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noah fence, but harry telling you to look at him when you cum. your hands tangling up in his hair, legs trembling as you feel your whole body tensing up. the knot in your lower tummy tightens and your breathing picks up rapidly.

“go on, love. pull my fuckin’ hair.”

a groan leaves harry’s mouth when you give his hair a quick tug, and trying to push him more against you, grinding your core against his tongue, as it flicks and suckles on your clit.

“look at me.”

and when you go completely silent for a second, his eyes watch your every move. the way your upper body jolts. the way your eyes roll back as you bite down on your lip. the way your hair falls down your chest, the way your skin flushes at the quick works of harry’s tongue.

and when you’re slowly coming down from your high like a dainty feather, his lips curve up into a smile, and he starts planting soft kisses on your inner thighs.

“yeh look so pretty when yeh cum.”

Being Harry's wife would include:

Requested by: the-models-of-the-universe

An unorganized and non exhaustive list:

- Him introducing you as his wife, his eyes full of love and pride
- Taking pictures of you when you don’t notice during moments of everyday life
- Waking up with his sleepy voice being the first thing you hear in the day
- Having to share your beauty products because he doesn’t care if it for woman or man
- Accompanying him all around the world for red carpets or events
- But always makes sure to stay near of you to keep an eye on you and being sure you feel good
- Not being able to find one of your favorite ring because he “ borrowed” it
- Almost falling when you go home because he lets his boots in the entrance
- Using his perfume to feel like he’s with you when he have to stay in another country
- Asking for your opinion and taking in consideration your remarks when he makes you listen to some unfinished songs
- Having the chance to observing him during his creative process
- His voice singing random songs becoming a background noise of your everyday life
- Long Scrabble games on Sundays when both of you just want to stay home together
- Being surprised because he still find new way of making you smile
- Losing hours of your life looking for one of your cloth lost somewhere in his infinite collection of shirts
- Being an important part of his inspiration when he works on writing a new song
- Laughing together at some inside jokes that only the two of you can understand
- Don’t need his words to understand when he feels bad and needs you and your support
- Him being always supportive when you want to try something new
- Making each other feeling loved and cherished  with little touches of loves
- Him always doing his best to make sure you know how much he loves you
- And, that you don’t need to feel worried or jealous when you two are separated in different countries
- Reassuring you when you share with him your fears about becoming this exposed in the public eyes
- Helping you with  the discomforts and constraints that comes along of being married with him
- Being one of the privileged people that he chooses to listen to his last new songs
- Borrowing his clothes and refusing to return them because they’re more comfortable than yours
- Can’t find a single one of your hair ties because he takes and lost them every time
- Giving you unexpected gestures of love no matter if you are in public or not
- Him thanking you for having endured so many things by love for him
- Him always being attentive when you talk about something you love about …

Let me know if you had loved and want a second part!

Kathy, 61

“My style is inspired by Africa. I buy clothing from designers in my community. I like unique styles that are not mass produced. I do buy from major stores and mix them with what’s in my wardrobe. I wear clothes that are comfortable. I don’t buy my clothes based on what’s in or out.”

Apr 8, 2017 ∙ Chelsea
And we HAD to ask it– which is SO hard for me to do … So the whole world was talking about this song, ‘Two Ghosts’, was about Taylor Swift … So all the way through the interview, he knew it… I knew it… and at some point I was going to have to ask him about Taylor Swift. Because he was my friend, it was extra, extra, extra hard to do that, to ask him those questions, 'cause you don’t want to be like 'Hey!! Remember that ex??’ and basically call somebody out on the radio when there’s millions of people listening.
—  Nick about asking Harry “Help-Me-Jeffrey” Styles about Two Ghosts

MaryMe-JimmyPaul sculptural dresses, shot by Imke Panhuijzen, styling by Valerie Brugman.

-MMJP pink dress from the JonBenet Ramsey collection

-MMJP white feather jacket from the Sam On Mars collection

-MMJP pillow dress from the Invitation To Love collection

Copyright by Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles®
  • -Be so extra
  • -Mirroring
  • -Fonding hard
  • -Bad videos or pics quality(you know what I mean 👀)
  • -Salt & Vinegar
  • -Dagga & Rose
  • -Compass & Ship
  • -Blue & Green
  • -Straight & Curly
  • -Trainers & Boots
  • -Adidas & Gucci
  • -Dark & Glitter
  • -Small & Big
  • -"My first real crush was.."
  • -"It's mutual, we've discussed it"
  • -Home
  • -Write on the body of his band mate the first letter of his name like if he was his property
  • -Rainbow bears
  • -no interaction for long time
  • And the list goes on and on
Tom Hardy will be in the air as part of the 30,000 men who prevented the Germans from advancing further; Harry Styles and Fionn Whitehead (both in their first foray into high budget films) will be two soldiers stranded on the beach, accompanied by Kenneth Branagh, Commander Bolton. In the final front, that of civilians, Cillian Murphy and Mark Rylance will put their lives at risk to rescue their compatriots.
—  Cine Premiere.

anon said : Hi! Can I request how seventeen would react if their other half suddenly turned up to their entertainment company as a trainee? (Meaning that their other half auditioned for pledis secretly) thank you!

S.Coups: When he saw you more often around the building, he asked you why you always hung around it. He made sure to point out that he wasn’t mad about seeing you more often, just confused. When you told him that you were actually a trainee, his eyes would widen and he’d hug you tightly, asking you questions about it.

“Why did you decide to try out? Are you liking it?”

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Jeonghan: He ran into you coming out of a practice room one day and he was utterly confused. Why were you at the building without telling him? When he asked you about it and you confessed that you’d tried out secretly to be a trainee and made it, he’d become very excited for you.

“That’s awesome Y/N! Now we can see each other more often.”

Originally posted by 12fools

Joshua: He swore that he kept seeing you around the building, but he couldn’t be sure it was you. Why would you be at the building without coming to see him? The next time he was able to hang out with you, he asked you about it. When you shyly admitted that you’d auditioned and made it into Pledis, Joshua would get a big smile on his face. 

“I didn’t know you wanted to be an idol! This is so exciting, we have to celebrate!”

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Jun: He was surprised to see you at the building. His first thought was that you were there to visit him, but then he noticed that you weren’t carrying lunch boxes like you usually did when you came to see him. When you admitted that you’d auditioned- secretly in case you didn’t make it as a trainee- and made it, he’d be incredibly shocked, but also incredibly happy for you. With both of your schedules being so hectic he wouldn’t be able to see you as often, but he would find time to eat lunch with you. He’d be your number one fan!

“How’s it going so far? Is everyone nice? I bet you’re amazing.”

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Hoshi: He didn’t question that he saw you around so often. He was just happy to see you more than once a week. When he noticed that you were hanging around some of the new trainees, it clicked as to why you were around so often. He asked you about it when the two of you were eating lunch and when you confessed that you’d auditioned in secret and made it, he would hug you tightly.

“If you need anything like any help or just someone to vent to, I’m always here. This is so exciting!”

Originally posted by mountean

Wonwoo: He ran into you- literally- at the building. When he asked what you were doing there since he could have sworn you said you couldn’t come see him, you decided to tell him that you’d auditioned to become a trainee… and that you’d made it. His eyes would show surprise and he’d break out into a shy smile. He would be incredibly proud of you for taking the chance and he would be even more proud that you’d made it.

“Let’s go out for a celebratory lunch… if you have time.”

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Woozi: He would hear from someone else that you’d auditioned, so he’d ask you about it when he next saw you. When you admitted that you’d auditioned secretly in case you didn’t make it, Jihoon would nod in understanding. He would love that he was able to see you more and he’d be incredibly happy that you were able to pursue your dream. He would make sure you ate and got as much sleep as you could with your hectic schedule and he’d always be there to support you.

“I’m here if you need me Y/N. Okay? If it ever seems too difficult, come find me.”

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DK: When he saw you at the Pledis building coming out of a practice room, he ran to catch up to you and ask you what you doing there out of curiosity. When you explained to him that you were a new trainee, his eyes would widen and he’d let out a whoop of happiness. He’d be your number one hype man throughout your time as a trainee, always encouraging you and complimenting you. 

“Wow! You singing’s really improved Y/N!”

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Mingyu: He would be surprised to see you hanging out with some of the new trainees. He’d heard your name circulating the building, but he hadn’t thought much about it… He’d ask you to confirm his suspicion that you were one of the new trainees. When you did, he would be more than excited. He knew being a trainee was hard, but he’d assure you that you would always have him if you needed him. He would make sure to eat lunch with you whenever he could and if you ever asked him to help you with anything, he would be quick to help you.

“Wow, okay well this is exciting.”

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The8: He would be confused as to why he kept running into you at the Pledis building. When the two of you were eating lunch one day, he’d ask you about it. When you told him you auditioned secretly and didn’t want to make it a big deal, he would simply nod and continue to eat his lunch. While he knew you didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, he would still manage to get some other members of Seventeen to throw a small congratulatory party for you.

“Now I know you said you didn’t want to make it a big deal, but I just want you to know that I’m incredibly happy for you and proud of you.”

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Seungkwan: The day after you’d made it into the company as a trainee, you’d gone to see Seungkwan to tell him. He would be surprised to see you at the company, and when you told him you’d see him more often at the company because you were a trainee, he’d become even more surprised. He’d be proud of you for making it and he’d hype you up every chance he got.

“I just have one question: what prompted you to try out?”

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Vernon: He would be surprised when he saw you at the Pledis building. You weren’t wearing your usual style of clothing and you looked exhausted. He’d run up to you ask if you were okay and you would offhandedly say that being a trainee was harder than it looked, but that you enjoyed being one nonetheless. His eyes would widen in shock as he processed what you’d said before he’d smile widely.

“Oh my God we’re under the same company! Wait… when did you audition? What’s your position in the group?”

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Dino: He wouldn’t think too much of it when he saw you at the Pledis building. He figured you were there to see him. When he asked you if you wanted to hang out and you told him you couldn’t, he would be sad until you told him that the reason you couldn’t was because you had to go to dance practice… because you were a trainee. His eyes would widen and he’d grin widely at the idea of you being a trainee. Though he knew being a trainee was hard, he also knew that you’d be an amazing idol and that you’d debut soon,

“Okay, well after practice do you want to eat lunch together?”

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its too whimsical to be boho-chic, its too grown-up to be mori fashion, its too unstructured to be vintage men’s fashion, its just on this side of too feminine to be what is usually styled as “androgynous” fashion (since people like to make androgynous fashion out to be people with long hair, makeup, and heavily tailored suits), its too old fashioned to be hipster, too heavy to be hippy….

so what in the world would you call this style? particularly on men?

Everything New - tobiohchan - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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I finally posted a fic after like…..over a year of hiatus?? Sending out love and thanks to @yafiction for being an awesome beta!! 

Pairing: Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru
Rating: General
Words: 22,557
Summary: As if on cue, the doors to the gymnasium opened with a loud sound and Kindaichi and Kunimi made their way in. Kindaichi automatically called out to them and Hajime was suddenly brought back from his momentary trance – just what was he doing, exactly? 

The earth still spun on its axis. Time ticked away in its own conceptual manner. The sun would rise tomorrow, just as it would set today. And Hajime, of all people, had just asked Oikawa Tooru – Seijou’s Prince – to be his boyfriend for the week.

[Seven Days AU - not necessary to read the manga before reading this fic!]