'a beautiful mind'

If we were a fire, we’d be sparked in the forest.

Where, for once, something was more alive than us.
—  Nicole Torres // First Chapter Sentence; Existing Magic;

Life is valuable simply because we exist. What if we didn’t? We wouldn’t be able to see, hear or taste anything. No thoughts would be thought. No feelings would be felt.
We exist at this current moment, and that is enough to be thankful.

I met @debbyryan 💕 we decided to go to Dennys after our last show in Anaheim & while we were waiting for our food we saw Jon Bellions drummer walk in & initially I thought “aw that’s cute, he’s hanging out with some fans” because I saw a girl with a Beautiful Mind hat on & then she looked at me & I realized THAT’S DEBBY RYAN! So we ate our food & decided to go to the car & wait for her to leave because we didn’t want to bother her while she was eating. When we got to the car we watched her snapchat & saw that she’d posted a snap of the pictures of the boys we had hanging from our rear view mirror 😂 (video here : x)
She came out a little while later & we talked with her & Jons drummer for a few minutes. She was so sweet & even agreed to give the boys a cereal box we made for them (cereal box pictures here : x)

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us Debby!!

Don’t ever forget how hard you’ve worked to get to the point you’re at right now. All of those moments you chose to take the hard path over the easy path; it will all pay off.  It truly will.  Just be patient.

keith is and always will be, in my entirely biased eyes, The Most Beautiful Human In The Galaxy™  

the set so far: Keith | Lance

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Relax. Breathe. It’s okay, you have time. Take it day by day and allow things to unfold as they’re meant to. Your life will happen according to its own timing, and you will become the person you’re meant to be.