dustin3350 replied to your post “i love jonnor bur im afraid theyll just break them up in true fosters…”

They wouldn’t because unlike Brallie they are true OTP & the creators and actors know how much this ship means to everybody. They wouldn’t want to feel the wrath of jonnor shippers everywhere.

i thought you said junior shippers for a second and i just imagined a bunch of small children screaming at the creators of this show

[ARTICLE] Who is the best idol vocalist? (Yoseob)

Yang Yoseob, a vocalist that would put concepts to shame with his singing ability alone

The one thing that is most shocking about MBC’s Masked Singer is the ability of idol singers. The existence/formation of an idol itself is majorly based on concepts and it’s certain that the merits of good singers are covered by dances or outfits, taking attention away (from the singing). But amidst all of that, if I were to recommend a vocalist who would put concepts to shame with his singing alone, it would be BEAST’s Yang Yoseob. A few years ago, for “My Princess” OST, Yoseob-goon sang my song ‘The Person I Cherish”. (I thought he was) Nothing but a pretty child but he sang really well. His tone was not deterred by the genre, he had the best sound that allowed him to express freely, and nothing needs to be said about his breathing (techniques) and vocalisation. What’s more, he sang it differently from my intentions so I asked him to express with a different singing method and he was able to do so right away. This is a skill that normally is only possible by people who are experienced. Idols need singing, dancing, outfits, much like an all-inclusive gift set. However, the person who made me think I should make a song stand out by composing a song meticulously and delicately was Yang Yoseob.
Kim Hyeongseok, (Composer, Producer)



Whiplash speaks to artists on a spiritual level. 

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will they sop with the teasers already? i'm trying to work and they're taking away all my energy and life and ahh help!

Hahahahahah i dont think theyll stop until september if you know what i mean, lets try to relax and go with the flow hhaahah

First, I’m gonna apologize for this graphic, but pretty things like that aren’t my strong suit. Hopefully it doesn’t take away how grateful I am for all you guys. Starting Clint 6 months ago was absolutely terrifying and I didn’t expect to get anywhere with him much less have so many of you guys following. I was obviously wrong, though, because I found some really incredible partners that I absolutely adore. I know I suck at communicating and saying hi to you guys and stuff, but I really do love all you crazy kids and I can’t wait to keep writing with you. Thank you all so much for following! There’s a good chance I may have missed a couple people just because I wanted to get this out, but whether I follow you or not, thank you so much for being here.

My lovely regulars

I seriously can’t get enough of you guys. Thank you so much for everything. I’m especially bad at talking to you guys all the time, but I really do love and appreciate you all.

mcckingbiird | theagentandbiochemist | romxnov | bishopsbows | irxnsister 

Some seriously awesome people

I think the title says it all. Y’all are awesome. I don’t talk to you guys as often (or at all in some cases), but I think you’re all pretty great.

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A bunch of people I mostly admire from afar

I really don’t think I’ve talked to most of you at all, but I think you’re all so incredible. Seriously, y’all inspire me with your awesomeness. 

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This morning you were all up on him now your talking like you don't even want him



I’ve met these thoughts before,
Uncharted waters rising
I feel it in my bones
Too deep for me to ignore
These cross roads

Held back by what I thought was right,
Keeping my feelings from your mind
Too deep you bring my fears alive
Too quick to notice fading time
Your faith too blind to let it go
Visions of clinging onto those
Beautiful times as we approach
Our final chord

I, I, I, I feel your loneliness
With every step I take to walk away
All we’ll know is just how good it felt
Before we broke this little lie they call love

I’m trying to pretend searching for ways to keep you
No longer can I defend
Just to be let down again
By you

So after some soul searching and talking and mulling it over, I decided to keep Guy active. The thought of losing him just depresses me so much I can’t imagine not being here and writing him. But something had to give. I’ve barely been active on him, and feeling stressed out when I am here, so I’ve decided to shut down most of my other blogs and see how it goes when I take away the pressure of trying to keep all those blogs active, too. As of right now, the only active blogs I have are Guy, Starkey and Blackbeard. Blackbeard is more or less just for Taylor and Milla, Starkey is a bit more open but still quiet and mainly for writing with Taylor, Milla, Hollie, Shelly and Lou. But Guy is the main focus of all of my attention starting immediately. 

At some point I may start the other blogs back up, but for now, I’m going to be working on expanding my verses for Guy and fleshing out some of the existing ones a bit better…specifically the vampire verse, wolf verse and King Arthur/Avalon verse. So if you’re interested in any of those verses and would like to talk about a thing, please don’t hesitate to pounce on me in the ask box.


Can we all just take a moment to appreciate my natural curls, i think I may have found a shampoo that takes away all the frizzy frizzzzzzz

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I feel so sad for you, I want to hug you and take all your worries away

:( I’m ok. I’m ok

Two years ago today, I took a chance on AO3 and posted my first fic, which started with this Verse. Since then I have officially written 1,000,000 words written for this fandom. Thank you all for your support. This fandom changed and saved my life. It’s fitting that on my 2 year anniversary, I post a new installment to this verse.

Summary: Their evening starts at a snobby gala in downtown Chicago, where Dean is eating all the bacon he can eat and Sam is looking for a way to escape. A trip to Uptown takes them away from it all–further back than Sam ever though possible.

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Hi this is georgiapeach201 just letting you know that I come up with all the video ideas and did all the uploading and scheduling and basically everything besides the editing and filming. get your facts straight before you start taking away all the credit i get for all the work i do because I work so hard on everything I do and it makes me so angry when people like you tell ur fans things like that when it's not even true. please get your facts straight.

I don’t believe this is actually her, but whoever you are, either way you’re wrong - I don’t tell my followers any of the confessions you see. They all submit them to me. Don’t tell me to get my facts straight when you’re quick to jump at me before even understanding the basic idea of a confession blog, or even bothering to read the sidebar/blog description that states that. If anything, you should get your facts straight. 

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"Dear mom". :)

Dear mum
I wish I could take away all your worries all your problems
You deserve so much more
I wish I was a better daughter
I wish I could take away all the pain
I don’t always know what to say when you’re hurting and I’m sorry
I’m sorry for hurting you, for worrying you, for causing you stress, for not listening, for breaking that window (I swear it was haroons idea)
I’m sorry for not being able to do anything when you needed me
I hear you crying at night, you think no one hears but I do
You’ve been through so much and it’s not fair and it hurts when I think about it
Thank you for bringing me up, for telling me it’s going to be okay, for smiling through the pain so we wouldn’t know, for everything
You brought up 5 kids by yourself, you’re the strongest person I know and I wish I was as strong as you
I want to give you the world and I know sometimes I say things or do things that hurt you and I’m so sorry
You mean so much to me I don’t know what I’d do without you
And I could go on for so long but I’m crying rn so imma stop
I hope one day I make you proud

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dad, how'd you know you loved mum?

      There were three defining moments with Astoria Greengrass

   ● the day he realized he could  like her      ● the day he should have kissed her, and didn’t 
                  ● the day he couldn’t breathe until she was taking his breath away.

     Somehow,    some  way,   all of these moments blurred together — each of them slapping onto a canvas like a work of Picasso — a design of horrors  and beauty , depending on perspective.  Together, they entered a NEW AGE,  an age where the world seemed abstract and mis-shaped, so it’s probably fitting. The world , their world , was slapped across the face &&  left spinning out of control: the only option was to hang on by their claws and hope for the best.

      I.   THE DAY HE REALIZED HE COULD LIKE HER  was a type when the leaves were changing. Up in the trees, autumn sucked them dry &&  changed their colours; they were the warmest flowers that the trees ever bloomed. Everything was changing that year,  rather than reverting back to old times. The crisp air was as bittersweet as when he was sitting in the common area and she came in like a wildfire.  It was actually kind of funny,  but it would take a while to laugh it off. See, that day was the day she SNAPPED.   For so long, she had been Daphne’s quiet sister;  now she was ROARING, fire in her footsteps, and a challenge in her eye. When she snapped at him  ‘WHAT.’ , he only found himself   g r i n n i n g . It was the first genuine grin that moved his lips since the war, and the first time his hands flew up in DEFENSE .     He never did ask what had touched her nerve that evening, all he knew was when the door slammed behind him,  she had chased away all his dark thoughts like a mad woman with a broom. All he could think about for the rest of the day was her , and the fact that Astoria Greengrass had ,  a p p a r e n t l y , some FIRE  in her that most had cooled off.

     II.  THE DAY HE REALIZED HE SHOULD HAVE KISSED HER, AND DIDN’T  was sometime after the first snow when it was hailing  and grey outside. Soft, white snow transformed into brown muck and outside was dreary and unpleasant.  Of course, none of the Slytherins who spent their time in the common room knew this       after all, the windows give a never-ending , never changing view of the black lake , make EMERALD bleed out of the thick windows. However, he was just entering,  hair FLATTENED DOWN, shoes making watery complaints, and with heavy robes when he found Astoria in front of the fire.  There were cries being bitten down into her hand as she paced. Normally, he didn’t give a rat’s arse — but he decided not to ASK because he had a feeling. After all, this wasn’t the second time he’s bumped into her;  the second, third, fourth, and so on times were in the middle of the night.  Of course, he erupted into the room COMPLAINING  and waving his wand to dry himself off (  finally )  before heaving over to her — and he swore there was the smallest laugh escaping from her.  Now , before he knew it, he was standing so she couldn’t ignore him if she tried  – resulting to many slaps to the chest and more restrained sobs.  He didn’t ask this time , either. However, there were sparks in his eyes and he leaned forward with a grin, only to stop. After all,  she had a boyfriend.  —– Frozen in time, he finds his breath holding, and he does something dumb  ;  he grabs her arm, frowns, and retreats to the couch, saying ,  ❛ If you’re going to sob,  don’t do it in the common area.  Salazar knows  snakes like to gossip.  ❜  

    III.  THE DAY HE COULDN’T BREATHE UNTIL HE WAS WITH HER,  which ironically means when she took his breath away.  Now this day came in the middle of the night — 3 am to be exact. It wasn’t the first, and it wouldn’t be the last time he woke up hot. He was fighting a battle in his sleep and the proof was being out of breath with the covers kicked off. He grabbed his hair, his face, the sheets, and his mind was a blackhole. Blinking around with red spots in his eyes, he saw Theo’s crooked mouth letting out snores, and he swore Blaise was either staring up at the ceiling or he was actually trying to sleep like some sodding princess. The last thought helped his panic , and he wondered if it was something Astoria would find funny. ( NO ) — that thought rang out. It rang out the whole day as he walked through the halls like the undead,  hisses directing towards him, spells sometimes following. Odd how bloodthirsty kids are — how they can see someone who looks dead, acts dead, and all they want to do is make sure they feel like they’re dying. Yet every comment that hurled his way and every retort that flared back , he just wondered what Astoria was doing. It was starting to drive him mad, and the worst of it all— he didn’t see her at all that day. Needless to say, it was a bad day.  Then, as he wondered in the common room around 1am, he found her and drew in a breath then laughed as she grabbed her hair and stared at her homework like it started speaking Chinese or something. He went over to the couch, took up the entire thing, and put his arm behind his head like nothing was wrong.    However, as the night carried, soon enough that homework was put away and blunt words, dangerous words stared to pull on their tongues.   ❛ Ever think about the war? I mean – the cause, the reason… Ever think about how our lives have been constantly manipulated? Chosen for us? For all we know– everything we know could be lies. I mean…does blood really matter? ❜     (  Perhaps that was a time he took her breath away

    Now, neither of these moments said he loved her      it’s simply a story, simply their complex foundation. See, she used to be Daphne’s little sister until she wasn’t, and she was something MORE; something that would DESTROY HIM ;  the dragon  who’s fire he’d stand in, arms wide and demanding for more && the Pandora’s box he shouldn’t have opened, and left him with the one thing he feared— HOPE. He graduated, and she stayed at Hogwarts. Occasionally, they wrote to each other. Occasionally, she’d complain about a new boyfriend or her sister or her parents or their ‘peers’  or the Ministry or how their lives were fucking insane— ‘Well, at least we’re not in prision’. Occasionally, they’d get into deep discussions where they not only critically judged their surroundings, everyone and everything in it from the stars to the bottom of the sea– but themselves. 

   One day, after she graduated and he didn’t go to prison — a day where the sun was bleeding through vast, white clouds, he found her arms around him.  It shocked him for a moment, his heart picked up, and he put a hand on her shoulder blade. Sometime between then and some years later when they would exchange wedding rings, they started to date. He started going to her place, sit on her bed, and throw things just short of the ceiling till she told him to stop or snatched the item. One day, they were multitasking between words and she was coming in and out of the room. It happened then — in the work of an instant. Thousands of nights, he pondered about Astoria Greengrass — preferably as he stared at a clock pointed to two. A million times, her name left his mouth to other people. Her lavender scent, the stardust in her hair, the lightning of her smile, the skies in her eyes, the way she held his wrist or put her hand between his shoulder places, the way everything sparked when she kissed him or whispered on his skin, the fact he was coming with her to a funeral. Yet, in this one moment, this one second, it all flooded him. “What?”  she demanded when he stopped hovering her belongings, making them all crash on him. He was staring at her like he had never seen her before, mouth open and frowning  slightly. His jaw worked but when his tongue & voice did, all that came out was ,   ❛ Nothing. 

          RIGHT THEN,   a small child rests on his lap, dangling their head off the side of the chair, sputtering question after question into the air.  Playing with hair and making sure his son doesn’t snap his neck testing how flexible he is — he lets out a short laugh.

   ❛ I dunno, Scorpius — I suppose one morning, I woke up
               and decided I couldn’t get rid of her , even if I wanted to.
                   Love is a gross thing — I wouldn’t recommend it. ❜

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okay do just imagine the scene from tst trailer where thomas has the gun and you are standing there with WCKD trying to take you away but you scream his name and all hi memories cone back. like you were his first love and his name is stiles aND HE WATCHED HIS BEAT FRIEND SCOTT GET BURNED ALIVE SO HE BREAKS DOWN AND ITS LIKE 'THE THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER' AND IS CRYING AND I CANT DEAL WITH THIS. IM VERY SORRY


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I don't think a showmance would take all the publicity away from Karlie's first pitch at the Cardinals game. They're unrelated and I would've been more interested in Karlie than Taylor's pr show tbh.

Same :) But a lot more ppl might have directed their attention elsewhere… ;)