked Nigou, but Nigou was small unlike this huge pile of mess and droll and and…his thoughts were interrupted when you came into his eye-sight. You were apologizing, your cheeks dark and stammering all while trying to get your dog off him. Kuroko knew he wasn’t strong enough, but at least he could help you out, couldn’t he?

After managing to get him off, you offered to pay for getting his clothes dirty, but he declined it, assuring you it was okay. Knowing you enough, you wouldn’t give up so easily so you offered whatever he wanted. And he took you on that, saying a drink would be good. You weren’t exactly convinced, but agreed nonetheless, feeling guilty.

He found out about your name. Finally. He thought to himself and smiled before stroking the head of your dog, whose tail was wiggling excitedly. His eyes were focused on you since he saw you first time at Maji Burger, getting in a heated conversation with one of your friends about your favourite character from manga. Ever since he couldn’t find a way to approach you, so he would have to thank your dog in secrecy that he brought you to him, after all, he never likes being in debt to.

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You had met A.J at a previous event the other night and you had finally given in to him pestering you about a date. Grant you, he was offensively impolite and lacked consideration of others but you figured it was more so of his in-ring character that would soon burn out as the night went on.

 However, you thought wrong. The entire night consumed of you apologizing to people on behalf of A.J’s actions. He was consistently texting during the movie, proceeded to threaten the individuals whom had politely told him to put his phone away and even went as far as complaining to a manager about how useless the theater staff was. 

You were actually astonished that you had strung through making it to dinner with him as you contemplated on excusing yourself to the restroom and dipping through the back door. However, here you were, sitting across from him, listening to yet another conversation about how you should eat more protein and drink less Starbucks coffee to stay awake. The conversation was about to proceed until a much taller gentleman peered over your table, placing down drink coasters for the both of you. 

“Good Evening folks, my name is Dean and I’ll be taking care of yo-”

“What the hell are you doing here?!” A.J sneered, glaring up at the waiter.
You cocked your head to the side, dumb founded of what was even occurring in front of you. 

Whoa there, frustrated are we?” Dean chuckles, pulling out his notepad. “How about I start you off with some drinks? Take the edge off.” He winks, continuing on. “It is happy hour, 2 for 1 margaritas anyone?" 

Despite Dean’s effort into up selling, A.J refused to let him resume his act. "Listen Ambrose, I don’t care if we are in the ring or in a fucking restaurant, I will gladly kick your ass anywhere. Especially after you trying to sabotage my date.”

Dean turns his head, examining your presence completely ignoring A.J’s attempt into threatening him. “M'lady, can I get you anything to drink? Margarita? Martini? Bloody Mary?" 

A slight tinge of pink brushed over your cheeks as Dean made eye contact with you. "I’ll have.. uhm, I’ll just have a water, thank you.” You smile, putting your head down in hopes of hiding your flushed cheeks. 

A.J rolled his eyes, slumping back into his seat. “I’ll have a beer Ambrose, and make it quick." 

Dean nods, turning away from your table and mobbing his way to the back of the restaurant as it is a full house on a Saturday.

"So, I’m guessing you know that guy?” You question to A.J, jutting your chin over to Dean whom has been sneaking glances at you. 

“It’s a long story.” A.J sighs with a roll of his eyes.
Dean makes his way back to your table, placing your water on the coaster and setting a kids cup beside A.J.

“What the hell is this?” A.J shouts, chucking the kid size cup back at Dean.

“Well, I thought since you seem to act like a child, you probably would like to drink like one too.” Dean retorts with a shrug, not even cracking a smile.

You cover your mouth, striving to hold back a giggle only causing A.J to become more irritated.

“I’ve fucking had it.” He announces, rising up from his chair and nearly launching at Dean only to be stopped by the manager of the restaurant.Dean stepped back gracefully as A.J began to cause a scene with the manager. He stooped down to be at level with you, rubbing his ginger tint scruff. “So, uh, you like Pizza? There’s a parlor down the street." 

The blush from your cheeks began to appear once again. "I would love too.” You smile, taking Dean’s hand and brushing past A.J.

The boyfriend/girlfriend tag

The questions 

1. Where did we meet?
2. Where was our first date
3. What was your first impression of me?
4. When did you meet the family?
5. Do i have any weird obsession, if so..what?
6. How long have we been together?
7. Do you have an tradition with your gf/bf?
8. What was our first roadtrip ?
9. What was the first thing you noticed about me?
10. What is my favorite restaurant?
11. What do we argue about the most?
12. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
13. If im watching tv what am i watching?
14. What is one food i dont like?
15. What drink do i order when we go out to eat? 
16. What size shoe do i wear?
17. What is my favorite kind of sandwich? 
18. What is one talent i have?
19. What would i eat every day if i could?
20. What is my favorite cereal?
21. What is my favorite music?
22. What is my favorite sports team?
23. What is my eye color?
24. Who is my best friend?
25. What is something you do that i wish you didn’t?
26. Where am i from?
27. What kind of cake would you bake me on my birthday?
28. Do i play any sports?
29. What can i spend hours doing?
30. If I could live anywhere, where would it be? 

Night on the Town

A/N: This was written for @theassetseyeliner‘s AU Challenge.  I guess you could call this a nightclub au? Anyway, The reader character in this story is white. I normally wouldn’t specify, but there was an experience I had that I wanted to include.  I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll explain the rest in an Author’s Note after the story.  My prompt was “If you hit on me one more fucking time, I’ll punch you.” It’s bolded in the story.  As always, enjoy and let me know what you think!

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Language, drinking, sexual harassment

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Size Isn’t Everything 3/4

(Yes it’s 4 chapters now)

Summary: Kurt’s got a bit of a size-kink. Based on this prompt from the @prompt-a-klainefic blog.
Chapter: 2/4  Read Chapter 1 here, Chapter 2 here
Words: ~2745 (this chapter)
Warnings:  I guess? PWP, Size kink,

Many thousand apologies for the long delay in between chapters. Blink and weeks disappear. The final chapter should be up before the end of the week, and thanks for still reading!

forever thanks to @mshoneysucklepink for the beta!

“They’re a Black Sabbath tribute band, Kurt. I think they do country versions of all the songs.” Rachel scrunched her face at him. “I think it’s supposed to be ironic.”

“Rachel, we’re in Brooklyn, of course it’s supposed to be ironic.”

The bar was much more crowded than he had expected, with probably close to 40 or 50 people filling up the small space. The stage was low, but so was the ceiling and the band were already crammed up on the tiny stage when they walked in. He and Rachel bought drinks from the bartender and perched themselves near the rear.

“Are we staying for the whole show?” Kurt asked.

“Come on Kurt, Tina and Santana have been rehearsing for two weeks. We all promised to support each other in our creative pursuits.”

Kurt held his hands up. “I’m here! I’m supporting! But I fully expect you will all be there when my show opens.”

“Of course we will.” Rachel patted him on the shoulder, nodding. “I’m going to text Santana and tell her we’re here. I don’t need her to get all pissed off thinking we didn’t show.”

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Anon: hi, could you do one of Park Jin Young where you are his fan and it’s like he sees you in a dream and he fell in love with you… He start to know you and you became his gf and we’ll the smut :3 I want it very lovely please

Author: Admin A

Character(s): Junior (Got7)/Reader

Word Count: 3496 (Sorry it’s really long) 

Summary: There is a legend that says if you cannot sleep at night, it is because you are awake in the dreams of someone else. 

Rolling over, you looked at the clock and let out an agitated sigh. 3:41 am. You hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep and it was already 3:41. What made this worse? This was the sixth or seventh time this has happened in the course of two weeks. The first time was right after the Got7 concert, but you figured that was just your concert high having not worn off. Now, you were beginning to wonder if it was something you should get checked out. Sighing, you rolled over and closed your eyes, attempting to get at least two hours before you had to report to work to open the shop.

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anonymous asked:

What do you usually do when freestyling?

depends where I am if I’m at a:

  • Bar- I order good size drink nothing big but not a shot something that I can sip (i like cosmos/kamikazes) while looking around (I’ll get into this next)
  • Hotel- I’ll go to a fancy expensive hotel sit in the lobby make a phone call pretend I got stood up (like I would at the bar) a guy comes over asks what’s wrong tell him that someone blew me off trade info etc.
  • Shopping- I use this one a lot I’ll usually go into an upscale store probably a men’s or unisex store checkout ties suits watches the whole shebang if all goes right a guy approaches me asks if I need help or if I’m shopping for someone I say yeah give him my business card (personal shopper) He knows I have a job and that my time is valuable and will probably want to hire me this is my favorite because I literally get paid to go shopping and do it all over again lol