Mothers Day

-Sirius is sat drinking alone, Grimmauld place is as dark an grim as ever. The curtain covering Walburga’s painting must have fallen because he can hear her screaming again.- - 

Sirius: I get it *Laughs bitterly* 

Walburga: Look at what you’ve become… you betrayed me, and then what? got your little friends killed too, didn’t you? 

Walburga: What will you do? Cover me with a curtain? 

Sirius: *takes the curtain from the floor but freezes as Walburga starts speaking*

Sirius: *through his teeth* 

Walburga: Regulus chose to join the death eaters because he was a black. 

Sirius: Me? *laughs rather maniacally* 

((OOC: Since its mothers day in the UK have some post- Azkaban black family angst… 

Walbluga played by @sirussly (so beautifully terrifying on such short notice) 

and thanks to @jilylicious for helping me develop a super rough idea, you’re amazing)) 


You remember the first time I drove you?

Yes. Of course. I remember looking at you and thinking: What a handsome man, that kind of face never gets old.

How right you were.

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(None gifs pls) Origins companions reacting to a very giggly and affectionate drunk warden at the tavern?

Alistair: Loves watching the Warden actually have a good time, and finds himself giggling quite frequently at their little jokes and behaviour. He does get a bit uncomfortable with how touchy-feely they tend to get, and has to extract himself more than once from them. 

Leliana: Continues to pass the Warden more drinks. She isn’t going to go as far as to make them fall unconscious, but….well, she does enjoy watching them slur out a mumbled “loove you guyss.” Leliana will probably end the night cuddled in a heap with the Warden in some booth of the tavern. 

Morrigan: Watches from the opposite side of the booth with raised eyebrows. She won’t comment much on the Warden’s drinking habits (it’s their choice) but they’d know better than to come to her for any hangover help the following day. She shoos the Warden away multiple times when they try to drape themselves over her “out of love, Mor-Mor, looove.” 

Zevran: Finds it hilarious. He is shoulder to shoulder with the Warden singing along to their drunken ballads, and encourages them to have a generally good time. He does keep a good eye on them however- making sure they’re not going to do something they’d really regret. 

Sten: Thinks this is a foolish place to be getting drunk. Especially in such dangerous times. It would be too easy for someone to attack the Warden while they were gallivanting across the tavern so carelessly. Sten thus considers it his duty to keep guard, knowing that the Warden will be otherwise occupied for the time being. 

Wynne: She isn’t disapproving of getting drunk, but she isn’t pleased with the Warden choosing this moment to do so. They’d likely have to get up early and move on to their next location the following morning, so the Warden will be in a fine state for that. Wynne will voice her concerns, but is shut down. The next morning, she takes a vindictive sort of pleasure in hearing the Warden complaining about their hangover. 

Oghren: Was getting drunk long before the Warden even took their first sip. He gives them tips on how to pace themselves, knowing that they’ll want to keep the fun going as long as possible. Like Zevran, he also wants to make sure they won’t do anything too stupid…though a little bit of stupid is okay. 

Loghain: He’ll have a drink or two but won’t get as drunk as the Warden. He’ll watch in some sort of amusement as he sees them make a fool out of themselves, and wonder how he ever considered this moron to be his enemy. 


I love reading the confessions but they put me off getting involved in the fandom fully. You read so much about people getting angry and potentially aggressive if you don’t agree with their headcanon that I keep away from it all. What I would love to do is find more like-minded people to chat to about what is my favourite video game. The best part of this game is how everyone interprets it, and we should join together over this wonderful world, not attack each other.

Mod Note:

Confessor take heart and know there are a lot of truly wonderful and awesome people in this fandom who would love to chat with you. :-)

The Character Progression of Wanda Maximoff: Or Tony Stark’s Blame Game and the Story of the Failed Redemption Arc

I was asked the other day what I thought about Wanda Maximoff. Obviously, I have many thoughts about her. I’ve spoken bits and pieces of it. But I’ve never actually put together a coherent timeline, to point out exactly what bugs me - or rather, the exact point where Wanda’s character ultimately became completely irredeemable. 

Wanda is an important character for me, because I’ve always had a bit of a girl crush on the version of her in the comics. Her reality bending powers were awesome and as a child, I would imagine having them too.  As such, you will have to forgive me for the EXTEMELY LONG POST - because I have a lot of feelings about her very flawed portrayal in the MCU.

Wanda starts out as the girl on a quest for revenge for the deaths of her parents.

We are told that she and her brother are traumatized by the deaths of their parents, who were killed in an explosion created by a Stark missile.

They inexplicably blame Tony for it. 

I’ve already spoken on separate occasions on how much of a logic fail that is, and so have @lady-may-driu​ and @alethiaii​ and @thealextheshipper​ and other beautiful people of the TSDS. For more, see this excellent post (by @lady-may-driu). I won’t dwell on it further. The problem is that, instead of saying this idea is wrong, the MCU JUSTIFIES it - a feeling which ultimately showed up in the fandom. They justify this.

It’s totally super okay, because Tony Stark is a murderer *insert Tony-hate rant.

Nope - it’s not okay. Wanda and Pietro have a problem of perception, which becomes very clear even back in AoU. In Johannesburg, the twins and Tony meet faces to face plate for the first time, and Pietro makes a sarcastic comment about this being just like old times.

In other words, the twins equate this man:

with this man:

Yes, I deliberately picked an image of Afghanistan Tony, at the fateful weapons demonstration that would later change his life. Because you know what? That weapons presentation was at an US MILITARY BASE. It was for a LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENTAL CONTRACT. The Jericho is obviously a very dangerous weapon - but Tony is there legitimately, encouraged by the authorities of his country. 

He is not a black market weapons smuggler, twirling his mustache and making profit over illegally sold weapons.

In case you’re wondering, that’s this guy:

Remember him? Tony’s father figure who double-dealt behind his back and then tried to kill him? This is Tony’s Klaue. But apparently, a big part of the fandom, and of the MCU have forgotten, never found out or deliberately ignore it. This is the bad guy - the true Merchant of Death.

“This was never my life”, Tony says - and that’s completely true, because it wasn’t. He was a weapons’ manufacturer. At most, he was irresponsible. That doesn’t make him a murderer. The fandom and the twins disagree.

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