I love Dolce‘s design and this was one of my favorites of the linearts I did last quarter, so I’m happy that I didn’t ruin it. Then again… I kinda love all the designs in RF4, so I can’t really… I just… I miss that game. Sadly, I left it at my mother’s and didn’t bring it to my apartment. orz

Who wants to take a guess at what my least favorite copic color is? Because if you say red, you are CORRECT.

It is quite honestly one of the least forgiving and most annoying ones—taking that into consideration, I’m pleased.

tip: compliment people!! not like sleazy objectifying compliments, but idk just sweet little “your eyes are such a pretty colour” and “you have a nice smile” because honestly you’d be amazed by how happy just a small, genuine compliment can make someone feel

i really want a horror group verse where a group of people wake up / willingly go to / find their way / etc. in a silent hill-esque town and have to figure out how to escape without being completely and utterly wrecked by monsters and apparitions. you could join as a human apart of the group or, if you wish to fuck someone’s shit up, you could join as a supernatural creature.  

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Hello! I'm half chinese but I've only been to China once so I barely remember amything. But is the pollution really that bad? All they ever teach us is how bad the pollution is in China.

Hahaha, that’s true. The pollution is pretty bad in China, especially in bigger cities like Shanghai and Beijing. I remember being in Shanghai and only seeing blue skies once or twice a month or something, the skies were always gray. some days will just be like this

and it’s totally normal and people are used to it :(

i dreamt i was the shadow of a lady w/a daughter and she kept getting creepy phone calls from this guy and then he kidnapped the little girl and the mum called the police but they didn’t help so she asked her neighbour for help and it turned out he had helped the little girl get kidnapped so the mother beat the shit out of him and asked this other guy for help (who could turn into a dog) and they started tracking her. the first guy felt really horrible about what he did and told the mother he would drive her to her destination and then i was the phone she was using as a map and he said he did it bc “he had a dream and the kidnapper said he would help him make it a reality” and the mother didn’t even look at him, she looked at me, and she said “i had a dream once too and it was called my daughter. and every day i would take care of my dream and i was in the process of raising that dream into an even bigger dream when you came along and ruined everything.” and i woke up before anything else happened but god damn dream mum i’m so impressed

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"Why is Frigga being flirty with the Person who killed her in that one movie? Why is he blue? Why do I turn blue? What is blue? What is love? Baby don't hurt me. Baby don't hurt me no more." {tired Ala}

“That was Kurse not Malekith, long ago in my acting days, and we are not flirting, it is an adult conversation!  

Blue is the color you will soon feel if you do not get enough rest.  Go back to sleep, Alaron.”