Choi Seunghyun

I know that mental health issues are not taken very seriously in Korea and that most Asian countries view having one in a negative light, but as someone said in twitter, they’ve made it out like TOP had “murdered a nation”.

I’m not saying he didn’t do something wrong, he broke the law, but the punishment should fit the crime. Thinking about his mental state, I keep remembering how Youngbae had said that TOP is over at his house a lot and comes over when he’s lonely. I remember the handwritten letter of support that Youngbae sent when he was having a rough time while filming in Germany. I remember Daesung saying that TOP often calls him when he’s alone or sad. There’s a human being at the center of this all and he’s hurting.

I’m also very upset that the police department essentially lied about his condition? Why downplay the situation when doctors say that it was quite severe? Seunghyun’s mother and his family have every right to be angry. The media, even the police, have been spreading lies and misinformation.

For some reason, the way everything is being handled by the press and how the netizens seem to be all out for blood reminds me of Tablo and his ordeal. Just remember that Tablo has recovered from one of the biggest blows of his life, that he is now happily living a life with his wife and daughter, and that he, Epik High, and HIGHGRND are finding success. I’m hoping and praying that for TOP, it will be the same.

brazil is on the verge of it’s second impeachment
in a bit more than a year
politicians were recorded bribing other politicians and government employees
still, they denied and practically told all of us to fuck off
the current president just had a goddamn mental breakdown on national tv saying he won’t renounce
said president just got caught yesterday authorizing others to silence people with public money
they literally got on tape some of them saying they could even kill disposable pawns

this is only the last 24 hours in brazil tho

TROUBLE (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: Can i request a bellamy imagine where y/n is a grounder and is best friends like sisters with Octavia (they do almost everything together), and as a grounder a lot of arkadia still dont trust her (even Bellamy) so she does everything to help around and make them accept her. One day some people gang up on her wanting to kill or get her to leave and bellamy stands up for her. Thank you and sorry its long 😊


Making your way to the drop ship, you hurry. They’re going to be back soon and you need to be there if anyone’s hurt. Sure, it’s just a normal hunting trip but these Skypeople always seem to find trouble. 

You’ve been walking in a desperate circle for months now, just hoping that one day the members of Arkadia will finally accept you. It was a vicious cycle. They would be hurt or need help and you were always there to assist them. You helped them with anything they needed. But still, their minds were shut. 

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the part where you translated mikael [singing] he was singing the beginning of the egyptian national anthem. he says "belady belady belady" which means "my country my country my country". in case anyone is interested :)


AFTG Valentine’s Exchange 2017 for @rideaminuteinmystirrups! i’ve never written actual fic before, but I TRIED REALLY HARD I PROMISE. so here is a solid 1.3k on Robin and Neil’s friendship with a bit of Andreil for you. also on AO3. hope you like it :) @aftgexchange

It is twelve minutes past 3:00 in the morning, and if Neil is not mistaken, he just heard a knock at his front door. He was expecting Andrew to get here sometime during the night after his drive up from Raleigh, but why would he knock? Andrew has had a key since the day Neil signed the lease.

Resigning himself to the idea that maybe Andrew just lost it (even though he never loses anything), Neil grudgingly rolls out of bed and shuffles across his apartment floor. He unlocks the door and cautiously pulls it open, preparing himself for any number of his paranoia-induced nightmares to be waiting on the other side. The first thing Neil sees is a bright orange hoodie and a duffle bag held close to its owner’s chest. It’s startling, like looking at a carbon copy of his younger self. The other details of the person in front of him slowly piece themselves together through his sleep-addled brain, and his recognition startles him almost more than his previous assessment.

“Robin,” Neil says.

“Neil,” she replies.

He steps back and lets her inside without another word, pushing Sir out of the doorway with his foot so he can’t make a run for it.

Robin steps inside, glancing around the room with caution like she might decide to bolt. They’ve kept in touch, of course, but not as much as either of them would have liked. Robin’s new responsibilities as captain and Neil’s new placement on a team closer to Andrew’s didn’t make it any easier. But they do still talk at least once a week, which is why Neil is thrown off by her showing up unannounced. He stays at the door for a moment to give her space while she decides what to do. With a defeated sigh, she slumps into the couch and tugs her hood off. She pulls her dark, bushy hair into a ponytail just to get it out of her face, then turns to look at Neil.

He walks into the living room and takes a seat in the armchair several feet away. He tries to appear nonchalant, but he’s probably failing. He knows he can wait her out though, he’s had more than enough practice with Andrew.

One eternity later, Robin finally cracks.

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Pennywise X Georgie (Porgie)

- Pennywise didn’t mean to hurt georgie but once they were in the sewers together they ate an abundance of sweets, hot dogs and you guessed it, Popcorn!

- Georgie tells penny all about his best friend, Bill, Penny smiled with glee and brought georgie in for a nice big hug and promised he’d bring bill down to the sewers to see him

- Georgie always asks pennywise to do his dance, Georgie always laughs hysterically, Pennywise thinks its cute and his white cheeks turn a shade of deep pink

- Pennywise and Georgie spend hours making an entire army of paper boats so they can float them all around the sewers

- Pennywise gives georgie all the toys he can ask for, everything is in his mound of kids things

- Pennywise is actually a engineer and creates Georgie a prosthetic arm, Georgie is forever thankful that he can play with things right now

- Pennywise, the engineer creates an entire amusement park in the sewers for georgie, once that is done Pennywise writes full songs for his life story, It becomes a musical

- Pennywise the engineer takes broadway! Becoming a national success, He says he owes it all to Georgie and could not be more grateful

- Bill fell off silver. he died.

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Hii can you do seventeen reactions when a really important person (like the ceo of sm ent. or a national tv) says that he/she is a fan of svt and invite them for a dinner? lol i hope this makes sense 😅 thank you!! And have a good day ❤

Seventeen Reaction to Getting Asked Out By A CEO

Summary: You, the CEO of Yin Entertainment, are a Carat and you asked __ out for dinner.

Also i didn’t know if you wanted it to be platonic or romantic so i kind of kept it neutral :) hope that’s okay! also please ignore the text in the gifs


Seungcheol (S.Coups)

He’d be extremely shocked to find out that someone of such importance is a fan and wanted to go out for dinner with him. Of course, he’d accept, but during the dinner he’d be acting extremely formal and polite with you (even if you say it’s not necessary). He’d probably ask you a lot of questions about how being a CEO is like.

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He probably wouldn’t be able to answer you right away, too surprised to put together a sentence. He’d accept your offer, and during the dinner he’d be a complete gentleman. He’d probably joke around a bit while you’re eating to lighten the slightly tense mood, and would ask you who your bias is, et cetera.

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Jisoo (Joshua)

He’d be really surprised that a CEO, of all people, would want to have dinner with him. He’d accept happily, a bit flustered over the fact that you’re a fan. If he listens to any of the groups/soloists under your label, he’d probably bring you somewhere he could play his guitar for you, and he’d play covers. Generally really polite during the dinner.

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Junhui (Jun)

He’d act smug for a moment before accepting graciously. He’d seem calm, but on the inside he’d be seriously shocked. During the dinner, he’d probably be very polite; asking you how you are, how being a CEO is like, et cetera. He would offer to pay for the meal, even if you (probably) have more money than him.

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Soonyoung (Hoshi)

He’d get a bit shy and maybe even giggly as he accepts your offer. Before the dinner, he’d probably be kind of nervous, unsure of how to act in front of you. However, he’d be more relaxed during the dinner as time went on, joking with you as if you’ve been best friends for years by the end of the day.

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He’d be really surprised that a CEO practically asked him out. He’d get kind of shy, but would accept your offer nonetheless. During the dinner, he’d be sort of quiet until you said something that truly interests him, then he’d be able to talk freely. He’d probably be curious about when you became a fan and who your favourite member is.

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Jihoon (Woozi)

He’d probably ask for a bit to think about it, although he’d say yes anyway, because he wanted to accept when he wasn’t so flustered or surprised. During the actual dinner, he’d be very courteous and genuinely interested in what you have to say, especially if it’s about music. If you asked him to sing for you, he’d do it without hesitation.

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Seokmin (Dokyeom)

He’d have a big smile on his face when he accepts your offer. He’d probably go to the boys with a shocked expression, because a CEO had just asked him out for dinner. The dinner would go smoothly, with him cracking jokes every now and then. There wouldn’t be any awkward silences because he’d be able to keep the conversation going easily.

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Would probably act kind of extra about it, but would accept kindly afterwards. He’d be really nervous and it would show, but overtime he would relax around you. During the dinner, he’d probably ask a lot of questions about your label and about you being a Carat. Overall, extremely gentlemanly and kind to you.

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Minghao (The8)

He’d get a bit shy for a moment, but he’d calm down after the shock went away. Of course he’d accept, and during the dinner he’d be very composed (on the outside). The dinner might be a tad awkward at first, but once you started talking about music, he’d be very engaged in the conversation.

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Seungkwan would accept your offer, small bouts of laughter tumbling from his mouth as he did so. He’d be scrambling to keep the conversation lively during the dinner, and it’d be very obvious that he’s nervous. He would ask you simple questions like; when did you get into Seventeen, who’s your favourite member, favourite song, et cetera.

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Hansol (Vernon)

Literally so surprised. He’d probably accept after a few moments of silence, a small smile on his face. During the dinner, he’d be cool and composed. He would seem to be very interested in what you had to say, whether it was about music or about something as simple as the food, and would be very polite to you.

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Chan (Dino)

He’d get a bit flustered, but would accept anyway. He’d probably go to the boys to ask for advice on what to do during the dinner, but in the end he’d still be slightly shy during it. If you had any questions for him, he’d answer wholeheartedly. He would definitely try to keep the conversation going, because he didn’t want you to think he was boring or anything.

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What Are Brothers For? (Scarlet Heart Ryeo!)

Type: Fluff/Angst

Request: Hello!! Can I have a scenarios where you are their little sister and the princes all dote on you a lot? And you have lots of aegyo as well! The king was going to marry you off but you didn’t want to, and you try to aegyo your way out and the princes help you convince the king too?

“What?” you ask your father with wide eyes almost spitting hot your tea. You were his youngest daughter and you were being married off before Yeon-Hwa was. You frowned “I don’t want to marry a prince from a far away land. I’d rather marry Yo” you say as your father gives you a look “I’m kidding Yo is not for me” you say. Yo was your biological brother along with So and Jung and your mother was Queen Yoo. “Don’t dishonor our family. This is how we will link our two nations together” he says “why not Yeon-Hwa?” you whine with a pout.

“You’re closest to the crown princes age” he tells you “I’m 16″ you say. You had a idea flick into your and as you two look at each other as you put on your puppy eyes “father” you say cutely. “Ah get out of here” he says as you groan getting up stomping your feet the whole way out “you’re a grown woman” he calls as you groan even louder. You pushed the door opened and it smack with force into someone’s face. “Won?” you asks as you look down at your half brother and closest sibling, who was laying on the ground. “I wanted to make sure you were alright. You were kind of tugged off in the middle of our walk” he spoke. You two were having a discussion about his wives and just marriage in general. Nothing you had real interest in but since your brother was to marry you were curious.

“I’m getting married” you say nervously as he grabs your arms and smiles “my little sister is getting married-” “I’m leaving home and going to a far away land” you whimper as his smile drops. “Father wants you to leave?” he asks. “Please don’t tell the others” you beg as fear fills your eyes “you have to tell your brothers” as you looked at him “I told one of my siblings” you clarify as he rolls his eyes. “Please” you say giving him your famous doll eyes “ah you always know how to talk me out of things” he spoke wrapping his arm around your shoulder tugging you close.


“Father wants her to leave?” Jung asks in a sad reality that his sister was leaving. “I don’t know if he wants her to but she’s the closest to the crown prince’s age” Won clarifies. They all glanced out from the pavilion they were under to see you with your eyes closed and they guessed you were sleeping in the garden. “She’s the good one though” Eun whispers as he’s hit by Wook lightly. You were very much like Eun which caught the attention of many men from the land and other. Just the typical cute innocent girl it seemed. “She wanted Yeon-Hwa to go in her place. Even did the cute meltdown thing to get what she wants” Won continues Yeon-Hwa let’s out a scoff. “She made me promise not to tell you all but I had too” he says as they nod.

Soon Won felt a rock hit his head he hissed before he froze turning to see you standing by the bridge that linked the land and the pavilion, tossing a rock up and down. Fear filled him as you began making your way over. “You should keep your promises” you said stabbing him in the chest with your finger. “You shouldn’t keep secrets from your brothers” Yo protested back. “Its none of your businesses only reason he knows is because I hit him with the door” you tell them as you crossed your arms and began walking away before So grabbed you. “It is our business. You’re our sister” he spoke, Yeon-Hwa looked at the scene rolling her eyes and begins to walk away.

So was the only brother you didn’t know as well as you’d liked to but you never judged him for his appearance like the others. He pulled you back before placing both hands onto your shoulders. “Do you think if I did what Soo did I will be able to stay?” you asked remembering how your friend got out of marrying your father. They all instantly protested before Baek-ah hit you upside the head. “Don’t be stupid” Wook threatens.

“We all seem to forget what are little sister has the power of” So spoke as a light smile came to his face following a head tilt “manipulation" he says before he continues. “You can charm father into letting you stay. Your normal thing you do when you want something should work and if it doesn’t we’ll be there to support you” So continues. “You’d do all that?” you ask as you closed your eyes. “We love you sister of course we would” Jung says as a shaky smile comes to your face.


“My father I do not wish to marry him” you say after he gave you premission to speak. He sighs as he looks at you, your face had a plan and determination written all over it “daughter-what are you planning?” he asks he was slightly scared to find out. “Father I don’t wish to marry the prince” you spoke again as your brothers watched closely. Their kings and his favorite child argue. Your brain began firing off rapidly of ideas until one blurted out “if you make me do it… I’ll I’ll I’ll hold my breath” you threaten. He raised his brow “this won’t change my mind” he spoke as you gave him a ‘really’ look before taking a large gulp of air and proceeded to hold your breath.

“My king” Won says, your father turns to him “I don’t think the prince is suitable for our princess. He’s said to be a cruel boy, I don’t mean to speak to you out of term but is that what you want for your youngest daughter?” he spoke. Most of the princes were focused on you, you had been holding your breath for a while now. The king looked at you “child” he spoke as you looked at him “breath” he ordered as you gasped loudly.

Your heart was beating fast as you looked at him “I’m more concerned you’re not mature to handle a marriage” he spoke as a large smile came onto your face. The room filled with sighs of relief “thank you my king” you spoke as you bowed. Something came over you as you rushes up to him and hugged him before you realized and pulled away. You cleared your throat “I’m very sorry” you spoke before he let out a laugh.


You walked out with a large smile while your brothers stayed to have a word listen to the king. That’s when you had decided to wondered off. So when they came out the noticed you weren’t there so they split up to find you. Soon enough when you were alone decently far from away, let out a loud cheer before you let out a large sigh of happiness. You heard someone clear their throat. You turned to see your brother Yo standing there “holding your breath?” he teased. “It worked when I was younger” you mumbled. “It only worked because you would faint” he spoke. “Thank you” you spoke as you two stood quietly “for? I didn’t do anything” he spoke. “You say that but your eyes talk. You were scared for me” you say “I wasn’t scared for you” he tries to defend.

You wrapped him in a hug burring yourself into his chest as you began to cry. You were very much scared of what would’ve happened to you without your brothers. He patted you back lightly “you should be thanking Won” he tells you. You pulled away wiping your eyes as he points behind you both and you turn.

You smiled as you see your brothers standing there. You grab Yo’s hand as you rushed over going straight to Won. “Thank you” you say bowing before turning to So “thank you” you say doing the same. “Say it cuter” So spoke as you gave it a questionable look. “You’re known to be cute” Won teases. “Thank you” you say in a childish voice as you rock on your heels. Eun cooed and wrapped you in a hug. You felt more pressure as you were hugged by your all brothers and a smile had been on your face the whole time.

You know what I think would be cool? A spin-off of Avatar: The Last Airbender, but Iroh’s story. Zuko said how he had a complicated past, and Iroh constantly refers back to when he was a general for the Fire Nation saying how he was “a different man”. I want to see what made him change. I want to see if he went into the Spirit World. I want to see when he met the Sun Warriors and met the dragons vowing not to kill them. I want to meet his wife. I want to see him grow up with Ozai and see what made him the corrupt, sick, and twisted Fire Lord we know today. I want all of it. Scenes with Lu Ten, scenes with the two brothers, their parents, coronations… Everything.

I want to see where his story started and how he turned into the tea drinking, advice fixing, wise cracking old man that we know and love.

It would be called:

The Dragon Of The West

Sterile neutrino search hits roadblock at reactors


by Kathryn Jepsen

A new result from the Daya Bay collaboration reveals both limitations and strengths of experiments studying antineutrinos at nuclear reactors.

As nuclear reactors burn through fuel, they produce a steady flow of particles called neutrinos. Neutrinos interact so rarely with other matter that they can flow past the steel and concrete of a power plant’s containment structures and keep on moving through anything else that gets in their way.

Physicists interested in studying these wandering particles have taken advantage of this fact by installing neutrino detectors nearby. A recent result using some of these detectors demonstrated both their limitations and strengths.

The reactor antineutrino anomaly

In 2011, a group of theorists noticed that several reactor-based neutrino experiments had been publishing the same, surprising result: They weren’t detecting as many neutrinos as they thought they would.

Or rather, to be technically correct, they weren’t seeing as many antineutrinos as they thought they would; nuclear reactors actually produce the antimatter partners of the elusive particles. About 6 percent of the expected antineutrinos just weren’t showing up. They called it “the reactor antineutrino anomaly.”

The case of the missing neutrinos was a familiar one. In the 1960s, the Davis experiment located in Homestake Mine in South Dakota reported a shortage of neutrinos coming from processes in the sun. Other experiments confirmed the finding. In 2001, the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory in Ontario demonstrated that the missing neutrinos weren’t missing at all; they had only undergone a bit of a costume change.

Neutrinos come in three types. Scientists discovered that neutrinos could transform from one type to another. The missing neutrinos had changed into a different type of neutrino that the Davis experiment couldn’t detect.
Since 2011, scientists have wondered whether the reactor antineutrino anomaly was a sign of an undiscovered type of neutrino, one that was even harder to detect, called a sterile neutrino.

A new result from the Daya Bay experiment in China not only casts doubt on that theory, it also casts doubt on the idea that scientists understand their model of reactor processes well enough at this time to use it to search for sterile neutrinos.

The word from Daya Bay

The Daya Bay experiment studies antineutrinos coming from six nuclear reactors on the southern coast of China, about 35 miles northeast of Hong Kong. The reactors are powered by the fission of uranium. Over time, the amount of uranium inside the reactor decreases while the amount of plutonium increases. The fuel is changed—or cycled—about every 18 months.
The main goal of the Daya Bay experiment was to look for the rarest of the known neutrino oscillations. It did that, making a groundbreaking discovery after just nine weeks of data-taking.

But that wasn’t the only goal of the experiment. “We realized right from the beginning that it is important for Daya Bay to address as many interesting physics problems as possible,” says Daya Bay co-spokesperson Kam-Biu Luk of the University of California, Berkeley and the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

For this result, Daya Bay scientists took advantage of their enormous collection of antineutrino data to expand their investigation to the reactor antineutrino anomaly.

Using data from more than 2 million antineutrino interactions and information about when the power plants refreshed the uranium in each reactor, Daya Bay physicists compared the measurements of antineutrinos coming from different parts of the fuel cycle: early ones dominated by uranium through later ones dominated by both uranium and plutonium.

In theory, the type of fuel producing the antineutrinos should not affect the rate at which they transform into sterile neutrinos. According to Bob Svoboda, chair of the Department of Physics at the University of California, Davis, “a neutrino wouldn’t care how it got made.” But Daya Bay scientists found that the shortage of antineutrinos existed only in processes dominated by uranium.

Their conclusion is that, once again, the missing neutrinos aren’t actually missing. This time, the problem of the missing antineutrinos seems to stem from our understanding of how uranium burns in nuclear power plants. The predictions for how many antineutrinos the scientists should detect may have been overestimated.

“Most of the problem appears to come from the uranium-235 model (uranium-235 is a fissile isotope of uranium), not from the neutrinos themselves,” Svoboda says. “We don’t fully understand uranium, so we have to take any anomaly we measured with a grain of salt.”

This knock against the reactor antineutrino anomaly does not disprove the existence of sterile neutrinos. Other, non-reactor experiments have seen different possible signs of their influence. But it does put a damper on the only evidence of sterile neutrinos to have come from reactor experiments so far.

Other reactor neutrino experiments, such as NEOS in South Korea and PROSPECT in the United States will fill in some missing details. NEOS scientists directly measured antineutrinos coming from reactors in the Hanbit nuclear power complex using a detector placed about 80 feet away, a distance some scientists believe is optimal for detecting sterile neutrinos should they exist.

PROSPECT scientists will make the first precision measurement of antineutrinos coming from a highly enriched uranium core, one that does not produce plutonium as it burns.

A silver lining

The Daya Bay result offers the most detailed demonstration yet of scientists’ ability to use neutrino detectors to peer inside running nuclear reactors.

“As a study of reactors, this is a tour de force,” says theorist Alexander Friedland of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. “This is an explicit demonstration that the composition of the reactor fuel has an impact on the neutrinos.”

Some scientists are interested in monitoring nuclear power plants to find out if nuclear fuel is being diverted to build nuclear weapons.

“Suppose I declare my reactor produces 100 kilograms of plutonium per year,” says Adam Bernstein of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. “Then I operate it in a slightly different way, and at the end of the year I have 120 kilograms.” That 20-kilogram surplus, left unmeasured, could potentially be moved into a weapons program.

Current monitoring techniques involve checking what goes into a nuclear power plant before the fuel cycle begins and then checking what comes out after it ends. In the meantime, what happens inside is a mystery.

Neutrino detectors allow scientists to understand what’s going on in a nuclear reactor in real time.

Scientists have known for decades that neutrino detectors could be useful for nuclear nonproliferation purposes. Scientists studying neutrinos at the Rovno Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine first demonstrated that neutrino detectors could differentiate between uranium and plutonium fuel.

Most of the experiments have done this by looking at changes in the aggregate number of antineutrinos coming from a detector. Daya Bay showed that neutrino detectors could track the plutonium inventory in nuclear fuel by studying the energy spectrum of antineutrinos produced.

“The most likely use of neutrino detectors in the near future is in so-called ‘cooperative agreements,’ where a $20-million-scale neutrino detector is installed in the vicinity of a reactor site as part of a treaty,” Svoboda says.

“The site can be monitored very reliably without having to make intrusive inspections that bring up issues of national sovereignty.”

Luk says he is dubious that the idea will take off, but he agrees that Daya Bay has shown that neutrino detectors can give an incredibly precise report. “This result is the best demonstration so far of using a neutrino detector to probe the heartbeat of a nuclear reactor.”

They’re in Morgan’s office because he’s begging for their help

The season premier of Supergirl introduced the character of Morgan Edge to the series, an established character from the DC mythos.  He is introduced in a corporate meeting where he extols the accomplishments of his company in the rebuilding and reconstruction of National City after the Daxamite invasion which closed out season two of the series.  Also present at the meeting are a nameless man revealed to be the mayor of National City, and series regulars James Olsen (Director of CatCo Worldwide Media) and Lena Luthor (president of L-Corp).

During the course of the meeting we (The audience) learn that Edge’s next plan is to undertake massive redevelopment of ‘The Waterfront’, a rundown section of National City which he says is plagued by homelessness, crime, etc.  He’s currently being blocked by the city government on zoning grounds, and is opposed in principle by James and Lena because his redevelopment would essentially be gentrification en masse: Forcibly remove all of the current residents of the area, tear down their homes and businesses, and erect luxury condos and buildings for the wealthy elite.

As it progresses, Lena gets more and more firm in her stance against Edge’s plan, and it ends with the two of them face-to-face.  The meeting finally closes – after he makes more than a few remarks about the Luthor name and smearing Lena before the public – with Edge pulling a rather significant power play: He points out that for all that Lena is saying and doing, they’re in his office.  At that, he leads the rest of the attendees into the next room for snacks.

@iamaluthor already made a post about how Lena was visibly engaged during this scene and what it says about her, but I want to go one step further and talk about how Edge is portrayed in this scene.

On its surface, this looks like Edge ‘won’ the exchange.  He got the literal last word in their conversation, and he emphasized his position as the dominant person in their dynamic by pointing out that they were literally ‘on his turf’.

Except….Lena is there because she is a massive investor in Edge’s construction company.  The mayor is there because Edge needs to get his help in changing or circumventing city zoning ordinances.  I’m not 100% clear why James is there, but my hunch is that Edge is hoping to impress him so that CatCo will pull back on their critical news pieces on his efforts.

In other words, these are all people that Morgan Edge needs things from.  I might have exaggerated a little bit in my title when I said he was ‘begging’, but not by too much.  They’re not at Edge’s office because he’s so important that they came at his call, they’re there because he’s hoping to impress them so that they’ll let him do what he wants.  He’s literally feeding them in the hopes of making a good impression.  In all of their unique relationships, they have power over him.  In fact, if you want to interpret things a little loosely, you can even say that Morgan Edge works for Lena. She owns part of his company. I’ll admit that this is very tenuous, she doesn’t own anywhere near a controlling share, but it nonetheless gives her influence and power.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with holding a meeting like this, it’s very common and happens every day in business.  People host investors, important clients, and critical suppliers all the time and by itself that doesn’t mean they’re weak, it’s literally how business is run.  But his fault comes when he tries to reverse it back on Lena.  By attempting to put Lena in her place by emphasizing that he has power of her, he exposes his own lack of power.  And Lena knows it.

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That’s why, later in the episode, Lena has no qualms about buying CatCo right out from under his nose (Speaking of, his attempts to buy CatCo after he can’t persuade them to back off is another indication of his lack of power).  She would have done it anyway even if he was dangerous, but she’s not just blustering when Edge threatens her and she says she isn’t scared.  She really isn’t scared.  Because while he certainly is rich and powerful, and I’m not saying that he somehow isn’t dangerous, he has no power over her.  All he has is power in the abstract – generally speaking, just money – and she has money as well.  Combined with the investment she’s made in his company and the much closer ties she has with the National City government (It’s critical to point out that by all indications Edge couldn’t get the government to change the zoning ordinances), she’s secure and towering well above him.

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He is an insecure little man whose efforts to promote himself just expose his own weaknesses.

I like the idea of Sumeragi being an embarrassingly proud dad? Especially with Ryoma since he was the first, he’d be taking his infant son around and showing him off to everyone like ‘look how firmly he grips my finger! such strength! these tiny hands will one day grasp the hilt of raijinto!!!’ And everybody’s like 'okay your majesty.’

Then he starts taking Ryoma to important meetings, discussing the welfare of the nation with a little baby in his lap. Have to introduce his child to politics early on! All this will be yours one day, son! And eventually his advisors have to step in and be like 'being invested in the education of your son is admirable, your majesty, but maybe you’re starting a bit too early? perhaps you should hold off on teaching him about the management of the nation until he can say more than two words and is out of diapers? also we didn’t want to say anything but the crown prince has been chewing on an important trade agreement for the last five minutes.’

Donald Trump Is The Definition Of Un-American

The Twitter and Chief was back on social media again. Donald Trump Tweets like a 13-year-old spoiled brat. He uses twitter for one reason only, to spread his lies without being challenged by the media. It is his platform to spread misinformation. According to the Washington Post, racist, corrupt Trump, has made 1,318 false or misleading claims over 263 days. In one year, Putin’s bitch will have lied over 1500 times.

What boggles my mind is not the fact that Trump lies, anyone who lived in New York or New Jersey has known for decades what a sexiest, slum lord and  racist he is. But what confuses me, is how people around him are presented with facts, clearly indicating that Trump is lying, and they still believe the Triple chin in the white house. 

Trump is now on a crusade against the NFL. He wants all the players to stand for the National Anthem. He says that players who kneel or sit  are disrespecting the flag and they are UN-American. Trump was one of the owners of the USFL. From 1983 through 1985 the league played a spring/summer football schedule in each of its active seasons.The 1986 season was scheduled to be played in the autumn/winter, directly competing against the long-established National Football League (NFL). However, the USFL ceased operations before its fourth season was scheduled to begin. He failed miserably trying to compete with the NFL and now he is trying to get back at them. Think about how small and childish the orange orangutan in the White House is. He couldn’t compete with the NFL back in the Mid 1980′s and he still holds a grudge. Trump Tweeted

Why is the NFL getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our Anthem, Flag and Country? Change tax law!”

This is a person who admitted in the 2nd debate with Hillary Clinton he didn’t pay taxes because he was smart. Trump is now telling Americans what companies  or shouldn’t get tax breaks? Let me remind everyone. The man who has lost over 30 businesses still hasn’t released his taxes.

As you can see from Trump’s tweet. There is a reason he failed with the USFL. The idiot knows nothing about football

Do you see what this obese man is doing? He is trying to create racial divide, he is trying to attack the NFL who has over 70% African American players. Trump also took a shot at ESPN’s Jemel Hill, he tweeted.

With Jemele Hill at the mike, it is no wonder ESPN ratings have “tanked,” in fact, tanked so badly it is the talk of the industry!

Putin’s puppet spelled Mike… Mike.. not Mic, which is short for microphone, he spelled it MIKE. As in Mr. Man Boobs Mike Pence.

The NFL players association came out with a statement this week saying that, no one was disrespecting veterans or the flag, they are peacefully protesting against oppression and police murders of black males.Trump continues to spin this racist narrative that it is UN-America.

What is Un-American? These are all things Trump has done or said.

1) Our first black president, Barack Obama wasn’t born here. Trump was so infuriated that a black person was the most powerful man in the world he is trying to destroy everything Obama did. Even if it means killing our water, air and food.

2) Trump didn’t pay taxes for 18 years. Not one cent of Trump’s money was donated to veterans. As a matter of fact, Trump boasted about all the money he raised for veterans but, Trump campaign admits it did not raise $6 million for vets. Trump blocked a veterans group on Twitter when they called him out for his lies. 

3) Trump says he loves coal miners but black lung disease will not be covered in any #TrumpCare plan. Coal miners could die from this disease.

4) About 32 million Americans will lose coverage if #TrumpCare gets approved.Over 9 million children have already lost coverage.

5) The US failed to back a United Nations resolution to condemn death penalty sentences against gay people for having sex. The Trump administration failed to support the motion along with countries where the practice is legal, including in Saudi Arabia. Offenders there are stoned to death in public.

6) Taking away birth control for women. The Trump administration moved to expand the rights of employers to deny women insurance coverage for contraception and issued sweeping guidance on religious freedom that critics said could also erode civil rights protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

7) Trump still hasn’t implemented sanctions against Russia and the terrorist Putin. It’s been almost 2 months since congress voted on one of the harshest sanctions against Putin. Trump refuses to do this because he is so afraid of his Master Vladimir.

Mr. Grab them by the pussy, has no values, no leadership skills and is filled with hate. To paraphrase Doc Holiday from the 1993 movie Tombstone, “A man like Trump has a big hole inside of him, right in the middle of himself. And he can never kill enough, or steal enough, sleep with enough women or inflict enough pain to ever fill it. All he wants is revenge…revenge for being born miserable and filled with hate.”

Racist, corrupt Trump doesn’t get to tell us what is American and what is Un-American. Everything he does is straight out of Hitler’s and Putins playbook.

Donald Trump is Un-American… Period.

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anonymous asked:

If Dylan and Nate were so close then why did Nate sell the video of him and Dylan in the car to the media?

Simply put, Nate pretty much left Columbine right after the massacre and went to Florida.  His plan was to go to college and work for Microsoft. Only problem is he needed help paying for college and he saw nothing wrong with selling the Morning Ritual tape he’d made with Dylan (which they’d made to show his real dad in Florida what ‘A Day in a Life’ was like at High School for them)  to pay for his tuition. No hard feelings Dylan, but hey after all, look what Dylan did to him?  ;)  I would imagine the only thought in his teenage brain was that he was pretty much kicked out of HS and it was like ‘how can I make some money fast to pay for college?’  Nate coped by cutting his ties with Colorado, got out of dodge and moved to Florida with the hopes of trying to move on with his future, as shredded up as it presently was by Columbine.  Others saw it as blood money, he did not.  And I do not think he sold the tapes out of spite to Dylan, in all honesty. He was just doing what he needed to to get by.  Probably even figured Dylan wouldn’t give a shit. Not that he should have a say in the matter anyway.. Still, Nate remembers all the good times he had with his friend Dylan, it’s hard to somehow forget all of those good times.  Nate has apparently been very cooperative with Sue since he cannot quite forget his good friend Dylan and all the sleep over fun they had at the Klebolds as mentioned in the book. He is probably just as boggled and unreconciled today as to the bomb Dylan dropped on them all.

Nathan was paid $16,000 by ABC for an innocuous videotape he and Dylan Klebold had made. He also said an ABC producer called their home and offered them money for an appearance, and suggested they might make “$2 (million) or $3 million” from a book deal later on.

Good said they weren’t interested.

He said the media’s luck changed after Nathan left his Colorado home. Reached at his father’s home in Florida, Nathan tells a different story.

“I was broke. I had to leave my truck in Oklahoma where it broke down,” he said. “Now my college tuition is paid for. I’ve been criticized enough for this. What was it I did wrong? I know at least a dozen people who were offered money from the media.”

Nathan says he wasn’t paid for an interview, but for the videotape that Klebold and he made of a trip to school.

He did enter into an agreement with the National Enquirer, which he now says distorted, mischaracterized and misquoted what he said.

Zakki: She must be feeling thrilled right now. “I was waiting with bated breath these past two weeks on episodes 5 and 6 about Mako-chan’s past and Rei’s danger. In the episode 6 scene where Mako-chan says “I can’t do this without you, Haru,” not only did I feel pure jealousy toward Haru-chan but also to the Haru-chans throughout the nation.” 
Tattsun: He did say that… but that wasn’t meant for the Haru-chans throughout the nation, it was meant for Haruka the Haru-chan. He meant it for Nanase Haruka only.

Tattsun: Since we don’t even have a guest for this week, I’m giving myself superficial burns like always. It’s like touching a hot kettle with your bare hand. Like, “Shit, hot!” Like, is this gonna leave a scar later? (laughs) This next mail from Manager Ando. “What I thought while watching episodes 5 and 6 is that Haruka observes Makoto very closely. Since Makoto was always the one taking care of him up to now, I thought he was too kindhearted for his own good, but in episodes 5 and 6, Haruka did the proper thing of looking out for everyone around him and being worried about Makoto. With this, I realized Haruka’s charm for the first time.”

Zakki: But for me personally, what made me really happy about this episode as I’ve always been saying— of course, Haruka acted of his own accord and there were small details like that, but this was the episode where Makoto, who’s been taking care of him and watching over him this whole time, has Haruka look back at him and worry about him. That made me so happy. It’s like, he’s received so much from Makoto and even though he hasn’t paid it back in full yet— 
Tattsun: That’s right. ( ̄______ ̄)
Zakki: (lol) 
Tattsun: For those who read the novel “High Speed” in particular, I think that scene made an impact for them. Although it’s a bit more compact in comparison to the novel, it was where you could get a glimpse of it. 
Zakki: When Makoto says “I can’t do this without you, Haru,” that was a scene where the words just echo within you and you feel it. It had a lot of feeling in it. Thank you, as Haruka. 
Tattsun: Well, it’s me. (`・∀・´)

Zakki: But as it was written about a bit before, his words when he said he wanted to swim with everyone… For Makoto, “everyone” is his concern. He cares for everyone, he looks at everyone, he’s nice to everyone, and he wants to swim with everyone, but at the same time, he feels strongly for Haruka alone. Within that group of “everyone,” Haru is always there and— how do I say this? His vector involving Haru is a bit more special. 
Tattsun: Yeah. Not only have they always been together but they grew up together in this town. 
Zakki: That’s why it makes me even happier, how Makoto has two faces where one is not just about everyone, and coming from Haruka, I think that is wonderful. 
Tattsun: He’s very all-in. From me, I think of it as circling around and then circling around again. That’s how I felt as I was performing. (sighs) Talking seriously for a change really takes the feel to joke around out of you. 
Zakki: I’m sorry, I just really wanted to talk seriously about this part about Makoto. 
Tattsun: Oh, come ooooonnn… (〃ノωノ)
Zakki: But I mean, as Haruka, I really— They’re telling us to move onto the next joke corner. 
Tattsun: Next, next! Next, next!

Zakki: “Because of that, I’m going “SHIT SHIT SHIT” towards Haru-chan, who is loved by Mako-chan way too much in my opinion. I can’t even listen to “Shiokaze no Friendship” anymore because it reminds me of Haru-chan. I think this is love. Love Master Suzuki-san, what do you think I should do?” 
Tattsun: (lol) That’s not a question you should be asking me. Why are you asking me? No matter what I say, it’s going to be the wrong answer, I just know it. 
Zakki: It’s a little different from the usual field for the Love Master. 
Tattsun: It is different! 
Zakki: This takes a different skill. 
Tattsun: This— This is a different skill. I don’t know this!!! 
Zakki: We’ll need to ask the advice of a 2D Master. 
Tattsun: This is— Seriously?! Hang on a sec… But personally for me… Makoto always has his eyes on Haruka, so… (lol) In any case, I’m really shaken up about this right now and I’m not joking about this and I think it’s a strange answer and it’ll be a really real answer coming from me, but… why not start off by enrolling into Iwatobi High School first?

Translation: great-blaster
Credits: uchi-uchi

From: Iwatobi Channel  2013.9.2

Sinbad no Bouken 106 RAW and a Summary!

Here are the raws for Sinbad no Bouken 106! In which Sinbad seems to be back to his old self!  … or at least, he is doing his best to~ <3 

Just a reminder, to anyone who follows me and enjoys these raws/summaries, parts of or even all of these summaries could be completely wrong, so be advised as you read them as I am by no means a professional translator!

*** Disclaimer : Sinbad no Bouken is not my work. Please be sure to vote for Sinbad no Bouken everyday on the MangaOne app if you have it!

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