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     So I’ve been feeling pretty mushy and good lately, and I just had to make a thing to give a shout out to the friends  I’ve  made  here. This is more of a bias list than anything else, but it’s still something, and  please ignore the  ugly  banner.  I  made  it in under five minutes and it’s making me giggle. 

     But anyway, I freaking love each and every  one of you.  Every  single  person  listed has made my tumblr experience so much better. It doesn’t matter  if we’re roleplaying, talking on skype, or just spamming everyone’s dashes with random bullshit, I love you guys, and I want you all to know that. 

     This is for Jackson (watchthxpaintjob)  too,  please  don’t  forget that or be alarmed if you suddenly appear on here. Because I miss writing with  you  for whatever reason, and I need you  guys  to  know  that  I  haven’t  just  up  and  dropped  you.  This  list  is also in no order whatsoever. 

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                   People who loved me on Jackson, who should love me here too: 

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       People I admire/would love to write with more because you guys are beautiful: 

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what's being high like? asking both out of curiosity and for future writing reference

oh manohmanoh hman okay let me try and do this. if u ever want to come off anon i can totally give you a bunch of tips/give u personal experiences if that would help u with writing characters while being high in the future!!!!

  • ok so the first thing i want to mention: it’s not the same for everyone; not entirely. yeah, there’s a pretty common ground (i.e. cotton mouth, munchies, your head feeling airy, etc) but everyone reacts to weed different, cause not all of our minds work the same; we’re all wired differently – for example, i hallucinate pretty regularly (i.e. i’ll hear phantom noises, have conversations with people entirely in my head though i swear they’re right next to me, etc). some people don’t hallucinate at all. it all varies person to person.
  • how you feel depends greatly on the strain you’re smoking. and even further, it also depends on the subspecies. 
  • sativa is more mind oriented (you tend to be more creative, productive, euphoric, etc). indica is more body oriented (you tend to feel more relaxed, you feel like you’re floating, etc). and then there are hybrids. which are a combination of the two and the effects can overlap a bit.
  • i’m shit at explaining the different subspecies so if you want a more education route, this link will help a lot!
  • also the effects depend on what you’re doing to get high. if you’re smoking, dabbing, eating edibles, hash oil, etc. they all vary in levels of potency.
  • personally, for me, what i feel is: an overriding sense of happiness. my mind is blank and at ease and i also tend to be pretty productive and creative. my head feels spacey, a little bit airy, and i feel like i’m floating. there can be some dissociative symptoms (i.e. i’ve had multiple instances where i was convinced my hands were not my own) so take that into account. also munchies. munchies are the greatest bitch, oh my god.
  • there’s a general misconception about being high where you’re rendered basically useless and are incapable of intelligent conversation and are just bursting at the seems with laughter and while this can happen, it’s pretty easy to function while stoned, and nothing more than that makes me angry when i see it represented in fanfiction. 
  • you also tend to be a shitton more philisophical (think david webster level proportions) but that could just be me

i hope this helped???? like i said it’s hard to catalogue exactly what’s going to happen when someone smokes bc i can’t tell you. each experience is different. the one thing i will say though is how u feel also depends on your mood. for example, if you’re smoking when ur anxious/paranoid, weed has properties that increases paranoia (esp if ur smoking in an unusual setting i.e. ur dealer smoking u out) which is not a pretty picture. panic attacks are common among first time users.

okay i think that about covers it?? if u need anymore info pls let me know and ill be happy to tell u. also to my other followers i’m very sorry about rambling abou this 4 four years.

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this isn't hate or me trying to be clever, i'm genuinely asking - when it comes to the tattoos, are you just guessing that they match/compliment each other or do you actually believe they do? i see it mentioned a lot but i don't understand how we can know for sure why they got any of their tattoos or even why two teenagers would get so many couples tattoos. some larry things make sense but i just don't get the tattoo stuff

If I met two people in my real life who spent a lot of time together, looked at each other lovingly, and made sexual innuendos at each other, and one had an anatomical heart tattoo and the other had a realistic arrow tattoo in a corresponding size, I would assume they probably were in a committed relationship. If I found out that they also had a ship and compass done by the same tattoo artist less than 24 hours apart, an anchor and rope, and a rose and dagger (on roughly the same spot on the same arm, no less), I wouldn’t even question it.

Of course we can’t “know for sure.” But we can make inferences based on behavior, and those inferences can be so strong that we can be confident they’re correct, even without having actual knowledge of the situation.

If nothing is falling from the sky when I go to sleep, but there are six inches of icy white stuff on the ground when I wake up, I’m going to infer that it snowed over night, even if I never saw any of the snow falling from the sky myself. Because there’s evidence that allows (requires!) me to make that inference.

Harry and Louis’s behavior, including the tattoos, is basically as clear to me as that snow on the ground.


na·vel-gaz·ing (nā′vəl-gā′zĭng) n. Slang:  Excessive introspection, self-absorption, or concentration on a single issue.

Pupok: пупок: belly button

Lately I’ve been wondering about Pupok and if Helena’s creation of him has anything to do with the concept of navel gazing. Helena’s interaction with others has been severely limited to abuse, manipulation, and dismissal of her humanity. When I heard that Pupok (пупок) translated to belly button, I wondered if there was more to that than it just being a strange thing to name a scorpion. 

For Helena to survive as long as she has, she’s had to turn inward for friendship, strength, and comfort. That navel-gazing has allowed her to survive and endure all kinds of horrific things. Maybe Pupok works on a deeper level than as simply comfort, strength, or a guide. Helena’s navel gazing has ended up strengthening her and saving her life. 

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do you have any advice for getting into costume designing? you always come up with such wonderful costume designs!

Ahh, sorry for the late reply! I wanted to take my time to respond to this, but the last few days have been a bit chaotic. Anyways, thank you so much!

This is going to get a bit lengthy, so I’ll put my talk under a ‘read more’! If you’re a mobile user then I’m… so sorry. 

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My husband once asked me why, when my period was late, I had to check every hour to see if it came. I had to wait several days before taking a pregnancy test anyway, so why did it consume me during that time? He didn’t mean to be rude; he genuinely didn’t understand and wanted to. I told him a story to illustrate.

Say you are stuck in some bunker. Maybe it’s wartime, maybe the zombie apocalypse is happening, who knows. Things are dangerous and you’re in a bunker. Every month, you have a friend come to you with supplies and news of the outside world. Occasionally he’s a little late, but only by a day, maybe two, but there is always the possibility that he won’t show up at all because he was eaten by zombies. It’s very important he survive, because without him, you will have to face the world of zombies. He gave you a machine that you can use to determine for sure if he’s dead, but it can be a little expensive and it might not even tell you until a week after he died and missed your appointment. It COULD tell you within a couple days, and then you would know for sure, but if not, you’ve wasted your machine. Every month that he is late, how often do you check your little windows in hope that you’ll see him strolling down the lane? Do you wait with your ears pricked for that knock on the door? How often do your eyes flicker to the machine, counting each hour as it becomes more likely you will have to use it?

This is what a pregnancy scare is like.


                            Rule No. #6 - Don’t touch Freddy

Uhg don’t pay too close attention to all the anatomy derps, I was REALLY tired and sick when I drew this. I randomly thought how one of the rules is don’t touch Freddy… I bet it’s a bummer for the animatronics not being able to interact with the kids that they use to entertain. ( I like to think that the animatronices are sentient beings looking out for the kids ) So yeah… This was made in result of that. ^^”


More sketches. The two pink ones are of my Gaia avatar that I really grew attached to… Might tweak it for character design purposes. The green sketch is an outfit test for the protag of my original story. Then the bottom portrait is of a sylveon gijinka design I was messing around with, since I haven’t seen many dark-skin sylveon gijinkas around. Not sure how I feel about her hair yet, but I’ll figure something out!