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What happened with Charlie and the candle??

SO. CHARLIE AND THE CANDLE. The tale of “why I think charlie’s ghost is hanging around and knows I exist”

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I’ve decided to attempt a full week of Good Behavior when it comes to food and general self care. The scientist in me really wants to track my weight over the course of the week just to have some concrete data on how the change in diet impacts my body. The recovered anorexic in me spent 15 minutes in Walmart staring at scales and then decided “Nope, I don’t need to invite that shit back into my life.”

So, no data, but hopefully the week will result in whiter teeth, stronger arms, and a bit less tummy pudge. :3

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What are your thoughts on Hannibal cracking Wills skull open in Dolce? Would he actually have done it and ate his brains? Did he know they would be interrupted? Is all the heavy love we get now just by chance, so to say? That doesn't seem very Hannibal? Neither character nor show.

I think Hannibal would have absolutely gone on to eat Will’s brain if they hadn’t been interrupted. At the end of Secondo, Hannibal tells Bedelia that in order to forgive Will he has to eat him. This was heavy foreshadowing, since it was accompanied by Hannibal looking directly into the camera and a cut to black. There was no way this statement wouldn’t be revisited in a later episode.

I completely understand why people were surprised by Hannibal attempting to open Will’s skull and eat his brain. Hannibal has placed Will is some dangerously dire situations before, but you can (if you are so willing, and I’m not entirely sure I am) conceivably cast these events in a light that suggests that Will wasn’t actually in any mortal danger. If Will was at risk from dying from his encephalitis, Hannibal could have intervened. Hannibal arranged matters so that Will was released from jail. Hannibal gutted Will in a way that insured he wouldn’t bleed out. Drilling into Will’s skull specifically to eat his brain, especially when it has been repeatedly suggested that Hannibal uses cannibalism as an act of dominance, seems just a tiny step… too far?

The thing is that none of this precludes Hannibal from loving Will (romantically, platonically, metaphysically, however you see it). I think it’s pretty obvious that Will is the most important (living) person in his life. Will not only understands him, but he has the ability to accept him. However, just as Will is a non-binary thinker, Hannibal is a non-binary cannibal. To Hannibal, cannibalism is a way to dehumanize unworthy people, but it’s also inextricably tied up in love. He ate his sister after all (But TECHNICALLY I didn’t kill her! Hannibal shouts out a friendly reminder from the ether).

I would also argue that by eating Will’s brain, Hannibal was (to his mind) elevating Will above his other victims. After Dolce, I wrote a science!meta that is currently sitting in my drafts folder about why it’s medically risky for Hannibal to consume Will’s brain. In short, consuming another human’s brain doesn’t come without it’s risks, but Hannibal was willing to make that risk for Will.

Finally, not only did he want to consume Will’s brain, the seat of Will’s knowledge and insight and understanding (ie. everything that makes Will beautiful and interesting to Hannibal), but he also was attempting to do it in a way that minimized Will’s pain and suffering. Will was so high in that scene, Hannibal could have started nibbling on his limbs and he would not have cared one bit. Contrast this to Will’s interrupted face-off surgery in Digestivo. Mason wanted Will to suffer, so he denied him anesthesia. Minimizing his victims’ pain is decidedly not Hannibal Lecter’s MO, so the fact that he did so for Will could be seen as an indicator of his respect and love for him.

In summary, yes, Hannibal wanted to eat Will’s brain, and yes, Hannibal loves Will, and, I would argue, Hannibal wanted to eat Will’s brain as an expression of his own version of love. Honestly, I think it’s a mistake to hold Hannibal Lecter up to the same standards of love that we have, and in my opinion it’s what makes Hannibal and Will’s relationship so painfully tragic and interesting.

Why Strange Magic is Actually Brilliant: A Conversation Turned into a Revelation

AKA My Sweater Deserves an Award

There are moths in this world. Let that be known. And I realize that moths exist. But sometimes I forget what they do and how much it annoys me. 

Like, for example, eat a whole in the cuff of one of my favorite sweaters.

So there I am, holding up this sweater, scowling at the dime sized hole while my sister watches on, her head tilted.

“What’s wrong?”

I scoffed, throwing the thing down. “It was a moth,” I groused. “They ate through my sweater.”

“Isn’t that-”

The second time its happened? Yeah.” I sighed. There was no fixing anything now, and honestly, getting upset over a sweater seemed too trivial. “Just make sure you close the door when you come in, or we’ll get more of them in here and I can’t lose another sweater. Okay?”

“Yeah, sure,” she shrugged, picking the thing up between pinched fingers. “You know, I could probably sew this up for you. It’s just a hole.”

“Of course you could sew it up,” I replied, rummaging round the room for another. “The thing is, if you sew it up then it’ll just pucker. You really can’t fix what moths eat into. You’d just make a scar.”

“No one will notice.”

I’ll notice.”


“Not whatever!” I snapped back, giving her a pointed look. “Once something is broken you can’t fix it like that. Besides, all moths are gonna do is eat another one and then those will just have holes that we have to fix. And like I said, you can try and sew it up but it will never be the- OH HOLY SHIT.”

“What! What happened!?”

Strange Magic is fucking brilliant that’s what happened.

“What’s Strange-”


Because Roland ate away. That’s what moths do. They create holes that need to be sewn by others. And as much as that person can’t see it’s there, you’ll always feel the scar.

Marianne will always carry what Roland wrought. But she embraces the puckered edges and the slatted lines and the mismatched thread. She notices. And she loves to notice it.

I just think I figured out Roland’s character through a fucking sweater.

I have risen to Insane Boss Level and there is no going back.

I swear right now. Fight me. I’m only five foot and have the strength of a rainbow floating on a pastel cloud made out of tiny happy goldfish BUT I WILL TAKE YOU DOWN TO PROVE THIS. 

Okay so normally I would never post a photo like this, but I am feeling very body positive today. Sunday’s workout just completed! (Yes I am currently working out in Superman pyjama shorts haha) This brings me to the end of week 1 of fitness-fits-me’s fitness plan :D​ I had lost 3 stone in 2 years by myself but I recently wanted to tone up and shed those last few stubborn pounds, so I decided to buy Charlottes plan, and I am so glad I did! I haven’t even been following the meal part but I feel so much better already! Bring on the next 3 weeks! :D And weigh in tomorrow :o Thank you Charlotte <3 


I was tagged by roeirn carlllgallaghrrr conartistcael (and I think pandyxmilkovich) for the stop drop and selfie thing so here I am getting ready for the ac/dc concert tonight

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wouldn't it be easier to just eat a burger? a burger won't kill you, how healthy can it be to have a need of knowing the calories or nutritional value of everything? live a little.

I think you’re probably trying to be helpful, but to me you sound like you’re trying to tell me how to live my life and what is good for me. To be honest, I’m not really wild about being told what to do, so if this sounds a little perturbed, it’s because I am.

To answer your question, since I’m trying to lose weight and get fit, knowing the nutritional value of foods is  something that has an impact on my life and my health. This is a priority for me and I treat it as such.

What is more important to me however, is knowing if there is ANY SUGAR, HFCS, or gluten in anything I’m eating. 

I don’t want any of that passing my lips, I don’t want it on my tongue, I don’t want it on my plate. I can NOT TOLERATE IT. It’s not a matter of ‘living a little’, it’s a matter of addiction.

Would you serve a drink with hidden liquor in it to an alcoholic? No. Well, serving me things with sugar, HFCS, and gluten in it amounts to the same thing. If I can’t look at the nutritional values of the foods, then I can’t find all that hidden shit which restaurants and food processors love to put into food.

You have no idea what i eat, so please don’t tell me to ‘live a little’ as if after 53 years I don’t know how to live or what I like to eat.  I eat burgers 2-4 times a week, I eat t-bone steaks 1-2 times a week, I eat pork steaks 1-2 times a week, I eat bacon 1-2 times a week. I eat cheese  2-4 times a day, I eat full fat, REAL whipped cream for dessert every damn night. 

This isn’t a matter of ‘living a little’,  it’s a matter of not being sucker-punched and drawn back into an addiction that I’ve fought very hard to get out of.

So, thank you for your input, but this is my life and I’m living and enjoying it just fine. 



“I think I just happen to be the only one who actually belongs here! Sooo just who the hell are you two?”

[[ The Bulbasaur and Oddish have wiggled to freedom and absconded! ]]

“..Hey!!    Jeeze I’m not THAT scary… what’s their deal??”

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So if any followers have a minute to send some good thoughts my dog’s way. He ate a worrisome non-food item last night and I’m doing the waiting game here. I went to bed crying last night, but this morning I’m being less emotional and just figuring it will come out one way or another. I’ll worry and panic if he starts acting sick. Anyway, some positive thoughts might help. Thanks. :)

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How do you think the company would react to you? Would you get along with all of them or would you clash with any?

ya know i’ve never considered this before, so i’ve reflected on it for a little bit and i keep coming to the same conclusions - if it’s pre-dos, the entire company would be sick of me in under an hour lmao. especially Dwalin, poor guy, bc i’d be trying so hard to become his new best friend  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ they’d tire of my shipper trash ways.
but if i met them after The Hug, we’d probably all fall deep into bagginshield hell together and maybe be okay. except Dwalin, he’d still be so done with me.