Marichat May Day 26: The Stray

this is very rushed and i know im very late

When a little cat follows Marinette one day, she decides to keep him for a while until she can find him a better place to live. But when Chat knows about the little fella,  he has other ideas about his new adopted ‘son’



OK imma be real 4 a hot sec…. i used 2 skip ‘two ghosts’ quite a bit BUT THEN the late late performance happened and y’all… that performance really changed me like i see/hear that song in a completely diff way now… went from often skippin it 2 goin out of my way 2 lissen 2 it 

cartoon-caity  asked:

Someone who likes boku no hero academia and psychonauts (insert izuku rocking gif) :3

Yeeeahh they’re pretty much two of my favorite things right now! :’D Here’s a quick crossover doodle you made me think of, since I think Raz and Deku would get along actually ^^

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shadowhunters + scenery