happy valentine’s day mothafuckas ;)

  • i love jeon jungkook are u bitches ready
  • you first met jungkook when you heard the sound of a moving truck beep its way into the driveway next to yours 
  • now u were always a child of adventure 
  • ur parents worked a lot so it was basically u at home with ur grandparents and they were the most chill motherfuckers on the face of the planet
  • and the front door of ur house always seems to be unlocked so u were the poster boy/gal of “adventure is out there!!!”
  • cue me ugly crying that movie kills m e 
  • u loved the outdoors and being adventurous 
  • u were so tomboy and reckless it was hilarious
  • u drove every single member of ur family insane 
  • they got called into school one time to u staring at the ground in the principal’s office next to a kid with a missing tooth and bloody nose 
  • “he tried to hug me” 
  • to summarize, u loved causing trouble, but have fun in the midst! 
  • and yes, meeting new ppl!!
  • and at dinner, u would hear ur grandpops and grandma talking abt the couple moving in next door 
  • and how they have also have a 6!! year!! old!! son!!
  • and u could barely keep ur head on the pillow that night bc omg! you can’t wait to have a new friend the same age as u! 
  • so on that beautiful sunny saturday morning, at exactly 7am sharp, with ur scabby knees, bruised legs, ripped shorts, mismatched socks, run-down light up sneakers, and ur older brother’s hand-me-down power rangers sweatshirt, you marched on over to the driveway to meet your new best friend
  • and u see a middle aged man and a beautiful woman trying to carry in a couple boxes together and u guessed those were the parents 
  • and as u were marvelling at how pretty they were, “man, if they look that good, how good does their son loo–”
  • u have no idea what came over u but u almost tripped over the tall weeds trying to get into the truck and find the source of the voice 
  • you went straight to the yellow, flower-y sofa resting in the middle of the truck, with little boy limbs sticking out from under the cushions
  • u ran up and ripped them away and low and behold, u laid ur eyes on the most beautiful 6 year old there ever was 
  • and from then on, ur heart decided to plant its FUCKING BOTTOM with jungkook forever
  • from the first day he met u he literally believed u were the weirdest person he’s ever met 
  • but without a doubt, you became childhood friends 
  • like best friends
  • u saw him naked for the first time when u were 8 and just bursted into his shower at like 8am in the morning 
  • “omg it’s so smALL?”
  • he didn’t speak to you for two weeks after that 
  • your grandparents would always have him over for dinner 
  • you guys played make believe together and took naps in ur power ranger blanket together 
  • but it’s also a lot of bullying 
  • taking turns making ugly faces, whoever laughs first has to go and tell ur grandma they pooped their pants and needs help changing it 
  • “accidentally” slapping each other SUPER hard in the face
  • “you had a fly on ur cheek sorry!! couldn’t help it!!”
  • literally the purest and most innocent friendship ever ever ever 
  • everyday in first grade, when you had reading time, he would be in the seat behind you and fold a tiny little paper plane with a sticky note and throw it at you 
  • would keep folding them and throwing it at you until you noticed and turned around and yelled at him and got in trouble by your student teacher 
  • “i hate u jeon jungkook” 
  • you didn’t really
  • but it wasn’t until the third or fourth time he kept doing it that you realized there was a message on each of them 
  • and they weren’t really anything cute
  • they were just like 
  • “hey notice me”
  • “your hair looks greasy from the back” 
  • “what book are you reading”
  • “don’t ignore me”
  • “am i being annoying?”
  • “yea? good.”
  • but your favourite was
  • “i’m glad you’re in my class” 
  • because he would rarely ever show affection to you because your relationship was made up a lot of the “we don’t need to say anything to know it”, meaning you never needed to straight out express your gratitude to each other for the other to know that you’re appreciated 
  • main point is you grew up together 
  • however, after like the fourth grade
  • you both somehow decided that you were too cool for each other despite the fact that your crush on him was still there 
  • there was something so mesmerizing about the fact that 
  • he never truly ever demeaned you as a person??? like yes he was a tease and you guys always did those things to each other
  • but for a kid, he was always somewhat of a gentleman and would never make fun of you to deliberately hurt your feelings 
  • unfortunately doe, in middle school, your group of friends completely changed
  • and although you guys sort of had the same status in school of being popular but very, very laidback, and your groups of friends acquainted with one another, your interactions would be saying hi, making small talk when you were with a handful of other people and smiling at each other as you pass by the halls 
  • back then, you would walk home together every single day and spend time doing homework in the bedroom of one of you two 
  • but as the grades went on and the workload increased, you found music and student council and volleyball whereas he found track and basketball and dance
  • his family went through troubles and he found it difficult to talk to people at times 
  • and you were so busy with finding a job and saving up for post-secondary that you spent after school with your clubs or in the library studying
  • timing and interests for you guys were extremely unparalleled and eventually, things just grew apart before high school began 
  • and oh dear
  • high school
  • periods? check. acne? check. hormones? check. grOWTH SPURTS? check.
  • now, reader, entering high school, you only had one rule: forget. about. jeon. jungkook.
  • and it wasn’t like he was being a dick or anything to you, you just didn’t find any way that you guys would work out anymore
  • despite being best friends and literally showering together when you were 7 and your parents are best friends, you just never ever have proper conversations anymore, and things just naturally got awkward
  • and also life lesson for u guys omg so philosophical what it wasn’t anyone’s fault, you guys just happened to no longer have the same interests or the time to notice each other anymore - people drift apart. it happens. 
  • and you were so okay with coming to terms with that 
  • until
  • “oh my gosh is that jeon jungkook?”
  • “he… grew muscles?”
  • “giRL HIS HAIR”
  • “puberty hit him like a freight train???”
  • the morning of sophomore year, after a whole first year of properly avoiding him and being absolutely sure that he wasn’t going to get hot (jungkook is juST A LATE BLOOMER OK LEAVE HIM ALONE), you turned your head to the front doors and felt the wind get knocked out of you 
  • bc walking in with his friends, with the school uniform seemingly perfectly snug and hugging every one of his curves
  • was jungkook
  • and for some reason
  • yes he looked more mature and yes he got fucking MANLIER
  • but you were instantly reminded of something that clicked in you when you saw that 6 year old boy stuck in the sofa on the very first day he moved in next to you
  • was it that innocence? was it the charm? was it the hair-swept-away-from-face thing? you diDN’T KNOW 
  • but girl you were gone again 
  • and listen 
  • you dated people in freshman year and guys liked you, but you were never the type to chase or to fawn
  • you were just different from other girls like you would much rather be the type to be the one playing ball than the one in a miniskirt cheering on the team on the sidelines
  • that’s just who you are, heck you fucking punched a dude that wanted to hug you and say thank you, broke his nose and chipped his tooth like kk y/n
  • it was just difficult for you to grasp feelings, truly, but for some reason, this guy has just got you so weak???
  • and for some other reason, jungkook and the reminder and memories of you guys as kids just hits you like a truck and you’re already head over heels once again
  • and you go into first period to shake off the thought of him but ofc!!! he’s!!!! in!!!! ur!!! first!! period!!! literature!!! ihml!!!
  • so you take the seat diagonally in the front of him to make sure you don’t get sidetracked in ur favourite class and drool at him the entire time
  • oNE DAY
  • you were taking notes from the board, analyzing and reviewing the literary device and short stories before delving into the actual stuff in literature when you dropped your pencil and leaned down to grab it 
  • when you saw an arm reach down first 
  • and hand it to you 
  • you looked up 
  • and you guessed it 
  • biTCH IT WAS JUNGKOOK AND he had such a warm and friendly smile 
  • and you could barely say anything 
  • because on one hand you were like oh i’m glad he still remembers who i am??? like ffs? but your other side is like oh my god oh my god oh my god 
  • so weeks go by and every single day you feel such a burning sensation at the back of ur neck like fufufufuffufufu he’s RIGHT THERE
  • and jungkook isn’t that type to be extremely boisterous and loud and obnoxious even if he’s hot shit 
  • so you weren’t worried about him bothering you whatsoever after that like that was a fluke, he was being nice, whatever, it’s done 
  • a couple weeks go by and you’re starting to feel better now, thinking you’ve got this crush thing under control
  • until
  • silent reading time 
  • you were just assigned a new book by your favourite author! and you couldn’t wait to begin the book reports on these 
  • so you dove into the world of fire-breathing dragons and mystical knights and creatures beyond reality
  • when you felt a poke on your neck
  • and you had no idea what it was? you were so engulfed in the story that you just scratched and left it, not thinking twice
  • and then you felt it again
  • it took you a second, but it hit you
  • and it hit you hard
  • you turned your head around slowly and your heart was beating so fast
  • your eyes fall on a small pink sticky note, folded into a plane, dropped on your shoulder
  • so you open it, careful to make no noise in the silent classroom
  • and on the single sticky note it read:
  • “it’s good to see you again. i’m so so glad you’re in my class.”
  • you sneak a tiny glance back at the boy behind you, your face flushing with heat and memories 
  • and from behind his book, he looks up and gives you the tiniest, warmest smile you’ve ever received 
  • you folded the paper once more and fit it in your pocket and returned to your dragons and knights and witches, all the while smiling like a fool to yourself because maybe, just maybe, you didn’t really drift apart that much at all 

hi guys!! so sorry for the late update, hope you enjoy thisssss:)

also side note: just because it’s valentine’s day (i mean i dont celebrate this) doesnt mean that you need a significant other! buy yourself some hershey’s, make some tea, snuggle up with a teddy bear and a blanket, and switch on some netflix. today is any other day, so don’t demean yourself and your experience with this day because of your status! 

alsoooo don’t wanna get a little preachy but, in this au i kind of hint at the fact that the y/n or reader is someone very tomboyish and doesn’t really seem to find herself chasing after boys. in no way am i trying to vocalize the fact that just because you’re of a certain nature, your personality towards boys reflects that. this is just a fictional work of how one might feel (presumably me lolz) when realizing feelings for someone they truly loved at one point. just because a woman who is normally tougher on the exterior has a sudden soft spot for a boy does not indicate that she’s lost sense of herself or that she succumbs to a boy. just because a woman is a certain way because of a boy that makes her feel different doesn’t mean she is any less of a woman herself. everyone is obligatory to their feelings, and how women choose to express themselves sexually or emotionally to a man they love is their own personal choice as long as they are within consent and are safe. everyone’s decisions and behaviours in love are consensual and their own - that does not demean them as a feminist in any way, shape or form. remember that. 

have fun, y’all, uSE PROTECTION, and i love u!!!

dating mark!!

2/? for the dating series!

lets get on it!


- so,,, y'all meet during trainee days

- he’s the new trainee and you help him cause you were from canada too

- “ok so this is training room 2 and oMG PUT JAEHYUN PUT YOUR SHIRT ON”

- tbh that was mark first impression for jaehyun and still teases him to this day

- anyway 

- you asked him what he got in for (rap, dance, vocals, or acting)

- and he was like

-“rap cause i got that canadian swag

- turns out you rap too!

- you guy had this deep ass convo about your fave rappers and shit

- btw ur a 99 liner too (or whatever u want but)

- you guys became pretty tight

- and both developed feeling for each other but those don’t get announced for a while 00ps

- time skiP 4.5 yEArS

- sO now markipoo is about to debut nd you still hAVENT jeSus

-  mark still likes u a lot and vice versa

- like with doyoungs, the guys pretty much pressure him into confessing messing cause e all know he wouldn’t

- so like he wrote this rap for u aND its!! so!! sweet!!

- he like strummed his guitar and rapped and uGH yOU almOST crIeD

- all yo members were like “jeno beTTA DO THIS FOR ME OR IM SUING”

- anyway ofc u accepted cause,,,, he’s mark


- the one that everyone wants to be 


- you would wake up to texts asking if you’ve eaten, slept, and had a good day

- like maRk i sHoUlD bE asKINg yOU thAt

- he isn’t into pda tho

- like occasionally u will get a nose peck or smth but that as about it

- its cool tho cause ur not into it either


- like oneday u were like

- “mark i drew a bird  (like the one thats a curvy line y’know) isn’t i- OMG IT LOOKS LIKE UR EYEBROWS FUCKAHKSHH”

- “I’m breaking up w u” - mark

- he doesn’t mean it tho

- he loves u sm like its crazy

- he will give the bEST hugs

- and cuddles!

- he just pulls u into his chest and wraps his arms around you uHGHG

- conversations that switch between english and korean

- sometimes confusing as hell cause he talks fast and u can’t tell whether it was eng or kor and just nod along


- and even tho he aint a vocal, he’s a vocal


- like he just whisper raps and it soUND SO GOOD

- always raps to u

- lmao his confession rap was cringe as hell

- “u nd i got that sw-sw-swag and those sk-sk-skills”


- he makes that face,,, you know,,, the one where he just stares blankly for a sec (pros  cause he forgot it and had to take a moment to remember)



- remember y'all r only 99 liners so nO FUNNY STUFFZIES 

- taeyong, doyoung and jaehyun had to give y'all the talk

- u guys couldn’t make eye contact until 3 days later

- when marks sad, you make sure to give him the biggest hug and let him vent out his feelings

- usually r about missing home and having the stress of debuting in tHrEE groups 

- you just whisper like “one day, we can go to canada together”

- and he looks up at u with his puppy eyes nd

- “promise?”

- “promise.”


- u and johnny made a diss track about sm

- “yo,,,uh,,,johnny boi hasnt debuted,,,uh,,,I’ve been a trainee for 6.9 years,,,check,,”

- it was trash but it was YOUR trash

- mark once got jelly of jaehyun cause u guys r really close like siblings

- “yo jaehyun sauce le peppers’

- “why can’t i sauce the peppers :(” - mark

- y'all haven’t really gotten into a fight

- like u’ve disagreed b4 but not a full out fight or anything

- once tho, he told u were “untalented and helpless” cause you accidentally spilled iced tea on him when he was super stressed out

- and u cried for like 8 hours 


- he felt so bad like he had to ask his members for help

- ‘mark are actually dumb” - everyone

- he found u curled up in a ball outside on a park bench

- and held u and wouldn’t stop apologizing

- on a higher note

- when he first said “i love you”

- he went to ur debut showcase

- and when u came off stage like all hot n sweaty 

- mark low-key died

- anyway he like hugged u and was like

- “i love u sm”

- and y'all just froze

- “did u-”

- “did i-”


- u made him send it to u cause like,,, y not


- I WOULD KILL TO DATE HIM (hahah thats to far but i loaf him)


thanks for reading! 

i will probs post like all of them cause i have a week off school (march break)

anyway, love y'all :)

- emma

Boyfriend Joshua

@kyotocean: Heey, can you please write the boyfriend thing for Joshua from Seventeen? I really like your scenarios and reactions, keep up the good work!~ I hope you will have a nice day ♡

a/n: thank you! I’m sorry for the lateness of this but hopefully you like it ^^” I wish you a nice day too! ~

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  • omg this nerd
  • where do I even start
  • maybe from the beginning?? lol
  • you both met while 17 were still training, when the original 17 members were there and you were a new trainee at pledis
  • he wanted to welcome you to the trainee world, to be your friend. esp. since some trainees could be vicious in their determination to debut before you.
  • but … you were so attractive >////< and how do u talk to attractive ppl? what language do they use? do they bite?
  • it was Sammy who made the move to introduce him to you and you both clicked right away
  • that led to a lengthy friendship, to you supporting him every time he thought his group was close to debut only to be disappointed, up until they actually did debut
  • he’s had you with him, to wipe his tears and pick him up when it got hard, and he realized that you weren’t just his attractive friend anymore .. you meant so much more to him
  • it took a lot of courage but he eventually asked you out and when he told the guys you were dating, their exact response was;
  • “wait, you’re only dating now? I thought you’d been together for years??”
  • and even the rest of Pledis was like “???? so you weren’t dating before this?? what??”
  • It became kind of a Mandela effect in Pledis because everyone swears they heard you two started going out years ago but anyway,, that’s not the point
  • joshua is such a soft boyfriend oml
  • he can never say no to you and luckily for him, your requests are never crazy. because if you suggested jumping off a building or something as equally insane,, it would be so hard to say no.
  • but luckily you only ask for, like, ice cream at 3 am
  • which he’s all for since it’s an opportunity for you two to bond, sneaking out of the dorm while everyone sleeps and having some alone time over ice cream.
  • he loves admiring you
  • while you train, while you cook, while you walk and smile and talk
  • best of all is when you’re laying down together, cuddled up and he runs his arm along your arm or back, fingertips tracing the outline of your body.
  • those are the moments that he savours the most, when he can relax and breathe in your scent and feel your touch
  • you get lost in conversation,, about doggo’s and anime and video games. but about serious things too, about the injustices of the world, about how hard trainee life is or if there’s an anti out against him
  • those times usually get interrupted by one of the members
  • which neither of you mind too much. it’s nice having the guys around and they like being around you. you make joshua happy and he exudes a positive energy that people feed off of
  • but he always feels better after those times, more refreshed and reassured that as long as he has you, he can make it through anything
  • you wear his clothes
  • a lot
  • and the boys tease him for it
  • a lot
  • but he doesn’t care
  • he’s kind of a cheesy boyfriend and more okay with pda than you expected 17′s gentleman to be. but his pda is very innocent, such as hand holding or his hand on your waist or maybe a few light pecks on the lips
  • nothing crazy
  • not while the guys are around anyway.
  • he has a pure religious boy image that he needs to protect
  • he says things like “The stars are no longer beautiful to me since I looked into your eyes”
  • and has so many puns and dad jokes and he dabs too,, ugh, you’re so embarrassed to bring him out sometimes.
  • you acted like you didn’t know him once when he pin dropped at a party ((but 10 minutes later you joined him so no one was convinced)) ((also it was a Pledis party so everyone knew you two were together so ..))
  • he giggles when you kiss his nose but he loves it so much so don’t stop
  • he’s not the type to constantly text you but he does give you updates and checks in on you. he’s always sure to send a “how are you?” or “how was work/school today?” because he cares so, so, so much about you and your well being
  • you two take the cutest couple selfies ever
  • it takes a lot to irritate him so you can poke and prod and he’ll still smile sweetly at you a true gentleman
  • anime marathons
  • doesn’t protest if you want to do his hair or makeup or nails
  • actually, he finds it kind of relaxing when you do that, as opposed to when professional artists do, because he’s not got the nerves that come before a performance or a variety appearance
  • he knows there won’t be flashing cameras either
  • it’s just you two, having fun, in his room, and it makes him feel normal for a minute
  • joshua feels like he’s living his life like a normal twenty-something year old, having fun with his partner and acting goofy
  • “You know .. without you, I don’t think I’d be who I am today. You helped me through a lot of tough times and there’s not enough I can do to repay that. All I can offer you is my heart.”
Weekly Matchmakers

Jackson x Reader

1265 words

Anonymous said: I came up this scenario that im sure would turn out amazing if u wrote it cos ur writing is so bomb its like y/n is part of a girl group and they go to weekly idol with got7 and they do those random dance battles and a got7 song starts playing and she goes straight and center to take jacksons place cos she loves got7 (jacksons her bias) and everyone teases her and jackson like omg u so cute and everyone is low key trying to set u guys up

A/N: I hope you like this! I’m not really sure how it came out but I tried lol

You rubbed your arms nervously as Dony and Cony did their introductions. You were a part of a new seven-member rookie girl group that had debuted less than six months ago, and you were already filming for Weekly Idol.

Filming for this show was somewhat of a rite of passage for kpop groups, you thought. Almost all of the groups you loved while training had come to film on this show relatively quickly after their debut. Some groups had been on the show more than once, almost every comeback.

You were thinking, of course, of Got7. Ever since you saw them on Weekly Idol, you fell in love with them. Your bias was Jackson, and as a trainee you had learned all of their choreographies for their title songs. If you had time off from your training schedule, you always watched videos of them on variety shows, paying particular attention to Jackson.

You weren’t quite sure why you were attracted to Jackson at first. You suspected it had something to do with how extroverted he was. Jackson Wang was one of the happiest, most extroverted idols you knew of. There was something about how easily he made friends that just made you fall for him.

Dony and Cony finished their introductions and motioned for you to come on set. Your girl group made your entrance and did your introductions. After a bit of relaxing banter, Dony and Cony looked at their cue cards. You were aware of staffs shuffling behind cameras, but you tried to pay no attention to that and focus on Dony and Cony, who seemed to be doing more introductions.

“Now, you already know them, they’ve been on this show multiple times,” Dony started.

“They’re like veterans,” Cony added.

“The seven-member boy group, Got7!” they cheered together.

Then Got7 were walking on set and you were dying a bit inside. As you were placed at the end of your group, Got7 lined up directly beside you. You were aware of Jackson next to you, and you thought you were going to die. You couldn’t believe this was happening. Why were they here?

“Now, you may be wondering why we have two groups today,” Dony said. “This is because we have prepared a special version of Random Dance Play! This time, it will be reversed. If a Got7 song plays, Y/G/N will dance. If Y/G/N’s song plays, Got7 has to dance. If you can each dance three songs, you will be rewarded with meat!”

You both cheered. You exchanged knowing looks with your leader. She was also a hardcore Got7 fan and as a result you and her had led multiple dance practices where you had gotten the other members to do Got7’s choreographies.

You were going to kill this.

The music started, and you recognized the beginning of Just Right. You quickly ran to your spots with the rest of the girls, and started dancing.

You basically knew this routine and song in your sleep. Jackson’s rap started, and you came up to the front and lip-synced the whole thing perfectly. You could hear Jackson and the rest of Got7 cheering in awe from the side and suddenly the song switched to your most recent title song. You cleared the floor and Got7 ran to take your place. You felt your heart skip a beat when you noticed Jackson was following your part of the choreo.

He knew your song. He knew your part. He knew everything.

The next four songs passed quickly, with both you and Got7 nailing each other’s choreographies. As your last song finished, you earned a round of applause from both Dony and Cony, as well as the other staffs in the room.

“Wow,” Cony said. “I don’t think we were expecting you to get it on the first try!”

“We did!” Jackson spoke up.

“Now we get meat!” Youngjae cheered.

“One thing I noticed,” Dony said. “Is that from song to song, most of the members chose different parts of the choreographies to follow, but Jackson and Y/N always danced each other’s parts, without fail. Did you two plan that?”

You and Jackson both shook your heads. “No, that wasn’t planned,” you said. “I just know only Jackson’s parts to their songs.”

“Me too,” Jackson said quickly. “I only know Y/N’s parts.”

You could have sworn you saw Dony and Cony exchange looks, but the moment passed too quickly for you to really pay attention to it. They called someone over to grill the meat for you, and the interview continued with both your group and Got7.

After the meat was grilled, it was passed out to both you and Got7. Jackson was about to put a piece in his mouth, but Dony and Cony called to him, “Jackson-ah!”

Jackson looked up in surprise. “Yes?”

“Why don’t you feed some of your meal to Y/N?” Dony suggested, a glint in his eyes.

“To Y/N?” Jackson was surprised.

“Yes, because as of now,” Dony came over and tied your wrists together with some rope he had seemingly pulled out of thin air, “Y/N is not able to use her hands!”

“What?” you were, understandably, very confused. “Why me?”

“Because you’re the youngest of your group,” Cony justified. “You too, Yugyeom.”

“What? No!” Yugyeom tried to run away, but Dony was too fast, wrapping the rope around his wrists before he could move. Got7 laughed as he was tied up.

“Okay Jackson, feed Y/N,” Dony said happily.

Jackson sighed and picked up his chopsticks, grabbing a piece of meat and holding it to your mouth. “Okay Y/N, say ah.”
“Ah…” Jackson placed the food in your mouth. You chewed slowly, savouring the food. Jackson picked up another piece of food and placed it in your mouth, but not before accidentally bumping the food to your chin. You chewed, but you could tell there was some sauce from the meat stuck on your chin.

“Oh, I’m sorry! Hold still…” Jackson grabbed a napkin and carefully swiped your chin, holding your face with his free hand. “There. Got it.”

You felt your face flush as he smiled endearingly at you. “T-thank you.”

“Hey, why so formal? I’m your oppa, am I not? You can call me oppa if you want to.”

“O-okay,” you smiled at him.

You didn’t hear Dony whisper to Cony, “They don’t call us weekly matchmakers for nothing.”

After filming was over, you were packing up your stuff when you heard someone clear their throat behind you. Turning, you saw Jackson standing there. “Oh, hi Jackson.”

“Hey, um… I was wondering…. maybe, like if you’re down for it, you’d like, want to get meat with me sometime? Where we can both eat, and maybe even if your hands are free I’d be able to feed you anyway?”

“Oh! Um…” you realized very quickly that holy shit, Jackson Wang was asking you on a date. To go eat meat. The Jackson Wang. There was no way you’d turn him down. “Yeah, of course! I’d love to eat with you, Jackson.”

At that moment, you could have compared Jackson to the sun. His smile lit up the room, making everything seem brighter. “Great! Here, take my number. I have to go now, since I kind of escaped my manager to see you, but text me! We’ll figure something out soon!”

He handed you a piece of paper and vanished down the hall, leaving you both dumbfounded and excited.

You were going to go on a date with Jackson Wang.

starlord-of-terra  asked:

How do you do that move that black Widow likes to do where you jump and grip the person's head between your legs and twist and bring them down?

hey! honestly it’s similar to a move we have in judo (which is an arm bar not a headlock) but not at the same time so this is more of a guess but i’m assuming you mean this one

you know how when you turn your head really far to one side, your shoulders follow? because of the way everything is connected, controlling the head is a (dangerous) method to controlling the rest of the body. so, controlling the head with a grip (thighs are strong to grip with, ask anyone who’s come up against me in ne waza training hah) means you control the rest of the body. her thighs are clamped right about where his ears are, so it’s nice and secure.

once you’ve got the grip, the fun starts

most of what nat does is via momentum, once she has her grip she throws her body weight down (it’s not a drop, she literally throws herself backwards, watch), which starts to tip the guy forward, and then, probably thanks to insanely strong core muscles, she pulls herself sideways and pushes her feet down. this does need to be done at speed to work, but it’s basically just dragging someone down with more flair. getting his head and shoulders in front of his core, and then gravity will do the rest for you.

the twist of her body also allows her to get her feet back under her and nail the landing while her top leg continues to force the guy into the ground.

the downside to this is you can’t just do it to someone in the street. you’re likely to break their neck, so please do not try this without proper training, and without a properly trained opponent.

but i mean, that’s part of nat’s intention i guess, break the neck, put them in the ground, they won’t be getting back up to have another go at her. it’s not just a take-down, it’s an incredibly efficient killing move

if we were learning it it would be one of the step by step things. the training partner would start on their knees until you can get the motion right, then you’d move to standing but planting a hand on the ground, then standing with no hand. it’d take a long time to master

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ashton daddy kink where you're at dinner with the boys and you were flirting with luke so he punishes you buy fingering you under the table? omg please i LOVE YOUR WRITING SO MUCH U GO

You giggled loudly with the rest of the boys, Luke had a little too much to drink and was being hilarious to the rest of the band and you, who were basically sober. You felt Ashton’s large hand rest on your thigh and looked up at him next to you, but his eyesight was trained ahead, ignoring your gaze completely.

You shrugged and carried on with the conversation but Ashton’s hand kept distracting you, sliding closer to your core by the second. You caught on to his intentions and felt a small shiver run up your back in anticipation. He knew your weakness was doing things in public, and the thought of Ashton’s fingers in your dripping heat in front of three of your best friends had you feeling all kinds of excitement.

“Ashton.” You warned half heartedly as his fingers yanked your underwear down your legs, but he merely smirked in response, pretending to pay attention to the boys’ chatter.

“Wrong.” He muttered back, momentarily confusing you and slipping a finger in between your folds, forcing a gasp from your lips.

You pondered his statement for a minute before finally realising what Ashton wanted. You bucked your hips into his hand as he added a second finger and upped his pace, making it harder for you to keep quiet and still.

“Daddy, please…” You whimpered into his ear as subtly as you could manage, blushing bright pink at the oblivious boys opposite you.

“Good girl,” he begun to curl his fingers, “are you going to cum for me? In front of everybody? Do you like how my fingers play with your sweet pink pussy? I wish I could taste you baby girl.” He moaned back, his fingers working hard.

You moaned audibly, earning a funny look from Calum but pretending to cough, your noises barely covering the crude wet sounds Ashton’s skilled fingers were making with you. He could sense you were close and wasn’t hesitating to embarrass you.

“Come on baby, are you gonna cum just from my fingers? In front of everybody? You like being my dirty girl, don’t you?”

“Yes! Yes daddy, fuck!” You gave in, your hips jerking wildly under the table as Ashton’s combined fingers and words pushed you over the edge.

He withdrew his fingers from you and grinned, delighted that you now had the attention of the other boys.

“What the fuck was that?” Michael’s eyes were wide.

“‘Daddy’? Really Ashton?” Calum wiggled his eyebrows at your boyfriend as you sat silently, mortified but too content from your orgasm to honestly care.

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If by ‘writing’ you mean:

came up with the idea after watching the original one day and realized that Kisuke basically is Miyagi, and omg, the first two arcs of Bleach are totally the plot of Karate Kid, aren’t they, (boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, boy gets his ass kicked by romantic rival, then boy gets saved by troll mentor who puts him through training from Hell and takes advanage of him, but then they bond anyway, and boy ends up kicking former rival’s ass but then they work out their shit and stop being rivals), then spent a couple of hours in a feverish haze writing down notes and dialogue snippets and came up with the yakuza subplot and character backgrounds, then saved the document and added it, weeping, to my never-ending list of WIPs I can’t touch for a few months because adulting,

then yes, anon, I am indeed ‘writing’ an Ichiruki Karate Kid/Yakuza AU.

TL;DR: It’s gonna happen, I just don’t know when *cries* For now, it’s all in my head, tormenting me.

fractalabomination  asked:

Happy writer's appreciation day! Thank you for writing Magic Me Some Love, Final Destination, Handsome Dude On The Train, and Cube of Love! Your fics were my first foray into the world of Klance, and they were enough to convince me that it was an interesting pairing. Thanks for writing them, you beautiful dork :P

????? WTF KYE YOU’RE MAKING ME CRY NOT FAIR ;A; I didn’t even know that writer’s appreciation day was a thing but thank you so much. And thank you for reading my stuff, I’m really glad that I somehow convinced you to give these lovable idiots a chance ♥ 

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I want to talk to u about bts and hogwarts houses but idk where to start!! Can u imagine then in their house common rooms tho?? Thats so soft omg and imagine them helping each other w homework in the great hall and mealtimes. Theyd go back to their house tables but theyd sit so that they were still close. Likw so they were still in each others line of sight. AND can u imagine them on the train?? Not seeing each other all summer and catching up and talking over each other sorry this is a mess

THE BIT ABOUT THE TRAIN do you want me to cry like…… slytherin muggleborn yoongi and hufflepuff magic family hobi finally seeing each other and telling each other everything about their summer and then ravenclaw namjoon showing up to tell them all about some??? internship he did at the ministry???? and hufflepuff jin brings food his mum made and ravenclaw jungkook coming back from some quidditch match tour and he’s just…………. got so much to tell them!!! and ravenclaw tae intertwining to tell them all about muggle art and the history of the design of quidditch robes and his favourite spells and slytherin jimin watching with the biggest grin on his face because he loves them all so much!!!!

a question

this is a thing I told the BIGGEST NERD EVER @satanicslushie and then she said I should post it 

so uh 

if Baz and Simon were originally supposed to have this GIANT duel when they got older, do you guys think that means they were trained in close-combat and such? 

like, do you think every time Baz got home (and Simon was reunited with The Mage) it was, like, “omg, okay at 5 AM, you need to get up and learn how to do a triple assassination kick backflip. and then you gotta eat 9.8 raw eggs. for protein. and then u gotta learn how to do a flying sizzling cheeky Nandos punch" 

or do you think they didn’t really learn anything like that and it was more like, "haha u have a wand,,, figure these things out yourselves”

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Shiro missed out on Star Wars TFA. The paladins decide to surprise him by streaming the thing on the Castle's massive holo screen in the bridge. When Kylo Ren and Han Solo were on the bridge, he raged so hard at that scene he switched languages and left the room until he stopped ranting. Half an hour later, he came back with a meek apology and continued the film. The Paladins had never heard such a... creative string of japanese curses before.


*cough* anywhoooo

poor Space Dad (honestly same tho). i bet you he was still in denial after he watched the movie and randomly, during missions n training shit, he would start randomly ranting about the scene.

deltora  asked:

So a few weeks ago, I had an unexplained dream where there some pretty deep thinking scholars studying Ed Sheeran lyrics. I think they were studying thinking out loud or Photograph. idk probably both since dreams don't make sense all the time. Anyways, they were saying this is pure poetry that really captures the feeling and pairs well with the music so then, in order to capture the spirit of all that is Ed Sheeran music, they trained two corgis to play the guitar and howl the melody

omg,,, this,,, is,,, so,,, just wow. thank u for sharing this. 

kaijugroupie  asked:

more details would be super rad!!! tbh i was probably gonna transition a guzma rp twitter i already have into a kahuna au one gradually if u said yes so i guess it would be like ur headcanon w my own twist?? (also omg polyship sO GOOD i saw a pic suggesting guzma, burnet and willow were all related and thats what im rpin by but MAN THATS GOOD)

oh sweet! I’m not sure if i’ll be giving the right details since i don’t really know anything about rping? so if there’s anything specific that you think would be good to know you can ask :>

  • He’s a Bug type Kahuna, and his Golisopod has still never left him :>
  • so in the post game we know he’s getting trained by Hala - that’s the start of his transition of course. it seems Hala knew Guzma as a kid too, so i find it likely that he’s the one who encourages him to reconnect with Kukui
  • He’s an abuse survivor (his dad and Lusamine) who’s also got anxiety and has to deal with feeling like a failure a lot - he couldn’t become a trial captain, his dad’s abuse, feeling like he’s dissapointed people in general, etc. 
  • reconnecting with Kukui after years I think is DEFINITELY a huge factor in him getting better - as kids Kukui obviously had no idea how to help in such an overwhelming situation, but as a grown adult who’s now been able to reflect on what happened with a mature lens, Kukui now knows much better how to analyze and discuss it with Guzma to support him. With Kukui’s support I imagine he also get’s a therapist which helps him over come a lot of issues.
    • this stuff with Kukui is also when relationship stuff would start - some feelings that have been locked up for years would be pulled out; Kukui probably realising that he needed these talks and therapy just as much as Guzma because he really cares about Guzma and he’s felt guilty about being unable to help for so long.
    • this is when he gets aquainted with Burnet if they’re not related, if they are this would be a possibility for them to reconnect as family too.
  • Getting connected with Ula’ula so heavily despite melemele being his origin is probably because part of his progress is helping restore po town. restoring po town probably takes a few years, and during that time Guzma connects with the people on Ula’ula. Nanu may even vaguely mentor him and become a father figure who watches him grow. when he’s chosen to take Nanu’s place as Kahuna i can imagine Nanu feeling an unexpected immense sense of pride

the other two posts i’ve made about Kahuna Guzma (the art post and the post i link to in that where i first discussed the idea) I think should be helpful in what being Kahuna means to him and his feelings on it.

i’m not sure if these details are the best since with rping i guess your supposed to be making the story yourself and i’m kinda basically pushing one on to you…? Your in no way obligated to follow this to a T! This is your rp experience, and you said you’d put your own twist on it so obviously you’re allowed to change events and other variables as you wish, but this is basically how i sort of view it :>

best friend!jeno
  • u met Jeno at the subway station of your first year of middle school. he looked lost and so u asked him if he needed directions it turns out that he did
  • it turns out u guys were going the same way so u two board the same train and sit together. it was hella ask bc here’s this stranger u don’t even kno and u thought he was rlly cute and it was JUST SO AWKWARD!! So u put in ur earbuds and play music he looks over ur shoulder and sees what ur listening to.
  • ur so shocked bc literally no one u knew listened to the same type of music as u but low and behold Jeno did so u talk the whole train ride about music
  • u guys get off and he asks for your number
  • “I’d really like to talk to you again!!”
  • he smiles and u just die bc of his eye smile and ur like yeah sure!!
  • turns out u guys have a lot of similar interests and become close very quick.
  • constant texting, there’s never a moment when u two aren’t in contact. he also frequently snapchats you what he’s doing and he likes putting the little time filter so u kno when he’s doing what, his snapchats are honestly so pure like taking pictures of the members like hanging out with jisungie!! wish u were here ) : 
  • u find out he’s a trainee bc one day ur watching Disney channel with a younger cousin and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on and he introduces himself as Jeno
  • at the point ur like WHAT THE HECK?? so u call him and ur like LEE JENO WHAT IS THIS and he’s embarrassed like oh.. yeah..
  • he didn’t think it was important and he didn’t want u to think of him any differently. ofc either way it wouldn’t matter to you
  • u guys hang out a couple of times a month due to his busy schedule but he always always always makes time for you
  • he hides his tiredness to call u at least once a week and he always asks about ur day no matter how tired he is
  • he’s quite quiet about his trainee life so u don’t know much about it but one time u finally convince him to let u visit his dorm and the boys just bombarde u with questions
  • he plays your favorite songs on guitar and its so soothing like during exam times he tries to see u as much as possible so ur not too stressed
  • they joke about u two dating bc he’s always so secretive about u and he goes red and he’s like it’s not like that!! I mean she’s a great person and all but I.. And he just trails off and it’s so cute u can’t help but laugh
  • he helps u with ur homework!! whenever u need help he always tries to video chat u to help u understand the concepts
  • though he is a reserved boy, he loves cars and he will talk for hours and hours about them and u try ur best to absorb all this knowledge but u just get confused but it’s ok u like to listen to him talk
  • he keeps a lot of things bottled up inside but ur the only person he tells everything to
  • u guys watch disney movies together and sing the songs at the top of ur lungs until u guys are breathless and laughing until your stomach hurts
  • since he plays so many instruments he tries to teach u but u suck so u prefer to listen to him play
  • when he debuted he was so emotional he was on the verge of tears when he called you. that weekend u bought him a cake and a little toy car model
  • he was so happy even tho he didn’t even like that car model much but since it was from you he treasures it more than anything
  • he comes over sometimes to help you with schoolwork or just to hang out with u. sometimes he’ll come over unannounced and he just sits with u while u work
  • also he sometimes surprises u in the mornings with a warm cup of coffee and a pastry and he will walk u to school!!
  • u can’t come to his lives because u live a city away but u watch him on stream. but one time the boys help u surprise him and when he saw u on the stage his legs went jelly and he almost messed up
  • he went up to u after and he was stuttering and he was breathing so hard and he was like i w-what are you doiidnng hhhehrere??? ? ? 
  • at photoshoots he always texts u what he did and hes so nervous he hopes it will turn out well and he tells u about all the things he wants to do in the future like appear on variety shows and become a successful idol 
  • overall, jeno is just the sweetest boy and he will put yourself over himself. u don’t realize it but he is willing to drop a lot just to make sure you’re okay and ur friendship is one of the best things that ever happened to u 

best friend!jisung

best friend!donghyuck

best friend!mark

best friend!jaemin


“I wanna be a Superhero. I wanna help you keep the world spinning” (Mon-El)


Mon-El wants to be a superhero? Karamel training together? They’re fighting crimes together?? And they were in Kara’s apartment?? Together together??😍😍😍❤💛❤

OMGOMFGSQUENAKSHSKLZXXDW!!! Kevin Smith, u r AMAZING!!! I can’t wait to watch this episode! OMG OMG OMG #HelpMeICanNotBreathe
January 23rd, please come sooonn!!❤💛❤💛❤

gay-holtzy  asked:

jily as online friends who meet irl

- james is definitely the one who continuously sends lily messages and photos of what he’s doing ALL DAY even when she’s offline so that when she turns her phone on she is hit with 200 messages that all say things like “look at this sick dog omg [pic]” “i made a gr8 sandwich with bacon and cheese but sirius stole it :(” “look at my outfit im so proud [pic]”

- lily always live messages james when she goes out with her friends - “omg dorcas just asked marlene to dance omg james” “dude she said YES” “OKAY THEYRE SNOGGING DUDE I WISH U WERE HERE TO SEE THIS"

- when they meet in the train station they see each other from across the ticket barrier and lily is so flustered because (oh god hes even more attractive in real life) and she can’t find her ticket and james is just hovering there with tears in his eyes because /she’s so beautiful/

- lily has to get the guard to open the barrier for her because she’s too overwhelmed to find her ticket

- there has never been a hug tighter than the hug they share in the train station okay there just hasn’t

- mrs evans and mr potter standing around awkwardly while their kids are hugging each other and crying because “oh my you’re actually here i can’t believe it” “evans, you’re choking me”


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A preference were he's your personal trainer and things get sexual YES PLEASE

i dont think you understand how much this hurt to write omg but i didn’t go too smutty for this because i have other stuff i need to write tonight so its not hella smutty and theres no dialogue oops

pls send feedback or i will cry

L U K E 

So you’d be training to run a marathon and since Luke is a runner he would be your trainer. You two would be outside running at around eight am because that’s when the parks and trails would be the least busy. So Luke being shy but cheeky Luke would have found you attractive the moment you started to train with him so in an attempt to show off he would take off his shirt saying it was ‘too hot’. And when he was running you would see his back muscles curve and flex and it would be so attractive. Getting really horny you’d drag him behind the closest building on the trail and just start to kiss his neck and he’d be so turned on because all the pent up sexual tension between you two. Since his shirt was already off you’d let your lips trail down his collarbone and down his torso until you were on your knees. Kissing his hip bones you would unbutton his jeans and give him head. But he wouldn’t be able to make a lot of since you two are in public so he would just be making little whimpers and his eyes would be squeezed shut as his head was back on the wall trying so hard not to make noise.

C A L U M 

Calum is so athletic like he would be your gym trainer for anything. From motivation to showing you new exercises he would be the best. So he’d be exercising with you and you two would be doing squats. Calum would be in a tank top that perfectly shows his biceps and loose gym shorts that his thigh muscles would be outlined everytime he came down and back up again. Just watching him do this over would turn you on so much and you’d have really slow and half assed squats because you would be so busy watching Calum. And he’d definitely notice and decide to tease you so much and he’d just go lower and stick his butt out more and just watch you wither without him even touching you. your legs squeezing together, he’d just laugh to himself to see what he’s doing to you. Once he had enough teasing he would ask you what was wrong and why you weren’t doing your squats and being so embarrassed you lied and told him it was because your ankle hurt. Calum being the cheeky shit would say he could go get you ice in the back and take you with him to the store room. But he would close and lock the door behind you and before you could ask what he was doing he would shove you against the wall and start kissing you. He would just slip his hands in your panties and start rubbing your clit. Gasping and letting our head fall back he’d confess to you how he saw you checking him out doing squats and for not telling him you wanted him earlier he would make you cum on his fingers three times.

A S H T O N 

Personal trainer Ashton would be shirtless on your floor showing you how to do a proper plank. The sweat would be glistening off his back and the muscles in his biceps would be pulsing while a little bit of curly hair fell in front of his bandana. Asking if you got it now, you’d nod and then he motioned for you to show him. Getting on the floor and propping yourself up, you’d let your legs squeeze together to give some friction to your aching center. Your thoughts were interrupted by Ashton placing his hands on your hips to lower and straighten your back. His huge hands would be gripping your hips and you couldn’t help but imagine if that’s what it would feel like if you were riding him. When he finally let go of your hips he would tell you to get ready for situps and crunches. Laying beside you he would start, his breath coming in every time he lifted his head, his stomach muscles tightening and untightening. When he wold lay down for a breather before he started again you would climb on top of him and straddle his waist, before starting to suck on his jaw. He would groan and make a comment about how he didn’t know you wanted this as much as he did. You would start to grind your hips down onto his, and his hands would once again travel to your hips and guide them down. And continuing this while you sucked all around his neck would eventually be too much for Ashton and he would come in his pants. Flipping you over he’d give you a dark smirk before pulling off your shorts and letting his long fingers graze the inside of your thighs. 

M I C H A E L 

Michael is so lazy being real you’d be his personal trainer. After a light morning jog around his block a couple of times you’d go back into his house to start doing other exercises with him. Choosing to do the jump ropes first you’d hand him one and then start to jump yourself. So focused on your own rhythm and breathing you wouldn’t notice Michael stopped jumping until he cleared his throat. Stopping to talk to him you saw that he’s staring at your boobs, with a boner starting to poke through his gym shorts. Being the confident one he is, he’d comment on how good you looked jumping up and down, and how he’d love to rip the sports bra off of you. Just his words were enough to make you want him to take you right there. Challenging him, you would let him advance towards you, and lay you down on his couch. Being true to his word he would take your sports bra off and groan at the sight of your chest exposed to him. He would just play with your boobs until you would be begging for him to do something. Pulling down your shorts he would waste no time and just start sucking on your clit. The sight of his little dyed green head between your legs would be enough to make you want to release right there. But right before you would orgasm he would bring his head back up and smirk at you with his chin glistening. Muttering swear words you would flip him over and start to palm him through his jeans and to get back at him for what he just did.

request or send feedback here!

also please read this!

#133: Twitter conversation with the other members


@Y/T/N: Was reading a kids joke book while waiting at the doctors. @Harry_Styles I know where you get your knock knock jokes

@Harry_Styles: @Y/T/N knock knock

@Real_Liam_Payne: @Y/T/N @Harry_Styles dont fall for it!!!

@Y/T/N: @Harry_Styles who’s there?

@Harry_Styles: @Y/T/N tuna fish

@Y/T/N: @Harry_Styles tuna fish who?

@Harry_Styles: @Y/T/N you can tune a piano but you can’t tuna fish! 

@Y/T/N: @Harry_Styles no.


@Real_Liam_Payne: third wheeling @zaynmalik and @Y/T/N with (Y/N) at the wheel. Lets hope we survive this roadtrip :D

@Y/T/N: @Real_Liam_Payne hey! You didn’t die, did you. Next time I’m not driving you.

@Real_Liam_Payne: @Y/T/N @zaynmalik help me here mate

@zaynmalik: @Real_Liam_Payne @Y/T/N sorry mate you caused this aha :) 

@Real_Liam_Payne: sorry @Y/T/N. u drive great!


@Louis_Tomlinson: ‘Lesson learnt. Eating burritos wrapped in pizza slices with generic coke is not the best the night before an exam.’ @Y/T/N

@Y/T/N: @Louis_Tomlinson I was supposed to send that to @NiallOfficial hahaha

@Louis_Tomlinson: @Y/T/N @NiallOfficial How can you mistaken Louis Tomlinson for Niall Horan ??

@Y/T/N: @Louis_Tomlinson @NiallOfficial I don’t use proper names on contacts


@Y/T/N: @Louis_Tomlinson @NiallOfficial omg


@Y/T/N: @NiallOfficial thanks for shouting me Nandos :D Always knew the Black Card wasn’t a rumour

@NiallOfficial: @Y/T/N had a right laugh wit u ! Still have a stomachache from the chilli ? 

@Harry_Styles: @NiallOfficial @Y/T/N heeeeeeeeeeey. where was my invite? :(

@Y/T/N: @Harry_Styles you were in the middle of training at the gym! You looked really passionate

@Harry_Styles: @NiallOfficial shout me nandos too. I feel left out. 


@Louis_Tomlinson: at Bondi Ink with @zayn_malik. @Y/T/N giving us support and pitching in ideas !! 

@Y/T/N: @Louis_Tomlinson @zaynmalik you guys should have gone with my idea to have ’(Y/N) is the best’ tattooed on your arses :)

@zaynmalik: @Y/T/N @Louis_Tomlinson we said we would do it if you gave us £10000 each 

@Y/T/N: @zaynmalik @Louis_Tomlinson too much. @harry_styles should have come. He said my idea was great.

@Harry_Styles: @Y/T/N @Louis_Tomlinson @zaynmalik i’m really sorry. I was having a wee.