'and i will stop you.'


You make me fall in love with you every single day.
—  Poets Love Her

you know what really got me in this lv? phil telling dan to stop focusing on negative things and read the positive comments instead. it’s just such a little thing but how important. because usually people love bringing you down or making themselves better (i mean, even ‘friends’ while they compare themselves to you and make snarky comments how you are worse at something, you get me, mates?) but not phil. their friendship is just so… incredible. so good and full of support. frankly, their friendship is so amazing that it seems magical. and i can’t even imagine how this bond is even real.

Lmaooo wait, so y'all. I’ve built my platform from the ground up and this year I’ve made amazing strides right? Between our Shorty Award and being interviewed for Ebony, working directly with Tumblr twice, I’ve had a really successful year and I’ve played my cards right. And now…..people want me to use my ‘friends in high places’……and risk my still growing personal brand….for basically amount of money it takes to fill a tank of gas.

Basically, the person wants to use my network to promo their half baked idea, risking my future, reputation, and relationship with some really cool organizations in the process.


What a luxury it is to be in love, and to build a life from nothing; to have suffered as we have suffered, and still to rise as we have risen.

anonymous asked:

Why would be the reason for you to block someone ? I did nothing wrong, right ?

Well. Okay, I can give reasons, even if they’re obvious… I’m blocking if it’s :
- someone asking a lot of “inappropriate” questions or saying a lot of “inappropriate” things, even if I tell them to stop.
- someone annoying that just don’t have anything better to do than spamming me with personnal questions, during all their free time, even if I tell them to stop. I have to work sometimes and well… stop asking if I don’t want to tell ya ?
- someone sending me hate.
- and especially someone using the “guilty trap” on me. In other words : someone trying to manipulate me by making me feel guilty. This is the worst.

What did I find? Probably hell itself.


Even if the zombie apocalypse were to occur it would still be the best thing to happen in this disaster of a year. (submitted by @otakugamerartist)


((Okay so my friend @altmurdocniccals​ and I are getting VERY tired of the shit spamming of the “Oh you should marry him!” and fuck like that. Like, seriously? Could you BE more immature? Like, Im not trying to be mean, but you guys are being very annoying. Well, not on my main, but on here, yes. I sinceraly ask you guys to stop, stop the marriage crap, stop the sexual BS, stop. Ask some normal questions, please? That would make our days SOOOO much better. Thank you!))

thatgirlyounotknow  asked:

*slides in* READY FOR SOME ANGSTY GLADNIS!? *rubs hands together* Ignis calling for Gladio when he lost his sight. Like a little moments after panicking on his one after getting the shit beat out of him, he desperately calls for Gladio.







I’m sticking to another theory, but let’s suppose it’s as you suggest here, that he was beaten. As in, let’s suppose for a moment that it wasn’t a one-strike-that-knocks-him-out (as I think it is on the canon), let’s suppose it was a beating out. 

And Ignis has come down and there’s either too many enemies for him to handle or he’s unarmed and unable to do anything, or just a very bad enemy, but whatever it is, they’re beating the shit out of him. And at first he’s offering resistance and he’s trying to fight back, but he’s already majorly injures. He’s not even supposed to be on his feet and he still is, still offering a fight, but it’s just too much and he’s losing.

So at some point he reaches the limits of his limits, and he’s finally struck down, and they continue to hurt him. At first it’s just groaning and screaming senselessly, ordering for everyone to leave him, to get the fuck off, to go die or something. But as the beating continues, they manage to break that courage and anger, and they reach to the point he’s through so much suffering he can’t act like that anymore.

And he’s thinking of Noctis and Leviathan, and he knows he should be thinking solely in that,…

…but when he opens the mouth, it’s something else that he screams.


Ignis is conscious of what he just screamed, but has no idea why. He should be worried on his King and his destiny and his fight, he should be focused in his priorities, but the only thing that he’s able to scream is just the same.


He’s thrown there on the ground, bleeding from everywhere, broken everywhere, being hit and beaten, and there’s nothing he can do about it. And he screams a simple scream once, but it eventually turns out in the same.


There’s also a ‘No’ somewhen. But when he tries again, the same name makes it out. And again, and again. Sometimes it’s low, like a whimper. Sometimes it’s loud, so loud it doesn’t even sound like a word. 


It’s louder each time, and Ignis has no idea why he’s doing this. Has no idea why he’s calling for his darling. Has no idea why, why, why.

Is he calling for his help? 

Could Ignis be expecting that if he calls him as loudly and as many times, maybe Gladiolus will hear from wherever he is and run to his aid? 

Or, on the contrary, is he trying to warn him?

Could Ignis be expecting that if he screams as loudly said name, Gladio will understand there’s major danger and not approach there, warn him of the risk, tell him to run?

Maybe it’s none of those options. Maybe…Ignis is blaming him? As if Gladiolus was the one currently striking his body with those guns, with those boots, with those sword’s pommels. Could Ignis be blaming him for not being there to aid him, as he used to promise? 

Or is he, on the contrary, screaming for him as reminder that this is not his fault and he’s got nothing to do with this at all. 

Maybe none of those, either.


And there’s suddenly heat on his face. And pain. So much pain, he can do nothing but tense and scream so loudly he’s sure he just broke his vocal chords, because suddenly something’s exploding on his face.

And it’s a few seconds later, in the nano-second of consciousness that’s post-explosion but prior to passing out, in that half of half a second, in that microscopic moment, that Ignis tries again.


but it’s less than a whisper. He fell unconscious even before he finished speaking that lonely word. Didn’t even notice he called for it again. Nobody heard, nobody noticed at how subtle it was.

And it’s in that same nano second between consciousness and unconsciousness, that Ignis realizes why he had been screaming that all the time.

It was not calling for help.
It was not a warning.
It was not a blame,
and it was not a soothing calling.

Perhaps…maybe, Ignis had been completely sure that he would not make it alive after those moments…he was sure he was to die…and he had been calling for that name in all moments,

because he wanted it to be the last thing he would say in his life.