'a taste of the 60s'

🍝🌶🌳🍔🤤😍Once more killing the under 500 cal game haha. 2 Amy’s kitchen burgers 🍔, purple sprouting broccoli, kimchi and wholegrain pasta in home made tomato sauce all comes in at a total of 486 cals! 🍝🍔🌳😍🌶✊️🤘👌🤤

Sauce: (serves one)
50g pasata
10g (approx) onion
½ tsps garlic
Pinch mixed herbs 🌿
1 taps olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste.

Sweat off onion and garlic in oil
Chuck everything else in and cook on a low heat until it tastes good 🙃

This makes enough for about 60-80 grams of pasta

She realises that when you start to love a person, you start to lose your mind. It’s a bit like poetry. They start to eat you alive, bit by bit, gut by gut, until there’s nothing else left besides the admiration and flesh between their teeth.

When he kisses her for the first time, she can taste it. She finds, she likes the taste of blood just fine.

—  r.m | excerpt #60
I cannot wait to get married...

I hear a lot of guys talk about marriage like its a burden or they’re dreading that day, I think its because of the perception we have of it.

Maybe its because I grew up around women or what but I don’t really hear that what if you get divorced or what if she leaves you etc…

For me, marriage is a sacred pact between 2 people and the big man upstairs. Not just for the glamour of the day and whatnot but the fact that on that day, I will know I’ve made the greatest decision of my life, from the time I get on one knee and nervously ask that question and she says yes, to her walking down the aisle, watching her realising that i will never be more sure than I will be at the time to our first kiss as a married couple and tasting the next"60 years together"

I speak this into existence.

Love Poem Medley ~ must watch 💞

love poem medley: rudy francisco

“i’m not a love poet….

….i would massage your back until your skin sang songs your lips don’t even know the words to…

…I wanna be your ex-boyfriend’s stunt man, do all the things he couldn’t do… like trust you…

…I swear when our lips touch, I can taste the next 60 years of my life…”

💓 need a love like this

take notes men, take notes.

anonymous asked:

I've been a vegetarian for 1 year and I wanna become vegan. The only thing that keeps me from being a fully vegan is cheese. Since I dislike artifical vegan cheese (and we don't have a lot of vegan options here where I live), do you have any good recipes for homemade vegan cheese? Or other alternatives? Thank you in advance - I love your blog ❤️

Thanks c: I know ditching cheese is hard at first i’m not even gonna deny it, I failed my first time going vegan because of cheese. Now I will literally gag at the smells of certain cheese, so go figure. You get over it. Learn whats actually in it, learn how it’s made and learn about the suffering and death behind it - really it’ll turn you off and if for some reason it doesn’t - go without it for a while you lose the taste for it!

Anyways - I’ll link some of my favorite cheeses down below. 

  • Chao !!! (my favorite. It’s honestly the best sliced cheese in my opinion) you can buy it online here, if you can’t find in store.
  • Wayfare (my dads been making broccoli cheddar soup with this cheddar, and it’s perfect, on paneras level.)
  • Kitehill !!! (have a unhealthy obsession with their cream cheese)
  • Follow your heart (mozzarella is perfect shredded for pizza)
  • Daiya  - not one of my faves but some people really like it, I can deal with it at times. I feel like when I ate it I was just dealing until I discovered better (see above)

~Homemade cheeses~

“Christianity cheated us out of the fruits of ancient culture, and later it cheated us a second time out of the fruits of Islamic culture. The wonderful world of Moorish Spain is fundamentally more closely related to us and speaks more clearly to us and our senses and tastes than Rome or Greece.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Anti-Christ, §60 (edited excerpt).


So people had been asking for cooking posts and I had some time today and I made gnocchi! Gnocchi is a kind of pasta that is usually made with potatoes, but can be made with really anything you can form into a dumpling. 

You start with some potatoes. You want them to be cooked all the way for this dish. The recipe I used called for roasting two potatoes, but if you already have cooked potatoes then just use those. You want the potato to be very smooth, so if you have a potato ricer this is a good time to use it. If you don’t have one, it’s fine. Just put in some elbow grease and mash the potatoes. 

Next you add in ¾ flour, ¼ cup of ricotta cheese, and salt and pepper. Just as a reminder potatoes need a loooot of seasoning, so use way more salt and pepper than you think you need to. Many recipes call for adding some kind of herb into the dough as well. Thyme is quite popular, but you can really use anything and flavor it to your pallet. Once you’ve got the dough combined pretty well, make a well in the middle of it and then mix in a beaten egg. The dough is pretty thick so using your hands is probably the easiest way to actually mix it here. 

Once you have the dough made you want to break it into chunks and roll it out into a long cigar shape, then cut roughly bite sized pieces off of it. Once you’ve got them cut press your thumb into the top of them lightly to make a little dimple. Supposedly this is so whatever sauce you serve it with can sort of pool into it and be absorbed into the potato. 

Now that you’ve got all of your pieces made it’s time to cook them! Bring some water to a boil and then dump them in. Be sure to give the pot a shake so that they don’t stick to anything. Let them cook in the boiling water until they start to float. Once they have wait a moment more then drain the water from the pot and take the gnocchi out to dry. While they are drying heat up some olive oil in a pan. I really recommend a non stick pan for this part since I had some trouble with them sticking to my stainless steel pan. Once the oil has heated up and the gnocchi are dry put them into the oil. All you are trying to do here is saute them and add some color to each side since they are already cooked through. 

Let them cook on each side for a few minutes or until they are golden brown. It only took a few minutes when I did it, but every stove top cooks differently. Once they are browned on one side, flip them over and let them cook on the other. You’ll want to use a bit more oil than you think you need for this part since the gnocchi will absorb quite a bit of it leaving very little left in the pan to brown the other side. Once you’ve got them browned on both sides, throw in a know of butter, some peas, and the zest of a lemon. If you are using frozen peas like I did you just want to warm them through in the butter and bring everything up to a nice hot temperature. 

And now you’re done! Dish the gnocchi up and serve it with fresh Parmesan cheese. This recipe didn’t have much going as a sauce other than some butter and oil with lemon zest. The gnocchi is pretty much a vessel for sauce and whatever herbs you make it with, so once you’ve figured out how to make the gnocchi you can do whatever you want with it. Maybe you want to use a heavy cream sauce, maybe a nice white wine and butter sauce, maybe some kind of tomato sauce. They all would work, and you’d just have to alter the spices slightly to make sure that it all tastes well together. I think bacon, or since this is an Italian dish, pancetta would go quite well on this. 

Anyways that it’s for today. I hope y’all learned something about how to make gnocchi! It’s a tasty versatile pasta that is a nice recipe to have in your arsenal. I would say it’s of medium difficulty. It has quite a few steps and if you’re not familiar with how each ones goes it’s possible to go really wrong. But if you have solid fundamentals then it’s a walk in the park to make. 

Also if you’re making for just 1-2 people I would half the recipe. I had so much gnocchi that I had to cook it in 2 batches, and it seemed like enough to feed 4 or so. 

But ok, you know how everyone likes to think Steve is bad with technology because he’s from the 40s? And you know how Wakanda is supposed to be the most advanced society on Earth?

Imagine Sam walking around Wakanda and having, like, no clue what half of “these things” are (it’s probably a blender but it could also be a coffee maker? All Sam knows is that if he puts things in it, something slightly more liquid comes out and it tastes good like 60% of the time). 

And he’s smart and wants to learn, and soon he’s picking up on stuff.

But he also is a huge troll and he likes to hang around T’Challa (whenever he’s not doing king things) and ask questions and see T’Challa try to explain how to do fairly regular, boring things like change the TV channel or turn the lights off. 

At some point Steve is there watching and he’s just quiet the whole time but has this smile on his face that Sam recognizes as his shit-eating grin, except T’Challa hasn’t spent enough time around Steve (as opposed to Captain America) to recognize it. 

So Sam knows that something is going to happen when Steve asks:

“Before I forget, your highness, Sam and I were going to use the gym a while ago but we couldn’t figure out how to change the amount of weight. It was no issue for me, but he…” And so T’Challa, who honestly probably knows that something is up by this point, goes down to the gym to help them.

“How much would you like me to calibrate it for?” He asks, an innocent question except Steve still has his shit-eating grin because the bastard knows Sam has Feelings (yes, with a capital) for T’Challa. 

And Sam does his best to act nonchalant when he asks T’Challa to put on way more weight than is actually a good idea. 

“If you ever wanted to join us, you’re welcome too,” Steve adds. 

They all know that T’Challa has a private gym in his own quarters and he’s far too busy to spend time with his guests.

He shows up the next time Sam and Steve are running. Steve only loops Sam three times, instead of his usual five. 

It’s probably the nicest thing Steve has ever done for him. 

And then they lift weights and Sam struggles but has to pretend he isn’t because T’Challa is right there and if T’Challa offers to spot Sam, well, that doesn’t add extra motivation.

Actually it really doesn’t because now Sam has to look up while he’s doing this and the best, most kissable lips are right there and Sam has to resist the urge to kiss them.

He lasts maybe ten minutes.

T’Challa kisses right back. 

1. You’re doing 90% of the things you said you’ll never do when you were 16.
2. Helping your mum around the house doesn’t make you her slave. After all, every superhero needs a trusty sidekick.
3. No one drinks alcohol because they like it.
4. Coffee doesn’t keep you awake, the habit of drinking it does.
5. “Growing up” and “taking responsibility” is not the same thing. You can do one without the other.
6. There are days when chocolate is a perfectly acceptable meal.
7. Your mother admits she doesn’t always know what’s best for you.
8. You stop wasting your kisses.
9. Word “cool” takes on a completely different meaning than it did in high school.
10. Some people who haven’t touched a book in years start enjoying reading as much as they did when they were 8.
11. You never tell your younger sibling they’re annoying when they talk about things that interest them. You’ve learned that’s one of the worst feelings in the world.
12. You find yourself teaching your parents about life, not the other way around.
13. College is not all that different from high school.
14. There are still cliques and means girls and popular kids and those less popular.
15. But you are different. You don’t want to just fit in anymore, you want to belong. You don’t want to stretch yourself to fit into someone else’s skin.
16. Friends you find in college are most likely for life.
17. You start fighting stereotypes.
18. “I love you” loses its dramatic flair. It becomes something you need to hear as much as something you need to say.
19. You learn that some clichés are real and good - that’s how they became clichés in the first place.
20. Sometimes, 10pm is way too late to go out.
21. Or to do anything but sleep.
22. Your love life is still a soap opera, just with a volume turned down.
23. People start taking you seriously, whereas a year ago you were still just a child to them. Sometimes you feel cheated out of life because of that.
24. There are things you start looking forward to as much as when you were a child.
25. Like Christmas.
26. And Summer.
27. And ice cream.
28. World becomes a never ending hallway of possibilities.
29. Some days you feel too small, or too big, for your own body.
30. You don’t mind being yourself because you finally start discovering yourself. It’s new. It’s exciting. It’s like visiting a city you’ve seen in pictures, but they’ve never quite felt right.
31. Society is messed up.
32. People in magazines don’t even look human.
33. Crowds don’t seem so crowded anymore, because there’s always someone you know, or someone you would like to meet.
34. One month words on paper and scenes on television are so mesmerizing that you don’t leave the house.
35. The other you start forgetting how your room looks like.
36. Beauty is everywhere.
37. Desire to travel rises in you like a hot air balloon.
38. You don’t postpone studying anymore. You want to get it over with. You want to live.
39. You use sarcasm more than in any other period of your life.
40. You get tired of waiting for a cute girl/boy to like you back.
41. You do something about it.
42. There are worst things out there than rejection.
43. Spontaneity.
44. Confidence boost.
45. Everyone knows how to dance. Even those who don’t have a clue about it.
46. Growing older doesn’t seem so scary anymore.
47. At 26 you feel the same as you did at 22.
48. You do things you’re going to be too ashamed to tell your children about.
49. Tequila shots.
50. Strip poker.
51. Making out with a complete stranger.
52. Eating a box of ice cream at 3am.
53. Watching a whole season of a television show in one day.
54. Having a Marvel marathon.
55. Thinking that a box of pizza and six hours of playing a video game is a perfect date.
56. Take a risk.
57. Visit a theater every once in a while.
58. Or a museum.
59. Go vine tasting.
60. Or poetry reading.
61. Join a club. You never know what, or who, you’re going to find there.
62. Go to a protest.
63. Join a cause.
64. You experience heartbreak on a completely other level.
65. Happiness takes on a new form.
66. Sometimes it’s everywhere.
67. Other times it’s nowhere to be found.
68. You don’t want this period of your life to ever end.
69. You have a feeling it won’t.
—  things that happen to you in your twenties