'I'm always here'

Blood to dust
Oaths to ash
Voices to silence.

We are the forgotten,
the faithless,
the cursed.

“Ghosts” they call us.
“The living dead.”

We do not want to be woken.
We do not want to be called.
We do not want to be saved.

Leave us.

Let us spend our time
In this prison of darkness
Threading eternity
through the bones of our fingers.

Leave us alone.

—  The Paths of the Dead.

if any of you ever ever ever need someone to talk to and you feel alone PLEASE come to me. im not a doctor or a therapist and i can’t save your life but i am a safe place to come. i’ll never publish your personal messages or you can even talk to me on anon or email me, hell even find my number if you can.

i sincerely never want anything to happen to any of you and i never want you to feel scared and alone.

Moment Of Silence For All Those Who Aren't At Vidcon Right Now

I’m right here with you *starts sobbing* “We’re All In This Together-” *breaks down into tears*


Happy belated birthday Nico!

It’s already July 23 here lol.. I wasn’t sure about what to draw so I just made this. Nico needs to be loved.


“Because I’m unsophisticated, I think if you believe in something hard enough, it’ll happen,” she said to him on the night that was supposed to be their last.

Hyun doesn’t share in her philosophy. But he can’t help himself from wanting to comfort her. When he reaches out and takes her hand in his, her fingers are icy, and they tremble. Not at all like the steady, warm hands he has come to know as hers. Cha Ji An’s. Perhaps it’s instinct. It’s that Cha Ji An’s hands aren’t meant to be like this. 

So though he doesn’t believe the way she does, he says, “It’ll go away.”

It’s the strangest thing. But as he stands there, rubbing her hand between his own larger ones, her fingers grow warm. 

And then they steady.

each of the seventeen members are slowly trying out acting first junhui and now jeonghan i wonder who’s gonna be next but seriously i am so happy about this because hey pledis are actually giving them opportunities to try out these things and most of all we’re gonna see them act !! i feel like a lot of them are really interested with acting and i also feel like each one of them will have a unique approach to acting and that’s just what makes me even more excited about this plEDIS U ACTUALLY STEPPING UR GAME UP im sO PROUD


There are too many things I want to say
So firstly, our promise of being here
However hard, however painful
Yes, anyway
Because the members are here
Because you all are here
We were helped so much thanks to you all
We, Exo, will absolutely not give up
We’ll be together with you forever
The last thing I want to say
I love you forever

After the other member’s ments Suho steps in: At the moment Tao still has things that he wants to say. He’ll say them in Chinese.

So I’ll talk a little in Chinese now
Although the truth is I haven’t expressed myself well
I am really grateful to everybody
Thank you for always being here
In spite of there being various rumours, willpower was very strong
I’m grateful to you all
I hope that we can all be with you forever
Everyone, I love you
Thank you so much


“Only your light can bring it back to my life.”