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To The End, Without A Rival

{An Augustus & Livia playlist: 51 songs for 51 years of marriage}

With the onset of autumn Octavian did something that, on the face of it, was out of character: for once letting his heart sway him, he fell passionately in love


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Please Help me find this missing child!

My sisters friend Jackie Doucette is a 15 year old, mentally challenged girl who ran away from home on thanksgiving day. 

She ran away from her parents home in Airway Heights, WA, and was last heard from at the AH Bowling Alley that friday.
We’re worried for her safety and want to bring her back as soon as possible!

Please, if you live in the Cheney / Airway Heights area and know of this girl please keep a look out for her! If not, just spread the word so more people can stay updated, thank you!!