'and i want to take him out' so do i chris. so do i

the mindy project

i want to take a second to comment on the direction the mindy project has taken recently, because everyone is losing their goddam minds

please don’t all yell at me you’re entitled to your opinion as much as i am entitled to mine, screaming in my inbox that ‘im wrong’ will not change my mind so just relax

i don’t think the turn the mindy project has taken is BAD necessarily
i was bummed out when danny left and it didn’t work out just like everyone else

however i think it’s really interesting to note that the mindy project was a tv show inspired by romantic comedies - usually in a movie format
obviously movies are a lot shorter than 4+ seasons of a tv show so it’s really easy to have the introduction, the conflict, the show of love, the resolution etc done and roll credits

i think it becomes more challenging to do that when you have a much longer tv show – despite what a lot of people are saying if mindy and danny got together and lived happily ever after for 7 more seasons with no conflict, i would be bored. it’s the classic ‘ross and rachel’ trope, we need to be kept interested.

some people are saying that they are no longer interested because it’s gotten so bad and they’re not interested without danny - that’s not a view that i share because i think the best and most realistic option was for mindy and danny to break up (temporarily or permanently, i don’t really care because it’s not my story to decide what happens. im content to just sit and watch and see what happens regardless of whether or not it’s what i would have done)

what, they should have lived miserably with one another instead? what kind of romantic comedy ending is that? they had serious actual problems, despite what tv and movies normally say, you don’t just forget your own personal morals and convictions and dreams because you fall in love.

sorry this is long and rambling it wasn’t really well thought out i just wrote it down with probably a million typos

on another note, if you are no longer interested in the show because you don’t find the comedic writing funny or whatever then that’s a whole other issue, im just saying to the portion who won’t even give it a chance because danny is gone to maybe relax and consider that danny isnt the be all and end all