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The Diary of River Song - Series Two

I’ve been listening to this over the past week or so. A really terrific collection. The scripts are great, and Alex Kingston is even more relaxed and confident in the audio format with this series, I think. I liked all four stories, especially part three, World Enough and Time (named such prior to the Moffat episode for televised series ten). River and Sixie surprised me as a wonderful combination—and McCoy is mostly portrayed at his judgmental best. The way River is written here makes it even more evident that she truly loves the Doctor and all that he is, and not just the Smith and Capaldi incarnations. If you enjoy the character of River Song, this is an essential piece of listening.


Firefly Episode 4 Shindig

“Yeah, well just be careful, we cheated Badger out of good money to buy that frippery. And you're suppose to make me look respectable.”  Captain Malcolm Reynolds

“Yes Sir, Captain Tight-pants.”  Kaylee Frye