'an old friend of mine'

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👻 - Someone They Don’t See Often

“As of late I had been neglecting to write to her, but Felicie is a dear old friend of mine. She had moved to Gridania while we were young, and I haven’t had a chance to meet her in person for several years– I heard she had been betrothed some few years back, though I am unsure if they had been wed. I ought to catch up with her sometime soon…“

Stay Positive!

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

So I am at the Pokémon Go event in Chicago today. (Yes I’m a nerd. You already knew that.) If any of you followed the news feed from the event you know that it was a hot mess. It was definitely a practice in looking on the bright side for me. I caught an Unknown which I didn’t have yet. I got to see an old friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in years. And I got a few days off work. These are the bright sides I’m clinging to as I schedule this post for you BTs. So write your character today into a situation where she desperately wants to look on the bright side. Is she successful? What forces are working against your character enjoying herself? Was she excited about whatever event she’s trying to enjoy? If so does that make it harder for her to overcome disappointment to find a bright side?

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades


when you, a person who can’t look at a carbohydrate without having to run 3 km, go hang out with your friends with their perfect metabolism…. yeah


Hey guys, I honestly can’t believe I’m in a position to make this kind of post but this is where we are.

This is an old friend of mine I knew growing up. That black and white photo is a picture of the two of us all the way back in kindergarten, happy as clams on our way to a girl scout meeting. When I knew her she was always very sweet and quiet, but also had the best sense of humor and was incredibly talented. We were good friends in grade school, and played basketball together later on in middle school. Later on, I was best friends with her neighbor as well. I haven’t seen her in years, despite attending the same college, but she is a huge part of who I was growing up.

Her name is Mary Carmen Nichols. She’s 19 years old and lives in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. She currently attends school in downtown Birmingham. Earlier this morning, her parents found her missing from her home. Both her cell phone and her car were still there. I’ve known her and her family for a very long time and they are all incredibly wonderful people. She would never just run away, not like this. If you have any information to offer, please please please call the number from the article.

Even if you don’t know her or you don’t live in the area, I’m begging you to please signal boost this. Please.


#after having a conversation with the kid my best friend babysits #who had come to the conclusion that the shadowhunters’ holy trinity are low-key the powerpuff girls #i am convinced that it is the truth 

Pink - Blossom: Commander and leader. Often seen as the most level-headed, and composed member of the group and also strong and determined. Can also be fussy, overbearing, vain, and overly analytical at times. Tends to be the “mother” of the group; a naturally caring sibling.

Blue - Bubbles: Sweet as sugar with a bubbly personality which no one can get past; defined as sweet in personality. Can communicate with creatures, as not only humans, and has a tendency to say whatever she wants, whenever she wants. Does, however, have a tendency to be overemotional, despite having a habit to be ditzy, naive and sensitive. However, can become very independent and aggressive, let alone extremely mad when tempted, which makes her an unstoppable, fierce fighter.

Green - Buttercup: Is the toughest fighter of the them all. Can be the most surly at times, but is practically fearless, loyal, quick-witted and willing to fight. Is shown to be fairly protective of their sibling and people close to heart, and will not hesitate to confront anybody who speaks badly of them. Is often reckless, but can be fairly witty at times, and she is frequently sarcastic.

things that make my heart smile:

  • my very excited dogs who greet me when i get home
  • someone calls me in cute nicknames
  • receiving random goodies from my pals
  • discovery of a new song to jam with
  • getting through a situation that i never thought i will be able to survive
  • finishing my last exam of the year
  • meeting inspiring people
  • listening to someone talk about their passion
  • my first hot tea sip in the morning
  • receiving a good morning text message
  • the first flower of spring
  • watching my plants grow
  • realizing how much i’ve grown for the past few years
  • forgiving myself
  • overcoming some of my fears
  • emailing back to an old friend
  • writing a letter to my good friends