In which all I can seem to doodle is various portraits of Theron Shan.

Jika rasa down,
Ingatlah Allah selalu ada tempat bersandar.

Jika rasa tiada harapan untuk hidup,
Ingatlah Allah ciptakan kita untuk bergantung hanya pada Dia.

Jika rasa tiada siapa yang peduli dengan kita,
Ingatlah Allah selalu peduli, walau sekecil apapun perbuatan kita.

Jika tiada rasa apa apa,
Perbanyakkanlah zikrullah, istighfar.

Allah ada. Sentiasa ada. Letakkan harapan pada yang kekal sampai hari kemenangan ; akhirat “Dan hanya kepada Tuhanmulah kamu berharap” (94:8)

Allahumma solli ala sayyidina Muhammad.

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angst isn't really up my alley, buuut you gotta take advantage of an open ask box lol yukimura's s/o visiting him in the hospital when he's at his worst and staying by his side although he tells them to leave already; thank you!

Yukimura’s day had not been going well. He could hear the doctor and nurse’s sympathetic, pitying whispers behind his closed door. He could see them exchange worried glances when they thought he wasn’t paying attention. He was sick of being treated like a child, sick of being sick. He just wanted to play tennis, he only ever wanted to play tennis, to bring his team to the nationals. He didn’t ask to be sick, didn’t ask to be burdened. 

“Yukimura-kun,” he wished everyone would leave him alone. He wanted the world to atone what it had done to him, and he prayed a collective prayer to every god he could think of, to please let him play tennis again. “Yukimura-kun, you have a guest.” He smiles, but it doesn’t reach his eyes, and it certainly isn’t genuine. How can he be expected to smile like everyone expects him to? It’s hard enough as it is to put on a show for his fellow teammates. 

He can hear more whispering, and his fingers curl into the bedsheets. The door closes, and soft footsteps stop at his bed, where the faint scraping of a chair can be heard against the tiles. He twitches when a warm, gentle hand places itself over his clenched fist. When his strained gaze meets his s/o’s warm expression, he can feel himself relax a little. 

Only a little, though. 

His s/o doesn’t need to ask to understand his pain. But how can they understand, he realizes bitterly, when they’ve never had to go through something so painful and core-shaking. Still, he bites down this uneasiness and watches their thumb gently stroke his hand. 

“Someone is taking care of the school’s rooftop garden.” His s/o says softly. “The flowers look beautiful, it won’t be long before you’ll see them for yourself.” Their words are meant to be comforting, but Yukimura’s gut twists. “Sanada-kun is as strict as ever, but only Kirihara-kun seems to be having trouble,” they chuckle slightly. Yukimura’s mouth twitches in a smile, but it’s more of a weak grimace. “Today in homeroom, Sensei almost threw chalk at one of our classmates. It was amusing to watch unfold.” 

Yukimura tries to clear his mind, tries to focus on what his s/o is saying, but at the moment, all he can feel is his gut clenching and twisting as if he’d eaten something gone bad. He slips his hand from his s/o’s grasp. “….How can you go on talking like nothing’s wrong?” He asks quietly. His s/o ceases talking. “It must be nice, not having to worry about your body’s condition.” His smile is twisted, and his fingers dig into the sheets once more. 

“…Seiichi-kun?” He hears his s/o’s tentative voice. He turns to face them slowly. 

“What? Are you going to keep talking about trivial things? How can I care about such things when–” His throat closes up. “–When I don’t know if I’ll make it out of this.” His s/o looks horrified. 

“Seiichi-kun, don’t say that! You will get through this, I know it–”

“You don’t know anything!” He suddenly cuts them off, voice raised. “You can’t be sure of anything! I’m not sure of anything! If I’ll be able to overcome this, if I can play tennis again, I don’t know anymore!” His s/o grabs his arm, and all he wants to do is shake them off, to see their faces twisted with pain.

“Seiichi-kun, you will definitely push through this! I know it seems hopeless, but–” He laughs, a hollow, hysterical laugh, and shrugs his s/o’s hand off. 

“’Push through this’? ‘Hopeless’?? It’s been looking hopeless since they put me in this damn hospital!” His tone is biting. “I can’t stand being here, I just want out, I want to leave this wretched place.” His breathing is irregular, and he was sure if he had a heart monitor in his room, it would be going off the charts. 

“Seiichi-kun, I–”

“I don’t care!” He shouts, “I don’t care what you say unless you can guarentee I can play tennis again! I just don’t care!” 

He doesn’t know when his s/o started crying, but their shoulders are shaking and he knows he should feel bad, but he doesn’t feel anything. He’s numb. “Enough… just leave…”


“Just leave! Leave!” He yells, fingers aching to grab something and throw it against the wall. He slammed his fists on the bed as he shouted, hunched over. “Get out!” Yukimura could only imagine what he must look like, curled up in a humiliatingly weak position. He could barely hear the soft gasps as his s/o cried, but the sound of the chair legs scraping against the floor and the door closing pierced his ears unlike anything he’d heard before. 

Not Scary, Seductive (Doctor!Hoseok x Reader) Smut

Genre: Smut
Word Count: 2,142

Welp today is the day I go visit that terrifying place again. Believe me I dislike going to the hospital as much as you probably do. 

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in an ideal world, you'd be my friend. Alas. I'm stuck admiring ur blog from afar. I hope u don't get hate , and if u do, which should hopefully be never ever tbh, know u gots me. 🌹

u can hmu anytime u want in like, messenger, but i suck at replying regularly….tho I’ll try!! But school is starting for me nxt week and i doubt i’ll have much free time OTL

thanks so much tho !!!!

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Can't stop laughing about the comments you made about Yata's spine. How will Fushimi deal with a bunch of spine breaking strain who are after Yata to break his spine as they are from the "Yata spine breaking fanclub" and they somewhat did it as Yata didn't know and try to help Fushimi? Yata's spine broke because it becomes brittle after the strain touched his back.

Multiple Strains with spine-breaking power, Yata’s worst nightmare O.O  They all love Yata so much they want to see him suffer and so they’re all out to break his spine. They all have different powers that relate to spine-breaking and they’re all very intent on seeing who can get Yata’s spine to break first. The ‘makes bones brittle’ Strain takes the lead, running into Yata and ‘accidentally’ bumping into him in order to press a hand against his back. Yata doesn’t know that his spine’s become brittle and maybe the other Strains go hunt down Fushimi and corner him in order to force Yata to come to his rescue. Naturally Yata shows up and as he takes the last Strain down his poor abused spine just snaps. Luckily since it’s a Strain power it can be fixed, like they run Yata to the Scepter 4 infirmary and there’s weirdness with his spine that leads them to believe that the whole issue was somehow Strain-related. That’s when Fushimi does his research and finds out about the secret spine-breaking club, he sneaks his way in and takes them all down in order to avenge Yata’s spine. Then he gets the brittle bones Strain to undo their power over Yata and maybe there’s like a magic 'fixes bones’ Strain that’s able to give Yata a nice whole spine once again. Yata just doesn’t understand what his spine did to anyone, like his spine is perfectly innocent why does everyone hate it.

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Hi, I read your guide to musicals similar to Hamilton post and I was wondering like how do I watch those?? Are they on YouTube? Can I buy them? Idk bro. Help me.

Hi Anon! Ok So I answered similar questions here I’m sure I answered another one with more links, but alas, I can’t find it :/  
In The Heights 
Rent- there’s the movie on Netflix, very good, with 6/8 of the OBC, there’s a filmed live on bway version with the closing cast, and a shit ton of bootlegs- more info on the first anon link
Next to Normal (link is to an OBC bootleg) 
Spring Awakening (same w/ rent- links on the anon link) 
1776- the movie version is very. very god, and I don’t say that about movie musical often. You can probably buy it on amazon, etc. for not much money, or find it online somewhere. 
Kiss of the Spider Woman- there’s a college production here that’s pretty good (pt 1, pt 2)
Assassins (link is to 2004 broadway)
Ragtime (the link is to the obc) 

And Here’s a master post of other musicals! 


"Five years before the events of the game, metal-clad warriors 
invaded Eorzea with flame-spewing weapons and colossal airships. 
The army came from the Garlean Empire, and it didn't take long before 
the mightiest of the six city-states, Ala Mhigo, fell under their 
force. The other city-states united their power to defend themselves, 
but just as fast as it had arrived, the imperial army was gone. 
A new era began at Eorzea, known as the Age of Calm, which the 
city-states spent by building up their defenses 
and training their armies.

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Hello, little gray face!

You mean this black suit?

So…you know that I am not, alas, actually responsible for that, right?  ;)

But since you’ve mentioned it, I will take this opportunity to once again include the Jumping gif.  Because he’s ridiculous and it makes me think of playing Hopscotch with him.

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