'I hit you really hard in the head'


“what do you think about when you daydream or get distracted?”

nothing. my head is just a running loop of the hamilton original cast recording


The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.

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Bts reaction to rocking into you too hard causing u to hit ur head on the headboard & start laughin

Jimin : *Starts cracking up rubbing the top of your head smoothly.*

“I’m so sorry princess,” “I’ll slow down.”

Namjoon : Quickly hug your head saying “Oh shit,” loudly thinking he really hurt you.

“Baby girl are you okay?!” “I can’t do anything right..”

Jungkook : *Chuckle lightly against your neck muttering “sorry,” while gripping tightly onto your hips* With one quick pull he’d bring you down to the middle of the bed.

Yoongi : *Quickly stops and looks down at you worriedly rubbing your cheek while laughing breathlessly*

“Oh..” “Are you okay?”

Taehyung : He’d bite his lip while smiling down at you kissing your forehead lightly knowing how rough he was about to be. Placing his hands on each side of your head he’d start thrusting slowly feeling really bad.

J-hope : *Grab and lifts the back of your neck and places a pillow beneath it kissing you shortly after*

“Is that better?” “I’m sorry jagiya..” “I didn’t even realize how close you were to the headboard.”

~You shove him playfully~

Jin : Starts dying of laughter not being able to continue pleasuring you after seeing you laugh the way you did. Jin decides to continue laughing about it for about 10 minutes.

~You tell him to leave~ 

*Still laughing*

Anyone who has seen New Hope should remember the line about the fact that many people died to get those Death Star plans so that eventually Luke could to blow it up. So I expected to lose at least part of the Rogue One crew. But the movie did such a good job of giving each one of them their own time (obviously some had more than others… Jyn was the lead and integral to it all and Cassian was next) within the movie to shine and for you to love them. And because of that, it really hit me hard when each one of them eventually fell. They didn’t all just get their own moments to shine. Each one got their own death scene and got to face it head on knowing it was their choice and that what they were doing was worth it. It was sad, but it was powerful and moving too. I really did expect at least Jyn to make it out. But they went out heroes. Without them, the Rebellion would have died. They gave it the New Hope. May the Force be with them.

I feel like Slytherins are those kinds of people who know tons of weirdly specific information about how to hurt people like

“What in here would be the best weapon if a killer clown attacked us right now?”

“Well if you simply put your hand on one side of the clowns head very steadily and hit the other side really hard you’d give them a concussion. You wouldn’t need a weapon.”



  • Naruto: Damn I just hit my head really hard. I think I might have a caucasian
  • Sakura: Either he's so concussed that he can't spell correctly or he actually believes that if you hit your head hard enough that life would just give you a white person
  • Shikamaru: what? Do you like fall down, crack your skull and life goes: here take Steve, he's a nice caucasian male, he likes crossword puzzles and coffee?
  • Sakura: apparently that's what he believes

When it’s 2am and you got a bit high and take selfies and then am like “it’s a shame I’m cute even with this naked ass face with no one to send the cute selfie to”, so you post them on tumblr and know you’re cute even with no makeup on.

I’ve given myself a few weeks off the beatings of my body and hard core diet. The three weeks following Garth Brooks in September just really hit me hard. As well as two injuries don’t help. But that’s ok because I’ve come a long way and this journey wasn’t about getting skinny so much as being confident in myself again no matter what stage of transformation my body is in.

I’m spending a lot more nights seeing myself in the mirror and being ok with going to bed with the person I see looking back at me.

Unplugging from the matrix.

Limericks inspired by Script Medic

((What can I say, sometimes I get ideas and then have to write them. @scriptmedic is a blog you should be following if you like writing about medically-unpleasant things happening to your characters, and you want to be accurate.))

Amnesia! that oft-beloved trope
Of writers both lazy and soap
But Aunt Scripty says no
Medically, that won’t go
If you use it, she thinks you’re a dope

A coma can ruin a life
Many works are with errors just rife
Uh… what else to write
Writer’s block has a bite
I know Script Medic sure loves her wife

You really don’t want to get shot
That’s what we all now have been taught
Head or hand they are equal
In that both can be lethal
The only safe gun wound is NOT

Hitting someone on the head
May not leave them unconscious but DEAD
Sedation is hard
Still, be on your guard
Think of other solutions instead

Um can I have a hug.....?

Well…. Stuff happened between me and my mom. Idk she was drinking for awhile and suddenly start yelling at me and start to pinch my ear really hard and hit my head… Then she keeps saying “you’re never grateful, and you keep causing me drama”. And she keeps mumbling something about hate and left the room. Tbh I’m terrified of what’s going to happen next and I’m not sure what I’m suppose to do… So for a small favor can I have a hug….? I promise it won’t take long….

Oh and uhm.. Sorry for not updating the skeles today… I can’t really hold a pencil at the moment..

Imagine you were at a bar with a friend. You were hanging at the bar while your friends tried to get some discount from the bartender by leaning futher in on the desk showing off her cleavage. As long you didn’t have to do it. You stood next to her as inocent as possible when you suddently felt someone slap you really hard on the ass. You yelped out and as a reflex you hit the person hard in the face. You couldn’t help it, you learned it from your dad. The person yelped out even louder than you and revealed himself to be a tall blond guy dressed in head to toe in black and a huge red mark on his right cheek .

“How dare you?” You shouted at the stranger as he was holding a hand to his red cheek.

“I’m so very sorry! I didn’t know i would hit you that hard!”

“Maybe if you didn’t hit me at all? That would help, asshat.” You hissed at him. It was like he became a half meter shorter as you spoke. 

“I was dared to do it! I swear i would never hit you if it wasn’t for my friends!” He said and your friend that finally got her drink became aware of the situation.

“Friends? Are they hot?” She asked and you rolled your eyes. She took a look at the the blond guy and laughed a bit.

“Heeey y/n it’s the guy that has been eyeing you since we got here.” She said out loud and the blond guys whole head went as read as his cheek.

“He just slapped my ass!”

“And he looks very sorry, right?” She said sipping her drink while looking intensly at you and the blond.

“I really am. It was a dare, i swear! My friends and laughing their asses off over there. Look.” He pointed to a table where 3 guys was laughing so hard that the curly haired one was hitting his fist down in the table. 

“Let’s say hey, okay?” Your friend said and started to walk other to their table. You were left with the blond guy again and you looked at each other. He was actually really cute when he was flustered.

“I really am sorry.” He said yet again.

“Let’s forget it happened, okay ermh?” You said questioning as you two started to walk to the table as well.

“My name is Luke.” He said happily.

“Luke.” You said out loud to get it confirmed. He nodded. 

“You have a cute ass though.” He said behind you and just stopped and gave him a serious look over your shoulder. His eyes widened and he turned bright red yet again. It was like he couldn’t believe what he just said. 

“I’m so sorry i’m not very good at word!” He said scratched his neck. 

“Lucky for you you are better with your hands.” You said smirking. 


Imagine: Shawn taking you on an ice skating date

You didn’t want to tell him that you’d never gone ice skating before because you didn’t want to ruin the date. Needless to say, as soon as you stepped on the ice, he could tell. He held your waist to help you get around the arena. He laughed as you fell a few times. You tried to laugh it off to and keep it light.

Everything was going well until you hit the ground really hard. Your ankle twisted in the fall. Shawn rushed to your side and helped you off the ice. You held back tears as he pain rushed up your leg. 

“I think we should just head home. We need to ice your leg.” Shawn said pulling on his hood. 

“No! I don’t want this date to end.”

“I didn’t say it was ending.” Shawn said.

He brought you back to his place and the two of you cuddled on the couch as your leg was elevated. He waited on you bringing you food and even letting you pick the movie. It ended up being the perfect date.

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This might sound really dumb but i am having a hard time reconciling what we see as obvious clues that sam doesn't get who dean is because of performing dean but then we have this whole monologue from sam about it being so hard to watch dean not being dean when dean was actually unmasked and Sam just thought it was the spell. The text seems to telling us sam does get dean??? But I know he doesn't??? This why I don't meta.

Hi there! And you know, you sort of hit the nail on the head there. Because there’s two layers (and probably more… I mean my initial tag for this phenomenon early in s12 was dabb is giving us the subtext equivalent of a linzer torte here there’s like 15 layers of delicious to enjoy… I mean, there’s a lot going on here).

Even the structure of the episode reflected this fact. The actual ~plot stuff~ in the first half of the episode was told only through flashbacks, interviews, and retracing Dean’s steps and attempting to “reassemble” the truth of what had happened to him the night before.

We’re warned in the opening scene that we’re at the mercy of an unreliable narrator– Dean having been hexed while pursuing a witch. Everything that follows is discovery. Some of it (most of it actually) isn’t actually helpful in solving the case, and serves only as a vehicle for Sam learning things about Dean, beginning with the things SAM can remember, such as the visit to the victim’s office.

“You did the same thing yesterday,” he commented when Dean stole a cigar and called it a “douche tax.” Pffft.

So we start with the obvious surface layer stuff, but that falls away pretty fast and then they have to begin exploring and investigating, because Sam doesn’t have a roadmap for the rest of Dean’s evening, and Dean can’t even reliably recall his own name…

So bearing all this in mind, when Sam tells Rowena how difficult it is to watch Dean being “not Dean,” it can be interpreted in several ways. Mainly:

  • I’m terrified that my brother who has always been a rock to me is crumbling away (i.e., that reliable Performance of Dean that Sam finds comforting because it’s the image he’s always had of his brother is suddenly gone)
  • It’s difficult and terrifying to watch a loved one lose all memory of themselves and their loved ones. Seeing Dean, the consummate hunter repeatedly comment “Hey is that a dead guy?” about the SAME DEAD GUY, the guy DEAN HIMSELF CAUSED TO BE DEAD IN THE FIRST PLACE… I mean, that’s pretty horrifying. Or when Rowena said Dean Winchester would eventually die from this curse and Dean replied, “Sucks for that guy” or whatever… because he didn’t even IDENTIFY as himself, and didn’t even recognize himself in the mirror…

So the comment works on both levels.

It’s interesting now that I’ve typed that out, because someone else mentioned in another post that this is the disconnect that a child would feel in relation to their parent, and not the way a brother should feel toward his brother (I’m referring to that first bullet point here…).

At the beginning of s12 when Mary first showed up, THIS IS THE SORT OF DISCONNECT DEAN EXPERIENCED WITH REGARD TO MARY.

Sam didn’t have the same sort of attachment to a particular description of who Mary was as a person that Dean did. Dean had memories of her that he’d carefully preserved with a sort of soft-tinged glow. He idealized her his entire life. He didn’t even talk about her with Sam until he was much older, not even sharing some of the details he knew about her or remembered about her until they were both adults.

But Dean had this Icon of Mary built up in his mind, and when she came back… she wasn’t what he was expecting. At all.

We watched him struggle with this through the first half of s12, and they’ve finally reached a sort of tentative “Adult Normalized” sort of relationship. 

But in a lot of ways, Sam still subconsciously behaves in subtle ways that allow Dean to retain some of this “parental” sort of role in his life. Watching someone you’d always thought of this way, as “in charge” and “capable;” someone you relied on like a child would rely on a parent; seeing them without the Parental Filter in place is a little bit traumatizing.

It’s like a little kid seeing their parents get sloshed at a holiday party for the first time, or hearing about their dating history, or beginning to realize they’re people independent of you. It’s a bit of a shock, but adults do eventually realize their parents are people too… when the “parent” in question is actually an older sibling, and they continue this dynamic into adulthood, it’s codependency. And it’s really not healthy.

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Sooooo!!!! Noctis what was it about Luna that made you fall head over heels for her????? And Luna! same question!

“What’s not to love? She’s beautiful, she’s intelligent, she’s graceful, she’s nurturing, she’s selfless, she’s… *realizes what he’s saying and cheeks flush red* Oh god… Yeah. I’ll let you figure the rest out. It’s hard to not fall for someone like her. Prompto hit the nail on the head when he said any guy would be over the moon to marry her. Well, yeah… he’s right. I am.”

“My, where do I even begin? He is truly such a charming and caring person. But also his honesty and shyness that comes along with it. He is so compassionate, and very loving too. *she giggles* He’s handsome and very passionate and tender. And the fact that he is just really adorable when he falls asleep on my lap. ”

*he flushes redder* Luna… the guys are never gonna let me live this one down either… I just kinda can’t help it. When I get comfortable, I get tired, and your lap makes a nice pillow… and I get sleepy when you play with my hair. It just sort of happens to make me doze off…“

*she chuckles and giggles at the same time* “My dear Noctis, your comrades are fully aware that you like to snooze off. What they don’t know is that my humming is making you fall asleep more swiftly. ”

*he lays down in Luna’s lap* “Hmmm, your humming *he yawns* and playing with my hair does…” *he closes his eyes* 

“May you have pleasant dreams, my dear Noctis.” *she closes in and places a tender kiss on his temple* 

-Imagine being what you’d consider ‘friends’, and really admiring his work ethic and abilities to lead, whereas, he really admires your out-view on the world, and how hard you work.

-Imagine Hux laying in bed at night, wondering if he’s developing feelings for you, or if it’s just his imagination playing tricks on him because he’s been alone for so long.

-Imagine Hux stupidly telling Kylo Ren who he’s had his eye on for a while, saying things like, “They’re a really hard worker, and a good fighter. Well, at least, better than you, Ren.” “it’s (name)” Kylo says. “NO! what ever gave you that idea!?” Kylo looks at Hux and sighs, “They’re all you’ve been thinking about for the past few days. I caught on.”

-Imagine Kylo Ren hitting Hux in the back of the head after catching him staring at you from across the room. He’d been staring for a few minutes, an Kylo noticed right away but let Hux have his fun time.

-Imagine Kylo offering a mission to you, but Hux demanding you stay on the Base and help him. He’d never admit that he doesn’t want you to go on the mission because he’s afraid you’ll get hurt or even worse, killed.

-Imagine him lingering by you for longer than really needed, pressing a hand to your arm if you’ve done something he’s pleased with, smiling with his eyes, and looking at you from across the room periodically throughout the day.

-Imagine catching eyes with him throughout the day, feeling the satisfying cold slide down your back at his ice blue eyes gazing so intensely into yours. 

-Imagine Hux being disappointed in himself for finding someone to love, because he’s convinced that no one is capable of loving him back, and that most everyone sees him as ‘cold-hearted- and ‘distant’.

-Imagine spending time with him outside of work. Catching a late dinner together, cooking something in the small kitchen area together, talking about random topics. Sometimes, you’d take long strolls around the base.

-Imagine Hux trying to flirt with you, but not quite understanding, and having it come out rather roughly and unrefined because he has very little experience with women.

-Imagine Hux allowing himself to open up to you, and he begins to really discuss his feelings and thoughts with you. He’s surprised you even listen, but he finds it heart warming that you do, despite most of his thoughts before about what a buffoon he thinks Kylo Ren is.

-Imagine, during one of these talks about his thoughts and feelings, he allows his feelings for you to slip without thinking, “You need a mature man to love you, and Kylo Ren is not that. Kylo Ren is nothing but a child. You deserve a man, such as myself. One who would willingly put his life down for you, and one who would love you without getting cold feet.”

-Imagine the look on his face when he realizes what he just told you, and he becomes a stuttering mess, trying to apologize and explain himself to you.

-Imagine sitting forward and pecking his cheek slowly, telling him that you understand what he meant, and that you accept his feelings with open arms. “I’ve enjoyed your company for a long time,” you’d say softly, blushing, “I’m happy to see it isn’t one-sided.”


“I want people to know that I’m a musician and that has always been a big thing for me. When you start off young in the industry, it’s really hard to prove yourself in that way. A lot of people are just like, ‘Oh, you’re the pop kid, that’s cool and you don’t have a voice. I want people to know that I do have a voice. […] So, these shows are a big thanks to the people who have been here since 2010 and to people who are seeing me for the first time, it’s hey, this is Greyson and this is the new music.” | Greyson Edits [10/??]

Despite everything, it’s still you. <3

I took the pacifist route and finished Undertale. What a gorgeous, thoughtful game! It’s so easy in other games to lop someone’s head off with a sword without a second thought, but Undertale got me to care about its characters and consider their feelings and wants. It  made me really conscious of my decisions and be more careful. It was really hard to go through the whole thing as a super baby level 1, but it was really worth taking all the hits and not hurting anyone. I think I did the right thing.


“Hey, Liam, relax. She won’t hurt you.” Scott said to him while Lydia and Stiles were desperately trying to hold him still. Liam struggled a lot and eventually escaped from their grip and wolfed out on me. He pushed me against the wall and I hit my head pretty hard, not hard enough for me to pass out, though. Scott grabbed Liam once again and tried to calm him down. Lydia rushed to my side with Stiles and helped me get up. “Are you okay?” Stiles and Lydia said at the same time. “Yeah, I’m fine.” I said and faked a smile. I looked over at Liam and he did the same. He wasn’t the sweet and funny Liam I knew. I was scared of him. “Y/N are you really okay? Your heart is racing like crazy.” Scott said with a concerned look on his face. “I’m fine, really.” I lied once again.

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Scenario please ? Where the s/o is sitting during practice waiting for their boyfriend(g.o.m and kagami) to finish up when one of their team mates accidentally throw the ball and hits their s/o in the face and the boys freak out and get really angry

Quick note: For Akashi I don’t know how many times he makes the team run around the gym so I used stadiums instead. (Those are a bitch to do.)

Kuroko - You were petting Nigou who was on your lap when it happened you hear gasps and someone yell “Y/N, watch out!” You look up only to see a blur of orange and got smacked to hard in the face you fell off the bench. Your back and head hitting the hard gym floor and your face stung but your nose felt numb. Kuroko runs to you not sure if he’s more scared or mad at whoever hit you with a ball. You groan in pain, the smell of copper makes you almost queasy. You try to sit up only to have everyone tell you to sit back down. 

“I’m okay guys really.”

 When you force yourself up blood falls from your nose onto your shirt. Kuroko glares at everyone. Yes he was against violence, he wouldn’t start a fight, he knows it was an accident. It’s only natural he’d be very mad that you were hurt.

 “Coach, I’m skipping practice.” He picks you up with ease taking you to the nurses office, Riko doesn’t fight it. A very angry Kuroko was a frightening one.

Kagami - Practice was intense, everything was going great until the ball flew to you. Hitting you hard at the side of your face, Kagami almost turned into the Flash he ran to you so fast. You’re fine besides the fact that your teeth cut the inside of your cheek. 

“Y/N are you okay! Please say you’re ok!“

He’s freaking out like if you got hit by a car. He keeps rambling, and going off only to have Hyuuga tell him to calm down.

“You’ll only make it worse, being angry isn’t going to help.”

 "Oh, I’m sorry getting hit in the fucking face isn’t that bad!”

Kise - “Y/N-chii!!!” 

He runs so you, scared that tour tooth is chipped or worse. As his team mate apologized for not paying attention he’s cut off as Kise began screaming about how you were hurt and sorry wasn’t going to fix anything if there was any serious damage. You get up off the ground you hold your head in pain.

 "Ryouta it’s okay, I just need an ice pack, and please be quiet.”

 He hugs you cradling your face in his hands. Thank god you were okay.

Aomine - Wakamastu was terrified, Aomine was going to kill him. It wasn’t his fault for not catching the ball….Okay, yes it was…You hold your face, tears threatening to leave your eyes. The pain hurt like bees had stung you. The numb tingling didn’t help either. Aomine went to you, worry filling his chest like an inflatable balloon. He uncovers your face seeing if you’re okay. You are, but ask him in a quiet quivering voice to take you to the nurse. You tell him it was no one’s fault, but he doesn’t believe that.

Akashi - You were being in water for the team when the ball hit you, falling back as your head hit the floor and full water bottles hit your chest. Somehow you managed to bite your tongue and it was bleeding, a lot. As Akashi tries to keep his cool on the outside on the inside he was in turmoil.

 “Why is the light so bright?” You ask in a lisp as you tongue swells and blood drips from your mouth onto your chin. As he picks you up you get dizzy. He looks at his team with a glare so cold it could freeze. 

“20 stadiums for each of you… Now.“ There were no questions asked.

Midorima - You had just closed the gym doors when the ball hit you, pushing you back so hard your head hit the doors. Takao’s eyes are as wide as saucers knowing Midorima will flip. He doesn’t know who did it but he knows there’s going to be hell. As Midorima looks you over he asks you a million questions about how you feel and if you’re dizzy.

 "Shin-chan I’m okay, it doesn’t hurt that bad.”

Murasakibara - He was going to murder someone when he saw the ball hit you. As he walked to you he pushed everyone out if his way.

 “Y/N-chin are you okay?”

 Worry in his eyes as he takes your face in his hands.once you say yes he starts kissing every place that the ball touched you. As you sit down he turns to his team and starts yelling.

“ Who hurt Y/N-chin! I will murder you!” 

No, he didn’t say crush, he said murder. Everyone knew he was serious. After 10 minutes of trying to calm him down he picked you up and left practice. He didn’t want you getting hurt again.


Imagine: Being a part of the BAU team and with Spencer at the same time, so when the unsub hurts you, Spencer stays with you at the hospital and he’s really worried, even though you’re going to be fine.

“Y/N!” he yells as a warning, but it’s too late. You feel something hard hit the back of your head and that’s all you remember before you wake up in the hospital. 

“What happened?” you croak as you notice Spencer next to your bed. He’s holding your hand and his eyes are a little red. 

“The unsub attacked you,” he whispers clearly not trusting his own voice. It almost scares you to see Spencer like this. He’s nothing near his rambling self. 

“I’m sorry,” you say reaching over and taking the glass of water on your bed stand. 

“Why are you sorry?” Spencer asks a little louder confused. 

“Because I made you worried,” you state before gulping down the water. He just sighs and stands up to kiss your forehead. Once he’s seated again you begin to smile. 

“Tell me something clever, Spence.” You want to take his mind off of you in a hospital, because you’re going to be fine, and he doesn’t need to worry. He thinks for a second before smiling. 

“In ancient Rome, men would hold each other’s testicle as an oath of allegiance. Furthermore, when men held their own testicles during a public testimony, it meant they were being honest.” You can’t help but laugh at that ridiculous fact.

“It still makes no sense to me that you know so many things. I wish I was that clever,” you say and you’re happy you’ve succeeded distracting him. 

“You have other qualities,” Spencer just says and you’re happy he isn’t one of those people who try to tell you what they think you want to hear. He just says what’s on his mind. 

“The team is waiting outside,” Spencer says getting up to inform them that you’re awake. Not long after they’re all in your room.

“Shouldn’t you guys be on a case?” you ask noticing that every single one of them is here. Prentiss, Garcia, Aaron, Morgan, JJ and Rossi. 

“Not until you’re back on your feet. We need our best profiler,” Morgan smiles and you feel the comment warm your heart. This team is like your family. You sit up straight ready to leave the bed, but Spencer pushes you back. 

“The doctors said you needed to stay in bed,” he says with worried eyes. He holds your hand but you can’t help but feel a little annoyed. You’ve never been the one to sit still. You need to be doing something and you want to get back in the field. 

“When have any of us ever done what the doctors said?”