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How do you draw a closed snoot? Amd also how do you draw an open snoot from the front?

I draw closed snoots pretty much the same way as opened ones, as illustrated in this one tutorial i did a bit ago! Same goes for drawing opened mouths from the front. 

for closed muzzles, I tend to do placement lines for where the base of the muzzle connects to the face (and also as a marker for where the bottom of the eyes are gonna go!) and a line down the center of the muzzle to help me place the nose and make the upper lip indent shape! This is something I honestly don’t do too much bc I mostly forget but it helps SO MUCH

end result from using said guidelines hfhfh

as for opened snoots, here’s a lil thing using the same formula as my first tutorial;

Firstly, I start out roughing out where I want everything to go! The purple line in the right image helps me place the top corners of the mouth, where i’ll be dragging the lines for the sides of the mouth in a sec. This is a good time to map out how you want your expression to go, since the corner of the mouth I find makes it easier to connect everything else as you’re going along. 

After you get that sorted, drag the lines (blue lines) down from the corners (it’s perfectly fine if the lines don’t match up with the corners, it doesn’t have to be exact!), which are the rest of the mouth. Now is a good time to go in and tighten up/stretch the mouth shape to however it’ll benefit your character/style/expression. My sona has pretty round shapes, so I keep things rounded for her most of the time. (unless i’m exaggerating her expression, then things tend to get a little bit sharp and asymmetrical)

Annnnnnnd then you go in and start adding details! Teeth, tongue, etc. You can see I kinda shortened the lower jaw shape lines a bit after everything since I noticed the mouth was a bit too wide/sliding to the right.. Just so it aligns with the top part of the jaw a little easier!! this is pretty much how I do all my mouth/muzzle stuff, so I hope it helps a bit!

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Definitely my favorite ship - I think Lance and Keith have a great dynamic and have both pushed each other to grow as individuals, which is something I think is super important for a relationship.  

My favorite part about this ship is the fact they’ve both listened to each other’s self-doubts and insecurities, and have supported each other through it: Lance with stepping aside and not piloting one of the lions because he thought it would make the team better and Keith with struggling to be leader, a position he never wanted and wasn’t prepared to handle.

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Any tips on telling my professor “sorry this assignment is a day late and poorly done, but you kinda sprung it up on me and only gave me two days, both of which were already super busy for me, but when I did finally have time to start/work on it, I had just got hit with a depressive episode which was why I also missed class, so I didn’t actually do it because I was just kinda crying and couldn’t put my thoughts on the paper into words. Also, being dyslexic and ADHD, 2 days is not enough time to do an assignment that should take 3-4 hours, because it always takes me at least double. Please stop doing that”

Please? I want to talk to him about it to him during his office hours today (friday) so then it’s only a day late (thursday)


Witchsona commission for roseminer.

boardgames/roses/money witch + flying squirrel familiar

I never got the chance to post this, but I got the chance to commission the fantastic @wonderfulworldofmoi finally! 

I’ve always loved the dynamic Klavier and Athena have had in their brief interactions and always want to see more art of the duo, so I paid for it myself this time.