'a friendship deeper than love'

Am I the only glad that Jyn and Cassian didn’t kiss? I think that the ‘almost’ of their entire relationship is what made their ending together more powerful. Romantic love is fleeting, it can change very quickly. Friendships can fade and drift away. But Jyn and Cassian had a connection, something much deeper than both friendship and romantic love. Their ending together when they merely embraced felt so much more impactful. That connection between them that transcended the typical stereotypes of a romantic relationship between two main characters, is what really made their final moment matter.

stay strong KD ..

O.k people I’m gonna say this out cause I have been hold it on that’s it’s hurt … So listen to this .. it’s a short story we all could know it let me summaries it :

A: there is two boys were close since they were teenagers , they met each other everyday and they stuck to each other ..

B : they grow up together and they are so kind and lovable , the feeling they had for each other is deeper than friendship and love ..

C : they are roommates, they sleep in the same bed , they travel together , they walk side by side in the airport , they set next each other , they just can’t go apart , this is love ppl ..

D: when there is something big , it’s going to be obvious and noticeable, ppl start talking how they look at each other , how they touch and whisper , even their smilies for each other is different..

E: the world they live in is not a Pinky dream as their feeling for each other , so the world gonna blow and make them go apart , cause they aint normal ppl they are famous stars , they have to hide and control their love , range and sadness ..

F: now we see them silent , stand apart from each other , they have to do what they told , now we see in the eyes of them sadness , sometimes we see love sparkle but it’s can’t controlled or pressed ..

G: they believed that as long as they have each other they are going to be fine cause they belonged..They saw some haters and they saw many supportive hearts , they just need to be strong ..and hell yeah I’m gonna shout out for them Cause they deserve to be loved and they should know that thousands of us are here just waiting for their eyes and smiles to shine..


Korra and Raava

The scene where Korra is riding on Raava up to the spirit energy arc to merge with her once again one of my favourite scenes in the Legend of Korra.  In fact I love it so much it’s my Avatar (no pun intended).  I feel compelled to put into words why that is.

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IMHO, the relationship between Korra and Raava is one of the most beautiful and profound parts of the Avatar franchise.  It’s the only thing I ship more than Korrasami.  Obviously it is not a romantic relationship by any means (Raava is after all, a big kite), and that would cheapen it.  It’s also not really a platonic “friendship” either, their love is deeper than that.  They are bonded together forever in a way that transcends time and death.  They would do anything for each other.  When Unalaaq was killing Raava with his water whip, each strike hurt Korra like an icy stab into her heart.  The physical AND emotional anguish Korra felt was like her soul being ripped out of her, and of course in a way it was.  In Book 4 when Korra felt utterly lost, she went on a spiritual journey across the world alone specifically to find Raava.  That’s how much Raava means to her, it’s very touching to me. 


The symbolism of their relationship is rich.  At first I thought Raava represented Korra’s self-esteem, her belief in herself, but no, that was actually manifested as Giant Blue Korra (GBK).  GBK was the ultimate representation of Korra’s own will and power, apart from Raava.  Raava on the other hand is Korra’s spirituality given corporeal form.  It is her relationship with her Faith, her personal relationship with God (or Buddha, Karma, Krishna).  Spiritual faith can cause terrible things like terrorism and prejudice, but it can be also be a source of such a pure, powerful, beautiful, and touching human experience, which I think Korra/Raava exemplifies.  It is your relationship with a Being or Force that is unfathomably older and more powerful than you, yet loves you, believes in you, and treats you as a complete equal in terms of worth to the universe.   I am personally NOT a spiritual person (I’m a hard atheist), but it is moments like this that I am VERY jealous of the person with faith.   


This allows me to circle back to why I love that scene so much.  Raava had just come back to life (darkness cannot exist without light, also beautiful).  She (Raava) is now bigger, more powerful, more resplendent than ever.  Like Vaatu, Raava has lived 10,000 lifetimes before the first human crawled out of the mud.  Yet, she looks at tiny Korra and sees an equal, a bonded partner for all her lifetimes.  It doesn’t need to, yet it willingly offers a tendril to bear tiny Korra lovingly up to the heavens to bind with her once again, as equals.  It is one of the most profound and beautiful moments in the series to me and causes some tearbending. 

i ship stucky with all of my heart, but the russo brothers are NOT queerbaiting.

in all scenes they are together, everything is consistent. it’s not like, say, poe looking at finn with longing eyes and biting his lip, and going, “no keep it, it suits you,” and then later on saying, “pal” or “buddy.”

no, everything about steve and bucky screams true friendship. in the way they look at each other, in the way they talk to each other and protect one another. YES, steve would risk his life and do everything for his closest, friend. YES, friendship can run a lot deeper than romantic love.

i’m not saying i wouldn’t want to see them in a romantic relationship – i want that more than anything. i’m just saying we’re not getting cheated on, we’re not being mocked or fooled.

oh and, not all anti-sharon carter are stucky shippers, asshats. it doesn’t sit well with us that steve fucking rogers would kiss his dead EX’S NIECE FOR GOD’S SAKE in the middle of a goddamn CIVIL WAR. it’s just on so many levels of nope, man.

Quick Carmilla Headcannon

So I think part of the reason that Perry is so off put by LaFontaine being non-binary and saying things like “I don’t want to be Susan any more” is because, obviously Perry loved LaFontaine. They’ve been best friends since five years old. But I think that that love is deeper than 13 years of friendship, I think it borders on romantic. And so since Perry likes normal so much, it took her a long time to admit to even herself that she loved LaFontaine romantically because to her that might not have been “normal.” So I think that she was so upset by the whole situation because it took her so long to recognise she liked a girl just to find out they’re not really a girl at all. And idk, I think that’s kind of sad.