Circus AU

Monkey D. Luffy, the Strawhat Contortionist

“Luffy grew up in the town’s orphanage with his two big brothers, Ace and Sabo. After they saw a Circus show, his brothers were getting interesting in fire eaters. Of course, Luffy thought fire eaters were cool, but the performance that surprised him the most was the contortion. He decided to train hard on his flexibility to be able to join a circus and become a contortionist, one day.

At the age of 17, he noticed the posters that Corazon was posting everywhere in town and decided to audition to have a chance of joining his troupe. After the audition, Corazon accepted Luffy in his troupe, finding the young boy very talented. Of course, Luffy proposed Corazon to bring his two fire eater brothers to let them join the circus. The Heart Illusionnist accepted to see them.”

Here for Luffy’s profile! I wasn’t sure about making his relationship with the other strawhats a thing already or not… But making them join Corazon separately is what made the most sense to me! ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

I’ll make some more Corasan-Law comics like this and this, because I have at least 2 or 3 comics ideas eheheh~

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justqueerasfuck asked:

i had another dream about you (why???? idk tho) and we were sitting on train tracks and talking and a train was coming and I saved you but i lost my foot you should thank me

OMG?? ANOTHER??? Why am i the subject of ur dreams I feel so special omgomg thank u for saving me btw so sweet n thoughtful

eroemo replied to your post “eroemo replied to your post “Reader insert fanfics are hard to write…”

no prob bro, i also have this tiny hc that during sex he’ll avoid looking right in the eyes bc if he did, he would be so embarassed he could probably do smth weird or ‘not-Urie-likely’ BUT OFC U CAN’T SAY THAT BC OF HIS WELL TRAINED FACIAL EXPRESSION

You’re my light in the darkness, man ;;; OMG - but it would be so cute?!! BUT YES YOU CAN TELL BECAUSE THAT HOE WOULD MELT HE LOOKS INTO HIS S/O’S EYES LIKE - HE I MADE HIM SAY THAT HE THINK THAT SHE (I write it for Ally so his s/o is female) IS BEAUTIFUL AND BRUH AFTERWARDS HE’D BE LIKE ‘DON’T MENTION THE THINGS I SAID WHEN WE WERE DOING IT’ He’d be back in the stealth bitch ass without a mouth mode. 

fennekln-deactivated20150827 asked:

pieri.. :3c ccc

Things were always fuckin wild w u omg.. I loved your food?? You were such a good cook. I also loved fighting in battle w you it was funn (guess who I’m pairing up even though they don’t have supports whoops). Fun to talk to but also fun to train with. We sometimes argued but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a great time with you and I greatly enjoyed being your friend 💙💙

thmyscira asked:

omg were u even allowed to be at the wheel at 11 years old THIS SOUNDS SO DANGEROUS???

Haha, well, I wasn’t on the road, not when I was 11. I mostly trained at huge fields at the countryside. And then, later, at the roads there, where there’s barely anyone else most of the time, so that was more or less safe for everyone :D

Soft weeping

I’m so surprised that there aren’t very many Quinn and Charlie shippers~ I enjoyed watching them quite a lot. They had a bit more chemistry than Huck and Quinn omg (the weird “u may have tortured me and tots my goats messed me up but let’s fuck on this man’s car”) , Charlie was such a cool character. I mean there’s not a lot I like about Quinn’s character arch (how the whole “I’m going to be a bad-ass-spy” thing went down super quickly with little training) but her and Charlie’s interactions were adorable, not to mention that Quinn calls him out on his shit and he’s fine with it. I wish there was a bit more to it than what was in the show. I’d love to see them continue to be bad asses with one another.

anonymous asked:

Omg k, you were in my biology class I think? You sat in the back left with that Nancy chick and you always looked super mad cause you were always fighting with that blonde guy in the hallway before class. I'm p sure u didn't actually hate me but u looked angry and intimidating 😣

AHHH we did go to hs together then lol come off anon I promise I didn’t hate you, I literally didn’t hate anyone! How embarrassing lol that was my first serious bf and we were a train wreck, I don’t even remember why we were always arguing lol shame.

microparty asked:

hey! this may be creepy but i am 100% sure that i saw you on a platform at redfern station yesterday while i was on a train going past, i got very excited by that but i'm not sure if it actually was you. i hope you had a nice day yesterday no matter what you were doing :)

Omg! This was probs Friday then… U hope to bump into u again :3

anonymous asked:

i had a dream tht we were on a train together and you were so scared bc it went off the tracks but it was fine,, and we snuggled on someone's couch and you held my hand uwu ❤❤❤

aaaAAAAAA this is the cutest thing omg who is this i want to hold hands and derail trains with u

Munich. 26/8/15.

It’s official my feet hate me and they are calling in the Union (yes, a capital U), 41,142 steps today.

So, an early morning run, just a short one to start the day and cos Nick had an early(ish) train to catch to Canon/Oce headquarters in Poiling. He planed at least a morning of looking around the factory and the customer centre, me I had free time.

So, I headed out for a walk, up to Nymphenburg Palace for a look around the gardens, woodland area and the canal. In my travels I saw a black squirrel, a rat, giant fish (no scale in the photos but they were huge, even had a brief OMG conversation with German woman about them), big spider, large ants (they tried to eat me), a bird of prey (watch him/her for quite a while), swans with babies, ducks with babies and coots with babies. There was also the noisy birds tapping away on the trees (catching bugs not woodpeckers) and the other humans (not many of them at 9am but much more at 11am).

Back to the hotel for a drink (coffee not wine), lunch and a chat with my Mum vis Skype.

My next mission was to head to the city centre, have a look around, enjoy the shops at my speed - got a couple more T.Shirts (wardrobe getting boring), forgot to look at shoes but had a quick look later. Found the Apple store for some free WiFi and managed to chat with Nick, who had finished earlier than expected and arranged to meet him at 4pm.

Head to Hofbräuhaus München, with Nick at 4pm, what a mad house, as is typical of a Kiwi ran out of patience with the queue and waiting and decided a red wine at the hotel in sun (while waiting for washing to wash), followed by dinner out a local beer garden would be more our style. I have to say good call, food was great, wine was lovely and service was worth tipping for (that’s dinner out, not the wine at the hotel ;-) The feet think I should have said lets catch a train back to hotel instead of walking but we walked.

Now my feet are on strike (Union meeting went well) and looking forward to an easy day tomorrow.

xiumlns asked:

HE IS ALL READY TO SLAYYYYY ;A; nobody said it was easy being a xiumin stan omgggg. We have to go back and watch all those fancams of xiuabs to prepare ourselves for the dome concert photos and vids. Gotta train ourselvesssss

XIUGUNS FULLY LOADED LMAO ugh and no one said it would be this hard either ;; in the the fancams of the abs reveal they were chanting his name fnfne encouraging the slayage and it was s…o…..bea..u…ti….ful Yeah omg the first time I watched the fancams I always kept turning my head away bc it was too much, we must hone our “resilience” skills before it happens again andkeodkpl

I dropped my phone and my sister were like “omg did it crack” and i was like lmao no ive dropped it 342 times chill fam, and i picked it up and it was completely shattered and glass was missing at the top and in the middle so i started laughing really hard bc it was like surreal & i never thought i would crack it and then most of them proceeded to tell me how awful i was  and my dad was like scolding me like ??/ ppl this doesnt impact u like im the 1 paying for the new screen, betta hop of thiss train real quick