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Kageyama Tobio for my dearest friend, Seda ♡♡


“I don’t know which option you should choose. I could never advise you on that… No matter what kind of wisdom dictates you the option you pick, no one will be able to tell if it’s right or wrong until you arrive to some sort of outcome from your choice.”

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Robron vs. Ross

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I love how you draw kageyama!!! Most artists who draw him make him a little rough and mean sometimes but you give him such a soft face and pretty eyes and pretty lips and so much emotions and I love it and I love you!!! (((o(*°▽°*)o)))

FSHDJDKDK THANKYOUUUU i guess there are many many interpretations of him and thats okay!! i’m just, so soft for my baby so it kind of reflects in the way i draw him? he pouts so much? pouty lips!!!! his eyes are so alert and blue, the prettiest eyes!!!!

Another icon collab between me and @fonbella, this time I did the coloring and she did the sketches<33 And I loved coloring her adorable doodles, not to mention how excited we are for Sun&Moon and seeing our fave gay trainers again!!<33 (Please note these were made for us, so do not use~)

hidden relationship w/ jaehyun - a bulleted scenario

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a/n: hi i’m back and i wrote this in like an hour bc i got really bored!!! also read my mark scenario!!! my requests are also open!!!!

summary: you and jaehyun have been dating for 2 months and pretty much have no plans on letting the members and the company know any time soon

genre: fluff???

- so basically your aunt is nct 127’s dorm lady and she gives u the job every weekend and sometimes at night so u can earn money on the side
- you’ve been doing this for nearly 6 months and you were pretty close with the group, but jaehyun in particular
- he eventually asked you out 2 months ago and you’ve secretly been dating since then
- you can’t tell the boys because not even his manager knows
- the only times you go on “dates” is when all the boys are out or asleep and you bring in “groceries” or “do some late night cleaning”

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Hi!! If you're still doing the colourpalette challenge, may I request Bandit!Saitama with "pumpkaboo"? 🙊💕

happy belated birthday @hslt69 💛

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That Akech-you-later was PERFECT OMGOGMGOGMGOMG

HDFSJKHFDS I’m glad you think so because I spent ten minutes trying to figure what ridiculous pun I could use.


Tamaki Suoh + Pink!
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Could I make a rook? Any tips for making one? Thank you for being a part of my art experience btw. Sometimes I use your characters as reference if that's ok. It helps me so much. I even bought an anatomy textbook this morning to use so I could pay you back in art eventually! 🦊 anon

🦊 Foxy anon, you absolutely can! But it’s super important to me to be CREDITED, at least with the species name!

As for tips! Rooks are pretty flexible in terms of design.

BODY TYPES are endless and not just in terms of weight or height (Rooks can be absolutely massive or miniscule if you want them to be), they can have as many legs (or no legs) as you want, as many arms (or no arms) as you want, though I really like to base their body type on the animal they’re base off of. It’s not necessary at all, for example, you can definitely make a chubby cheetah if you want to, I just usually keep it to where you can recognize the species they’re based off of!

But!!! Rooks should at least have a set of arms. As in, a Rook shouldn’t wall on all fours, or all sixes, or all eights. So if you were going to create a quadruped Rooks, they’d look like a centaur-esque version of that animal. Example of that would ofc be Count:

They can definitely still use those arms as leggies, like Doll can run like a cat if he wants to get somewhere fast, but he’s still a bipedal creature. 

FACES are also very diverse! I don’t usually draw mouths on my Rooks (i think they look a bit better that way), but they’re there! Here’s Doll for example!

But also, some Rooks just so happen to look more animal than others do! Take Doll vs Ace vs Hunk:

Doll is obviously more humanioid, two symmetrical eyes, his face shape his very human, but he has no nose or mouth, and obvious kitty ears and whiskers. Other examples of this would be Honey, Punk and Pawn.

But then you look at Ace and he still has somewhat of a humanoid shape, but he has countless protrusions, starting with his nose, the shielding/armor along his temples and jaw, and his crests along his forehead and occipital. So he’s got quite a lot more animal based qualities than Doll does. So there’s more characteristics of that based animal in this character, but not completely basing the face on such. Other examples of this would be Count and Looker.

And finally we get to Hunk! Hunk’s face is almost completely animal! He’s got a lil nose and mouth that make up a snout, as to where Doll’s face in profile is completely flat. Other examples of this would be @terato-imagines Jasper

So you can make your Rook look as humanoid or animal as you’d like! For me it just depends on my day and aesthetic for that certain animal/character.


Wounds can be just about anything, from complete cut-throughs or half cuts, to bullet looking holes, to scars and scratches, missing limbs, etc.

BUT!!! I’ve changed my mind on this! Rooks don’t have to have wounds if you don’t want them to ;v;But another thing about Rooks WITH wounds are, when they’re tiny itty bitty babies, their wounds aren’t separated just yet:

So bby Peaches (left) would have her abdomen cut through, but it won’t separate for a long time, until she’s reached what I guess would be puberty. Tiny foxy bby would have a gouge on their shoulder, but for now, only has a spot to indicate so.

And sometimes it’s a guessing game, trying to tell the difference from what would be markings or a biolight (their bioluminescent glowing spots/lines) and what would be a wound cause they both glow. 

RINGS: And sometimes Rooks either have or don’t have rings around their wounds:

First, they’re a bit difficult to draw, and even more difficult to fit into a drawing when they’re in certain poses lol

REMEMBER THAT FELINES ARE THE ONLY ONES WITH BANDAGES!!! Bandages represent missing limbs, if another Rook had a missing limb in a past life, they’d not have that limb at all. 


Armor/Plating/Shielding/any harder material on a Rooks body is indicative that their past life was a warrior of some kind! 

FLOATS: Floats are bioluminescent shapes found floating around a Rook’s body, usually along their temples or at the end of their tails. Not all Rooks have them, but they start to appear when they’re very young. The come in all shapes and colors, and are just decorative characteristics of a rook ;v; 

TAILS: Are shaped in terms of the animal they are based off of, usually simplified, like Honey’s round bunny tail, some are exactly as their animal counterpart’s is, but others are further based off of the Rooks’ design, such as Punk, Doll and Stud’s ribbon like design in place of a opposum, cat and dog’s tail. Where as Hunk and Jock’s tail is exactly as a tiger/panther’s tail looks like. 

GODDD I might have missed some things, but I’m done for now pfff ////// If you’d like to know more, please ask! This one is just getting a bit long, and I think I’m limited on pictures omg but anyway /// 💨

I’m so happy to help you sweet 🦊anon! and you absolutely may! I’m not the best, I’m still learning myself, but yes! Keep practicing, keep studying that book, I’m sure it’s a lot of help, I’m sure you’ll do great! Thank you for this ask, it’s a bit more than I planned to write lmao, but hopefully it’s thorough 💦

Any questions, as always, please ask me!! Thank you thank you ///

- Dolly ❤

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Mate if you're still taking blur drawing requests could I request some beautiful drawings of Steve? (Alex) Maybe one where he's leaning on his hand and holding a rose in the other doing that smug grin he does, you know where his eyelids are low? YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN YOU BEAUTIFUL MICHAELANGELO I BREATHE YOUR ART.

AA!! sorry this took me so long i started it so long ago and i just forgot abt it!! but thank you so much boo!!! <3333 

(requests are always open!!)

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I never expected a dank meme loving fuck would give me real advice and genuine care. This is truly a magical place. I love you.

hell yeah i like to be edgy and cool and i totally look like a bitch but i actually really really care about everyone and i want everyone to be safe and happy so ill always do my best to give good advice. I love you more<3333