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strawberries and cream (part 2)

A Patrick Hockstetter Fanfic

a/n : I am SO sorry that this took so long! Anyways, here are part 1 and the teaser. Please read them to understand the story!

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Patrick gave you that wicked grin one last time before he turned and started walking to a car parked nearby.

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SSS: Bar Fight

Kong: Skull Island has been beating its chest and roaring its way through our collective psyche for quite a few weeks now, and we need to let off some steam.  Thank goodness we have a focus for our frustration in the form of our darling beating the ever-loving horse crap out of some miscreants in a Hanoi dive bar. 

Naturally these images have spurred some excellent fic, compiled here for your sweaty, smokey, erotic enjoyment

Tonight’s authors bring us bar fights and fucks perpetrated by Capt. Conrad, Magnus, Loki, and Tom.  Chalk up your pool cues (that’s what we’re calling it these days).

18+, Mature Audiences Only, NSFW,  Here be smut.

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anna-the-autistic-kinkshamer  asked:

I'm writing an R-rated Disney fanfiction that deals with Jewish versions of Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) and Merlin (from Sword in the Stone) battling against zombie neo-Nazis and other threats. How do I write battle scenes? And what should I do if a toddler character is caught in a violent situation?

Hello, darling!  That sounds like a fantastic kinda terrifying fanfiction!  When it’s finished, be sure to let me know if you publish it online – I’d love to give it a read :)

So these are two very different questions.  For the issue of the toddler, I’d prefer a little more insight into what you’re asking – do you want to know how the child would react emotionally/mentally to the situation?  How the adults should react?  I’ll also need to know what kind of violent scenario you’re entertaining, since the answer would vary in differing degrees of violence, or in the presence of comforting adults, etc.

But your first question – how to write battle scenes – is a common issue that I’ve yet to discuss here!  So I’ll give you a few personal tips, then link you to other resources :)

The Rules of Battle (Scenes)

There are two types of “battle scenes”: duels and wars.

Duel: a battle between two (or, for the sake of the example, three or four) individuals, composing its own scene.  A duel involves people in the immediate vicinity, and, typically, main or secondary characters.  (Examples: lightsaber duels in Star Wars; the battle at the cornucopia in Hunger Games.)

War: a battle between two or more groups of people, which is composed of multiple scenes – either summarized overall by the narrator or shown through duel scenes.  A war involves many people, usually including stock characters or “bodies”.  (Examples: Battle of Helms Deep in Lord of the Rings; the battle at Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.)

It’s important to recognize that while both types of battle scenes can stand alone, wars don’t tend to fare well in fiction.  Massive battles are riveting on a movie screen, but they’re difficult to capture on a page, without visuals – so the more you can lean on individual duels, involving characters your readers care about, the more tension you’ll be able to develop.

So I’ll lay out my… um… my ten duel commandments.

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Actually just five.

  1. Be quick and unspecific.  When two people fight, they’re not thinking full thoughts or planning what they’re doing.  They’re not noticing the feeling of their knuckles clacking against someone’s jaw.  They’re not admiring the shiny rose-colored blood as it trickles from their enemy’s nose.  What they’re doing is clumsy and half-instinct.  Feelings only appear in flashes – sweat gets in their eyes and blood rushes in their ears, and things take them by surprise.  If they’re thinking anything, it’s probably something along the lines of, “Oh, sh*t,” as they see their opponent’s fist heading for their face.
  2. Keep it physical.  I think everyone can agree that when you’re watching two characters face off and they keep stopping to exchange witty repartee, it’s eye-roll-worthy.  This trope needs to die.  If you want it to be realistic, have Character A start to monologue until Character B notices they’re off-guard and goes for the throat.  But please, don’t use a battle scene as a dialogue machine.  If words are kept rare, then when they are used – when Character A winds up backing Character B into a wall with nowhere to go, and A sees the fear of god in B’s eyes as they whisper, “Okay, okay, okay wait…” – they gain real weight.
  3. Mix it up a lil’ bit.  No matter how much people love your characters, they’re not gonna sit through a stereotypical, you-hit-me, I-hit-you, oh-look-at-that-we-both-hit-each-other-and-threw-each-other-off, so-we-back-up-and-stare-at-each-other-menacingly.  Seriously.  We’ve seen it all before.  Instead, interchange small blows with spats of violent throat-grabbing, kicking, hair-grabbing, shoulder-dislocating – if your characters have weapons, break them, or make your characters drop them.  Just don’t let be it predictable.
  4. Don’t forget mistakes.  Your characters will have varying levels of experience or training, and even a warrior with decades of training will make mistakes.  Opponents are unpredictable, and even their body can fail them.  If a character is newly trained, they should fall a lot.  They should drop their weapon, or scream, or try to reason with their opponent, or stumble into things because they aren’t totally connected to their surroundings.  They should scream out for help from their allies.  Mistakes are endearing and realistic, and they increase the stakes.
  5. Scare your characters.  There are no stakes if your characters feel confident in what they’re doing.  Let it hit your MC that just one miss, one bad decision, could take their life.  Let them notice the look in their opponent’s eye – that look that says they will kill your MC if they get the opportunity.  Don’t give them never-ending cockiness.  I don’t care how many years they’ve trained, what weapon they have, or what god they believe in – failure is always an option, and it threatens your character with every blow.  Don’t lose that tension.

Those are just basic thoughts, but if you have any more questions, my inbox is open!  As for resources for battle scenes:

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

I was going through all my unfinished and rejected text files (there’s… quite a few). So, instead of leaving them to collect dust on my computer, I decided hey, why the hell not. Think of these as the roughest of rough doodles. Doodles that might be missing hands. Or are all drawn in side-profile. Most of these are NOT finished.

kinda based on this thing here

If there was a world’s biggest douchebag award you’d be winning the motherfucking shit out of it. But you can’t stop staring at John’s boobs.

It’s awful. You’re awful.

Hate it, that you’re not better than this, that after a fucking decade of John being John your love twizzler still goes hello ladies at the sight of John’s chest and he’s not, they’re not, it’s just him, John, your best friend and your best bro and complete full package deal asshole and god damn it, he has the cutest frickin’ boobs. You’re scum, you’re horrible and you deserve so many pinecones up your fucking ass you can out-fart a Febreze.

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Show Me Love 11

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Plot: Your vacation with your family has been a blast, but everything has to come to an end some time.  Especially when Aunt Pepper finally introduces her boyfriend.

Warnings: Dry humping, morning sexytimes, smut, Tony ruins EVERYTHING, language (cuz it’s me, duh.) fluff.  This one is a NOVEL, guys.

A/N: I hope you guys enjoyed the fluff while you could because shit is about to hit the damn fan ;D  There are a shit ton of gifs in this one, and as always not a single one of them is mine. More Lena crackships. Have an unapologetically sassy Ma Rogers, everyone.

I know this is off of my typical posting schedule being the middle of the day here and all (4pm CST) So consider it my Christmas Present to all you lovely people!

Missed something?  Find the beginning HERE

⬅️⬅️PART 10 ||| PART 12➡️➡️

You’re not quite sure what woke you the next morning.  Could’ve been the sun shining brightly through your shutters or it could have been the sounds of your mother screaming in greeting at whoever had just arrived at the house.

Whatever it was, all you knew was that you wanted to throw the covers over your head and get back to sleep.

That is until Bucky shifted against you and you felt the morning pressing hard and eager against your hip.

And then everything came slamming back into place.

You were home, on New Year’s Eve, wrapped in the arms of the man of your dreams under strict orders that you were not to sleep together while under your mother’s roof.

A wicked smirk crawls across your face as you turn in those massive arms and hook a leg over tapered hips.

Technically, you wouldn’t be breaking any rules.

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Dean/jensen meeting readers family? - This is crap. I’m so sorry.

You Don’t Know Me

“Fuck!” You yelled, throwing your phone down on the bed. Immediately, Dean and Sam both gave you confused looks and you sighed, then grabbed the bottle of whiskey and took a chug from it, then slammed it back down on the table.

“Well don’t drag it out any longer, Y/N,” Dean laughed and stood up. “I know for a fact this time that I didn’t do anything. Sam, was it you?” Sam just glared at him and you rolled your eyes.

“My brother just texted me,” You sighed and put a hand to your forehead.

“Your brother has your phone number?” Dean tilted his head to the side.

“Yes, Dean. For emergencies only. He knows the drill.”

“Wait - your brother knows you hunt?” Sam stood up as well. “Does he know about us?”

“Yes and no,” You sighed again and started pacing. “But that’s besides the point. My parents found out I’m in town. They want me to come over for dinner.”

“So don’t go,” Dean laughed like it was nothing.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a smutty mike one-shot where you're both in school and you have to sneak around in between classes, please? (Love your blog, btw!)

Thank you ❤️💋
“Damn girl”, I felt someone wrap their hands around my waist. I turned around and it was my boyfriend, Mike.
“You scared me”, I giggled.
“Sorry babe. By the way you look smoking hot in this blue dress”, he smirked and then winked.
“Thank you”, I blushed.
“Come closer”, he opened his arms and I hugged him.
“What the hell?”, I felt him hard against me.
“You have to help me babe”, he whispered in my ear as he hugged me closer.
“We’re at school, Mike”.
“I know. We can sneak in between classes”.
“It’s gonna be hard and I don’t wanna get in trouble”.
“Come on baby girl”, he begged.
“Fine”, I pulled away from the hug.
“I’m gonna go to English class now, after 30 minutes I’m gonna ask to go to the restroom. Meet me by the janitor room”, I said.
“Okay babe”, he leaned in for a kiss.
I went to English class and we had to read a novel and answer a couple of questions.
I felt my phone vibrating so I looked at it and it was a text from Mike.
“Can we meet now? Please”.
“Yes”, I replied.
“May I go to the restroom?”, I asked my teacher.
“Yes. You only have 5 minutes. If you take longer I’m calling the office”.
My teacher was very strict of restroom breaks and I hated it because what can I do for Mike for 5 minutes.
I walked to the janitor room and he was standing there. I tilted my head to the right, tell him to go in. He did and then moments later I was after him.
“Oh my god”, he pushed me against the wall and started kissing me passionately as he lifted my dress up.
“Mike, I have 5 minutes. The teacher will call the office if I’m late”, I pulled back from the kiss.
“FUCK”, he said angrily.
“We have to do this after each period until you’re done”, I said annoyed.
“Like can you keep that shit calm and leave it for tonight”, I pointed at his area.
“Maybe you shouldn’t dress like this and look all pretty and shit. And it will be able to wait”, he pulled me closer to him and grabbed my butt as he kissed me.
“Times up”, I pulled back.
“Fuck this”, he hit the wall.
“Relax baby, see you next class”, I smirked and left the room.
I walked back to my class and I had a minute before the teacher would call the office.
“Right on time Ms. (Y/L/N)”, my teacher said.
“I put a timer on my phone”, I laughed.
“Good, now go continue reading”.
I went back to my seat and I did my work.
Finally the bell rang and I had math next.
I heard a whistle and it was Mike standing beside an empty drama class that no one used for some reasons, it didn’t have windows or anything. It was super dark and creepy. But I guess it was a good place to do our naughty things.
I walked there and he shoved me in the room.
“You’ll be late to math I don’t care”, he lifted my dress and started moving his fingers on my area.
“What are you doing, Mike”.
“Making you as horny as me so at the end. We both enjoy it”, he smirked and started kissing me.
“Uhhhh, Mike!”, I moaned as he removed the piece of fabric and inserted two finger inside of me.
“You like that baby girl?”, he started kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear.
As he was doing that, the bell rang and I had to leave.
“Enjoy your math class with that wet underwear”, he winked.
“Fuck you Mike”, I laughed.
“I will, next period”.
I left the room and I went to the third floor which was the math and art floor.
I walked to my math class and my teacher wasn’t happy at all.
“(Y/N), you’re 3 minutes late. You have a pop quiz to write. Let’s get going fast”, she ordered.
I went to sit at my desk and she handed me the quiz.
God damn it, I couldn’t concentrate. My area was so warm and wet, and I was so aroused. All I could think of was Mike and him being inside of me.
I looked at the sheet and it was about graphing and quadratic functions.
“Shit”, I murmured.
“Something wrong, (Y/N)?”, the teacher asked.
“No nothing”, I gave her a fake smile.
That was the hardest unit for me, and even if I knew how to do the work, I wasn’t able to because of my thoughts.
I tried my best to concentrate and I finally finished it although I was 80% sure I did everything wrong.
I had my phone in my hand and I was counting the seconds and the minutes for the bell to ring.
I had photography after this period, and my teacher was the best, he didn’t care if we came late or if we asked to go the restroom and came back after 15 minutes.
Finally the bell ran and I couldn’t be more excited.
I got a text from Mike telling me to meet in the same drama class.
I went running down stairs and I entered it and shut the door as fast as I can.
I threw my bag on the floor and jumped up on Mike.
“Fuck me now”, I ordered.
“That’s my girl”, he smirked.
We kissed passionately for about a minute or two so that we were so into it.
“Hurry”, I got off of him and I opened his belt and unzipped his pants, I slid them down with his boxer.
“Fuck you’re so hard”, I held his erection in my hand.
“Bend over”, he pleaded.
I turned and I took off my underwear and lifted my dress up and I bent over.
“Just like that, baby girl”, he entered his hard in me and I let out a moan.
“Shhhhhhhhh”, he pushed me closer and played with my tits through the fabric.
My hands holding tight into my dress, I bit my lip and moaned his name when he started going faster.
“Fuck this, I want to see your sexy face”, he pulled out and pushed me against the wall
He lift me up and opened my legs wide and entered me again.
“Just like this”, he grabbed my face and kissed me as he went in and out of me.
His kisses went down to my neck, which gave me tingles everywhere and I moaned.
My hands were wrapped around his neck and my fingers were pulling into his hair and my legs were around his hips.
His body so close to mine, his hips swinging around mine, he started going faster than ever.
“FUCK MIKE”, I moaned and I bit his lips.
“I’m about to cum babygirl”, he breathed out heavily.
“Me too”.
Moments later, he exploded inside of me and I did shortly after that.
“This was amazing”, he pulled out and let me down.
“Sneaky school sex has to be the best high school experience ever”, I laughed.
I picked up my underwear and wore it again and Mike pulled his pants up.
“thank you baby”, he kissed me.
“No problem”, I winked.
“I love you, (Y/N)”.
“I love you too”.
I left the room and I headed to my class.
When I walked in the classroom, everyone looked at me.
“Did you just wake up?”, my teacher asked.
“No”, I laughed.
“Well I think you should go fix your hair”, he joked.
I put my hand on my hair and I realized that it was all tangly and kind of wet and messy. It clearly was the “I just finished having good sex hair”.
“(Y/N), you’re so dumb. You should’ve gone to the restroom and fixed yourself before embarrassing yourself in front of your teacher and classmates”, I said to myself.
I put my bag on the desk and I went to fix my hair and everything else.
When I left the restroom, I saw Mike walking down the hallway.
“Go to class”, I shouted.
“How can I after what just happened”, he winked.
I giggled and I walked back to class.

in defense of the brainwashing

so, we finally get our despair anime and we get to see how our faves fell into despair and what we get is… brainwashing. like. i get it. that’s disappointing. that sucks. that’s not what we wanted. however, i really did enjoy dr3 as a whole and i don’t think that the brainwashing is this big horrible headcanon-smashing catastrophe people are taking it as. it makes me sad to see so many people lose faith in a series we’ve stuck with so long so i’m gonna try to spell out some reasons why i am ok with how it went down even if it wasn’t ideal.

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anonymous asked:

you're painting a lot lately and i love it so much! everything's so beautiful i cry!♥

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH you’re so nice anon!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3 I found a way of painting that’s real fun to me (even if when we’re being real it’s more a heavy blending and shading than actual painting haha) so!!!!!! I’ll probably use it more, even if not too often! I’m glad you like it!!!!!!!! 

Anon said:  JABSBAHB, your bakush.imas are so great!!!!! And Im happy that it was fun for you, that its the best thing, when your art makes you feel happy!!! Im so happy for youuuuu, I hope that you continue to have fun doing what you love!!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH OH MAN!!!!!!!! *O* this is the nicest kind of message anon, you’re so kind, I hope I’ll keep having fun for a long time too hahaha the more fun I have the more I draw, after all 👍👍👍

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a perfect boyfriend

So I finally wrote something that isn’t my resbang!!!

I decided to delve back into my Fangirl AU where Maka writes fanfic for a very popular series and Soul is her boyfriend. I hope y’all enjoy this!! Also it is very sfw! No worries!! It’s pure fluff and cuteness.

The Fangirl AU now has its own spot on FFN.

Maka snuggled her toes deeper beneath Soul’s blanket as she got more comfortable on his bed. Her laptop teetered on legs, fingers floated across black keys, and she typed out the next chapter of her fanfic. This one was different from the others. The main characters were about to get down and dirty at summer camp, and after building up the sexual tension between them for the last 30k words, nine chapters, it needed to happen.

She immersed herself in the world that she had created over the last five months. Imagined herself as her characters, walking across the dock to stare at the lake with the moon’s light reflecting in the gentle waves. Heard their hushed voices as they spoke to each other in the dead of night, crickets chirping in the woods behind them. Felt the heat as their eyes locked and Harry’s throat muscles tightened as he swallowed thickly. It was the perfect set up into the next scene when he leaned in to kiss Ginny softly, sweetly, and the scene after that when she became a little more hands-y.

Smiling to herself, Maka continued to type her story and wrote about things that she herself had never experienced. Of places she had never delved into in her own relationship or past ones.

At least, not yet.

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Fic-present for flylittlekoala, in case I don’t manage to meet up and offer the handwritten one in person!

Steve/Bucky, writer-of-pulp-stories Bucky, pre- and post-Winter Soldier moments.


“Bucky,” Steve said. He was unhappy and scared and determined; he was going to get the truth if it killed him, and oh he was afraid it might. The evening crept in, a low burning summer haze over Brooklyn rooftops; and Bucky’s answer might burn and sear and eat away at his heart, but he had to know. “Bucky, tell me.”

“Tell you what,” Bucky evaded, “we’re out of potatoes, okay, yeah, I know, I’ll go out tomorrow.” He had day’s-end sunlight in his dark hair and was hanging up his jacket, and Steve loved him silently, helplessly, unspoken and bronzed with habitual beloved pain.

The pain sharpened at that deflection. “You know it ain’t about the potatoes. I know I didn’t have my share of rent. Again. And you covered.” Indolent sunbeams, city-fed and summer-fat, spilled accusations through the window. Bucky paused where Steve’d ambushed him in the doorway, slowly kicked his shoes off, bit his lip. Tense shoulders. Wary eyes.

“Bucky,” Steve said. “Come on. You know you’re gonna tell me.”

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Schooled: Day 5--Red Scarf

This one is only two days late, go me! It was written for SoMa week 2016 day 5, the red string of destiny. More fluffy silliness, this time with a side of Tsugumi.

Thanks again to @bendandcurl, @sojustifiable, @makapedia, and @lunar-resonance for looking it over.

You can also read this on FFN here and on AO3 here.  

Other days can be found here:

Day 1 /  Day 2 / Day 3 /  Day 4Day 6 /

He ducked into her classroom just as lunch period was starting. It was largely empty, most students having vacated at the speed of teenage hunger, but Tsugumi Harudori, permanent exchange student with a thousand questions in her head at any given moment, still lingered, packing her things in that slow, methodical way that suggested she meant to ask some of them here and now.

“Hey,” Soul said as he approached, his eyes moving between Maka and Tsugumi, then back. “I’m gonna run to Slice and Dice, you want something?”

Pursing her lips in thought, she nodded. Although she had packed some cheese and crackers since it was all she had time to grab when they’d been running late that morning, something from her favorite little sandwich shop sounded divine. “Yeah, Cobb salad, blue cheese dressing, hold the croutons, and an iced tea with lemon, no sugar.”

“Got it.” He nodded, backing towards the door.

“Soul, wait a sec!” He was in his leather riding jacket and gloves, with dark jeans and a button up underneath, but it was unusually cold, with an icy wind blowing from the mountains that had wind chill in the negatives. Ignoring the eyes of her student, Maka grabbed up the long, red scarf her good friend Tsubaki had knitted her from the back of her chair and moved over to the music teacher, who had halted mid step. She started looping the ridiculously oversized scarf around his neck to muffled mutters.

“What the hel-” his eyes flicked towards Tsugumi, who was adjusting the strap to her bag and averting her gaze “-eck, Maka?”

“It’s freezing outside.” She planted her fists on her hips, finally done with her bundling. “I don’t want you to crash because you got frostbite–my salad is at stake!”

“Yeah, yeah, later,” he mumbled as he finished backing away, but he smiled and waved as he disappeared through her classroom door.

The massive intake of breath behind her was audible, followed by a loud squeal of, “oh my god, oh my god!”

The English teacher turned around to see her student grinning like the cat who caught the canary, eyes as wide as saucers. Exuberant couldn’t begin to describe the girl’s demeanor as she shrieked something in her native tongue.

Maka’s Japanese must have been rustier than she’d thought, because it sounded like Tsugumi was babbling about red thread.

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