'You end up here or get mixed up in something worse: you're on your own. I will not come for you.'


On the left is a picture of my poor lil pizza face 6 months ago, and on the right is a picture of me from today.

I know people don’t want to hear it because it’s easier to take medication, cover it up with make up, blame uncontrollable hormones, blah blah blah, but the reality is that you can drastically improve your skin just by evaluating and changing your lifestyle. It takes a while and it gets waaaay worse before it gets better (I was about 4 or 5 months into my “acne-be-gone” changes on the left) but it’s definitely worth it.

The absolute biggest changes I have made are:

  • No dairy, especially if you’re a lady. Milk is filled with hormones perfect for lil baby cows who need to grow big and fat, but those hormones also help your acne to grow big and fat hence why you end up with cysts in pre-menstrual places like your chinny chin chin. Admittedly I am much less strict now but I know instantly when I’ve overdone it.
  • No face touching! It’s the most difficult thing in the world to stop picking and squeezing but more often than not if you leave a zit alone it’ll sort itself out. Almost all of my “blemishes” nowadays can be attributed to scanning my face for potential breakouts and I am a bit obsessed with my pores. Even a tiny experimental squeeze will come back and bite you in the ass so leave it alone! 
  • Oil cleansing and giving up trying to scrub it away. The absolute best face washing method (for me at least) is oil cleansing as nowadays I have very dry skin and I get pretty gnarly psoriasis on my face when I get super stressed. I use a 1:2 mix of castor oil and jojoba oil but I recommend reading about it and figuring out what your skin is like and what oil does what. It takes some experimenting, but again, soooo worth it once you find out what works for you. I read somewhere that when you have acne there are special acne fighting bacteria chilling out on your face that are trying to help you but are often washed away with the crazy strong chemicals found in most face washes, so by washing your face gently and less regularly (I usually only wash my face in the morning) you’re allowing your face to help itself. 
  • Keeping good habits and observing what makes you break out. Common sense stuff like changing your pillow cases regularly, patting your skin dry instead of rubbing, drinking lots of water, eating your veggies, taking vitamins (I take several, but I highly suggest cod liver oil capsules), avoiding junk food, taking your make up off thoroughly if you wear it, yadda yadda. I have heard that lots of people suggest sleeping with their hair tied back but personally I found that made my skin break out, so it’s about observing what happens to you personally. Like for me I have to dab my mouth with toilet paper instead of a towel when I’ve rinsed away any toothpaste on my mouth otherwise my top lip breaks out? Ugh.
  • Exercising and getting regular fresh air/sunshine. More common sense, when you sweat all the yucky stuff in your skin is sweat out too and if you're like me and have dry skin this is especially beneficial. As I’ve been overcoming my agoraphobia I’ve noticed that being outside regularly has been the most consistent “cure” for my acne so I recommend everyone gets some outside without their war paint on.

In short, educate yourself and have faith. I did some crazy shit to my face when I was younger because I didn’t know what to do and was encouraged to use no end of products that could probably unblock a drain, so learn about what your skin is like and stop equating the idea that acne = dirty because that’s not true. I’ll bet nearly all of the face washes you can buy are filled with something that’s more likely to scar you than help you, even the ones that advertise themselves as being gentle, so if you only take away one thing here please please please let it be that you can’t remedy your acne by focusing only on the external. You have a lot less to lose by taking your make up off and having a glass of water than you do by scrubbing the shit outta it with some industrial strength bleach because some airbrushed celebrity pretending to wash her face told you it changed her life. 

(PS: To play my own devil’s advocate I will say that the left picture was taken using my iPod’s front camera and the right with my LG G2’s regular camera, so that’s a big jump in quality and I probably didn’t look as red as the picture shows)

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Will you talk a little bit about your motivation? What inspires you? What pushed you to start not only your transformation, but also The Crush Nation? What keeps you motivated? I think you're a huge inspiration! ☺️ (also that all kinda rhymes 😂)

I usually try and avoid this question, because its so hard to answer. Some sources of my motivation have changed as I’ve grown as a person, but some have also stayed the same. I’ll do my best because I know this is the golden question…This might be a little therapy for me. 

I think my entire life, my motivation has been my family. My brother was diagnosed with bad leukemia at a young age (5), and we were told he wasn’t going  to make it a few rough years later… He made it. Well, I guess thats some motivation in itself. If he can beat something that literally took over his entire body, I should be able to get my shit together, roll out of bed, and do some cardio, right? Also, lets not forget that I grew up next door to JJ Watt. I feel like that had motivated me throughout my childhood, even before he was famous. We always competed at a young age in athletics. Obviously his story still pushes me to make a bigger name for myself every day as well. 

My parents also went through a brutal divorce, that lasted probably 5-6 years. I think it got bad in 4/5th grade, and officially ended freshman year of high-school. I think a lot of the motivation from that, was to make them proud, or even notice I was alive. They were too busy screaming at each other, that I have literally almost forgotten that entire part of my life. I guess I was always trying to get them to notice me? So growing up, I was always the star athlete, captain of the team, hard worker, etc. Just wanted somebody to freaking notice lol!

After the divorce I pretty much had to figure things out on my own. I quit every sport I played, and kind of just went away. For the 5 years prior, I never really had a ‘home’ anyway, and I didn’t really plan on ever having one again. I bounced between A LOT of places to live, and never really found myself. The motivation at that point, instantly switched to being able to afford college. I was a damn good soccer player, so I made it happen.

College was bad. I had no motivation. I broke my collar bone in preseason camp and moved home. I attended some community college andddddd got mixed up into alcohol and drugs. Basically, I was depressed, and bottomed out. Around that same time, the girl I was dating, came over crying and told me that she had been engaged for a year, and was with that same somebody for 3 years prior. So I mean that was interesting. One thing led to another, and about 5 months later I overdosed on some pain killers. Probably a good thing that happened to be honest. From that point, some time went by, and I decided to get back into fitness. I went to the community college weight room for chest day, and put on 135# on the barbell. Un-racked it, and my collar bone snapped almost instantly. I think I could feel the disappointment over the pain, to be honest. You know the drill, more pain killers, more feeling sorry for myself, same story. 

I had been with another girl for a couple years at this point. We were both into fitness, so it was a good way for me to get back into things. After a rough couple years, she left me because her ex boyfriend was drafted to the NHL. At this point, you can see where my first “before” picture was taken. The one next to the magazine cover post. No, she was not my motivation to be a model. I actually didn’t care too much that she left me. I was just in such a rut mentally, that I knew I needed to get out of. I had started a couple businesses that failed, got my real estate license, and did some weird crap to make money and get by. It wasn’t cutting it!

When I posted that first progress picture, I hated looking at it. I worked out three times a day and did everything in the world I could to get abs. I thought abs were what I wanted. Got super skinny, got abs, still looked like a hungry little beaver, and I didn’t know what was going on. At this point, my motivation was probably just getting my shit together. I had no real plans. I wanted to make my family proud of me, instead of always being the liability problem child. With the soccer dream gone, I was literally just nothing. I just wanted to be something, to someone, so badly. 

Fast-forward to now? My brother still motivates me. My strong AF beautiful holy freaking superwoman mother motivates me, JJ still motivates me, etc. The real motivation honestly just comes from you guys. Hearing that I changed a life, will give me enough motivation to take me through hell and back twice. I think of wounded soldiers who can’t walk, don’t have limbs, etc. I think of people who have it far worse than I ever have or will.  

Financially, the motivation is always going to be there. I’ve always had HUGE dreams to be in forbes and be considered a most powerful forbes person, and I will do that! But I won’t do it at the expense of selling myself out from you guys. AKA the people that got me here in the first place. I think that we all have the motivation swimming around us…its just how we harness it and use it as fuel.

At the end of the day, I wake up every day and do what I do, for myself. I only told you 5% of what I’ve been through in my life. It hasn’t been great, but the beautiful part is that I have the power to write the rest of the story. THAT is my motivation. It’s called OPPORTUNITY. 

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Please please please write a hot, sexual tension exploding, angry sex, smutty fic of Robin and Regina in the EF because damn I really need it lol

ookkkkaaayyy… so… I have written this. And… oh my. Ok, let me get notes out of the way first because I want to say some things. 

I have never really been one for writing smut. I’m more of a ‘fade to black’ kind of writer. But… I don’t mind pushing myself and, this I suppose falls under that. Anyone who has any feedback would be great to hear from - if there are things you liked about this then please tell me what they are. If there are things you hated then please, also tell me what they (I genuinely will not get mad. This is my first time writing anything like this so I do not expect everything to be praises. 

So… here we go. 

Oh and also - this is very very M rated. In case the prompt didn’t make that clear ;) 


‘How dare you!’ Regina stormed after him. To say she was furious would be an understatement, and in fact, she had it very well in her head to rip his heart out right now and crush it with her bare hands.

'How dare I what?’ He spun around, his eyebrows raised in questioning at her.

'How dare you talk back to me like that, in front of everyone. You made me look weak and incapable, and I will not tolerate it.’

Robin held up one finger. ‘Weak, no, never,’ A second finger went up. ‘Incapable, yes. But only in this instance.’

'The nerve of you.’ She growled. 'Do you have any idea what I could do to you? I could crush your heart, right now, this instance. Or… worse.’

'You could.’ He said. 'But you won’t.’

'And just how do you know that?’ She snarled, stepping closer in an intimidating prowling manner.

'Because if you were going to, Your Majesty, you would have already done so.’

Her steps halted. Before she even knew what had happened her jaw had gone slack and Robin was smirking at her.

'Bet no man has ever made you speechless like that?’

Regina gritted her teeth. ‘I’ll show you speechless.’ She growled out, stepping forward even more. All she wanted to do was wipe the stupid smirk off his face. She acted with one sole purpose… annoy Robin Hood as much as he annoyed her.

She grabbed the lapels of his jacket and surged forward. As soon as her lips touched his, she forgot everything before that moment.

He pulled back after a moment, and she almost whimpered at the loss of contact.  He looked her in the eye, a mix of wonder, confusion and heat. Before she could comprehend anything more he gripped her waist tight with his hands and kissed her once more.


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