Mac & Soles art trade with keycchan, featuring their m!ss, Adust. :) You can check out their art for me here! Thanks so much~ Always a pleasure to indulge in the Mac trash can with others ;D

For the Record

Quinn’s idol was 12 diamonds
Convincing Grace to dance with Aleister was 18 diamonds
The wetsuit was 25 diamonds

if you’d gone for all three of the diamond options in the newest chapter of Endless Summer, you’d spend 55 diamonds.

The pack of 60 diamonds is worth $4.99. You’d have spent five dollars worth of diamonds.

For one chapter.

Of one story.

In a week.

Every inch of you is perfect from the

to the

How can anyone ever forget this? I almost cried coming across this the other time and- it waas the cover of our story! 

And I went back on a random page on my blog and it was all about your comments on the chapter before the last one and… I broke you didn’t I?

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I love love looove Lars. He has always been one of my favorite characters, even when he was being a shithead. I loved seeing him grow and his relationship get closer with Steven, even before he was pink, but I seriously got death threats from people and people saying I'm an awful, disgusting, abusive, etc just from liking him. And now some of those people are all about Lars! So yeah I'm a lil pissed. I'm glad more people are liking my boy but ugh I did not want to go through all that shit.

yeah, this is the kind of shit I was talking about. I’m sorry you were one of the people that got that shit thrown at them.
like if beforehand you just thought lars was a jackass (which he is lol) and didn’t like him/kind of just ignored him cause he wasn’t an appealing character to you, that’s totally fine!! the development that’s been going on with him is much, much more obvious now than it was the first four seasons, so of course a lot more people will see it and start to like him, and of course that makes me happy!!
the people I had a problem with were the ones that were just… hateful. reblogging art posts with “the art’s good but i wish lars would die lol” in the tags, sending nasty anon messages to people that liked him, it was just disgusting
and a lot of people relate to him. to the mistakes he made. he’s a very realistic character. people see themselves in him, and then get attacked for it because “no Lars is abusive evil shitty garbage”??????
quite a few people believe he’s coded with a few mental illnesses, including myself, because he does exhibit that kind of behavior (depression, social anxiety, bpd), but I guess characters that aren’t necessarily neurotypical aren’t likable, right? yeah. it sucked ass, and I really do think that people have every right to be a little salty over the sudden change. but everyone’s entitled to their own opinions I guess, so whatever man

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fast and furious sdlkjfadlskgha

brian im gonna kill u

  • favorite character: whatever gal gadot’s name was
  • second favorite character: the asian dude gal gadot dated
  • least favorite character: the guy who caused the death of gal gadot
  • the character i’m most like: everybody who was attracted to gal gadot
  • favorite pairing: gal gadot and guns
  • least favorite pairing: gal gadot and death
  • favorite moment: the part where the rich guy gave gal gadot his entire handprint bc he just HAD to tap that ass
  • rating out of ten: gal gadot/10

send me a series

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Lmao i made my friend watch Root A ending bc dead hide™ and she like started questioning about how the hell did he die and she started explaining how stab in the abdomen (aka where Hide had his wound) is like one painful way to go and how he probably fainted from the blood loss and slowly began to die and Kaneki probably just watched him the whole time and now i want to rip all of my hair out

Why the fuck ((: did you feel the need to tell me this ((:

I was in the middle of “The Letter of Marque” and they said “pass the word for Bonden” after a fight, and for one terrible moment I got Dylan’s death mixed up with Bonden’s and thought I’d accidentally grabbed one of the later, super-duper sad volumes.
Happy ending: it’s just “Letter of Marque” and I am safe from all-consuming sadness.
But in that moment I honestly gasped aloud for fear and experienced a moment of pure, unadulterated dread.

Patrick O'Brian sure can write.


okay folks, next week is my 18th birthday and to celebrate the wondrous day of when I was brought into the world, i’ll be taking prompts requests! Any and all prompts will be written, but the deadline to send any in will be August 4th at 11:59 PM (in every time zone) so if you want me to write, send something in! I’ll be accepting any polygrumps ship and maybe Danti and septibang (also any prompts for the characters from Dream Daddy bc why not right?).