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This Isn’t Goodbye

I love Newt Scamander so much! He’s just the perfect cinnamon roll. So I noticed your blog is kinda empty (no offense) so I wanted to help fill it by requesting something! Could you do one where Newt gets seriously hurt in a wand fight or something, and the Reader is like scared to death of him dying (It’s that serious.)? I’m sorry, but I love angst! If you decide to do it, maybe a happy ending would be best. Thanks!

A/N: this was so fun to write😂 i know i have a problem ask me if you want a part 2!

Warnings: A N G S T

Originally posted by trechos-of-books


You leaped through the now broken window of a bakery. You had heard Newt’s strangled yelp, and you hoped to god that he was safe. Looking around the empty room, you spotted a huddled figure in the corner. As you stepped toward it, the figure became only recognizable as Newt himself. His arms were wrapped around his abdomen, and his face was scrunched in pain.

“Newt!” You exclaimed. 

His teeth were chattering. His face was paler than ever before, and beads of sweat dripped down his face. You called out his name, louder this time, and he opened his eyes to look at you. He whispered your name, and you rushed to his side to check the damage.

“Oh Newt, what have you gotten yourself into..” you hopelessly muttered. He chuckled.

“A b-bit of a run through with G-Grindelwald, you might say.” He whispered.

You gently pried his arms from his abdomen, only to cover your mouth with your hands. There was a massive bloodstain on his shirt, and you could see his ripped skin through a hole in the vest. Tears started to spill from your eyes as you tried to create a plan- how were you going to stop this bleeding? You began to rip fabric from your shirt, looking for anything to stop the bleeding. As you struggled, Newt’s hand brushed against yours, causing you to pause and look into his eyes. His mouth lifted into a weak smile as he rubbed his thumb against your hand.

“N-Newt, we have to get something to stop the bleeding!” You tried, desperately.

“Don’t worry yourself, love,” Newt started, brushing away some of the stray tears on your cheek. “I’ll be fine. How many times have I almost died and lived to tell about it?”

“None that I’ve heard of!” You retorted.

Suddenly, you heard footsteps behind you. As you turned, you could see Queenie and Jacob walking through the open window of the bakery. They both gasped as soon as they saw Newt, and you could only sob in response. Queenie rushed over to where you two sat, pulling her wand out of her dress.

“What happened?” Queenie asked, already knowing the answer.

You shook your head and looked down to where Newt now lay. He was getting weaker with each passing minute, and his thumb lay motionless on yours. His eyes were now closed and his breathing had slowed. You shook his shoulder, but after getting no response you looked to Queenie with teary eyes. She pursed her lips together, not sure if she could give you an answer.

“I’ve never seen a wound of this size before…” She started.

“B-but you can fix it! You’ve done it before!”

She shook her head, averting her eyes to the ground.

“I can try. Even if it did work, there’s no guarantee that he would be able to continue his adventure, let alone be in shape to take care of his animals.”

You let out a loud sob and buried your head in the crook of his neck, lacing your fingers with his now cold ones. You felt a certain warmth being this close to Newt, but it was drowned out by the sorrow and despair you felt. 

“You have to t-try..” You choked out.

“I can’t.”

As Queenie backed up to where Jacob stood, you could only cry harder. He couldn’t die, not like this. You loved this man. You could barely stand for him to get a paper cut, let alone die! As you sobbed into Newt’s shoulder, you could feel a pair of arms wrap around you. Newt buried his head into your neck as his grip around you tightened.

“Newt, please, please! You can’t go like this! You have to live!” You pleaded.

He placed his hand on your cheek and moved your head to his. As you gripped his wrist, your lips connected in a tender kiss. You wrapped your arm around his neck as you took in his current affections. You didn’t want to ever pull away, you didn’t want to see him die, not when he had so much to live for. 

“Y/N,” He whispered against your lips. “I swear my life on it.”

“This isn’t goodbye.”

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Dead And (pt.2) [ Filth ]

Masterlist: Click Here
Synopsis: Satan plays cupid in the apocalyptic world
Chapter Warnings: N E G A N & his glorious mouth, doubt of religion, start of s e x u a l tension, random character death (Lucille back at it again), violence (anything else, please tell me)
Chapter Synopsis: “Is he God or the Devil?”
Word Count: 2,680+ (I’m a bitch sucker for descriptive shit)
Rating: This story is now at hell’s gate, someone open the gate xie xie.
Pairing: (So far it’s) Negan x Reader
Helpful BGM: “Gasoline” by Halsey
A/N: After seeing the first part receiving almost a hundred notes, I knew I had to deliver shit so tada motherfuckers, here’s part two. Since this personal blog is 80% astrology 20% anything else, instead of following me for updates, you can just tell me if you wanna be tagged on the future chapters. Hope yall like this shit! Til then, ta-ta~

She never felt this filthy in her whole damn life.

As (Y/N) withstands the scorching noon heat while finding the safest way she can settle down at, her stench absolutely reeks that it causes her nostrils to flare time to time. She is sweltering but refuses to remove her leather jacket in case of a surprise walker attack. (Y/N) is a walking effluvium. Back from the community she was at before the beginning of this story, showering is only available for the people at the uppermost of the hierarchy. However, if you belong to the lower class there are some ways to get a proper shower every day: be a sex worker for the insatiable, be a soldier for the defenseless, or join the ‘game’ for the bored. Last time our lady (Y/N) right here had a shower was when she won the recent game in exchange of her life.

But that’s a story for a different time.

Let’s continue talking about how filthy she feels.

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Lost... (Part 1) [Lafayette x Reader]

Characters: Lafayette x Reader (eventually- in the next part), Charles Lee

Length: 902+ words

TW: Depression / Cheating / Heart attack 

A/N: This’ll have 2 parts! I’m really excited for this one actually. I mixed two requests (I hope you guys don’t mind!) for this, and I was given this burst of inspiration when I was at a coffee house. I was supporting my bestie (bc she sings like a freaking GODDESS), and she sang one of our songs, and it struck me how much I needed to write about that song! I can’t reveal the song yet, bc it’s actually for the next part, but I’m reals excited for this! I legit hugged her after her performance, and left- going home to write this freaking fic. Anyways, enough of me rambling. Here’s Part 1! 

(Part 1)     (Part 2)

Gilbert made his way to the bar he’d grown accustomed to. It was karaoke night on Wednesday, and he never failed to come on that day, every week, just to see one performer. He made eye contact with you, and you smiled back with a little less enthusiasm he had associated with you. Most songs you performed were always upbeat, and never failed to make him smile, but there something different about the way you carried yourself that night. And Gilbert was the first to notice. He had met you a few months ago, in this very bar. He worked up the nerve to say hello, and compliment you on your singing, and the both of you got into talking. He wasn’t surprised that the both of you went to the same university, seeing as this was the closest bar to the school. You were a year younger than him, and in a different program than him. It was rare that the two of you saw each other on campus, so these weekly meetings were something the both of you looked forward to. Gilbert brought his friends to watch you, and you were more than familiar with the gang.   

With the first strum of your guitar, Gilbert knew there was something very wrong. 

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wait for me [bucky barnes]

Originally posted by steveroers

Originally posted by thatplaidnerd

warnings: Slight torture, Sadness, Violence, Death mention

word count: 4297

italics = flashbacks

    As James Buchanan Barnes sat on the plush fabric of Steve Roger’s couch, he recalled a memory.

    However, this memory was different than the ones he remembered from his childhood.

    Instead, it was one from when he was still a the Winter Soldier. No matter how many memory wipes he went through, he would never forget these kinds of memories. When he was still with them. Bucky cannot even bring himself to say the name of the wretched organization that kept him captive for so many years. The organization that forced him to kill hundreds of innocent people.

    Shaking his head, he tried not to shiver at the thought of Hydra. Instead, he delved into the memory of this girl that kept reappearing in his memories.

    The previous silence was broken when a small voice broke through his thoughts.

“James?” The voice was soft and feminine, clearly recognizable to Bucky. There was only one person in this world that called him James.

When the long haired male glanced up at the women who had spoken, he was stunned into silence. This hadn’t been the first time Bucky could not speak at the sight of you. In fact, almost every time he looked at you, he was awed at your beauty. Even when you told him that you had no idea why he looked at you like that because you did not believe you were beautiful, Bucky disagreed. He thought you were the sun on a cloudy day, or the moon in a dark night full of stars. He often called you an ‘angel sent from Heaven.’ The nickname always caused you to chuckle because not only were you his light, you had been experimented on and given a pair of large black wings.

The wings extended ten feet on either side of you, often making it difficult for you to fit through doors and in rooms. Hydra, the organization who had given you the wings, had made sure that all the ceilings of their bases were tall enough to fit you in them. This was the only generous thing that they had ever done for you, although you would never call it generous.

Even though Bucky seemed to love the wings that you had, you hated them. You thought that they were a curse more than a blessing. Being given a giant pair of black wings made you look more like a demon than any angel. After telling Bucky this, he had cradled you in his arms and shushed you softly. He spoke reassuring words about how the color of your wings would never determine whether you were an angel or a devil. Bucky told you would always be an angel to him because your heart was far too giving and kind to be a devil. He told you about the things you did for him every day; the words convincing you that there was no way that you could be a devil if Bucky loved you that much.

Back in the present, Bucky was about to be sent out on a mission. Hydra was preparing to wipe him so that he would comply more with their tasks.

“Hey, doll,” Bucky whispered. His voice rarely rose above a whisper, as he was afraid that Hydra and their scientists would hear him.

You smiled softly at him and brought your hand up to his cheek. Stroking his cheek softly, you lowered yourself to your knees. Bucky had been sitting in a chair so in order to make him more comfortable, you dropped to your knees. This enabled you to make eyes contact with him without him having to look up at you.

Bucky returned the soft smile, and your own grin stretched even wider at the sight of it. Seeing Bucky smile was one of the only things keeping you going in the horrid place.

You dropped your head to look down at your dirt covered jeans, upset because Bucky would have to go through immense amounts of pain and risk his life for people who did not even care about his health.

Bucky reached out with his right hand, his flesh hand, and grasped your chin between his fingers. His grip was soft, as he always feared that he would hurt you. This was the same reason he refused to touch you with his metal arm.

Bucky knew why they had sent you. It was the same reason they always sent you. Hydra never let you see him unless he needed prepping for a mission.

“Another mission?” Bucky questioned in his deep voice. It was rough after not speaking for such a long time.

You nodded sadly and Bucky pulled you closer to him. He dropped off his chair to kneel beside you on the floor. He wrapped his arms around you, being careful not to hurt your wings. He held one hand at your waist, and the other rested behind your head, stroking your hair with his strong fingers.

He hummed a soft song in Russian, a language that you both knew well. Bucky’s song seemed to calm the both of you, causing you to reach out and run your fingers through his long, ungroomed hair.

Bucky nudged your arm with his chin, a sign that he liked what you were doing. You chuckled softly and pressed a small kiss to his forehead before the both of you stood.

Letting go of Bucky before he left for each swipe was the hardest thing that you had to go through. Knowing that he was about to experience extreme pain, you lowered your head and let tears well in your eyes.

Bucky, sensing your sadness, softly grabbed your hand in his and squeezed it.

“Wait for me?” He questioned as he placed his forehead on yours. You reached up and gently grasped his face between your hands. He responded by holding your waist, you having to reach for his left arm and wrapping it around yourself.

“Always,” You responded. The words were spoken every time he left on a mission. They were your only reassurance that you would be there for each other when he got back.

Reluctantly letting go of your body, Bucky walked out of the room and into the hallway, being followed by five armed guards.

You watched him until he was no longer in sight, not knowing that it was the last time you would ever see him.

The mission that Bucky was sent on, was the last one he would be assigned to. After Hydra supposedly collapsed and he saved Steve from drowning, Bucky fled. He felt insanely guilty that he couldn’t go back for you, but he knew that you would have told him to stay away. You had always wanted what was best for him and you often urged him to find a way to escape. Now that he finally had, he knew that you would have told him to leave you behind and stay as far away from Hydra as possible.

Bucky continued to sit on the couch of Steve’s room in the Avengers facility, wondering what had happened to you. Were you still with Hydra? Or did you manage to get out after you realized that he wasn’t coming back?

Thinking about you sitting in that cold, metal room by yourself made his heart ache. He could not imagine the pain you went through when you realized that he was not coming back. You must have been broken.

Bucky shook of the thoughts and instead thought about how he could find you.

There was a chance that Hydra had killed you the moment they knew Bucky was gone, but Bucky refused to believe that.

So his only logical explanation was that you were trapped there. Probably in a prison cell where you could not find a way to contact him.

Bucky became angered at the thought of you sitting in a cold cell with no bed or food.

Standing up, he left the living area in search of Steve. Surely Steve would help him; if he didn’t Bucky was out of options. He didn’t really trust anyone else in the tower except maybe Sam, but Sam was still a bit unsure of Bucky since he did almost kill him a few times.

Bucky found Steve in the kitchen, eating a slice of pizza and watching the TV that had been placed on the wall opposite him.

Steve looked up at his longtime friend when he sat beside him.

“Hey, Buck,” He started when he saw the tears in Bucky’s eyes, “What’s wrong?” Steve wrapped a strong, muscular arm around Bucky’s shoulders, attempting to comfort his friend.

Bucky looked up at Steve and rubbed his eyes furiously, trying to stop himself from crying.

“I need your help,” Bucky whispered as he looked down at the counter in front of him.

Steve’s eyebrows furrowed together slightly, “With what?”
    Bucky’s eyes move back up to Steve’s before he choked out his request, “Invading a Hydra base.”
    Steve’s eyes widened dramatically, and he gawked in shock at his friend, “What?”

Bucky nodded dejectedly, and looked back down at the counter in front of him.

The blonde male at Bucky’s side shook of his surprise and forced Bucky to look at him, ‘I thought they all fell when we got you back?”
    Bucky shook his head, “They did, just not this one.”

Once again, Steve’s eyebrows furrowed and Bucky had to hold himself back from chuckling, “This base is a secret to almost everyone. Not even most of the agents that work for Hydra know about it.”
    “Then how do you know about it?” Steve questioned.

Bucky looked down at his hands, letting memories overwhelm him, “Because I was kept there.”

Steve shook his head in disbelief, “Siberia?”

    The long haired male let his head turn to face the blonde individual, “No.” He said the words with a small chuckle, “That’s just where the kept me in cryofreeze. When I was awake, they kept me in a base forty miles out of Moscow. It’s in the middle of nowhere.”

    Steve looked down at his half-eaten pizza as he made the decision in his head, “Why do you even want to go there, Buck?”

    “Because I know that she’s still there.”

    It had been two weeks.

    Two weeks since you’d last seen James.

    After the first week, you had convinced yourself that this mission was just taking longer than the others usually did. You knew that he did not get killed, he was far too skilled for that. You also knew that he couldn’t have left because he had promised to come back for you. If he was going to escape, he would have told you. He would have tried to get you out too.

    After the second week, you knew something had happened.

    You sat in the middle of the room with your legs crossed. Seeing as Hydra would not provide you with a bed, you often just sat in the middle of the room and waited for a guard to open your door and tell you that the Winter Soldier was back.

    Moments later, a guard was raising the latch that kept your room locked tight. You immediately scrambled up to your feet and took a few steps towards the door. Expecting to hear good news about James, you got a close to the door as possible, wanting to hear about him.

    The guard stepped into the room with two devices in his hands.

    One was a harness for your wings, and the other was a device that was placed over your mouth and silenced your voice.

    You began backing away from the door, knowing that the guard was not here to tell you about Bucky.

    Retreating to the far corner of the room, you extended your wings to their full length. They barely fit in the room, but you managed to get them to fit.

    The guard took a step forward and held the devices up, “Miss, you need to come with me.”
    Shaking your head, you shrunk back into the corner, “No, tell me where James is.”
    The tall man just chuckled and took another threatening step towards you, “It seems your precious James has found his way out of Hydra.”
    Dropping your mouth in shock, you stopped moving.

    He had made it out; Bucky had finally escaped Hydra grasp. After being stuck with you in this horrible place, he was free.

    Even though you were feeling ecstatic that Bucky had made it out, you were also feeling saddened.

    Bucky had gotten out without you.

    That meant you became useless to Hydra.

    It meant that they were either going to kill you or keep you locked away for the rest of your poor life.

    Trying to move further into the wall behind you, you shook your head, “No, don’t please.”

The guard chuckled again, a menacing and cruel sound, “Nuh-uh, Sweetheart. You know what that means.”

Before you could make a move to try and escape, the guard had lunged forward, devices in hand, and strapped the voice-cancelling one over your mouth. You couldn’t even get out a scream. The device pulled over your top lip, successfully covering your entire mouth.

Letting out a silent sob, tears dripped down your face with no sign of stopping. You struggled in the guard’s arms, trying to get out before he placed the uncomfortable and restricting device over your wings. The harness folded your large wings down against your back and kept them there with no way of stretching themselves out. It caused bones in your fragile wings to snap and become painfully uncomfortable.

However, you were not strong enough to overcome the Hydra soldier. After all, he was trained to be able to take down men three times your size.

He pulled the device mercilessly, tightening it so that you let out a silent scream of pain when bones snapped.    

Not a single sound escaped the contraption over your lips, causing your throat to be scratched dry at the lack of vocal projection.

When the guard finally had enough of your struggling, he grabbed the butt of his gun and slammed it against the back of your head. The impact caused you to fall unconscious and your last thought was of the man you loved.

    The next day, Steve had managed to convince Sam, Natasha, Wanda, and Pietro to come along to the Hydra base. He had told them about the girl that Bucky wanted to protect, and about how you were the one who had convinced him to get out.

    The four agreed quickly, feeling guilty for one of the last prisoners of Hydra.

    Sam felt that he should help Steve and Bucky, as he always had, but he also felt bad about Hydra keeping an innocent girl in their grasp, even after the fall of almost their entire organization.

    Natasha, who was one of Steve’s best friends, knew she had to help because she knew what you were going through. She had been kept in the Red Room for most of her life, so she knew the pain that you must have been enduring.

    Wanda had agreed the minute she caught hold of Bucky’s thoughts; she had seen the pain that both you and Bucky underwent almost everyday. She saw the last memory that Bucky had of you, and she saw the sadness and guilt that Bucky was going through because of it. It had taken her less than a second to agree.

    Pietro was only going because of Wanda, to be completely honest. However, he did know what it was like to be held captive by the monstrous organization, so he did feel bad for you.

    Hours later, the jet had landed forty miles out of Moscow, just as Bucky had instructed. Yet, there was nothing in sight, just endless snow.

    Bucky was the first to leave the jet, trekking out into the snow with a hard look on his face. He was getting you back no matter what. He did not care about the weather or the location, nor did he care about the number of soldiers and weapons that this base would have; he was purely focused on finding you and killing anyone who had ever even thought about harming you.

    Meanwhile, in a freezing underground room, you were once again huddled into the corner. Because you were not provided with a bed or any clothing or blankets besides what you had on, you were freezing; bordering on hypothermic. However, Hydra did not care. They had no use for you so they did not care if you were dead or alive. One a day, at twelve o’clock noon exactly, a soldier would stop by your room and drop a tray containing one measly slice of stale bread and a cup with barely enough water to wash it down. They guard would take the tray back after you fell asleep.

Although, you did not get much sleep anymore.

Shivering violently, you pulled your short sleeve shirt with holes in the back, fitted for your wings, closer around your body. You did not even feel the pain in your wings anymore, as they probably healed in the broken way that they were in because of the harness. If you ever made it out of this base, you would have to break your wings once again just to let them heal properly. The contraption over your face was still there, making it a at least six months since you had last spoken to another human. Or just spoken at all.

Your cold and aching body jerked when you heard a gunshot ring out from outside your room.

Then another.

And then, it seemed as there were hundreds of guns going off outside your door.

Shivering back inside your arms, you softly let tears drip from your face. This was it.

This was how you die.  

You had always thought that one day when you were old and wrinkly, surrounded by your family - your husband, your siblings, your children, your grandchildren, and so many more - then you would die. That was the way you wanted it to happen.

I guess not everyone had a happily ever after.

Minutes into your silent sobs, the gunshots stopped.

No more rounds being fired, no more sound.

Before you could take your head out of your hands, you heard the latch of your door being turned. You tighten your grip on your knees and buried your head back deeper into your arms, and prayed that the guard would have mercy and make your death quick.

But your death never came.

There was never the sound of a gunshot

Instead, all you heard was the sounds of the door finally swinging open and boots scuffing against the floor as they approached you. You did not look up at the person until you were able to catch a glimpse of boots in front of your body.

    Carefully lifting your tear stricken face from your arms, you watched as the tense body in front of you relaxed slightly. He was muscular and strong; his muscles bulging in the solid black outfit he wore. When your eyes reached his shoulders, you began to recognize the frame of the man.

    The moment your eyes locked on his long hair and deep blue eyes, you burst into tears.

    “Doll?” Bucky questioned, not believing his eyes. He didn’t believe it was you at first; your sunken-in frame from not eating enough and the long, uncut and mangled hair. However, the moment he saw your broken wings, he knew it was you.

    Reaching down slowly, he pulled the device covering your mouth, away from your face. The second it was gone, a sob escaped your lips, dry and rough from not speaking for such a long period of time. You gazed up at Buck’s face, not believing it was him. He came back. He came back for you. Continuing to let tears fall from your eyes, you spoke softly in a voice that hurt when the sounds erupted from your vocal cords, “James?”

    Bucky nodded frantically, tears falling from his own eyes as he watched your broke form, “It’s me, doll. It’s me.”

    You eyes crinkled and softened as more tears fell, and Bucky finally reached out. He grabbed you by the waist, softly and carefully to make sure that he did’nt hurt you or your misshapen wings. He sat on the cold floor beneath him, and pulled your small body into his lap. It had been so long that Bucky had held you like this, the note causing Bucky to cling onto you even tighter. Both his arms were wrapped around your waist, and he did not even care if he was touching you with his metal arm anymore. He was whimpering under his breath, similar sounds escaping your own mouth.

    You were clinging onto Bucky just as tight; your arms wrapped around his torso, with one hand buried in his hair as it used to. You buried your face in his shoulder and he buried his in your neck. He placed small kisses along the thin bridge of your collarbone, his wet lips sending messages of comfort throughout your body.

    When you pulled your head out of his shoulder, you connected your lips for the first time in so long.

    Bucky responded with just as much sadness, his lips frantically pressing against yours as if he thought that you would disappear from in front of him. He continued to lock his lips with yours, only pulling away to whisper small words of comfort and reassurance. His lips conveyed so much; the longing for you, the pain of leaving you behind, the guilt for not making it to you sooner. So many things from just locked lips.

    When he pulled away, he whispered brokenly, “I love you. I love you so much.”

    You nodded and whispered back in your rough broken voice, “I love you too, James. So much.”

    He pulled you back into a hug, his hands unfastening your harness at the same time. When he finally got it off, he yanked the material away from your broken wings and gasped when they did not extend to their full length. Then he noticed their disfigured shape and realized that they had healed in their previous position. He looked pained, and told you that once they got back to the facility, they would fix your wings immediately.

    When Bucky finally pulled you up to your feet, keeping his arm around your waist as he knew that you had not stood in a long time, you took a look behind him.

    And then stopped.

    Another man stood behind Bucky; a man you recognized from your memories.

    Hydra had wiped you along with Bucky, but not as often. This meant that you had remembered a lot of your past, so you knew that you had known Bucky from before this whole mess. However the man behind Bucky, you knew just as much.

    His blonde hair and recognizable muscles coupled with his soft eyes that you could never forget. This man was Steve Rogers.

    This man was your brother.

    You took a step out of Bucky’s hold, shakily walking towards the blonde man before you stood directly in front of him.

    “Steve?” You shakily spoke.

    When Steve finally looked at you directly, his jaw dropped.

    His sister.

    His baby sister was alive.

    He spoke your name with his own tears in his eyes before collapsing. He dropped to his knees and grabbed you by the waist, pulling your body into his. He clung to you just as Bucky did, maybe even tighter at that. His tears stained your shirt, but you did not care. You simply wrapped your arms around his shoulders and squeezed his body. His face buried in your stomach before he pulled away to look up at you.

    “How-how is this-” He stuttered out, “How is this possible? I remember you going out to find Bucky’s body, and the rescue team coming back and telling me that they didn’t find you. You were pronounced dead!”

    You sighed and looked back at the man you loved, “I found Bucky, but I ended up getting captured just like him.” Your words shook with fear as you did not want to recall the horrible things that had happened to you after Hydra had taken you. “They gave me these wings and kept me in cryofreeze whenever Bucky was in cryofreeze. I was the only thing that kept him calm during mission reports and such, so they decided to keep me here,” It took you a few minutes to get through the explanation, as you had begun to cry during it, but you managed to make your way through it.

    Steve stood up and looked to Bucky, nodding him closer. Then the two super soldiers embraced you at the same time, their strong arms making you feel safe for the first time in almost seventy years. All three of you were crying once again, but they were not sad tears. Instead they were happy tears because the three of you were finally reunited once again.

    Looking over your shoulder, Steve watched as Wanda hugged Pietro close to him. She was happy that she still had her brother, just as you finally had yours.

    Natasha had her arm on Sam’s shoulder, the two nodding at Steve, who nodded back in thanks.

    Steve looked back down at you, smiling giddily, before he raised his head to look at Bucky who was smiling just the same.

    Bucky looked down at you before whispering, “You waited for me?”

    You looked up at him with a goofy smile, “Always, James.”

~I M A G I N E~ Wally running into an ex of his (at his college or maybe at Jitters or something idk) and its bad enough that he runs into them (because they’re a huge dick) but they have another boyfriend who is good looking and smart and Wally refuses to let this get to him and let his ex one-up him so he ends up saying:

“I have a boyfriend too!”

“Oh, really?”

And in his head he’s like ‘ok Wally shut up now’ but he doesn’t like the look on his ex’s face.. like they don’t believe him or something… so he keeps going:

“Yeah! He works at Star Labs. He’s pretty impressive, I’m sorry you can’t meet him…”

And thinks this is it. That, hopefully, they’ll leave him alone.

“Why don’t we double date, then?”

And Wally knows he’s fucked now because he can’t say no. They’d know he was lying. So he’s like “haha yeah sure!!! Text me the details!!” And then books it to Star labs.

It’s only Cisco there and he’s minding his own business until Wally comes running in looking like he just made the biggest mistake of his life so Cisco is walking up to him like “Woah dude…you ok?”

And Wally just spills everything and can’t get over how stupid he feels and has no idea how to get out of this until Cisco says

“No problem, man. I’ll be your date! Your…Your /fake/ date…of course. If you want! If not, that’s totally cool-”

“YES! I mean…yes. Please. Just for one night and I’ll owe you. Big time.”

So they’ve got it figured out! Cisco gets free food and Wally gets to show off his amazing 'boyfriend’ to his asshole ex. It works out perfectly.

Imagine them spending the week together hanging out and getting to know each other better and coming up with a ridiculously cute story about how they met and when they started dating to make his ex jealous and ok maybe Wally is starting to think Cisco is cute and funny but he ignores those feelings because Cisco is just being a good friend. He’s not really into Wally…..

Imagine their friends and family noticing them spending so much time together and thinking it odd at first, but eventually they shrug it off. The Wests are just happy Wally is settling in ok and that he’s making good friends.

But also Iris or Barry or Caitlin or just anyone asking “So…you guys have been spending a lot of time together” and they’re like “Oh! It’s uh…no big deal. Just…building stuff and…video games and…things like that.”

(Wally begs Cisco not to tell anyone about this, it’s so goddamn embarrassing)

So the date finally comes around and…it actually goes pretty well! Except for the fact that Wally’s ex is a huge asshole. Eventually, Cisco starts talking about all the projects he’s working on in what Joe often refers to as 'gibberish’ and trying to keep from laughing at the smug look on Wally’s face when he explains it to his ex and their boyfriend like they’re five. Like they aren’t smart enough to understand.

They’re smiling at each other and trying so hard not to laugh when Wally’s ex finally gets so fed up, they cut the double date short and leave.

It’s only 8:30 so they decide to catch a movie and then get ice cream or something and they’re both trying so hard not to think about the fact that “oh god, is this a date? This feels a lot like a date!!!” Until Wally drops him off and they say goodnight (((:

Except…Cisco shows up to Star labs the next day to a full lab and usually he’s the first or second one there, but this time…it’s everyone. They’re huddled together and whispering to each other until Barry notices Cisco walk in and they all abruptly go quiet. It’s awkward as hell.

Basically, Barry saw Cisco and Wally out last night at the restaurant and the movies (when he was out patrolling the city) and they’ve been spending so much time together, it’s obvious they’re dating! Why didn’t you tell us, Cisco! We’re happy for you guys!!

And Cisco doesn’t even get to argue because now everyone is coming up to him and hugging him and congratulating him and he’s just about to tell the truth when Joe is the last one to come up to him and give him his signature Joe West Bear Hug™ and tell him how happy he is for them and how he just wants Wally to be happy and comfortable here and how glad he is to have someone else looking after him. His fake relationship has the Joe West Seal of Approval and Cisco is so speechless that he just nods and tries his best to smile at them all and then excuses himself to the bathroom

Where he, of course, freaks out. And he knows Wally is in school right now, but that doesn’t stop him from blowing up his phone with text messages like “I FUCKED UP!!!! I REALLY FUCKED UP!!!!” and “BRING YOUR ASS STRAIGHT TO THE LAB ASAP”

So Wally walks in and says “Hey Cisco, what’s up?” but he’s being dragged away into an empty room while Caitlin is smirking at him and Harry is giving him this odd look and??? What is going on???

Once Cisco explains it Wally just…he can’t. He can’t believe this is happening. His mother always told him not to lie, and this is exactly why he should’ve listened!!! Now things are spiraling out of control and he’s dragging Cisco along with him. Cisco who probably didn’t tell everyone the truth about them only because Wally begged him not to. Too worried about being embarrassed. Of course Cisco is too much of a good friend to actually throw Wally under the bus. Now Cisco is forced into being in a fake relationship with someone he doesn’t even like!!

And it’s like Cisco is reading his mind or maybe he said it outloud without realizing it but he grabs Wally by the shoulders and tells him to chill out. That they’ll get through this fine. They just need to pretend to date for a while, stage an amicable break up so that Iris doesn’t murder Cisco in his sleep for breaking her brothers heart (and vice versa with Caitlin and Wally), and then stay friends! It’s fool proof! No one gets hurt, and no one finds out they were lied to! Until maybe 40 years from now when they finally tell everyone the truth and they all laugh about it!!

So it’s a plan. They fake date. Which…really isn’t all that hard. Their friends and family take every little thing they do (from a simple “good morning”, to mutual geeking out over the project Wally is working on for school) and turn it into some cute “awwww, look at them! so adorable!” So they don’t really have to do much. Just be themselves, basically. Maybe flirt a little more when people are around, but that’s it.

But then Wally decides that 'hey…if this is only gonna go on for a couple weeks…why not take advantage of it?’ so he uses the cliche fake relationship line “Maybe we should practice kissing! Yknow…make our relationship more believable?”

And maybe Cisco is a little too eager because all he does is nod his head and say “definitely” before dragging Wally into one of the labs and once they get there Cisco just…lays it on him. 0 hesitation.

Wally is having trouble keeping up because he still can’t believe this is happening ok he’s really kissing Cisco Ramon inside of Star labs next to some of the most amazing pieces of technology he’s ever seen and he must be too unresponsive for Cisco’s liking because now he’s pulling away and apologizing and Wally can see him starting to blush and he cannot lose this opportunity so he grabs Cisco’s face and kisses the hell out of him.

And it’s weird, at first, how not weird it is to be kissing Cisco. His lips are soft and warm and Wally can’t help but smile at the sound Cisco makes when he bites down on his bottom lip. It’s seems normal. Like they’ve been doing this forever.

It starts getting a little intense after a while. They’re panting and Wally’s hands are under Cisco’s shirt and all of a sudden, Wally finds himself pushed up against something hard and solid while Cisco kiss down his neck and something is poking him in the back but he doesn’t give a damn, especially not with Cisco kissing and sucking on his neck like it’s an Olympic sport he’s going for gold.

This entire situation went from 0 to 100 in about two seconds but he can’t seem to care. He finally gets his fingers into Cisco’s hair and, as sappy as this sounds, it’s just as soft and silky as he imagined. Wally doesn’t even remember how they got to this point tbh but he’s happy as hell about it!!

At some point, Cisco is being picked up and held up against a wall with his legs wrapped around Wally until someone walks in like “OOOH, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to walk in on you guys!! I-…I’ll just…I’m gonna go now…”

And it’s awkward as hell so of course Wally has to break the silence with something stupid like “Great…practice?”

By now Cisco is planting his feet on the ground and backing away because oh no… this was just supposed to be practice! To make their relationship look believable!! Cisco feels guilty as hell now because while this was just 'practice’ for Wally, Cisco can’t help but feel like he took advantage of Wally because this was waaaaaay more than practice for him and all he can’t do is apologize over and over and then go apologize to whoever walked in on them until he can get home and lock himself away in his apartment for the next twenty years of his life.

Do their friends find out the truth? Does Wally show up at his apartment and they explain everything?? Do they feel stupid and make up for lost time by spending the entire weekend holed up in Cisco’s apartment making out and cuddling and watching movies? Do they have sex? Who knows! What I do know is that this got really…really….out of hand (:


was inspired by this playlist. this is dedicated to my fave pisces @whitenectarines

The Tontons - Veida / Parasol - The bait / Washed Out - Soft / David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Bamboo houses / Primary & Oh Hyuk - Island / Com Truise - Space dust / S U R F I N G - Lifetime / Mark Ronson & Boy George - Somebody to love me / Moon Boots - Magic / Brandy ft. Mase - Sitiing on top of the world / Janet Jackson - Together again / My Morning Jacket - Touch me I’m gonna scream part 2

listen here

Time (Part 2 - Jack Gilinsky)

A/N: Okay, okay. This was requested a bunch of times and I apologize for waiting so long to post this second part, but that’s because I had writer’s block; however, I think I’m okay now. Enjoy! [Read PART 1|

Pairing: Reader + Jack G. || Word Count: 2,305 || MASTERLIST 

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Angel Vs Devil (Part 3)

“Stay there.” Ji growled, walking over to me as I took Seungri out of my mouth, looking up at the guy in the glittery suit. The way his voice has dropped made my panties wetter than before. Being caught by him turned me on so much more than it should’ve. 

“Hyung, I’ll just lea-” Seungri said quickly, trying to button his shirt back up, only to get stopped by Ji. 

“I’m sure Y/n won’t mind you staying.” He chuckled darkly, running his hand through my hair roughly. I looked up at the bulge in his pants, long and thick. “At least, until she’s finished.” 

Ji began to push my head back onto Seungri’s cock. I opened my mouth and took him in, beginning to suck just like before. I heard him moan in surprise, his mouth falling open as my fingers dug slightly into his thighs. I ran my tongue over his length, being guided by Ji’s hand as I moaned around Seungri’s tip. I felt him twitch, keeping him in my mouth as he began fucking himself harder down my throat. I tightened my lips around him, gently scraping my teeth around him. I felt his cum squirt down my throat as I hummed against him, swallowing his liquid. 

“Good girl.” Ji encouraged me, making me look up at him before at Seungri. His eyes were closed as he panted heavily, recovering from his orgasm. I got pulled away from him by Ji’s tight grip on my hair, making me whine slightly. 

“Get out.” Ji mumbled, looking at Seungri as he pulled his pants up, collecting his tie before making his way over to the door. I heard it slam shut as my heart began to race, knowing I was alone with Ji. 

“Are you going to behave for me y/n?” He asked in a seductive tone, towering over me, on my knees. 

I chuckled, rolling my eyes as I pushed him back slightly. “After what you said to me out there? I don’t think so asshole.” 

“I’ll have to teach you the correct way to talk to daddy.” He growled, rubbing the pad of his thumb across my cheek. I swallowed loudly, looking up at him submissively as I nodded, he’d really done it now. How did he know how much that turned me on? 

“Get on the bed.” He instructed, followed by me immediately obeying his orders. I sat on the bed, looking over at him as he removed his belt. I licked my lips, watching his strong hands grip the material. My legs spread open as he moved closer, signalling for me to turn over. 

I got on all fours, facing the headboard. I felt the bed dip behind me as I turned, seeing Ji behind me on his knees. His eyes stayed on mine as his hands ran up the back of my thighs, pushing my dress up as they went. I moaned softly as his hands ran over my ass, pushing myself back against him. His fingers slowly curled around the hem of my underwear, pulling it down my legs. 

I suddenly heard a slap as a sharp pain fled across my ass cheek. I whimpered softly, jolting forward as I turned to see him gripping the belt. He spanked me with it again, and again, and again. 

“Ji.” I moaned loudly, getting wetter at the punishment I was receiving. 

“Thats not my name is it now?” I chuckled deviously, obviously enjoying teasing me as he spanked me again. 

“Daddy.” I moaned lowly, biting my lip as he ran the leather against my dripping centre. 

“Thats it baby girl.” He breathed out softly, teasing me with his belt. 

I fucked myself against the belt, closing my eyes as my wetness poured out of my hole, soaking his belt in my juices. I’d never been more turned on in my life. 

“You like it huh?” Ji asked as he pressed the belt harder against me, hitting my clit with the smooth, cold metal buckle. 

“Yes.” I breathed out, almost collapsing onto the mattress. 

“Bad girl.” He growled, using the belt to slap it against my ass again, before I felt the sequins on his suit against my lips. I gasped, rocking myself against his bulge, feeling how hard he was against me. 

He flipped me over, my legs spread apart as I felt him crawl over me. I looked up at his evil grin, biting his lip as he rocked his confined cock against my aching centre. I moaned loudly, throwing my head back as he kept a slow pace, making me feel every bit of him. 

“You’re so dirty, making daddy fuck you like this.” He chuckled, moaning slightly as I arched my back, making him hump faster. “This better?” He asked as he quickened his pace rapidly, almost making me scream in pleasure. 

Already knowing the answer, he kept the pace as I started bucking my hips up to him. My stomach tightened as I felt myself coming close. I whined softly, wanting him to make me cum desperately. He carried on as I felt myself just about to go over the edge. 

Suddenly Ji stopped all of his movements. I moaned irritably as I sat up, watching as he put his belt back on with a huge grin. 

“What are you doing?” I snapped frowning as I moved my dress back down, a little embarrassed.

“Did you really think after how much you teased me I’d just give in to you?” Ji chucked raising his eyebrows as he watched me. 

“Fuck you Ji!” I yelled at him frustratedly, crawling off the bed as I tried to find my underwear. 

“Oh you will, just wait.” He smirked, opening the door as he shoved my thong into his pocket.

He was going to pay for this, big time.

Let’s Be Real (Part 1)

Sequel to Let’s Pretend (Read all parts HERE)

Summary: The reader and Dean begin their relationship, as all kinds of things await their future together. (My summaries suck, I’m sorry)

Word Count: 1,695

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None.

A/N: SURPRISE! Hope you guys like the start of this series, continuation of “Let’s Pretend!” Let me know what you all think! winchesterbros-inc​, thank you for the title. Jess, abaddonwithyall​, thank you for pushing me to what I really wanted for the sequel! 

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Unrequited Love: Part 3 (Final)

Taeyong X Reader X Jaehyun

J/G/N: Jaehyun’s Girlfriend’s Name

Word Count: 3.1k

unrequited: adj, (of a feeling, especially love) not returned or rewarded

Read PART 1 here, PART 2 here

Silence fell among us as we tried to take in what Jaehyun had just said. 

“I love her Taeyong, I really do, and now that I’ve realized it, I’m scared that it might be too late,” Jaehyun sighed, looking up at the night sky. Taeyong shifted his weight from foot to foot, clearly frustrated by Jaehyun’s words. 

Before Taeyong had a chance to say or do anything, I cleared my throat, catching their attention. The boys turned to me and feigned a smile, but I could tell their situation was significantly getting uncomfortable. 

“Ready to go?” I asked Taeyong, avoiding Jaehyun’s gaze completely. Taeyong nodded and stepped back inside, following me as I grabbed my coat. Thankfully, J/G/N was no where in sight. As I reached for the door knob, Jaehyun stopped me, placing his hand over mine. I could feel Taeyong stiffen at the gesture and I froze, taken aback by everything that was happening. 

“_______, are you busy tomorrow?” Jaehyun asked quietly. I frowned at him, wondering why he didn’t ask Taeyong as well. 

“I think we have a-” I started, only to be interrupted by Taeyong. “No she isn’t,” Taeyong answered for me, I looked at him confusedly. We were suppose to have a lunch date before watching a movie at the theater. 

“You should come over tomorrow afternoon,” Taeyong said before stepping between us and seeing himself out. I nodded at Jaehyun before muttering, “bye,” and following Taeyong out the door. 

“Taeyong wait!” I stumbled out the door, trying to catch up to him. His pace was incredible fast, looks like we were walking home today. When I was able to catch up, I stepped in front of him, stopping him from walking any further. 

“Why are you acting like this?” I asked. He clenched his jaw and sighed, was he going to tell me what Jaehyun said to him earlier? But it seems he decided against it. 

“You know Jaehyun and I are really alike,” he started indicating that they both had feelings for me and pretending as if he didn’t hear the question I asked earlier, not explaining the reason for acting this way. He doesn’t know I overheard the conversation, believing I was still oblivious to the fact that Jaehyun loves me as well. 

“What are you…?” I questioned, not exactly sure what I was asking either. He focused on a pebble, kicking it around as I waited for him to say more. 

“_______, I’m the one who loves you. As long as you know that, I’ll be happy,” he leaned forward and kissed my temple, before walking away. I stared after him, speechless for a second. There wasn’t any way to explain it, but for some reason I could feel my heart sink as I watched him walked away, with his head down. 

When we neared the apartmnet, he let go of my hand he was holding a few seconds earlier and moved a couple steps away from me. “Aren’t you coming?” I pointed to the elevator when we were in the lobby. Instead of following me up, he stood by the couches. 

“Yeah I’ll be up soon, I need to make a few phone calls,” he smiled half heartedly and I knew he was lying. He always smiled that way when he was hiding something. But instead of pressuring him to tell me, I nodded and rode the elevator up myself, worrying about him. 

Maybe his definition for soon was different from mine because he didn’t come home until hours later. I was in bed already, lights off and trying to sleep. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t sleep. I was worried about him and wondered what he was up to. 

But when he stumbled in during the early hours of the morning, I was relieved to have him back. He slowly changed out of his clothes before getting into bed quietly, believing that I had already fallen asleep. 

“Good night babe, I love you,” he whispered sweetly before pecking my lips and wrapping his arm around me, pulling the blanket around us. 

The following morning, I woke up to an empty bed. I extended my hand and patted the space beside me. Opening my eyes, I found that he gone which was strange. He never gets out of bed without me or without a good morning kiss. 

Climbing out of bed, I searched the house missing his touch, missing his love. “Taeyong!” I called out in desperation, even thought it was obvious he wasn’t here. I grabbed my phone and dialed his number, feeling tears fall as I listened to the ring, waiting for him to pick up. 

“______?” he answered after the third ring and I closed my eyes at the sound of his voice. It was as if I hadn’t heard it in years, it sounded bittersweet. 

“Where are you?” I cried out, leaning on the bed frame. I wiped my tears as I tried to recollect myself, he was okay and that was what mattered. 

“I’m in Taiwan right now I just landed,” he answered as if it was the most normal thing. I turned to the clock, eyes widening when I saw that it was almost 3 pm. 

I wanted to ask why, I wanted to tell him to come back but I knew he didn’t like talking about work. I assume he was on a business trip but he always tells me beforehand. 

I heard a few voices in the background and I knew he had to go. “Come back soon, stay safe,” I whispered as I heard more commotion on the other end. 

“I will,” he said emotionlessly. “I love you,” I choked out just as the line was filled with silence. My lips quivered and I threw my phone at the other side of the bed, recalling what I just said. In the past year we’ve been together, I have never said those words. To me, it was pointless to say it if I didn’t mean it. 

Before I could contemplate whether I meant it or not, the doorbell rang. I ran to the bathroom and splashed my face with water to hide the fact that I was crying just now. 

Jaehyun was waiting for me when I opened the door, he grinned as he handed me a bouquet of orchids while I invited him inside. “T…thank you,” I stuttered as I set them on the coffee table. 

“You just woke up?” he pointed to my pajamas and I nodded, suddenly embarrassed by the way I look. “Excuse me, I’ll be right back,” I said before escaping to my room and finding something to wear for the day. I picked Taeyong’s sweatshirt and a pair of jeans, feeling a bit better when I was again familiarized by his scent. 

Outside, Jaehyun was sitting on the couch patiently, looking around the living room as he did so. “You haven’t been here for a while,” I noted, watching him from the door frame. “It has been…a long time,” he nodded. I sat beside him, tucking my legs in as we stared at the flowers. 

“Do you remember when we’d sit in the backyard and pick these?” he touched the petals lightly, knowing that I had loved flowers since I was a child. 

“We’d always get in trouble for picking such beautiful flowers,” I smiled, recalling how our parents would scold us. He smiled, “it got so bad that they wouldn’t let us out anymore.” 

“So we’d go to the park instead and picked the flowers there,”  I nodded, we spent countless days at the park, playing at the swings and then watching the sunset. “Mhm, I miss those days,” he sighed, letting go of the flowers and turning to face me. 

“Me too,” I replied honestly. He then started moving closer to me, he rested his hand on top of mine. “Then why don’t we go out then?” he raised his eyebrows, “It’s still early in the day, I’m sure we can still catch the sunset.” 

At this point in time, all I really wanted to do was sit at home and wait for Taeyong’s return. But Jaehyun had come all the way here with flowers and I couldn’t just turn him down.  

“Mmm, sure. Let’s go,” I got up, letting his hand slide off mine and running to the door. 

When we were outside, he was walking fairly close to me, our shoulders touching every so often. 

We spent the day at the park, remembering our childhood and laughing at the silly things we did together, but even then I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about Taeyong. I watched my words as I spoke to Jaehyun, careful not to give away any of the emotions I felt at the moment. 

“I had a lot of fun today,” he smiled, as I turned the keys into the apartment. “Me too,” I smiled back. But deep down inside, I just wanted to be alone now. I wanted to call Taeyong and ask him how day was. 

“Well I’ll be going now,” I nodded as I tried to rush inside. “Okay, have a good night,” Jaehyun hummed. “You too,” I waved before closing the door on him. I should’ve felt guilty for doing that, especially for all he’s done for me today. But I honestly didn’t. 

When I settled onto the couch, I dialed Taeyong’s number again, but this time he didn’t pick up. Actually, it went straight to his voice mail. 

“Taeyong-ah, I hope you are doing okay in Taiwan. I miss you,” I said before hanging up quickly as I felt tears begin to form again. 

That night, I felt abandoned. Without his presence near me, I felt a part of me was missing. I rolled around the bed for hours on end, unable to get some sleep. Giving up, I scratched my eyes as I threw my legs over the side of the bed, knowing there was no point on sleeping anymore, especially when the sun was just about to rise. 

That following week, I felt lonelier than ever. It didn’t matter how many times Jaehyun came over, I still felt empty inside. Even during school days, Jaehyun would visit at night, bringing dinner and insisting on doing homework together. 

With each passing day, I could have sworn he was trying to get closer to me. He started with simple skin ship, from touching my hand to hugging. But as time progressed, he began to caress my cheek and rub my arm. I would’ve felt warm, loved and happy but I was farthest from that. 

Everyday, I reminded myself that I did love Jaehyun. To make sure, I’d recite it in front of a mirror before the day began. During the few seconds I recited were the only times Taeyong wasn’t on my mind and I was almost grateful for it. 

He hasn’t called or picked up any of my calls so I stopped calling on the fifth day. He would call when he was ready, I wanted to give him space. He couldn’t have been working, or maybe he was, as a distraction from us. 

It was exactly a week since Taeyong left when I found myself tangled in Jaehyun’s arms. We were watching a movie we used to watch all the time when we were younger and I could feel him look at me every few minutes. 

I had to admit, it was a bit uncomfortable that he kept checking up on me. 

“Are you comfortable?” he asked as I switched positions, my back starting to hurt. 

“Mhm,” I lied, grabbing a pillow and placing under my back. It felt strange not sharing a pillow. Taeyong and I would share one together since it seems that we both always have back pain. I willed myself to stop thinking about him and focus on the movie as well as Jaehyun. 

When the movie ended and the credits rolled on, Jaehyun turned to me and wrapped his arm around me. “I love that movie,” he sighed, listening to the credits song. “M..me too,” I agreed, staring at his arm. 

Without anything else to say, we were met with silence once again. “You know______, I really need to tell you something I should have said a long time ago,” he mumbled. I gulped, knowing exactly what he was about to say but I let him go on.

“The truth is, I’m in love with you. I know you might doubt my words because I just broke up with J/G/N, but it was bound to happen anyway. We no longer loved each other and it was very difficult to keep our relationship going,” Jaehyun explain, scooting closer to me. 

“Oh…I…” my voice was shaking, I honestly didn’t know what to tell him. I couldn’t tell him I love him when I didn’t, right?

“If you give me a chance, I can show you how much I love you. I can prove it,” Jaehyun sat up, his elbow holding him up. 

He must have thought silence meant yes because he started leaning down to kiss me. When he pressed his lips against mine, I didn’t feel anything. No fireworks or sparks people talk about when they kiss the one they love. 

Jaehyun must have felt differently, he started hovering over me, kissing me deeply. Before I could stop him, he started moving down, and kissed my neck. At that point I pushed him away, it reminded me too much of Taeyong. It reminded me of our mornings together and I couldn’t take it anymore. 

“I’m…I’m sorry,” I shook my head, getting off the bed. I apologized again when I saw his face fill with pain. “No, I’m sorry. I went too far,” he lowered his head. He got off the bed and fixed his shirt before walking out of the bedroom. 

I followed him, not knowing how I should approach the situation. “I’m really sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable,” he smiled weakly and nodded. 

“Let’s see each other again soon okay?” Jaehyun mumbled before turning around and walking out. To my surprise, i didn’t stop him. I didn’t move from where I was standing. I should have felt bad….but I didn’t. 

Instead I shut the front door closed and returned to my bed, wrapping the blanket around myself as I thought about Taeyong. 

By now, I knew. I knew that I loved him more than anyone else and all this time I’ve been forcing myself and telling myself lies. It was time to trust myself with the truth, that I no longer loved Jaehyun. 

Thinking about him made me cry again, I know I shouldn’t be crying about it anymore. It’s been days, I should be over the fact that he left. But I wasn’t. and I don’t know when I’ll be okay again. Although it was barely 8, I cried myself to sleep. Sleep, only being able to get 10 hours in total during the entire week. It felt good to rest, to calm down and to stop feeling for a while. 

“_________?” I heard someone whisper as I rolled around in bed, not ready to wake up yet. “_______,” he nudged my arm. I blinked my eyes open to see who it was. 

When I found myself face to face with Taeyong, it was as if time itself was in slow motion. I reached up to touch his cheek, to check if it really was him. 

“Taeyong?” I yawned, sitting up and hugging him. “Shhhh, shhhh. Go back to sleep,” he whispered as he rubbed my back, kissing the top of my head. 

“Why did you leave?” I asked, hugging him tightly. I wasn’t letting go this time, I was afraid to. 

“Jaehyun…when he told me he loved you, I had to try to forget about everything. I’m sorry I left, I didn’t know it hurt you and I promise I’m never leaving again,” he whispered. “I’m so sorry, I should have returned your calls,” he continued. 

“I can’t believe you,” I cried on his shoulder, frustrated that he left me because of that. “Did you even hear what I said during that first phone call?” I buried my face in his neck, shy to admit it now. 

“No…what did you say?” Taeyong asked softly. “I said…I said I love you, you idiot,” I whacked his arm as I said it, looking him in the eye. 

“What did you say?” he repeated. “You heard me!” I covered my face, embarrassed. “I think you need to say it one more time, my ears are still a bit plugged from the pressure during the flight,” he teased. 

“Taeyong I’ll punch you,” I warned. “Why punch me when you can kiss me?” he whispered, serious now. He leaned his forehead on mine and tucked my hair behind my ear. I bit my lip, suddenly nervous. 

He smiled and tilted his chin, closing the gap between us, our lips moving in sync. That’s when I kissed him, I felt the sparks you were suppose to feel. I could feel him smile as he pulled away, “I love you too.” 

“Now let’s get some sleep, I’m exhausted,” he chuckled as he tucked as in. I snuggled closer to him as he sighed, happier than I have ever been in a long time. 

“What made you come back? How did you…” I mumbled as sleep began to take over and I could feel my eyelids get heavier with each passing second. 

“When Jaehyun told me what happened, I took the first flight back. I needed to see you, I needed to be with you again,” Taeyong admitted. I nodded, appreciating Jaehyun for doing the right thing. 

“All I’m going to say is, I’m glad your back. But please, don’t leave me again,” I whispered. He drew little circles on my arm with his thumb as he kissed me again. 

“I’ll never leave you, not now, not in one hundred years, never,” Taeyong promised and in that moment I knew that he was the one. 

Jaehyun’s text message to Taeyong telling him to come back from Taiwan:

just come back, she loves you. she loves you more than anything or anyone in this world and she’s hurt you aren’t here with her. when she’s hurt i feel that pain too. please come back and take care of her. treat her well, love her with all your heart…and now i understand the true meaning of unrequited love. 

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MOM THIS SLOW BURN IS K I L L I N G ME!!!! LIKE, JUST KISS ALREADY!! I HATE U (jk ily, this is the best thing i’ve read in a while, and i’ve just started chap 4. kill me it’s so good. also, idgaf about hockey bc i am jon snow [i know nothing], but i want to protect all of them????????? mother, what have u done?)

“NHL my dream… [b]ut you my dream too” whAT THE FUCK??? THAT’S SO CUTE OMG I’M DYING MOM. BEST FIC EVER OMG ILY SO MUCH RN. I feel kinda empty inside now tho 😭😭 wtf am i supposed to do with my life now? ty mom for this wonderful recommendation

a BEAUTIFUL SAGA IN THREE PARTS, these were incredible to wake up to i swear you guys make my day every day <3


BittyBones Tutorial by Blue-Dragon42

Sooo I had a tutorial requested for the mini nerd (Edgy/Cherry bittybones :3) and I’m hoping this will suffice :D  As you can probably see I love to yolo when I know that a part of something won’t be seen (eheheheh who needs to sculpt every s i n g l e bone dear lord) XD but @sleepysansbitty congrats on actually doing so qAq

Here’s a link to the original post if ya haven’t seen it yet, wanna know what’s up, or need that reference ;P 


and please pllleeaasee if ya do make one I’d love to see em! Just message me under the “ask may stuff” and send a link :D or if you’re having any trouble I’m always here to help ^^ 

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i need sappy things

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FIND A SONG AND GO WITH IT!!!! (that’s how I do it ahahha i cheat)

don’t ask why I’m spamming with reply… I just got home to clean a mess my dog made instead of eat and go to sleep SO I’M FULL OF ENERGY AND HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT I DON’T CARE I DON’T WORK TOMORROW!!!!

M U G E N OMG YOU REALLY DID SPAM ME WITH REPLIES XDD It’s cool though, no worries. I actually finished editing the first part already, it should be up sometime tonight~ 

The Hate’s Mutual- Pt.4

A/N-  Alright guys we made it to part 4! Let’s fucking do this shit and I’m honestly so grateful for those of you who are still following this fic, makes me so happy!


Warning- FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF MATE, It’s literally just straight up fluff

Pairing- Calum/Reader

Summary- Y/N is forced to finally confront her feeling’s towards Calum, well she is kind of sleeping in the same bed as him.

Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3

Word Count- 2.1K

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Request from anons: “Can you please make a part 4 to the break up one ?!?!!?! Btw i am totally in love with your writing!” “Part 4 after SJ please? X” “Can you do a part 4 based off “she’s gone”?? I love your writing!!”

Part 1  -  Part 2  -  Part 3

Sammy’s POV

“I’m really going to need you to tell me what the fuck is up. How are you going to say I have a kid WITHOUT TELLING ME!” I yelled at Y/N, veins popping out. “Hey, we just put the little ones to bed. Keep your yelling to a minimal.” G hushes me. “Did you make me get you pregnant because you KNEW I was seeing another girl to make me stay??” “What? NO! What kind of person do you think I am!” She yells back. “Did you know before you left me?!” I crossed my arms. “I found out a month after I left you. Did I contact you? Yes. Did you answer? No. Did you ever contact me back? No. Did I want to tell you? No. Did I try? Yes. After giving birth, did I think about telling you again? Yes. Did I actually do it? No. Don’t think I’m a monster that doesn’t want my kid and his father never interact. I think about it every single freaking day of my life since the minute I found out i was pregnant. But there was a point in my life where I just let it be. If he wants to meet you, I’d hard core try to contact you. If not, then we’d just move on with life. I was going to let whatever happen, happen. And this happened to happen.” 

“BUT THAT’S MY SON!” I yelled, pointing at myself. “I WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN SO HESITANT TO TELL YOU IF YOU WEREN’T CHEATING ON ME AT THE TIME!” “I’M FUCKING SORRY! OK? BUT THERE’S NOTHING MORE I COULD DO OR SAY TO MAKE IT GO AWAY! WHAT HAPPENED, HAPPENED! LET IT GO!” “And I had SJ! And didn’t tell you! There’s NOTHING more I could do or say to make the last of you not knowing, go away! What happened, HAPPENED! LET. IT. GO.” She used my words against me. “Did he ever ask you about his father?” She looks at me disappointed, “No, he hasn’t yet. Well, not to my face. He’s asked Hannah, your best friend, before, but not me.” “What did she say?” “That you will show up when the time is right.” “I fucking can’t believe I’m a father.” 

I groaned, slapping my hands onto my face, covering it. All of a sudden the baby monitor starts lighting up and a cry erupts from it. “I just put them down!” G complained. “I’ll go.” Y/N doesn’t hesitate, and walks to the room. G turns on the TV and clicks on the security cameras, as we watched Y/N go inside the little ones’ room. She picks up the crying baby, and rocks them, comforting them, and instantly they stop crying. She starts singing a little, trying to making the little one go back to sleep. Once they are drooling, she puts them back to bed, and quietly walks out. She comes back into the living room, and we all stare at her, “You’re a natural.” G says. “She’s a mom.” J smiles. 

“Are you ever going to introduce me as his father? Or he’s just going to be a mystery forever?” “If I introduce you as his father, there is no turning back. You’re going to have to be in his life for good. No turning away. No leaving him behind. If I’m going to bring you into his life like that, you are not allowed to leave his life. Do you understand?” I stood there, thinking. “I am perfectly fine with the way things are with my little family. Now that you know you have a kid, I am not expecting you to pay child support or anything. If you don’t want to be there for your son, that’s fine, I will not introduce you to him like that. I raised him for almost 7 years on my own. I can do it for 11 more years.” 

“I’ll be there for you.” She shuts up. “That’s my freaking kid. I want this kid in my life! He’s my son! I want to be able to get to know my son and be there for him! I missed his first words, his first steps, his first hair cut, his first day of school, I missed 6 birthdays. I missed doctors appointments, family dinners, family days, bed time, changing diapers, high chairs, cribs, baby toys. I missed out. I’m not missing anymore!” I demanded. She just sighs, walking into the play room and bringing out SJ. I sit down on the couch as they both approach him and she gets on her knees. “Baby, do you remember who this is?” She asks me. 

“Sam.” “That’s Sam. Very good. How do you remember that?” “Because that’s my name too!” He says giddy and she smiles. “Well, I have something to tell you about this Sam. Ok?” He looks at her, waiting. “Sam’s full name is Samuel Howard Wilkinson..” She says to him. His face turns shocked, eyes and mouth wide open, eyebrows lifted up. He looks at me, “We have the same name!” He whispers. “SJ, baby, do you remember why I named you that?” He looks back at her, “You named me after my father..” He answered her but quickly turns back to me scrunching his eyebrows, “You have the same name as my dad too.” His voice sounded confused. “Sweetie, this is your dad.” She says softly, holding his body in her hands. He looks back and forth from her to me. “You’re my dad?” He points at me. I awkwardly wave, “Hi.” 

“Where have you been?! You missed out on my birthdays, dance recitals, junior basketball games, junior baseball games, junior lacrosse games. You missed out on my whole life!” “Baby, hey, no. Stop that. Ok. This isn’t your dad’s fault. It was mine.” She looks at him with watery eyes, brushing his hair to the side, showing his forehead. “Your daddy didn’t know you existed till last night. I did it because daddy and I were not happy with each other. So I didn’t tell him he had a kid. I’m sorry. I know I should have told him. He should have been there for you growing up. I’m so sorry baby. I love you so much.” Tears started running down her face, “No, no mommy. Don’t cry. I’m not mad at you okay? Please stop crying.” His little hands wiped her tears off her cheeks. “Tell your dad you’re sorry for yelling and getting mad.” She tells him and he turns to me, “Sorry I got mad at you daddy. I didn’t mean to yell.” He starts tapping his foot, looking at the ground, all innocent. 

I grabbed onto his hands, “It’s okay. And I’m sorry I wasn’t in your life till now. I’ll make it up to you, and mommy, I promise. Okay? I’ll get you anything you want. Any toys, any vacations, any food, even when mommy says no.” I wink at Y/N on the side. “I missed 6 birthdays, so for your 7th birthday, you are getting a lot of presents from me, my friends, and my family. Yeah? Do you want that?” He starts jumping up and down, excited. “After we met you yesterday, we all went out and bought you some presents. Do you want to open them?” I asked, “YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!” He jumps even more. All the guys walk to our hiding place where we kept each of our presents, while Y/N sat him down on the couch, and we all kneeled in front of him, handing him the presents we got him. 

“What do you say to daddy and his friends?” Y/N said to SJ. “Thank you daddy and daddy’s friends.” “No, what are daddy’s friends’ names? Go to them, and give them a hug.” She pushes him off the couch. We watch SJ thank the guys individually and hug them. “You are one rocking mom for having such a kind hearted son. You taught him well.” I said, standing next to Y/N. “Yeah well, he also got his kindness from you.” She admits. “Thanks for giving me a chance to be his father.” “Thanks for wanting to be his father.” She smiles as I go up to SJ and lift him up int the air, hearing him giggle. “He’s going to be a great dad, you know.” I overheard G say to Y/N on the side. “I know he will be. I know.” She says back to him. 

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